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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 213

Life on Ship


Announcing the results of target hitting game.

1st Hiyoko - Outstanding 72 points

2nd Reinamiure - Dignified 65 points

3rd Almatina - Close match with 2nd at 63 points

4th me - Rock bottom 13 points

What. Laugh all you want.
Dagnabbit!! I asked you girls to hold back a bit, told ya I got no Skill!

"...I lost, to Hiyoko..."

"Hiyoko-chan's Throwing Skill is only at Level 1, right? How come you're so good..."


Hiyoko smugly puffed out its chest. No really, how do you hit that precisely anyway.
Reina's Throwing Skill is already at Level 5, yet Hiyoko beat her handily.
...Hmm, let's check some things out.

"Hiyoko-sensei, can you show me the rope just once more?"


"Uwaa, this man even lowered his head to Hiyoko-chan now."

Oh shut it. I just wanna check something.


Hiyoko gripped the dart-ball with its claw and threw it.
The dart-ball went completely straight, yes, as if it was unaffected by gravity, before hitting dead center on the target board.

"Uwaa, Hiyoko-chan really is so good at it!"

"...How do you throw so accurately with a claw anyway?"

『Cluck, clucluck!』

"Thank you very much, sensei."

I held Hiyoko in my arms as I said my thanks.
I can tell it's been putting on weight when I have it in my arms like this. It's grown so much in just two months. In so many ways.

"Yup. You've grown splendidly, Hiyoko."


"Who could have imagined you'd even go on to learn Direct Mana Control too... Eh?"

『Clu... C-cluck...!?』
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Hiyoko's smug face turned into that of a panic.

"Eh, Mana, what?"

"What do you mean?"

"This chicken wraps its own mana on the dart ball and remotely manipulates its trajectory. Just like, this!"

I wrapped my mana on a dart-ball and threw it.
I can then control its trajectory by manipulating that mana using the same principle as Mana Flight.
Even someone as clumsy as me can hit dead center with this trick.
In fact, my dart-ball pierced through the dart-ball Hiyoko threw earlier... I'll reimburse the facility later.

"T-that's dirty, Hiyoko-chan!"



Hiyoko clucked apologetically when the two pressed on it.
...Looking at Hiyoko so dejected, I'm feeling bad about it now.

"Hmm, why don't we play again then?"

"I'm in! It's a rematch~!"

"This time, I won't lose."

"Hiyoko, no cheating now, okay. Let's treat the first match as your win because we didn't set the rules."


I understand you have a fiery competitive spirit, but let's not break the rules. Gotta be fair and square.
Above all else, it's more fun when everybody is having a good time together playing games.
Still, I can't believe Hiyoko even learned Mana Control. Children grow up so fast, don't they.
...By the way, do I have to pay for two now that we're having a second match?

We played three more matches afterward, with Reina winning twice, Alma once, and Hiyoko once in the beginning.
And so I ended up having to treat them all.
They went too wild, this is a bullying...

Thus how we spent the days on the ship including some light exercises in the sports ground every now and then.
I thought our meals would be mainly seafood but turned out there were plenty of meat dishes as well.
Thanks to that, we don't get tired of the food. Rather, our food expenses would go through the roof if we didn't cook for ourselves once in a while too.

My only complaint is the lack of opportunity to fight magic beasts, so our leveling sessions have come to a grinding halt.
Two weeks of no leveling is honestly pretty bad.
Not fighting magic beasts being the worst thing about traveling, I'm gradually turning into a battle junkie aren't I....

One week had quickly passed before an event that solved that issue cropped up.

In other word, we got trouble.

"Big troubleeeeeeee!! A s-swarm of magic beasts is closing in on uuuuus!"

A sailor on the lookout shouted a warning out loud.

"H-how many!?"

"From what I see, there's around 30 small ones and three big ones!"

"Are you serious, can't we shake 'em off!?"

"No can do! They're way faster than us! Dammit, we turned down Monster Ward's output cuz this was supposed to be a safe sea, curses!"

Monster Ward? Did they cast a magic to reduce encounter rate on this ship or something?

<<Holy Magic Skill Ability [Saint Veil], a spell that erects a mana barrier that makes its target nearly imperceptible to magic beasts. This ship is installed with an engine that generates the same effect. The crew may have reduced its output to save on magic stones required as fuel during this long voyage. This results in beasts discovering the ship.>>

Welp, it's the ship crew's fault then.
Seriously, do they even care about their passenger's safety~.
No choice, guess we gotta exterminate those beasts ourselves. Ah man, what a troublesome crew they are, really, seriously.
...I'm absolutely not happy to have an opportunity for leveling up after so long. Nope, no sire.

"Welp, let's get rid of 'em quick."

"Un. It's nice to fight for real even during a trip."



Our group went out on the deck.
Looking down the sea, I see dozens of shark-like fins encircling the ship.
Then there's three giant whale-like beasts in the distance, seemingly watching the situation here.
...Fumu, I'm guessing those three whales are commanding these sharks to attack the ship.

By the by, Menu-san, are these sharks edible?

<<The body has a bad texture, unfit for consumption. The fin part, however, is delicious when prepared correctly.>>

I see, thanksies.
...We're having a shark fin's party today. I'm not letting even one of you escape, you're all part of the meal fufufufufu...





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 476

476 Tea Situation


"Oh, don't worry. The tea you're drinking right now is an old stock. That one pot only cost one copper coin. The price usually fluctuated a bit, but that was about the average."

Around 500 yen per cup is about normal for a coffee shop's beverage I guess.
I perked my ears to the manager's story while slowly sipping my tea.

"But it's a tragedy when the price soars like this. It'll greatly affect the customers looking for this tea. It's a luxury goods to most people. Especially now that it's jumped so high, adventurers and mercenaries who need this grass most are the biggest victims here."

"Eh? Why would those types need this?"

"Ah, you see. Keeping awake when you're watching the camp at night is a matter of life or death to them. After all, they can't have the one standing guard fall asleep do they?"

"Ah, I see. Right of course. An item that can keep them awake is a necessity indeed. I can imagine high demands for this stuff."

I get it now. This Waking Grass tea is powerful enough for that use case. Speaking from experience.
Some guests entered the store in a hurry and asked the manager.

"You got Waking Grass for sale here!? I want to buy some. Five bundles. You got that many?"

Considering their leather armor and swords, they must be mercenaries. Both of them.

"Yes, I do have some. Five bundles, is it. Please wait a bit. Here you go, that will be one silver coin."
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"Cheap!? We almost gave up buying cause every store was asking way high. Thank ye."

"We been having it rough cause of this tea's sudden price jump lately. We ain't profiting in the least. Heck, dunno if we can even afford it anymore. Our night watches keep falling asleep without this stuff. That was close."

"Dear customers, please do keep this to yourself. I might run out of stock if rumors spread. I can't keep the store open if people in the same situation as you rush in. Please think of this as a special service."

"I got ya. We ain't that shameless. We won't talk to our companions where we got this."

I ended up listening in to their conversation. The manager is selling the tea far cheaper than the current market price.

(He's carefully balancing around the market and the mercenaries' circumstances.)

It's only a matter of time until more people are flooding here to buy the tea. It's inevitable even if these mercenaries don't talk about it.

(I shouldn't buy this tea here... Can't be helped.)

"Manager-san. Where can I find the production site of this tea. I'd like to pay a visit."

I decided to poke my nose into this matter, for my own sake.

"Hm? Well, they certainly do not forbid visitations, I don't mind telling you but what's the matter? That place is a danger zone with a monster abound even now. Yet the staff there can't exactly leave the remaining Waking Grass unattended so they're still around. The securities are stricter due to all those factors however, so they might drive you away at the gate, do you still want to go?"

"Even so, I'm interested in this tea. Could you tell me?"

The manager suddenly started writing a letter. When I asked why he'd go this far for me, he replied, 'I can feel your passion.'
It's a letter of introduction to his acquaintance in charge of the production site.

"Bring this with you. She will definitely welcome you once it's clear I wrote it."

"Thank you so much. And also, thank you for the treat."

I left one silver coin on the table as I took the letter.

"Ah hey? That was my treat. I can't accept this! And isn't this a silver coin? ...Are you sure? Also, weren't you here to purchase tea?"

"I've changed my mind. There are people who need that tea more than me. But I'd feel bad if I just go home, so I hope you can let me off with that. Right, just think of it as a token of appreciation for teaching me the correct brewing method for this delicious tea. Oh, and for the letter of introduction as well."

"Well I'll be. Here I was simply delighted to find someone who fell in love with this tea. Fumu, I shall receive this if you insist."

There's a reason why I could easily handed out a silver coin.
I still don't really get this world's sense of value. As a result I see one silver coin no different than a 100 yen coin.
The shine, size and feel are completely disparate yet the dull glitter of silver coins keeps reminding me of 100 yen coins.
Thus, I keep easily taking these coins out of my wallet.
Also, I'm aware how much silver is worth, but it's just not enough to act as a stopper.

(Thanks to becoming weirdly rich out of nowhere, I can't bring myself to course correct that mindset...)

Thus I left the store while having an odd crisis in my mind.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 212

Departure Sailing Sally-ho


"...Hikaru, why didn't you use Fast Travel in the inn."

"Too many prying eyes there, also, I wanted to make it look like we were running away in this direction... Sorry for carrying you off like that without an explanation."

"M-my eyes are still spinning..."


Hello, good evening. We're now on a highway in the opposite direction of Nyushina.
We're quite far away now the town looks like a tiny speck in the distance. Think it's safe to say we've shaken them off.

"So what are we gonna do now? From here, the next town is quite far, you know?"

"...If possible, I'd rather not go around with that absurd method again."

"Ah, I opted going here to throw them off our trail. We'll be using Fast Travel now. You can rest easy."

"Where to?"

"Port town Randorainam. Seeing as that army takes orders directly from the kingdom, they'll likely keep going after us if we stay on this continent, so I'm thinking of moving to another one."

"T-to another continent!? T-that's a bold move to make, or rather... Are we gonna be okay?"

"I mean we can always come back here anytime with Fast Travel, no reason to get cold feet."

My feet would have been the coldest if I didn't have Fast Travel, actually.
I never went abroad during my days in Japan, let alone another world.

After making sure there was nobody around, I used Fast Travel and got us to Randorainam.
It's hard to see our surroundings this late at night but you can tell we're in the port town from the smell of salt and sounds of waves.

"Ooh, it hasn't been long since we left yet it feels oddly nostalgic."

"It's already late, let's look for a ship tomorrow."

"Which continent are we heading to?"

"The ships from this port can only go to the third and fifth continent. The third is on the brink of collapse, it's way dangerous so fifth it is, what do you girls think?"

"...Fifth continent. Firie Kingdom rules over it."

"It's also Julian-san's homeland. Maybe he wanna tag along too?"

"The man doesn't want to go back. Besides, his little brother might find out he's still alive if we took him there."

"Those brothers don't get along, huh."

"It's rather more the lil' bro unilaterally hates Julian's guts."

I plan to go and tell Gen-san about our situation once things have settled down.
Now then, booking a room this late might be a challenge but I'm hoping to get one at the inn we stayed at previously.

Morning after.
Luckily, a ship was just about to set off, and with available rooms at that, so I bought our tickets.
The fifth continent is relatively safe due to the protection of the Black Dragon and as there's going to be a Martial Art Tournament held soon, there's been an increase of traffic towards the fifth continent.

Every one of us was staring at the huge ship in awe while we were waiting to board.

"It's a splendid looking ship."

"T-this ship is so huge... I bet it can easily fit a thousand people aboard."

It's like staring at Titanic... I should stop, don't wanna jinx it.
I can always get all passengers join hands together and get away with Fast Travel even if it comes down to that, but I pray it won't come to that.

Thankfully I got us all a private room each.
If we had to share a room and sleep huddled together, I'd rather choose to delay our departure and wait for another ship.
But then our pursuers might catch up to us, so we really lucked out this time. Wonder if this is an effect of my Luck Attribute too.

We put down our luggage and waited in our rooms, a steam whistle echoed loudly before long.
Must be the signal to set sail. Guess this is goodbye to this continent for a while then.
...It just hit me, wonder if I'm gonna get seasick. At least it should better than wagons or beast carriages I hope.
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The ship may be big, but a luxury liner it's not.
I suppose you can't really compare it to those thousands dollar per trip ships you see often in variety shows.
Yet the fact that it's got a dining hall and an amusement center brings it to the more luxurious side in this world.

The voyage to the fifth continent is going to take two weeks.
It's not a direct route, the ship is going to make a stop at an island along the way to resupply but we'll be constantly looking at the sea asides from that one time. Sounds boring.
Welp, guess it's a good time as any to laze around.

I was thinking that when someone knocked on my door. Who's there?

"Hikaru, do you have time?"

"Kajikawa-san, they've got lots of interesting stuff in the amusement center! Let's take a look together!"

...Well, since they're inviting. Might as well spend time having fun.
I'm not disappointed for having my lazy time interrupted or anything, I swear.

The amusement center is surprisingly spacious and lively.
There are card games, board games, dart-like games, and even sports grounds for combat Job people.
Should help keeping your body fit during the boat trip.

"So many people..."

"Oh, I see a target hitting game over there! Kajikawa-san, let's all compare scores, it'll be fun!"

"Ou... I'm the only one here without Throwing Skill, please take it easy on me."

"No holding back."


"Fufufu, I'll show you how it's done...!"


These three are getting too much into it. I'm begging you please don't go too hard.
By the way, apparently Hiyoko learned 'Throwing' Skill recently. How does that even work with those hands, or rather wings...?

This target hitting game doesn't have complex rules like Earth dart, you get the highest score hitting the center and the closer you hit, the higher your score, simple.

The board is around 50cm in diameter, hitting the outer circumference gets you 1 point, the inner one 3 points, the circle near the center 5 points and the marble-sized circle in the center nets you 10 points.
There are three throwing lines where you stand, one for children, one for adults and lastly for combatants. We're standing on the combatant line.

We'll be throwing a dart-like ball 10 times, the last ranker will have to treat the highest scorer or so the rule goes in our little game.
...I'm gonna be stuck treating them no matter how you look at it. Thank you.

"Kajikawa-san you go first, do your best~."

"Thanks for the very definitely sincere cheers, just you watch, dangit. Hragh!"

I went first and... the ball never reached the target, falling midway through and leaving behind a lonesome clanking sound on the floor. Zero point.


"...Sorry. This is the full extent of my throwing ability. Yep."

"Kajikawa-san, don't look so down now, pfft."

"Oh get off my back will you! You're up next!"

"Yessire. Torya!"

Reina next. This girl's got the highest Throwing Skill level among us.
Her dart-ball hit near the center circle. 3 points.

"Ah, I almost got it!"

"Don't mind, don't mind."

"Quit consoling me while holding your laughter. Or rather, I don't wanna hear that from someone who can't even land a hit."

"I'm throwing next."

"Ou. Go at it."

Third one goes to Alma. Her Throwing Skill is pretty high too, though not quite at Reina's level.
She hit right on the middle line, which is an amazing feat in itself.
The line is only few millimeter thick too, how'd she do that...

"...What's my point?"

"Apparently hitting the line gets you three points."

"Meaning we're even. This is gonna be a good match between me and Alma-san."

"Nn, I won't lose."

Skill bearers are so strong~. There's no room for me~.
I could freely change trajectory if I wrap my dart-ball with mana, but I don't want to cheat just for a game. Still, man, doing it the legit way is pretty hard.

...Hm? Oh right, the next one is--


The sound of a stabbing dart-ball could be heard after Hiyoko's cluck.
Hiyoko must have thrown using its raised claw. So it's not the wings, huh.

The dart-ball hit dead center on the target board. 10 points, incredibly enough.



Alma and Reina are staring in bewilderment.
The advent of a dark horse out of nowhere.
...So who am I going to treat in the end... Sigh.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 475

475 Like hence, Passionate


Piping hot water got poured into a tea pot. Then a bundle of tea leaves were put in.

"This particular tea has an unusual brewing method, you see. Normally, you pour hot water over tea leaves but that's the worst thing you could do for this tea's taste. Weird isn't it?"

The Waking Grass tea leaves swirled in the transparent hot water before slowly falling down.

"What do you think? Exquisite isn't it? I just love this exquisite green color. Now you wait a bit and then... See."

The tea leaves were shaped like needles. But once they started sinking, they floated back up and came untied. Back to their original leaf shape.

"You see. Specialized workers must roll these leaves immediately after plucking. That allows them to exquisitely bloom in hot water like this. First sinking down before floating up as they bloom. The tea element melts in the water during this blooming process. Intriguing, no?"

The manager explained with sparkling eyes like a kid.

"I believe you drank this tea this morning, yes? Which brought you here. That makes me very happy. This tea may be called 'Waking Grass' but its meaning when inside this pot is 'Asleep'. Weird, no?"

I bet it's because the leaves must start its transformation into drinkable tea by being asleep as they sink.
Then the blooming is an expression of waking up in the morning.

"All the leaves have floated up. So now you pour it into this cup. Here, have a sip. I'm sure it will be a surprise."

The manager poured the tea into a cup that had one needle-shaped tea leaf inside. He was smiling as he urged me.
I lifted the cup and sniffed the aroma.

"Whoaa! Even the fragrance is way stronger than the tea I had earlier!"

A refreshing scent ran through my nose. This cup is much more waking than the one I had at the inn.
Even a sip felt like ingesting a really strong mint, yet the refreshing taste didn't linger in my mouth.

"Uwoo? This stuff isn't just waking. It'd keep you up all night."
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"See how that lone leaf is slowly blooming in your cup. Have another sip now."

I hesitated. Even if it's just one leaf, it's blooming in so little water.
I was sure it'd make the taste too strong to drink.
Yet, the result was eye opening. Which took me by another surprise.

"Sweet and bitter...? Eh? This is the same tea I had just now right? Eh? For real?"

"As I said earlier, pouring hot water on this tea leaves will degrade its taste. Yet pouring the prepared tea on a leaf gives us this unusual interaction. The taste doesn't get worse yet a change happens. In a good way that is. Surprising isn't it?"

"...How does this even work? How can it change so much? Seriously, I need an explanation..."

Fantasy is awesome, has a tea ever surprised me this much? Nope never.
This was so impactful it left me in awe.

"People have done all kinds of research on this grass. Yet, none could come up with an answer. Quite a mysterious tea it is. Fufufufu."

The manager laughed in a good mood. He resumed his explanation.

"This is a small pot only enough for two cups. If you use more leaves and water, it won't taste as good even with the same exact ratio. As such this quantity is optimal. It's the best brewing method to obtain the best taste. This Waking Grass tea is really unlike any other tea. That's what makes it so good, I personally think."

This manager really loves his tea. But then his face suddenly became downcast.

"But currently the price of Waking Grass is seeing a steep increase. The production site is being plagued by a monster issue. It's a delicate medicinal plant hence even the slightest disturbance lowers its quality. Even a monster simply coming close to its production site spoils a lot of them."

This manager must know so much due to his love for tea.

"Meanwhile hiring mercenaries might cause an even bigger problem to the site, my friend in charge is at her wit's end dealing with this issue. It's been quite a headache. And so, I'm sorry to say but this much tea leaves will cost one silver coin after this."

My hand stopped while I was sipping my cup. Stopped dead in its track. That's way pricey!

(Manager! You're too generous treating a first-time customer to such an expensive tea!)

Thanks to Black Card, it's not really an issue for me, yet even so, that price still made me think twice before deciding to buy.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 211



During our post-dinner break, the silver haired ponytail young man, Nakramurada came by.
Telling us to leave the town right away if we want to avoid joining the army. It's kinda out of the blue.

"W-what are you going on about this late at night...?"

"...I'm sorry. I plead captain to put your recruitment on hold but he wouldn't listen to a word I said."

"So what's up with that captain?"

"Unit Five, which is the unit I belong to will be garrisoned in this town by tonight. It consists of around 30 people, and captain believes he can make you guys join through forces."

"...That's, an abuse of power."

Alma murmured with a mix of contempt and shock in her voice.
I was sure that old captain was the brain of the unit seeing as he was lower leveled than his subordinates. Guess he's not even a good boss at that huh?
Kinda reminds me of that factory boss I got stuck with in Japan. No, I guess that man was still comparatively better cause he was sterner on himself. I still won't forgive him for all the unpaid overtime he made us do though.

"Why would you tell us though? Won't this be bad for you considering your position..."

"...All I ever wanted was protecting people from demons. I wish to liberate us all from the terror of demons. That's the reason I joined Anti-Demon Army, but the way we're doing is far from protecting, we're pushing people to do our bidding. I cannot condone such actions."

My impression on ponytail went up inwardly.
I'll call him Silver-san (Gin-san) from now on. No, not that handyman.

"All personnel should arrive in about two hours. You should go get ready to leave before--"

"No, it's too late."


"Combat Job people are congregating around this inn already. There's more than 30 of them, they must be your unit. It started around the time you went in this inn."


...He looks genuinely surprised, not acting.
Apparently, the other side had anticipated him tattling to us.
This guy had been stalking me for days yet he overlooked someone else doing the same to him. Well, guess this is unavoidable.

"Alma, Reina, pack up your things now. Don't worry about sorting them, just take everything with you."

"Got it."


I told them to go get their belongings in their room.
Most of our luggage is inside my Item Screen, so they only have stuff they need close by.

"Forgive me...! I cannot believe me warning you only served to accelerate this...! I-I'll be the decoy head-on, you three should exit from the backdoor--"

"No, we'll be fine. We're going to leave through the front door."

"T-that's madness! I'm aware of your party's capability but you're up against more than 30 people at nearing Lv40!? There's no way you could escape them..."

"Hikaru, I'm done packing."

"I'm all OK too!"

"Heave-ho. Lemme just put them away for you."

I stored their stuff inside Item Screen via a mock item bag and said my goodbye to Silver-san.

"This is goodbye then. If you have doubts about the army, this might be a good time to think long and hard about what you wish to do instead of what you ought to."



"H-Hikaru? Why are you holding me and Reina?"

"W-what are you planning!? Y-you can't be, wait, no, stop...!!"


I opened the front entrance, and the moment I stepped outside, I moved at high speed with super low altitude Mana Flight made to look like Ground Shrink.



I made sure to not crash into passerby as I zoomed my way out of town!
The direction is to the opposite of Nyushina.
I won't use Fast Travel yet. First, we gotta get somewhere with nobody around.
Bear with it, you two. Fighto.
...I'm already fearing for my life for what comes after.

~~~~~~~~Silver-san's POV~~~~~~~~~~

The moment that man stepped outside, he carried the two girls under his arms and ran off at unbelievable speed.
Was that 'Ground Shrink'? No, he shouldn't be able to use Skills, meaning he must have a way to conceal his Status.
...Regardless, there is no pursuing them with that speed. They should manage.

"Nakramuradaa!! How dare you give them intel!"

Captain's jarring shout resounded in the inn.
Other guests are looking at us dubiously. I'm sorry for this ruckus.

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't you dare play dumb! You told that party our unit's arrival!"

"What proof do you have to accuse me that?"

"I have installed a magic tool to wiretap traitors such as you on your sword's sheath! I have all your words recorded, there is no getting out!"

I have to look really closely at my sword's sheath to find a very small sphere shaped object attached to it.
Must be the magic tool in question... I never noticed.

"That's a breach of privacy you know? Going this far without basis is a violation of military code."

"Yet you did betray me and let that party escape! That's everything! This is a felony!"

That was the only thing that came up on my mind looking at this man as I resigned myself to getting punished.
Never doubting that he is in the right without realizing all the mistakes he's making.
That description might apply to me too.

"What're you standing around for! Restrain this man at once!"

Captain gave his order to two personnel standing next to him while flinging his saliva everywhere.
His shouting figure looked majestic to me just yesterday, yet the only impression I have now is how shallow he seems.
...I'm a shallow man myself for missing that.

As the two personnel violently restrained my arms, someone walked up to the captain from behind.
...Is that...?

"Ah, there you are. Captain, shouting so loud with your foul mouth this late at night is gonna get you complaints from neighbors, y'know."

The former adventurer, Jangrajima.
His long hair fluttered as he spoke to captain with his usual carefree tone.

"Shut up! Where have you been fooling around all this time! Go after them with 'Ground Shrink', now!"

"Naw, my stamina won't last. 'Sides, ain't no way I could catch up to them if I started now."

"Eey, every single one of you! Traitor and incompetent lot, not a single usable bone! And that's why we need that party!"

"Hmm, I've gathered around 20 people to arrest a traitor though. I am working hard, see?"

"Are you a fool! We don't need all those people to arrest this traitor, no, it's to make that party--"

"Not at all, we do."

"What, are you...!?"

Captain's yell stopped short.
Jangrajima's spear is thrust in front of his throat.

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"I'm saying you're the traitor here, Captain Heigerdara-dono."

Jangrajima put up a serious expression he never showed even once before.
His voice was so cold completely unlike what he usually sounded.

"W-w-what are you...!?"

"...Do you recall my reason for joining the army? I failed to protect a town under demon's attack because I lacked the manpower, hence, this army was made to prevent another tragedy like that again, remember?"

"I-I do! That's precisely why we're scouting people from all over the place to amass our numbers!"

"Then why did you refuse personnel relocation from Unit Three?"


Personnel relocation, from Unit Three?
That's the first time I heard of it.
Every unit is barely scraping by to protect areas under their jurisdiction, there's no room for reallocation.
That's, what, captain told us.

"Ah by the way, for some reason part of Unit Five got relocated to Unit Two, got any clue about that?"

"I-I know nothing."

"Eeeh? Personnel from Unit Three that should have moved to our Unit went to Unit Two instead, heck we even shouldered all the associated expense, you telling me you don't know? Even I found out with just a little investigation, how can you not know?"

"Wha...! Guh...!?"

What's going on.
What's he talking about.

"You were bribed by Unit Two's captain and sent people that should have been assigned to our unit their way, weren't you?"

"W-what proof do you have for that accusation!!"

"Mind taking a good look of your sword's sheath?"

"Wha...!? Y-you can't be...!!"

Captain looked shocked as he stared at his sword's sheath.
His face went pale after noticing a speck of dust-like sphere attached to the bottom of the sheath.

"It's a trick you love so much. You're not gonna tell me it's a violation of military code, are you?"

"Y-you bastaaaaaaaaaaard!!! How dare you, how dare!! You traitooooor!!!"

"Correction, you, are, the traitor here. You got no right to accuse anyone with your pocket full of embezzled dough, you dumbarse."

"Unforgivable!! Die, you hatchliiiing!"

Captain slashed at Jangrajima with an enraged reddened face.

"Aah~, and I woulda stopped at arrest if only you admitted your sin too."

Jangrajima easily dodged captain's sword while staring at him like he was garbage while looking bored.

"You're the only deadmeat here, darned geezer."

"Ga... Hyu...?"

A spear lodged in captain's forehead.
He fell down while looking like he couldn't understand what happened.
...It may have been a legitimate act of self-defense, but dying just because of bribery, I have a mixed feeling about this.

"Welp there you have it, the villainous captain who made an unjust attempt to to kill a team member has up and died. Oh yeah, I'll have you know that I have already been given the permission from the main office."

He powerfully stabbed his spear on the ground and spoke out loud.

"I, Jangrajima will now serve as the captain of Unit Five. State your objection if you have any. Otherwise, all personnel, pay attention!!"

At his order, all members of the forces present here including the two that restrained me earlier stood upright.
His thundering voice made even the former captain's voice sounded like a baby's. This must be how a true captain should look like.
I was among the members standing upright before I realized what happened.

"Welp, now that's done and dusted, guess I gotta start reorganizing our forces and get all those fellas reassigned back here, man so many things to do. All a pain in the arse, but gotta what you gotta do."

Was his usual frivolous behavior an act?
He easily gathered information, unveiled the old captain's wrongdoings and took his place in one fell swoop.
Truly a brilliant play... Total opposite of me who couldn't even discern old captain's trap.

If it's him, we can surely.
Surely we can finally become a unit befitting to be called Anti-Demon, I'm convinced.

"Nakram, what're you spacing out for. Get this body outta the way, pronto."

"Y-yes sir...!"

"...Why're you crying? Gross."

I couldn't stop my tears of joy for finally finding someone I can get behind.
No more hesitation now. I will follow this captain and defeat those demons.

A moment after I steeled my resolve, the innlady came out of the back with the look of an ogre as she glared at us.

"Hey you! Keep it down! Make any more noise and I'll bring the guards here!"

"Ah~ We're sorry~! We're going home right now, give me a break, for real!"

Captain ran away at full speed, leaving his dignity in tatter.
...H-he's gonna do all right, surely. Yup... Probably.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 474

474 Place of Relief


I got the memo as I left the inn. I gave the staff member another silver coin in return.

"Thank you. This is my gratitude for the tea and the memo. Please keep it up with your excellent service in the future."

"Thank you so much, sir. I shall strive to answer your expectations. We await your next visit."

She bowed and kept her posture at the entrance even after I left.
Knowing she'd keep doing that until I disappeared from sight, I took a turn.
Of course not randomly. It's the route to the place depicted on the memo.
I'm going to buy some tea. I've taken a liking to it.
I'd like to stock up some before departing this kingdom.
It's a nice stroll away from the inn.

=~=~  =~=~  =~=~

Sometimes after, the inn rose up to the top of 'Rank', and the secret behind its success was its elevated customer service.
The staff member who chaperoned me started treating other guests the same way she did me and other personnel started mimicking her.
As it's a high class inn where the guests are mostly the wealthy, those guests give the staff members who did extra service 'gratuity'. In short, tips.
And so, the inn workers got more motivated and found pride in their work resulting in an overall better experience for the guests, raising the inn's rank in the process.
And the inn retained its booking fee despite its higher rank which netted them more repeat customers, increasing the inn's profitability on the management side.
The inn is 'Moon Serenity'. Offering the best service in the whole kingdom, even royalty book rooms there.
I only found out about all this way later on.
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=~=~  =~=~  =~=~

I found a store adorned with a signboard of a tea cup with rising steam. It's the tea store I'm looking for.
It's called 'Aromatic Dream'. Apparently the store also serves as a cafe on top of selling tea leaves.

"Welcome. Are you looking to purchase teas? Or perhaps are you here to enjoy a cup of tea?"

An elderly man who seemed to be this store's manager called out to me. He's standing straight with an awfully nice posture.

"I'd like to purchase this type of tea. I have no idea how much should I get though, do you mind teaching me?"

The tea leaf's name is written on the memo. 'Waking Grass', the manager smiled when he saw it.

"Have you taken a liking to this tea? Would you like to enjoy a cup in the meantime? I assure you it will be good. Come now, have a seat."

The manager gently offered me a seat in the cafe.
I've never studied how to brew good tea. Also, I would never refuse good tea so I took him up on his offer.

The inside isn't too big. It's like a typical coffeehouse.
The only other guests besides me are two women having breakfast, and a man sipping a fragrant cup of tea on the counter.

"It's early in the morning. Allow me to treat you to a cup as an accompaniment to my lecture while we're still not too busy."

This manager isn't only sociable he's also generous. I see no reason to refuse him.
I had completely forgotten about coliseum thing at this point.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 210

The Right Time


Well now that the demon's done for, time to resume my snacking stroll.
I don't have much appetite after killing that demon, but well it should come up again after a short break.

"Well then, I'll take my leave here."

"H-hold it! I'm not done talking!"

"Eh? Ah, are you referring to that demon's body? I don't mind handling that thing, but I believe it'd be better if you hold on to it as a proof of demon's subterfuge in this town."

"No, I mean that's important yeah but that's not what I'm talking about!"

Ah, sheesh, what do you want anyway.
Me personally, I just wanna get out of this blood stinking alley and breathe in some fresh air asap.

"Considering your ability to swiftly see through and deal with a disguised demon in the middle of a town as well as your past accomplishment of killing demons, loathe I am to admit, you are very much qualified to join Anti-Demon Army. No, you absolutely must join!"

"Is that so. But I cannot give you a reply right away, please ask again another day."

"Aren't you just trying to shoo me away because you don't actually intend to join!?"

Yup, absolutely not willing to. It's a pain.

"You will work under the king directly, get it? Don't you realize how prestigious that is!?"

"No, I don't get it. I mean, I do see the army as a respectable group of people for your service of protecting the populace from the threat of demons."

"...That sounds like a sarcasm coming from someone who can easily dispose of demons."

"I'm not being sarcastic. I think you are all worthy of respect. But I want to live freely as an adventurer, not a soldier."

Whether that sounds like sarcasm or praise, I'm only telling the truth.
Risking your life to keep public safety from demons is a honorable job.
My problem is how that means being tied to army.

"Freedom over prestige huh. Don't you wish to eliminate all demons and regain peace as soon as possible?"

"Of course, I'd like nothing more than to get rid of every single demon. I just think there's no need to have all the efforts towards that objective be concentrated in one place."

"...What do you mean."

"I'm saying that the freedom afforded from being an adventurer gives another vantage point to cope with demons. I mean, I did find a demon by chance just from strolling around, didn't I?"


"It might be nothing more than a coincidence, yes. However, the only reason I stumbled upon this chance is because I don't belong to the army."

...I might be pushing it a tad.
Yet ponytail is taking it seriously.
I'm spouting stuff at random simply because I don't want to join the army, get it. No, he probably gets it.

"A selfish person like me joining the army is only going to sow discord there. These differing vantage points should give us advantages toward the common goal of eradicating demons. Would you mind putting my recruitment on hold for now?"

"...You have a fair point, but I cannot make the decision alone. I'll return to base and consult with captain for the time being."

"Please make it clear that I am against it. Oh and, I'd eat up the entire army's food supply if I ever get to join."

"...I shall relay that."

Ponytail gave his acknowledgment despite twitching a bit. This was unexpected.
I was sure he'd unilaterally deny everything I said since he didn't seem to like me.
Has he seen me in a new light after catching a sight of me defeating a demon? Well whatever.

Ah, guy left while I was lost in thought. The demon's body is gone too probably got stuffed in his item bag. Man sure works quick.
Guess I gotta get going too. This bloody smell is nauseating.

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~~~~~~~~Silver Haired Ponytail's POV~~~~~~~~

"...That is the end of my report on that man."

"Fumu, to think he already has experiences killing demons. We must have them in our unit no matter what it takes."

"However, the man himself has signaled his unwillingness to join. Perhaps, we should reconsider for now--"

"What they want matters not. Our unit is lacking capable men, their recruitment must be done even if it means taking a slightly forceful approach."

"That's too... He also professed that he would disturb order within the army, and the girls are too young to..."

"The army will simply reeducate him if he rebels! Those brats can hold their weight too! Ages don't matter! We lack personnel three days ago, but all members of Unit Five should arrive at their posts in this town by tonight. We shall take them by force if they resist!"

"...! Why would you go that far, captain! It's as the man said, the vantage point afforded by adventurer's position is necessary if we want to oppose demons! He proved that by finding a demon today!"

"Shut your trap! I'm through getting ridiculed behind my back cause my unit doesn't have personnel and achievements! All because of your incompetence! Our unit will finally gain footings with him under my command, go get them, now!"

Captain yelled loudly before violently shutting the door and trotted away.
...What's going on. Wasn't Anti-Demon Army formed for the sake of protecting the populace?

We can get achievements from here on once we start fighting demons for real.
We may be getting ridiculed now but there's no helping that because we don't have experience yet.
The way captain phrased his words, it's as if achievements are more important than actually fighting demons.

...My hometown was destroyed at the hands of demons and I joined this army to prevent that tragedy repeating anywhere else, but how about now?
I'm a yes man of a captain that only seeks achievements and forcefully making a man that has killed several demons join the army, is that really what I want?



"Aah~ aah~ shucks. Knew that guy sucks... Oh dear, there he goes to mister black hair's inn. He seems eager to tell him on that man... Haa, guess I got no choice. It's a bit earlier than the plan, but it's time to prepare a send-off party for the traitor."

~~~~~~~~Kajikawa's POV~~~~~~~~~~

We're currently resting after dinner.
Snack strolling alone has its charm but a lively meal together with everybody is still the best.

"I saw some big windmills and a clock tower touring the town. It was fun just watching them."

"I see, we usually only walk through the same route day in and out. Might be fun going off paths and discovering new things every once in a while."

"I went to an amusement center with Hiyoko-chan and played target throwing all day long! I got lots of proficiency points and even raised my Throwing Skill Level by one!"


"Sounds really fun. Actually, I had no idea this town got an amusement center. Let's go there in our next holiday and compare scores."

"What were you up to Hikaru?"

"I went and snacked around. Oh I also found a demon and took it out."

"Demon, in this town...?"

"Aren't you treating demons too lightly!? That's a huge incident!"

"I left the handling to that man from Anti-Demon Army, but looking back, I should have taken care of it myself. He kept nagging me to join again as a result."

Just gotta hope that silver ponytail managed to convince his captain.
I'll keep a tab on those three just in case.


Just as I was thinking that, I saw silver pony approaching this inn on Map Screen.
Did something happen. Aw man. I wanna hit the sack already, you know.

Ah, he noticed us. Go away, shoo, shoo.

"...Sorry for coming so late. Do you have a moment now?"

His thorny attitude from noon is gone.
Instead, he's now looking sorry and a bit dispirited. What's up?

"Is there a problem?"

"I'll make it short... You should leave this town tonight if you don't want to join the army."

OH, guess his persuasion failed.
Haa, I've been thinking it's about time for us to leave but I never imagined it would be another getaway. Kinda reminds of the time we fled Daijel.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 473

473 Magical Button


The staff members who cleared my table bowed before leaving the room.

"Please feel free to push that button if you require assistance. If you'd excuse us."

I probably just need to push this button for my breakfast tomorrow. It looks the same as the button you see on a family restaurant's table. Must be some sort of magical button.
I tried not to delve further while rubbing my stomach as I lay on the sofa.

"Aah. Can't get used to all this extravagance. Limitless makes this all the more scarier instead."

I ponder with a calm mind. How much was the money I received from Bonuts again?
This card has the chairman of commercial city's merchant association as its holder's name. Can I really use this randomly?
It doesn't have a credit limit at that. I've only realized how weird it is for me to casually use it now.

"Isn't this pretty bad? I shouldn't keep using this card willy nilly from now on, should I?"

I have no way to know that the amount of money from the materials I brought to Bonuts equals to the GDP of a country. In fact, it was me who declined to hear.
I have no plan to learn about more scary facts on top of a scary fact.
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Feeling depressed, I took a bath to avoid thinking further.
Similar to the, message pipe?, Aryl showed me the last time, I only needed to ask 'please' over it and hot water came out.
I dipped in a bath tub for the first time in a long while.

"Aah, I wanna stay luxurious forever... Bath really washes your heart."

I said some old man-sounding line as I enjoyed the tub.
Afterward, I took a sip from an expensive looking ornamental water jug, did business in the toilet and went to sleep on the fluffy bed.

The morning after, I was staring at an unfamiliar ceiling when I woke up.

"Ah, right, I booked a room at an inn. Guess I was really beat up huh?"

My memory from last night stopped before I hit the hay. There's nothing else after I closed my eyes.
Meaning it only took an instant for me to fall asleep.
Must be due to Chimera's game of tag. All my nerves and mental capacity must have been driven to exhaustion.

Now that I'm fully awake, I head for the washroom.
I wash my face, brush my teeth, change clothes and push the button in the living room.
Chirping sounds could be heard outside. It's a time of a beautiful gradient between morning sun and dark sky.
Still quite early in the morning. I was afraid it was too early to push this button but that fear came unfounded.

"I shall attend to your need. But before that, how would you like some tea? It's a herbal tea effective for waking up."

The same female staff member from yesterday showed up. She's neatly dressed despite being so early.
I took up on her offer. The herbal tea had this refreshing flowery aroma that blew away all my drowsiness.
I asked her for my breakfast to which she replied, 'Understood', and left.

(Hmm, did they make her my personal attendant during my stay here or something?)

This staff member also took care of everything yesterday. From guiding, check in, transaction, and procedures.
I know that you get this kind of service at upscale hotels, but I had no idea this world has the custom.

(Concierge was it? I mean there's no tipping practice here, must be it. Well whatever, got nothing to lose anyway.)

As I was thinking of thanking her for the tea, my breakfast got carried in.
I spoke to her.

"Thank you. That tea was very effective. I never knew there was that kind of tea. Can you tell me where you can get one?"

It's no mere lip service. The tea tasted really good with a nice blend of bitterness and sweetness.
The staff member smiled broadly as she replied.

"I'm glad to be of assistance. I shall prepare a memo with more detail I shall hand you at check out."

I muttered 'I wanna stay here forever' while enjoying my breakfast.
Dunno what kind of ingredients they used, but I couldn't hide my surprise to find an omelet akin to the one in my past life, leaving me more impressed by this inn as I set off.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 209

Observe, Observed


Well now, today we're acting separately for once.
We're usually moving in a group but I believe going our separate ways for a day makes for a nice change of pace.
And no, I don't think it's suffocating to stay together or anything okay? I swear.

It's just that, I've been sensing someone's gaze ever since that Anti-Demon Army guys tried to recruit us three days ago. Haa, just who could that be.
...Well, I actually know who though. I've got Menu to Mark them up after all.

Both Alma and Reina don't feel anything peculiar in particular, apparently they're not his target or something.
While for me, the hostile gaze is really obvious. So annoying~ geez~.
Well, at least he's not coming for me directly so far. So far, that is.

I'm thinking he might make his move if I act alone, so here we are.

"Here you go, one grilled panan for 1000 en."

"Ah yes, thanks."

Guess I'm just gonna tour around the town tasting food until he does.
Mumu, this panan has got a completely different texture than the one at port town. The wrapping there tasted like mochi while this one feels more like manju's.
It's kinda like a small steamed bun. 1000 en for this is way pricey...

Ah, but it's good. Fumu fumu, it's using meat from pig-type magic beasts living in the Monster Mountain.
Lots of beasts there are kinda a pain to process and prepare. Like this panan's meat, it must be quite a laborious process to erase its gamey taste and smell.
I suppose 1000 en is apt considering that...?

It's clear to me now even the same type of dish can be different depending on where they're sold.
Not just the taste but smaller stuff like this, makes eating around fun. So yummy.
Oh, that stall is wafting this burnt yet appetizing fragrance. Is that kabayaki? Let's-a-go.
Thanks to my sparring sessions with Oni-sensei, I've got plenty of stamina to refill, I can eat as much as I want fuhahahaha... My wallet's situation is more precarious than my stomach's.

Oh and, gotta do something about that nasty thing.

~~~~~~~~Silver ponytailed young man's POV~~~~~~~~~~

...I've been observing this party for the past several days per captain's instruction.
The focus is the black haired man in particular.
I can conclude that he's nothing more than a gluttonous mediocre man.

I do think I look like a stalker but this too is part of my duty.
...Why does it have to be that dull man though.
I'd rather have those girls as my targets, cough! ...Let's get back on track.

I'm yet to witness them heading for a magic beast territory.
Or more like, they would go out of town before immediately turning around and going on a shopping spree day after day, it was unnatural.
Could they have noticed me tailing them? But then they should have tried to avoid public spaces if so...

...Still, I don't get the point of watching this man devouring food all over the place.
How come those girls follow this vulgar glutton. My workplace is dedicated to protecting the populace from the threat of demons so there's pretty much no female presences.
I mean, there are some but all of them are so gallant it's hard to see them as members of opposite sex...
Ha, no no, I almost lost sight of my target from spacing out.

I inadvertently loaded my eyes with hostility due to envy. I was sure he noticed, but there's not even a sign of him paying attention in my direction.
Is he oblivious about it or is he feigning ignorance... Judging from the way he wolfed down all that food, must be the former. How many servings is that guy gonna eat anyway...

Hm, he went in a narrow alley?
Not the same alley to the weapon store that man usually commutes to. I think this one goes to a scrap depository.
...He might be doing some shady dealing in there.
Has I finally caught him in the act? I should check it out.

What I saw as I entered the alley was

The black haired target holding up an unfamiliar woman by her throat.

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~~~~~~~~Kajikawa's POV~~~~~~~~

"Gugugugaga... Kaha...!!"

I gripped harder to break its neck bone.
It's in the shape of a woman hence the sobbing sound it's making, however, I'll still have it die here.

"You bastaaaaaaaaard!!"

Whoopsie. I was too focused on this one, I forgot about the silver ponytailed man.
He's drawn his sword, rushing at me while slashing. You're way too eager to murder me.


Yup, slow. I mean, I know comparing him to Oni-sensei or Alma's Storm Blade is unfair, but still, slow.
Dodging him is a simple matter but I know it's only gonna add oil to fire.

I wrapped my body in Mana Armor and took silver's sword head-on.
The sound of clashing metal resounded as his sword got repelled.


"Err, can we talk this over?"

"T-then, unhand that woman at once! I've always known you're a good-for-nothing bum but I never pegged you as a random slasher!"

Nay nay. Who're you calling a slasher.
I mean, yeah I must look like a psychopath who enjoys strangling women from your point of view, but you've got it wrong.
...I should have killed it quick and stored it in Item Screen had I known this.

"H... he... lp."

The woman feebly asked for help as her dying face grew paler.
You sure you want to ask this guy? He's your natural enemy you know.

"Release her right this instant! You damned brute!"

Silver ponytail charged at me once again while swinging his sword around.
Ah, sheesh what a pain in the rear, let's just get this over with.

I turned the woman and made it take silver ponytail's sword.


"Wha!? B, bastard...!!"

Yep. Naturally that means the woman's body got slashed up real good.
Blood gushed out of the deep wounds. It's fatal no matter how you look at it.

Silver pony started acting restlessly after killing the woman even though the cause was me.
It's fine, it's fine. Neither of us are killers.

"Why! How could you do this, damn you!!"

"Hmm, if I have to say, I'm just lending you a hand."

"What the hell does that mean!?"

"Ah, it's dead. This should reveal its true color... Oh, there you go."

"...Eh, w, what...!? H, her color..."

Death by hemorrhage. Or maybe it died from having its only hope slash itself instead.
After its death, the woman's skin changed color from fair white to odious looking purple.

This woman is a demon that disguised itself as human through a Skill.
I believe Vinfitt demons were making good use of this Skill too.

"Is this your first time seeing a defeated demon? Well, I get that not all members of Anti-Demon Army would have the experience though."

"Demon!?? T, this woman...!?"

"Yes. These demons will first scout out towns they want to destroy so they can prepare for the coming mayhem."

I've been asking Menu to 24/7 monitor every town we've visited for the presence of demons.
I thought it was about time for them to act up after sensing some near Diolgo, and sure enough they showed up here.
I feel kinda bad for making Menu-san bear the burden though.

<<Monitoring as well as reporting bears an infinitesimally amount of load.>>

O-oh okay, you're such a hard worker Menu-san. Just know that you can always tell me if you're tired, okay?

"...How, do you know this woman was a demon?"

"I thought she was acting suspicious on top of walking around the town without buying a single thing so I used a Quasi-Appraisal Lens on her and bingo."

"'Quasi-Appraisal Lens'? Such a magic tool exists?"

"Yes. Took it from the last demon I killed. It's disposable and I don't believe there's many more out there however."

This lens seems to be a magic tool that no humans or demi-humans have developed yet. I couldn't find a single store that sells one.
It may be only able to Appraise animate objects, but Appraisers would definitely get less work if this thing was more widespread.

"The demon you killed? Wait, you're saying you have killed one already...?"

"Yes. Only two of them though."

"Why didn't you disclose that when we tried to recruit you!? You are more than qualified to join our army if you have those achievements under your belt!"

That's exactly why I didn't tell you though.
I don't have the slightest interest in joining the army.
I've already had my fill getting treated like a corporate slave in Japan. I want to live freely.
...Or rather, how long is this guy planning to stalk me anyway. What about your job?





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 472

472 Luxury


I gathered intel this time around. I had Eltros's butler prepare me a map to a high-class inn at the kingdom.
I walked around while relying on my unreliable memory of the kingdom before finally finding the place.
The inn was one grade higher than the inn I stayed with Aryl last time.
I felt out of place at first but I was keen on getting accustomed to using the black card. I steeled myself and got in.
But seeing the lobby stopped me in my track. The beautiful gradation of lights and shadows inside was too awe inspiring.
All the carefully placed magic lamps produce exquisite shadows. Then it hit me.

(There must be a reincarnated person from earth. And they must be a famous architectural designer at that. I'm sure of it.)

I have no proof, but there's just no way this world's common architectural style can produce something like this.

"Welcome to our establishment. How may I help you?"

A beautiful woman in a neatly ironed suit walked up to me.
She must have seen me spacing out in the lobby.

"Would you be staying? Or perhaps are you waiting for someone? I'd be glad to show you the way to our cafe."

I was impressed by this. I must look like a suspicious individual no matter the angle, yet she's interacting with me like a normal guest without giving the side eye.

"I'm booking a room for one night. Oh, and dinner too. Also tomorrow breakfast."

I had prepared that line to deal with places I'm not used to. Concise and clear.

"Understood. Would you like to have your meal in your room? Or at the dining hall?"

The dining hall looks like a high class restaurant. I'm sure there's a lot of rich people having meals and mingling there. Must be a joint establishment with the inn.
Eating alone in that kind of place would draw all the attention of those people enjoying their meals.
My black hair and eyes are unusual in this world. I'm not masochistic enough to let myself suffer through that.
I asked her to bring the meal to my room. And gave her a coin for chaperoning me.
Yep, it's a tip. Dunno if the practice exists in this world, but I'd rather do this than getting bothered by it later on.
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"E, e, err...? Is this?"

Looks like tipping custom doesn't exist in this world. Thus I explained. Just the rough image of it though.
Most Japanese people don't do tipping anyway, the opposite in fact.
Japanese people aren't used to receiving things. They love to be the giving end instead.
Making your guests comfortable is the mentality of a pro. To excel at their job and know what their guests want. The will to improve oneself. Giving instead taking, like to be proud of servicing more than giving I guess?

"That's my gratitude for your hospitality. Guess you could say it's my wish for you to treat other guests as well as you do me?"

That my sounds pompous but I really mean it.
I'm kinda bewildered myself how bewildered she is just from one silver coin, but I said what I wanted.
Also, that's probably not what tipping is all about but my past me didn't know much about the custom either. Give me a break. I don't have experience as the giving or the receiving ends.
Also not like I'm trying to proliferate earth's custom here. This is a world in a different dimension. It's not fun if everything is the same as earth. I'm not here to make a change.

I'm just honestly grateful to this staff member treating me politely and so well at that.
Thus I gave her one silver coin, a pocket change.

"T-t-thank you so much! I shall endeavor to give you the best service, honored guest!"

I could only laugh dryly at her exaggerated reaction of tearing up and bowing.
I'm much younger than her after all. This exchange looks weird.
Me, who's loudly thanking this staff member. And then other staff members and guests who are watching us.
We're still in the middle of the inn's lobby. We're really standing out. This staff member treated me here without showing a hint of displeasure on her face. Thus I'm thankful to her. Most everyone usually acts surprised so having her treat me 'normally' is delightful. No matter if she's feeling suspicious of me inwardly. I had never believed anyone could treat me this way without showing it outwardly.

"Allow me to complete your booking process over here."

I went to the furthest counter and fetched my black card.
The reason I'm confident I could stay in this high class inn is because I have this. No point in not using it. I believe the card has no credit limit.
I'm afraid to find out just how much is a night stay and two meals cost here. It must be far more expensive than the last inn I stayed at.
The staff member who saw my black card let out a '...Hyo!?' with a look of shock on her face.
She took the card with trembling hands and put it in a box that seemingly read the card, like the one I saw at the commercial city's clothing store.

"Your registration is now complete. Let me lead you to your room."

I got the room card in front of the door and got in.

"We shall shortly bring your meal. If you could please wait."

The room looked like a super high class room I often saw in travel tv shows that cost hundreds of thousands yen a night.
The window gives a view of a neatly cared garden. One living room and one bedroom. One bathroom. Obviously high-class tables and chairs, carpets and decorations.

"I might be a bit hasty..."

My mind is alerting me about getting used to such luxury not befitting of my stature, even if my card has no limit.

My meal was carried in while I was calming myself. They put it on the living room's table.

"Please take your time. You may push the button over here once you have finished and we will clear the table for you."

All kinds of colorful dishes were brought upon me. The unfamiliar food and appetizing scent warmed my heart.

I 'bon appetit'ed once the staff left the room and started working on the food.
I was afraid the taste would degrade if I let it cool, but my mind cooled down instead now.

"How much are all this food...? Oh crap... They're so good... I'm falling..."

I have a mixed feeling about all this food delicious enough to blow away my fatigue.
But I can't stop eating. Every single plate was cleaned up by the time I came back to my sense.

"So this is the start line of depravity... Frightening..."

I pushed the clear-the-table button while harboring a bottomless fear towards 'luxury'.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 208



"Umu! Tasty indeed! I was initially led to believe curry was a type of soup but no, it is a sauce you pour on rice I see!"

"Well, more roux than sauce."

"Can't stop my spoon, seconds! Make it large!"

"S-seconds for me too!"

"Oh, me me, I want seconds!"

"Me too."

"Okay okay, I made a lot. Eat as much as you want."

Hello there. So I made curry rice after so long and it turned out far more popular than I thought.

I've heard stories about Japanese curry being well received by foreigners in a foodie TV show only for them to vomit it out backstage after the show. I'm just glad it didn't turn out that way.
I've made enough for 20 servings too. I'd be stuck having to eat all that up if nobody liked my curry. Safe.

"Syrupy curry poured over aro rice huh. It's like the meal heroes favor."

"Eh, heroes like this kind of stuff?"

"Dunno how it's like with the present day hero, but past ones apparently do, yeah... Heard nobody else tried to mimic it cause it doesn't look appetizing though."

"What a waste, it's so good."

"Oh yeah, lots of heroes are black haired too. Just like you eh, Kajikawa."

"Now that you mention it~ What a coincidence hahaha~"

"...Why're you so obviously looking away?"

Wonder if a lot of Japanese people got summoned as heroes here? No, there should be plenty of black hair in other countries too.
I'm not particularly fussed if people find out I hail from Japan, but I'd like to avoid standing out needlessly.

"So, Julian. Now that the hammer is done, what are you planning to do now?"

"Umu. I do not mind working as my customer's personal weapon maker but that would limit the user to one person. However, what my customer wishes to make is more artillery than weapons... Anyway, I wish to create something even your average man can wield."

"Fumu, I see you have more stuff you wanna make in mind."

"Yes. I must wait until things have cooled down but I do plan to start over even if it means changing my name. I hope you would be willing to let me work at your workshop until that time comes."

"Well, I don't mind, sure. Gotta ask, what kinda stuff this guy ordered anyway?"

"...Like say..."

"...Uwah, what's up with those nasty ideas..."

"Dang, I kinda don't wanna get involved with making those... Not only are they more magic tools than weapons, ain't anybody can even use 'em..."

Julian explained several weapons and magic tools I came up with.
Higuro-san and Gen-san's faces twitched harder the more they listened.
Oh don't make those faces now. They're much more reasonable than this great hammer, I say.

The morning after.
Once again, we're going out to level up and to get myself accustomed to the explosive hammer.
Limiting our hunting spot at the Monster Mountain is kinda getting boring but we gotta keep at it.

"You three over there, can I have your time?"


Somebody called out to us from behind as we were walking.

I turned around and saw a middle aged man wearing an unfamiliar looking military outfit that looked more like a knight's attire.
He's got short blond hair with tinges of white, and old scars on his face and hands. He's big, tall and brawny.

Next to him are two young men who're dressed like adventurers.
One has long blond hair, and there's no opening in his gaze directed at us belying his languid attitude. Guy's good.
Heck, he looks to be the strongest between these three.

The other one is a silver haired ponytailed man who's glaring hard at me. What's up?

...Who are these people? Got business with us?

"Err, can I help you?"

"We want to verify something. Are you the party of three, 'Tomorrow of Hope', that conquered a nearby dungeon recently?"

"Eh? Ah yes."

I replied out reflexively hearing our party's name coming out of his mouth.
Ah crap, I shouldn't have given the yes before confirming what they want.

"Oy oy, aren't they too young for this? That girl over there especially, is she even of age?"

"I am!? What's you guys' deal anyway!"

"Ah, sorry sorry. I was afraid you were being coerced to go with that black haired man over there. No hard feelings."

The glaring ponytail man apologized to Reina while saying something rude about me instead. I don't care though.

"An introduction is in order. We belong to the Anti-Demon Army serving directly under the kingdom, I am the captain of Unit Five, Heigerdala."

"Jangrajima. Nice to meetcha."

"I'm Nakramurada. Pleasures."

The captain is Heigerdala-san, the frivolous-looking long blond man is Jangrajima-san and the still glaring at me silver haired ponytail is Nakramurada-san, okay.
So what do people from Anti-Demon Army want with us?

"As for what we're here for. I'll get straight to the point... You are to join our army."


...What's this old man spouting when he just met us.
There should be a proper order of things if he wanna scout us.

"No, captain. They won't get it if you don't explain. You're really bad at this scouting thing, aren't you."

"Going roundabout is a waste of time."

"Think most people aren't gonna respond positively to the way you phrased that. Look how dubious you made those three, see."

The blond young man retorted the captain in disbelief.
Seems like he's got common sense despite looking the most frivolous among these three.

"Ah, sorry 'bout our captain. I'm gonna run it down for you, mind lending a bit of your time?"


If I were to be honest, I wanna go away. I mean this smells like trouble.
But not listening is probably gonna land us in an even bigger mess so I'll give him a chance at least... What a pain.

"First of all, I take it you're aware that demons have been making a mess out of a lot of places recently right?"

"Yes, somewhat."

In fact, we dealt with several at Vinfitt.
Things would get messier if I blurted that out though, so I won't.

"In order to deal with all the mess, an army has been formed post haste. Regular army just doesn't cut it, that's why we're going around recruiting promising people out there."


"Oh but we don't just take in people randomly, you see? What we want are individuals with proven track records like those who have killed demons or conquered a dungeon, like you guys."


I can't easily trust those who heap praises to people they barely know.
I've seen many people who excessively praise others only to disparage them once they're out on the field.

"Well I get you can't give your answer right away we coming at you out of the blue like this. Just tuck it in the corner of your mind, our army is always open to your application."

"Oy, have you not listened to a thing I said? We have to have them in the army no matter--"

"This captain may be bad with words, have no patience and look scary but even guys like me are given some freedom so it's not all bad I assure you."


"How dare you say that about your superior! And my face has nothing to do with this! You, where are you taking me! Cease dragging me by my arm! Oy!"

"See ya guys around."

...The blond man dragged his captain away after saying all that.
What the heck's up with all that. What's that blondie's deal.
The ponytailed let a glance of bloodlust at me before going after the two, really what did I do to you? I can't recall anything.

"...What, was that all about."

"Who knows. Think they're trying to recruit us into the Anti-Demon Army, just not forcefully that much is clear."

"But that captain guy said 'Have them in the army no matter what'. The blond man interrupted him though."

"The captain looks pretty strict but at least the blond man seems like he can be reasoned with."

"Relatively speaking maybe. Guy woulda looked super shady if he were by himself."

"Also, why did the silver head glare at Kajikawa-san I wonder? Did you make him mad somewhere?"

"Nah. That was the first time I met that guy. It's probably him inwardly judging me for being together with two girls many years younger like that blue guy did."

"Aah, that man who wrongly accused you of being a bad guy at the port town."

"Or maybe he's just jealous because of how cute you two are."


Either way, all that unfounded hostility doesn't feel good.
...Menu, put Markers on those three just in case.


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"What's the meaning of this! Have I not decreed we must have those three in our army!"

"Yup and that's why I'm making the best shot to do just that, see? Saying that to their faces is only gonna get them suspicious of us."

"We can make them submit by force with your strength!"

"...Hey, Captain. How strong of a magic beast can you take on?"

"What is this now!? How does that matter!"

"It's important. Just tell me."

"Urgh...! I-I have no idea what you are on about, but I am confident I can win against a magic beast around Level 40 with enough certainty."

"Did you know that the black haired girl next to that man has been killing more than 20 Lv40s beasts every single day?"


"The blond pipsqueak do several Lv30s beasts while the chick on her shoulder's about the same. Just these three are already way beyond me and you. No wonder they managed to beat a Lv60 beast. And hey, I can even make you Appraisal Certificate if you wanna."

"T-they are that strong...!?"

"...They must be the real strength of that party while the man is nothing more than a pretense of a leader... I knew it. He's good for nothing...!"

"Are you a moron. How about you gouge out those useless eyes and put in roadside pebbles in their places."

"...What are you trying to say."

"That black haired-niichan's the baddest news there. All his Attributes are over 900 at Lv43, and his Skill List shows Unobtainable."

"N-nine hundreds!? All Attribute values!? That cannot be!"

"Unobtainable...? You mean he cannot use Skills?"

"Probably yeah... Yet I don't get how guy's Log is full of magic beasts over Lv50 like he's been hunting them daily."

"I-is there a chance of him falsifying his Status?"

"It's possible sure, but there ain't no way to hide the achievement of Dungeon Conquest. Guy's probs got secrets that aren't shown through numbers alone."

"...We should gather more intel about them to be on the safe side."

"Heck, we shoulda done that before we went and tried to recruit them. There ain't no way to even retreat if we made them mad."

"...It cannot be, that cannot be true..."

"Your call to believe or not. I trust my own Appraisal results."

"...You may lack manners but your skill is authentic. We must tread carefully..."

"That good-for-nothing man, stronger than us...? How could that be...!"






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 207

Is It a Hero's Weapon, Or


"...I lent my help in the making of this weapon..."

"...No, no, this is definitely out. It ain't something humanity oughta got their hands on. You planning to destroy the world or what...?"

"Fu, fuhaha...! This is above, nay, utterly beyond my expectations. Could this be awe! ...Or fear for having brought this object upon this world?"

Hello there, I'm currently glancing at three dumbfounded craftsmen after the conclusion of my weapon's trial run.
My main line of sight is directed at a mountain that has lost around 30% of its mass.
...Really, I agree with Julian, this thing is way more dangerous than I could imagine.

At first I swung it without any help from Mana or Energy Control and only managed to make a dent in the shape of the hammerhead on the ground.
Next up, I swung it at high speed under Pseudo Mana Powered Suit and Energy Buff mode and hit the mountain hard, resulting in a 5 meter crack forming around the spot where the hammerhead went in.
It's dangerous enough at this point, enough to easily kill an ogre.

The problem rose once I started testing the explosion function.
It produced far more powerful explosions than I anticipated, the recoil was too much for me to handle with just one arm.
It took me tens of minutes until I could swing it around as well as I did the prototype.

I kept producing chained explosions and raised centrifugal force to the limit before hitting the ground, creating a crater with tens of meters crack around it.
This alone is enough to be considered a finishing move. Yes, this alone.
But then, I realized something while I was spinning round and round. I ended up realizing that.
A method that'd allow me to produce more firepower, swing it more easily while raising its range.
It was supposed to be nothing more than a light bulb moment.

The end result is that tragic crumbling mountain the three craftsmen are gazing at.
...I don't think even Oni-sensei can escape that unscathed if it hits. This thing's bad news.
Moreover, despite all that destruction, the explosive hammer hasn't got a dent on it. Its sturdiness is authentic.

"My my... The scenery around here sure underwent quite a bit touch up..."

"...We could have easily defeated that worm if only we had this weapon in the dungeon back then..."

"No no, Alma-san, we musn't let Kajikawa-san use this move willy-nilly. Some random swings and one or two towns would be erased from the map..."


"Ah, I leveled up. That strike must've wiped out some magic beasts."

I'm glad and also kinda not. Sorry for all the beasts that got dragged in this mess.
Good thing there were no other humans here. Naturally of course, I purposely chose a spot with nobody around.

"Julian-san, this feels more like a weapon of a Demon King than a hero's..."

"...U, umu. I am unable to rebut that... The end result of an ideal that surpasses the imaginable... Incomprehensible indeed."

Julian murmured while looking unusually perturbed.
Is he getting cold feet on his weapons' potential now after all this time... Understandable though.

"Worry not, Julian. This is undoubtedly gonna be your first and last weapon in terms of originality and destructive power. You may take pride in that."

"That just says more about your absurdity than my creations... No, my weapons and my customer. This is what comes to be when the two collide..."

"I thought two things lacking common sense combining would result in common sense, nope, turns out it gets worse instead."
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Quit saying it like it's a fusion dance.
You could say the terrible scene ahead is more an accident.

"My customer, just what kind of being you wish to challenge that necessitates the creation of this unthinkable weapon?"

"Hmm, my current goal is beating the crap outta a dragon and obtain its meat."

"...Fumu. There are all kinds of dragons out there, have you a concrete one?"

"Ah, err, maybe like the Black Dragon of Firie Kingdom?"

"Bfft!? ...Fu, fuhaha! You seek to face that monster in a fight!? Pray tell what course of events compelled you to harbor such a thought?"

Julian snorted in surprise, laughed dryly and then threw me a question.
Oh right, this guy's house was that of a Firie Kingdom Duchy.
I suppose he's got a rough idea just how strong that darned black dragon is.

"That thing's owner went and did something dumb just the other day. Alma and a party almost got wiped out thanks to him."

"And this will be a form of retribution?"

"Nah, it ain't no big deal like that. I won't pursue too much if they apologize straight to us, but well, I bet they're just gonna play dumb."

"And thus, you had this weapon made for that sake."

"Nah, not for that in particular. But this weapon is definitely gonna be an excellent trump card in my fight against that dragon."

"I pity the dragon that'll be on the receiving end of this thing..."

"Fufufuhahaha! If you truly managed to terminate that dragon, I volunteer to have a taste of its meat!"

"Ou. Then we gotta change this thing's name to Dragon Buster afterwards yeah?"

"Umu, it is simple yet has got quite the punch of a name."

We're getting more and more sidetracked so I put it back on track.

"Now that we're done with the test run and find no abnormality, let's head back home."

"So you say after swinging that all day long..."

"Environmental destruction..."

"I'm aware how much I got carried away for a moment there, my bad. So well, I'll make today's dinner a feast to celebrate my new weapon."

"Ah, allow me to partake as well! My food intakes have been lacking in nutrition as of late!"

"Ou, count me in too! Been itching to try yer' food after hearing all the bragging this guy spouted!"

"Y-yes. I don't mind, but don't get your hope too high..."

...Seven portions for today's dinner huh. Making all that is gonna be a pain... Would take too long if I do one by one, I'll go with a large dish for many instead.
Which means it's time for curry rice I've been meaning to cook.
...Just gotta hope they take it well despite the brown coloring. Or else I'm gonna cry.

~~~~~~~At Ringranaita Dungeon's Entrance~~~~~

"So I heard there's a party that succeeded conquering this dungeon after several years recently."

"Eh? ...Err, excuse me, and you people are...?"

"Whoops, I beg your pardon. We belong to the Anti-Demon Army serving directly under the kingdom. Pleasures to meet you."

"Under the kingdom...!?"

"Yeah. You know how demons have been running amok all over the place, no?"


"So we've been running around everywhere scouting manpower that can oppose those demons. Regular army is nowhere near enough, quality-wise, y'see."

"...Are you insulting our army, bastard."

"Whoa there, perish the thought, captain. 'Course regular army's got their role to fulfill. I'm just making my explanation easier to process."

"No matter. I am aware you former adventurers lot all lack decorum."

"Oh, guess we're not recruiting this party then? They managed to beat a magic beast over Lv60 and all too, shame."

"...Such rare resource is hard to come by. I shall pardon slight discourtesy."

"So we gonna scout 'em?"

"Scout it is not. They will join our army regardless."

"You gotcha."

<Author's note below>
>The main character's weapon--

is here at last.
By the way, Oni-sensei is strong enough to destroy the hammer if he wants to although he won't be unscathed in the process. Frankly, he's like a hidden boss character instead of last boss.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 471

471 Getting Suspected Again After So Long


Chimera 'meow'-ed once and disappeared once we got close to the kingdom.

"Haa, haa, haa... Haa~. Ou, had its fill huh? ...Or maybe it's only done for today. Well whatever..."

I regulated my breathing to ease my not physical, but mental fatigue and walked to the gate.

"...I got here just by running all day long... How fast was I anyway..."

I know my realization came late and all but watching Chimera only looking like it had a nice warm-up made it clear how it's a magic beast, not an ordinary cat.

As I was spacing out about that fact, I barely made it before the gate closing time.

"You're the last one huh. Alright, your ID... Hm? Second Class Pass... Are you kidding me. Ain't never seen one before. Who the heck are you?"

The young gatekeeper doubted me with eyes full of suspicion.
Not expecting that reaction, I didn't know how to react but then an old guard with a splendid beard came and smacked the young gatekeeper.

"Ouch! Why'd you do that!? Captain!?"
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"You fool. Who died and gave you the rank to act commandeering huh? Fool of a took! ...We offer you our deepest apologies. Please go ahead. Welcome, to the kingdom."

"Hold it right there! A brat trying to enter right before nightfall is way suspicious! He's even got a black hair and black eyes! Everything about him isn't right! We gotta interrogate him. What are you thinking captain!?"

The old guard called captain is quite brawny with a way overwhelming pressure than the young gatekeeper.
Apparently this youth couldn't take watching this captain man bowing at me well.
He started listing why I'm suspicious.
But the captain wouldn't take it.

"Did you not hear me? Where is your greeting to this gentleman. Get it? There is no second time."

Reprimanded by the captain, the young gatekeeper bowed at me with a frustrated look.

I had a conflicted feeling watching that.

(Ah, did this raise a flag for later? Or will this end with this fool? I get why he grew suspicious of me trying to enter at this time of the day though.)

I kept my mouth shut since it's not like I don't understand the young gatekeeper's point of view.
Once I got in, the soldiers started running around to close the gate.
As the sound of a huge metal door being shut reverberated behind me, I started walking to the inn where I'd stay tonight.

(Hm? Where'd Chimera gone off to? Well guess that's the norm for it anyway.)

I relied on my memory of the kingdom to find my way on the darkening road. Almost getting lost in the process.
Without realizing a shadowy figure tailing behind me.





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