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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 468

468 Resurrection Anecdote


"Oy, Eltros. Got something to ask you, you free now?"

I spoke to Eltros as he was taking a tea break. To ask about one thing I forgot to bring up to Federation's Sir Lolengus.

"Yes, what would it be?"

"Well, is there a way to resurrect the dead? It's nothing serious though. I'm just curious, is all."

Eltros put his hand on his chin and inclined his head. Then he got lost in thought.

(Hm? Hmm? What's taking so long? Can't it swiftly be summed up with a yes or no.)

I waited in silence. I bet Eltrospedia (lol) is making it digestible to me in his head.

"First of all, a way to resurrect the dead... is unheard of. In fact... Ah, there is one anecdote of 'resurrected' in a fairy tale. It's more a children picture book however."

Looks like it doesn't exist in reality. But I'm curious about this fairy tale so I urged him to tell me more.

"Yes, well. It's pretty much an adventure story of a hero who went on a journey to defeat the demon king. One time, the hero was lost deep inside a forest where he found and ingested a small shining seed which turned out to be the Seed of Resurrection. During the final battle against the demon king, the hero lost his life but got resurrected thanks to that seed, affording him to defeat the demon king, go back to his land and become the king. Or so the story goes."

I put out a question here.

"Is that tale based on reality? Or purely fictional?"

"It's a pure fiction. This story has been around for ages, there is not even a record of its writer now. Currently, there is no country with such a story as the basis of its founding."
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I blurted back, 'Hee', nonchalantly at that. It must be right if Eltros said it.
You usually have similar tales for country founding. Luck, ability, chosen by god, holy blood or the likes. All kinds of special things in the path to kingshood.
I lost my interest at this topic after that rough explanation.

"So, what about something more realistic? Resurrection in real life."

"Hmm. Someone took a fatal hit which should have killed them but got healed with magic medicine administered by their friends, getting up and about after some time. At best, such records do exist."

(Magic medicine huh... Potions. So they do exist...)

The fantastical door of this world is opening more and more.
My own body even goes beyond that in fact, though I'm doing my best to look the other way.

"What makes you interested in such a thing after all this time?"

Eltros wondered. And what does he gain from asking me that?

"Hm~? I too will die when my time comes. So you know, I just want an insurance. At the end of the day, I'm a country bumpkin. I know nothing about this world. Asking you is the fastest way to find this stuff out."

Eltros put on a bitter and defeated look on his face.

"I cannot even begin to imagine you dying..."

I missed Eltros's mutter so I asked, 'What did you say?', which he smiled back with 'It's nothing', so I didn't pursue the matter further.





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