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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 199



After consulting with the other members, we decided to take on a pest extermination commission at 'Diorgo', a nearby town.
There were other places we could choose but this town is apparently Reina's hometown.
This is a good chance as any to put Reina's mother's mind at ease. Thus we left.

"A-are you sure? Prioritizing where I want to go..."

"It's fine, it's fine. Not like we've got any other place in mind anyway."

"You should go see and tell your mother you're okay as soon as you can. She must be worried sick."

"T-thanks so much...!"

"...Well she might get worried in a different way once she found out her daughter has leveled up to Intermediate Job so fast."

"W-will she really..."

So here we are on our way to Diorgo but I can never get used to wagon transport after all.
Can't we use Mana Flight instead? Ah, no we can't huh, okay.
...It's still better than beast carriage at least.

"Ah... That mountain..."

"Hm? What's wrong? ...Wait, what is that thing!"

Reina found something as she was watching the scenery so I peeked in the direction to see a super big red flower, is that even flower? blooming at the top of a faraway mountain.
It's stupidly huge like it's been growing for more than a millennium, it looks like a sunflower outwardly. Kind of eerie.

"That's called a Rising Sunflower, apparently it's been in full bloom for several hundred years now. Some people around these parts even revere it as a guardian deity since it looks like it's overlooking us from above."

"Hee, that's one incredible flower... Maybe a tad too incredible."

"You sure know a lot about it, Reina."

"Yep! Mom has been telling me stories about that flower ever since I was little."

"Does that mean we're close by already?"

"Yes I think we are. This scenery kinda takes me back..."

Reina looks homesick as she stares outside the window.
...Guess I'll spare her from teasing this time.


And then there's Hiyoko breaking the quiet gentle mood with its cry.
...Really now, can't you be mindful of Reina for a bit, okay okay you're peckish I see.
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"I've got some cookies for snacks, you wanna?"


"Ah, I want one too!"

"...Me too."

Well that escalated. I'm not one to speak, but our girls really eat so much.

After enduring being shaken for almost the entire day, we finally arrived at town of Diorgo.
Hm, it's not as rustic as Keruna but it sure looks rural.
There's almost no big buildings and while there's no run down houses, it's really quiet.
This should be number one choice for 'I wanna retire somewhere peaceful and quiet'.

"Fuwaa...! The views, the smell of air, everything is so nostalgic...!"

"What a quiet tranquil town. All the more in contrast to the noisy industrial town."

"It's kind of, soothing."


"Well, it's already evening and all, let's go rest up at an inn."

"Don't you want to see your mother?"

"Err, um, well... I know it sounds weird after coming this far, but to be frank, I'm still not mentally ready..."

What are you saying now... Ha!? Wait this is no time for a skit.
She's her biological mom and as far as I'm told she's raised her with love, so even if we don't do anything, I'm sure they'll meet up.
Guess there's no need to rush her, and wait for tomorrow.

"Well if that's your wish, Reina, guess we're staying at an inn tonight... However, you have to see her while we're staying in this town."

"It would be best if you could do it right away, but it's not too late even after you're done mentally preparing, just make sure you tell her you're doing fine."


"Okay then, might as well cook something made with this town's ingredients for dinner. Do you know a grocery of some sort here?"

"You know this is my hometown right? But of course, just leave it to me!"

Reina walked more cheerfully than ever.
Looks like someone's in high spirits after getting home.

I'm a bit, very teensy bit envious

We're going to look for dinner's ingredients inside the biggest grocery store in town.
It's a big store despite being in rural town. Think it's about as big as a Japanese supermarket.
...Thanks to that, the two went off somewhere leaving me alone with Hiyoko.
Well, we'll meet up later.

Wait oh? What's up with those shrimps and their dragonfly-like wings?

<<[Fly Shrimps], Shrimp-type magic beasts that fly in the air instead of ocean, they are as tasty as ordinary shrimps.>>

Flying shrimps huh. Why not oceans tho'.
Seems these things are Lv1-9 beasts. They get bigger the higher their levels, would be worth eating.
Though they're quite big as is.
Speaking of which, can you even eat the wing parts?

<<They are edible. Stir or deep frying the wings gives off a nice aroma and crunchy texture.>>

I see. I'll use these and make fried prawns tonight. Only fly shrimps not, cough cough.
Now then, what to do about vegetables and garnish. Should I fry them together or leave it raw. Uumu.

Whoa, oy, oy, Reina. Why are you putting those shrimps in your own basket?
Coulda just told me. What do I do with you, geez.

"Oy, I've got shrimps in my basket already, you don't need to get your own."


"What do you mean eh? ...Huh? Reina, were you wearing those clothes earlier? Did you change?"


Reina is looking at me with a look of complete surprise.
What's up with that... Hm, what? What's up Menu-san?

<<The person you're speaking to, is not Reinamiure.>>


<<Target's name has been verified as [Ferianna]. The name Feria has been mentioned once at the orphanage in the past. Referring to-->>

"W-who might you be? D-do you know Reina!?"

<<Reinamiure's mother.>>


For real?

<<For real indeed.>>

Oy, your speech.





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