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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 467

467 Paying


I'm scared lying around too hard is gonna waste my mind so I'm going out shopping.

(Gonna be problematic if I don't know how to use this Black Card when I need it. Heck, I'd probably forget I even had one. I was a cash person in my past life after all.)

I haven't used this card even once yet. There just was no opportunity.
Hence, I've decided to get an experience while I take it easy in this city.

(First, underwear, then I guess something more fitting for my everyday clothes?)

I'm still wearing the same clothes I had when I left my village. It's taken quite a beating from all the washing and wear and tear.
Should be about time to get a new one. So I'm heading for a clothing store first.

(Welp, where to... I should've asked the butler for directions.)

I only had the card in mind when I left. Dumb me.
But I've got plenty of time anyway, might as well tour around as I look for one.
Can just ask some passerby or food stall owners if need be.

I looked around nonchalantly and found the store by chance.
The store isn't flashy at all but the entrance is kept clean and tidy. The signboard has a, jacket?, drawn on it.
I took a liking to the store and went inside where I was greeted by a boy.

"Welcome mister! ...What an unusual hair color you have. The most startling guest I've had the pleasure of serving yet. How can I help you today?"

I'm not wearing my hood today. I'm not trying to hide how I look at all.
I've come to a realization that I'm gonna get dragged into messes by 'something' no matter how much I try not to stand out anyway.
If everything I do is futile, it's a waste of time even trying.
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"Underwear, and some brand new clothes."

Frankly, it'd be more efficient leaving the choosing to the clerk than having me look myself.
I don't know this world's fashion, and not like I'm interested in dressing up.
I told the clerk how many pieces I wanted and left it all to him.

The clerk lined up the clothes he picked on the register. Even a beginner like me could tell they were very well made and ironed.

"Let me enumerate again. 10 men's underwear, and as you have entrusted me to pick the clothes, I have taken the liberty to fetch plenty. Is that satisfactory? Ah yes. Two jackets, five trousers and two tunics go for [silver, nine], [copper, eight], and [pence, two]."

(Hmm? 90000, 800 and 400? I think? I still can't instantly recognize the values yet. Are these cheap or expensive, no clue.)

I took the black card out of my magic bag and handed it over to the boy.
The boy who received it on his palm repeatedly blinked in surprise before yelping, 'Hyoe!?' and ran off into the staff room.

"Oh crap... If that managed to surprise him that much... I can't use this thing casually."

A plump old man came out in fluster. Looks to be the store owner.

"I offer my deepest gratitude for perusing our store's service! I dearly hope for your everlasting patronage."

The owner bowed deeply before mechanically moving the card to a rectangular box on the register.

"If you could please wait a moment as we finish the transaction."

The box glowed faintly for a bit.

(...Ou... This must be 'something' magical. I'll lose if I overthink.)

The owner carefully took the card and reverently offered it back to me.

"Thank you very much for your patronage. We shall forever await your next visit."

(What the heck... is this treatment. Nope, this just... Won't do.)

I told them I'd put the items in my magic bag in the beginning so I did.
In the meantime, the boy stared at me like he was longing for it.

(Ah, right, this magic bag is some expensive stuff too huh. Hm? Could this be...)

They must have come under the wrong impression that I'm some rich guy. I noticed. Which makes it awkward.

(I guess I am rich, but not quite. I don't feel like one myself y'know?)

Thus I've made a decision as I left the store.

"I can't just use this thing randomly... Is that a good or bad thing? This Black Card? But paying in cash is gonna be a pain too..."

I should have thought it through when Bonutts offered.
But as someone with no general knowledge and common sense of this world, I only had Eltros to rely on at the time.
After ruminating a bit, I came to a conclusion.

"Haa~ everything comes in handy when used right, is that it? The right thing at the right place is it?"

My tension fell with my mood. I don't think that's how the phrase goes.
Having no more goal in mind, I made my way back to Eltros's mansion.





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