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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 474

474 Place of Relief


I got the memo as I left the inn. I gave the staff member another silver coin in return.

"Thank you. This is my gratitude for the tea and the memo. Please keep it up with your excellent service in the future."

"Thank you so much, sir. I shall strive to answer your expectations. We await your next visit."

She bowed and kept her posture at the entrance even after I left.
Knowing she'd keep doing that until I disappeared from sight, I took a turn.
Of course not randomly. It's the route to the place depicted on the memo.
I'm going to buy some tea. I've taken a liking to it.
I'd like to stock up some before departing this kingdom.
It's a nice stroll away from the inn.

=~=~  =~=~  =~=~

Sometimes after, the inn rose up to the top of 'Rank', and the secret behind its success was its elevated customer service.
The staff member who chaperoned me started treating other guests the same way she did me and other personnel started mimicking her.
As it's a high class inn where the guests are mostly the wealthy, those guests give the staff members who did extra service 'gratuity'. In short, tips.
And so, the inn workers got more motivated and found pride in their work resulting in an overall better experience for the guests, raising the inn's rank in the process.
And the inn retained its booking fee despite its higher rank which netted them more repeat customers, increasing the inn's profitability on the management side.
The inn is 'Moon Serenity'. Offering the best service in the whole kingdom, even royalty book rooms there.
I only found out about all this way later on.
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=~=~  =~=~  =~=~

I found a store adorned with a signboard of a tea cup with rising steam. It's the tea store I'm looking for.
It's called 'Aromatic Dream'. Apparently the store also serves as a cafe on top of selling tea leaves.

"Welcome. Are you looking to purchase teas? Or perhaps are you here to enjoy a cup of tea?"

An elderly man who seemed to be this store's manager called out to me. He's standing straight with an awfully nice posture.

"I'd like to purchase this type of tea. I have no idea how much should I get though, do you mind teaching me?"

The tea leaf's name is written on the memo. 'Waking Grass', the manager smiled when he saw it.

"Have you taken a liking to this tea? Would you like to enjoy a cup in the meantime? I assure you it will be good. Come now, have a seat."

The manager gently offered me a seat in the cafe.
I've never studied how to brew good tea. Also, I would never refuse good tea so I took him up on his offer.

The inside isn't too big. It's like a typical coffeehouse.
The only other guests besides me are two women having breakfast, and a man sipping a fragrant cup of tea on the counter.

"It's early in the morning. Allow me to treat you to a cup as an accompaniment to my lecture while we're still not too busy."

This manager isn't only sociable he's also generous. I see no reason to refuse him.
I had completely forgotten about coliseum thing at this point.





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