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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 204

Rats, Extermination


This chapter starts from the red haired sword boy, Anvilun's POV

"A-Anvi! Everybody's in the shelter already! We have to head there too!"

"W-we can't! I bet that black hair group is forcing Reina to fight the magic beasts in town! I-I gotta save her!"

"But we can't beat the magic beasts on our own! Let's hurry and run!"

"Then, I'll go alone if I have to! You go hide somewhere safe!"

"I can't just go and leave you by yourself Anvi!"

I know, there's no way we can beat those magic beasts!
But that goes for Reina who's just come of age too! It's only been two months or so for her.
She probably hasn't even gotten to Lv10. How could she fight beasts over Lv30!
That's why, I gotta find and get her to safety quickly...!?


Oh crap...!!
I thought those rats were gonna be smaller, not this huge thing.
A bull-sized rat growled when it noticed us.


"G-get back! I'll lure it away, you run! Hurry up!!"


"You darned raaat!!"

I know a wooden sword isn't gonna damage it, but it should at least flinch it.
Gotta aim for the eyes and then...!

CRACK! The wooden sword in my hand broke apart along with that sound.
The rat beast was gnawing on it. It got my sword before I could realize what happened.

I-I couldn't see it moving at all...! N-no, there's no way we can fight this thing...!

『Pugururururu... Gigii!』

It then growled in my direction, seemingly eager to eat me next.

"G-get away! G-get away from meeee!"

"L-leave Anvi alooone!"


As I flailed my arms around while shouting pitifully, Malti hit the magic beast's face with a Fireball.
It was a clean hit, the rat beast greatly faltered.

"Now! Run now while you can!"

"Kuh...! Thanks, Malti!"

I'm so pitiful...! I should've been the one luring this beast away!
No, we shouldn't even be here trying to save Reina...!
I'm pitiful! I'm, so weak!

"Over here! The shelter should be ahead! It's just a bit more, keep running!"


Malti dragged me to run with her, and just around the corner was

Another rat beast waiting for us.

"N-no, way..."


Both of us won't survive at this rate...!

...Sorry, Malti. I won't let you die at least.



I charged at the magic beast while yelling loudly!
Look here, I'm your food! I've got more flesh! Stay away from Malti! Please!


Alright, the two rat beasts are coming my way... Thank goodness.
Malti, run on your own...

Ah, it's no good, I'm gonna get eat--





A few seconds before the beasts got to me, I heard someone's shout and a chicken's cluck.
The rats got split in two right in that moment.

This voice, and blond hair...!


"R-Reina, oneechan...!"

I was dumbfounded looking back at Reina looking at us.

Her face looked super stern.

"Why're you loitering around in this place!! Did nobody tell you to take shelter right away!?"

She roared so loud I thought a thunder crashed with a really angry face I'd never seen before.

"I-I'm, so, sorry...! Fuee...!!"

"I-It's all my fault! Because, because I ran around everywhere looking for Reina..."

"Who cares about that! You're in the way, go to the shelter now, run you idiot!"


...Yup. It's clear to me now.
I'm an idiot. A big idiot.

It's not my place to worry about Reina when she's that strong.
There's no way that black hair can win against Reina who gets so angry for someone.

"Hiyoko-chan, seems there's only two rats left, let's go beat them real quick!"


The slightly fearful chicken's and Reina's backs look so big as they head out to hunt for more beasts.
She's smaller than me yet that back looks far more dependable.
...Really, what am I even doing...

~~~~~~Ferianna's POV~~~~~~~

As I was praying for Reina's and the children's safety, I noticed several small silhouettes at the shelter's entrance.


"S-sorry, dad. If only I didn't do something as dumb as trying to look for Reina..."

"What the heck were you doing, you idiots!! What am I gonna do if anything happened to you two!!"

The man gently hugged his children while shouting at them.
Thank goodness, they made it here safely...!

"Umm, you see, we got attacked by big rats on the way here..."

"What!? A-are you two hurt anywhere!?"

"N-no. Reina beat the rats instantly, so we're not hurt."

"R-Reina, what...?"

Weren't the invading beasts supposed to be quite strong, and Reina did that...?
...Looks like Reina has grown much stronger than I imagined.
Thank you Reina. Please, you take care too...

~~~~~~Reina's POV~~~~~~~

"Fuhahahahahai! This is the end!"


『Byagu!? Byaaba!!』

Hiyoko-chan and I cross slashed a rat beast from opposite directions with Extended Mana Blade and Claw.
Fufufu, it must look super cool from the sidelines... There's not a single spectator here though.

"That should be the last magic beast that got in town. Only that big rat Kajikawa-san is fighting outside left now."

『Cluck... Cluck!』

"Hm, what's wrong Hiyoko-chan... Ah, Alma-san, good work."

"You too, Reina. My bad, I let several rats slip in..."

"It's all right, nobody gets hurt in the end. Well, there was that one close call though."

Alma-san must be done with her share of magic beasts as well.
She looks completely fine too. When it took a bit for me.

"But it's kinda rare for Kajikawa-san to struggle, isn't it? From my Mana Search, he's taking some time fighting."

"That rat was really big, maybe he's having difficulty dealing damage. Let's hurry and lend a hand."

"Gotcha. I can make us move in between trees' and buildings' shadows."

Hope half of his body hasn't been crushed like the other day at least, but well he should be okay. I mean it's Kajikawa-san after all.
Time to get a move on.

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Coming out of my Shadow Dive, the first thing I saw was a half-crushed body.

No, not Kajikawa-san's, but the big rat's?

"Hmm, no that's not quite right. How was that? Eh, around Kempo Lv3? Shabby..."


"Slow, too slow. You're moving like a snail compared to Oni-sensei. How about this!"


...Kajikawa-san keeps muttering to himself while dodging the big rat's attacks and attacking with his bare hands.
Forget Mana, he's barely even using his Energy Control. He's pretty much fighting at his base specs.

"Eh, that was only around Kempo Lv2? How come it got worse... Eh what, my waist was slightly off so the driving forces on my joints went wasted? Man, this stuff is hard..."

"...Hikaru, good job. What are you doing?"

"Ah, good work, Alma, Reina, Hiyoko. Uh well, I'm trying to see if I could reproduce Martial Arts Skill at my base specs, but it's not going as well as Sensei does."

"Uh, who is this Sensei anyway...?"

"I'll introduce you when the time is right... No wait, I probably shouldn't for now, might get dicey."

"Eh, not sure who this Sensei is, are they someone dangerous!?"

"Rather than someone... It's some creature?"

"...It's not a human?"

I don't get what Kajikawa-san is even saying.
Nor what is he doing. Why'd you go out of your way fighting a beast this strong bare handed!
Just beat and get it done already!

『Bi, byaaaaaaao!!!』

"...Hikaru, quit playing around and do it properly."

"Yes, I'm sorry... Ffh...!"

After apologizing to Alma-san, I could tell he boosted himself with Energy Control.
I know because I can control my energy too.
Oh crap. Kajikawa-san is so strong, way beyond me.



Kajikawa-san sent out a straight punch as the giant rat attempted to crush him under its weight.
Normally, you'd think Kajikawa-san would lose under that sheer weight.

But the end result was the total opposite. Kajikawa-san's fist pulverized the giant rat's upper half.
...This guy is bad news for real. Is he really even human...?

"Aw yeah, that felt just right! Whaddya think, that went nicely right? Eh, despite its high firepower, the motion itself is only around Kempo Lv4? ...I gotta train harder..."

And he still doesn't seem satisfied with that attack. I'm terrified what'll become of you if you get any stronger, please stay this way...






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