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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 473

473 Magical Button


The staff members who cleared my table bowed before leaving the room.

"Please feel free to push that button if you require assistance. If you'd excuse us."

I probably just need to push this button for my breakfast tomorrow. It looks the same as the button you see on a family restaurant's table. Must be some sort of magical button.
I tried not to delve further while rubbing my stomach as I lay on the sofa.

"Aah. Can't get used to all this extravagance. Limitless makes this all the more scarier instead."

I ponder with a calm mind. How much was the money I received from Bonuts again?
This card has the chairman of commercial city's merchant association as its holder's name. Can I really use this randomly?
It doesn't have a credit limit at that. I've only realized how weird it is for me to casually use it now.

"Isn't this pretty bad? I shouldn't keep using this card willy nilly from now on, should I?"

I have no way to know that the amount of money from the materials I brought to Bonuts equals to the GDP of a country. In fact, it was me who declined to hear.
I have no plan to learn about more scary facts on top of a scary fact.
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Feeling depressed, I took a bath to avoid thinking further.
Similar to the, message pipe?, Aryl showed me the last time, I only needed to ask 'please' over it and hot water came out.
I dipped in a bath tub for the first time in a long while.

"Aah, I wanna stay luxurious forever... Bath really washes your heart."

I said some old man-sounding line as I enjoyed the tub.
Afterward, I took a sip from an expensive looking ornamental water jug, did business in the toilet and went to sleep on the fluffy bed.

The morning after, I was staring at an unfamiliar ceiling when I woke up.

"Ah, right, I booked a room at an inn. Guess I was really beat up huh?"

My memory from last night stopped before I hit the hay. There's nothing else after I closed my eyes.
Meaning it only took an instant for me to fall asleep.
Must be due to Chimera's game of tag. All my nerves and mental capacity must have been driven to exhaustion.

Now that I'm fully awake, I head for the washroom.
I wash my face, brush my teeth, change clothes and push the button in the living room.
Chirping sounds could be heard outside. It's a time of a beautiful gradient between morning sun and dark sky.
Still quite early in the morning. I was afraid it was too early to push this button but that fear came unfounded.

"I shall attend to your need. But before that, how would you like some tea? It's a herbal tea effective for waking up."

The same female staff member from yesterday showed up. She's neatly dressed despite being so early.
I took up on her offer. The herbal tea had this refreshing flowery aroma that blew away all my drowsiness.
I asked her for my breakfast to which she replied, 'Understood', and left.

(Hmm, did they make her my personal attendant during my stay here or something?)

This staff member also took care of everything yesterday. From guiding, check in, transaction, and procedures.
I know that you get this kind of service at upscale hotels, but I had no idea this world has the custom.

(Concierge was it? I mean there's no tipping practice here, must be it. Well whatever, got nothing to lose anyway.)

As I was thinking of thanking her for the tea, my breakfast got carried in.
I spoke to her.

"Thank you. That tea was very effective. I never knew there was that kind of tea. Can you tell me where you can get one?"

It's no mere lip service. The tea tasted really good with a nice blend of bitterness and sweetness.
The staff member smiled broadly as she replied.

"I'm glad to be of assistance. I shall prepare a memo with more detail I shall hand you at check out."

I muttered 'I wanna stay here forever' while enjoying my breakfast.
Dunno what kind of ingredients they used, but I couldn't hide my surprise to find an omelet akin to the one in my past life, leaving me more impressed by this inn as I set off.






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