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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 207

Is It a Hero's Weapon, Or


"...I lent my help in the making of this weapon..."

"...No, no, this is definitely out. It ain't something humanity oughta got their hands on. You planning to destroy the world or what...?"

"Fu, fuhaha...! This is above, nay, utterly beyond my expectations. Could this be awe! ...Or fear for having brought this object upon this world?"

Hello there, I'm currently glancing at three dumbfounded craftsmen after the conclusion of my weapon's trial run.
My main line of sight is directed at a mountain that has lost around 30% of its mass.
...Really, I agree with Julian, this thing is way more dangerous than I could imagine.

At first I swung it without any help from Mana or Energy Control and only managed to make a dent in the shape of the hammerhead on the ground.
Next up, I swung it at high speed under Pseudo Mana Powered Suit and Energy Buff mode and hit the mountain hard, resulting in a 5 meter crack forming around the spot where the hammerhead went in.
It's dangerous enough at this point, enough to easily kill an ogre.

The problem rose once I started testing the explosion function.
It produced far more powerful explosions than I anticipated, the recoil was too much for me to handle with just one arm.
It took me tens of minutes until I could swing it around as well as I did the prototype.

I kept producing chained explosions and raised centrifugal force to the limit before hitting the ground, creating a crater with tens of meters crack around it.
This alone is enough to be considered a finishing move. Yes, this alone.
But then, I realized something while I was spinning round and round. I ended up realizing that.
A method that'd allow me to produce more firepower, swing it more easily while raising its range.
It was supposed to be nothing more than a light bulb moment.

The end result is that tragic crumbling mountain the three craftsmen are gazing at.
...I don't think even Oni-sensei can escape that unscathed if it hits. This thing's bad news.
Moreover, despite all that destruction, the explosive hammer hasn't got a dent on it. Its sturdiness is authentic.

"My my... The scenery around here sure underwent quite a bit touch up..."

"...We could have easily defeated that worm if only we had this weapon in the dungeon back then..."

"No no, Alma-san, we musn't let Kajikawa-san use this move willy-nilly. Some random swings and one or two towns would be erased from the map..."


"Ah, I leveled up. That strike must've wiped out some magic beasts."

I'm glad and also kinda not. Sorry for all the beasts that got dragged in this mess.
Good thing there were no other humans here. Naturally of course, I purposely chose a spot with nobody around.

"Julian-san, this feels more like a weapon of a Demon King than a hero's..."

"...U, umu. I am unable to rebut that... The end result of an ideal that surpasses the imaginable... Incomprehensible indeed."

Julian murmured while looking unusually perturbed.
Is he getting cold feet on his weapons' potential now after all this time... Understandable though.

"Worry not, Julian. This is undoubtedly gonna be your first and last weapon in terms of originality and destructive power. You may take pride in that."

"That just says more about your absurdity than my creations... No, my weapons and my customer. This is what comes to be when the two collide..."

"I thought two things lacking common sense combining would result in common sense, nope, turns out it gets worse instead."
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Quit saying it like it's a fusion dance.
You could say the terrible scene ahead is more an accident.

"My customer, just what kind of being you wish to challenge that necessitates the creation of this unthinkable weapon?"

"Hmm, my current goal is beating the crap outta a dragon and obtain its meat."

"...Fumu. There are all kinds of dragons out there, have you a concrete one?"

"Ah, err, maybe like the Black Dragon of Firie Kingdom?"

"Bfft!? ...Fu, fuhaha! You seek to face that monster in a fight!? Pray tell what course of events compelled you to harbor such a thought?"

Julian snorted in surprise, laughed dryly and then threw me a question.
Oh right, this guy's house was that of a Firie Kingdom Duchy.
I suppose he's got a rough idea just how strong that darned black dragon is.

"That thing's owner went and did something dumb just the other day. Alma and a party almost got wiped out thanks to him."

"And this will be a form of retribution?"

"Nah, it ain't no big deal like that. I won't pursue too much if they apologize straight to us, but well, I bet they're just gonna play dumb."

"And thus, you had this weapon made for that sake."

"Nah, not for that in particular. But this weapon is definitely gonna be an excellent trump card in my fight against that dragon."

"I pity the dragon that'll be on the receiving end of this thing..."

"Fufufuhahaha! If you truly managed to terminate that dragon, I volunteer to have a taste of its meat!"

"Ou. Then we gotta change this thing's name to Dragon Buster afterwards yeah?"

"Umu, it is simple yet has got quite the punch of a name."

We're getting more and more sidetracked so I put it back on track.

"Now that we're done with the test run and find no abnormality, let's head back home."

"So you say after swinging that all day long..."

"Environmental destruction..."

"I'm aware how much I got carried away for a moment there, my bad. So well, I'll make today's dinner a feast to celebrate my new weapon."

"Ah, allow me to partake as well! My food intakes have been lacking in nutrition as of late!"

"Ou, count me in too! Been itching to try yer' food after hearing all the bragging this guy spouted!"

"Y-yes. I don't mind, but don't get your hope too high..."

...Seven portions for today's dinner huh. Making all that is gonna be a pain... Would take too long if I do one by one, I'll go with a large dish for many instead.
Which means it's time for curry rice I've been meaning to cook.
...Just gotta hope they take it well despite the brown coloring. Or else I'm gonna cry.

~~~~~~~At Ringranaita Dungeon's Entrance~~~~~

"So I heard there's a party that succeeded conquering this dungeon after several years recently."

"Eh? ...Err, excuse me, and you people are...?"

"Whoops, I beg your pardon. We belong to the Anti-Demon Army serving directly under the kingdom. Pleasures to meet you."

"Under the kingdom...!?"

"Yeah. You know how demons have been running amok all over the place, no?"


"So we've been running around everywhere scouting manpower that can oppose those demons. Regular army is nowhere near enough, quality-wise, y'see."

"...Are you insulting our army, bastard."

"Whoa there, perish the thought, captain. 'Course regular army's got their role to fulfill. I'm just making my explanation easier to process."

"No matter. I am aware you former adventurers lot all lack decorum."

"Oh, guess we're not recruiting this party then? They managed to beat a magic beast over Lv60 and all too, shame."

"...Such rare resource is hard to come by. I shall pardon slight discourtesy."

"So we gonna scout 'em?"

"Scout it is not. They will join our army regardless."

"You gotcha."

<Author's note below>
>The main character's weapon--

is here at last.
By the way, Oni-sensei is strong enough to destroy the hammer if he wants to although he won't be unscathed in the process. Frankly, he's like a hidden boss character instead of last boss.






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