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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 469

469 Hobby


I got lost in thought during breakfast the following day.

(Ah, will I get dragged into trouble no matter when and where I am? If I can't dodge or control it, it wouldn't be fair if I can't enjoy myself. Isn't there anything good out there?)

I have completely zero interest in this world's entertainment. It's mainly due to the hobby I had in my previous life.
Working out is doable but games are out of question.
I work out whenever I have a free time, so much so it's pretty much a form of escapism now.

(It's probably not a good idea considering this power, and yet I can't just wast my time spacing out. I always end up moving my body around like I'm trying to run away.)

Setting aside my brainless thought process, this is all due to me not finding a hobby in this world. Thus I concluded.
Yet I just can find anything worthwhile. In fact, I'm not even trying to find out. Willingly.
Frankly, I understand that my life in this worth has been badly derailed. I can't find a way to get it back on track. I don't think I can.

My existence in this world is irregular. And I plan to live quietly while taking care not to influence this world too much with to my irregular-ness.

But since this 'Factor of Unrest' within me is not something I can control, denying myself of entertainment will ultimately waste me away, mentally.
And so, I ask Eltrospedia once again today.

"Hey, got a sightseeing spot you can recommend? Something that makes your blood and body boil."
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Eltros is taking breakfast with me. Hence I asked here.
He would shut himself in his office for his 'job' after this, might as well ask now.

"Blood and body boil, you ask? Then there's only one answer. You should head to the federation. There is this particular country housing a coliseum where fighters take the leading parts. Not a day goes by without fervor where tempered warriors fight with their blood and muscles. Many powerful individuals gather there setting their aim on gold and fame."

"Ooh... I knew there'd be one. Guess the fantasy inside me shows no sign of stopping huh."

Coliseums are another classic you often see in fantasy work. I'm sure me going there would work in Eltros's favor. I get where this is going. Gotta be careful I don't get tricked.

(I mean I do love watching fighting sports... This could be nice?)

Influenced by my past hobby of being a fighting sports watching enthusiast, my interest is piqued.
I've decided on my next destination.

"Alright! I'll be heading out tomorrow. Kinda can't wait. Right, of course. Watching those fighters should be fun."

"I'm glad to be of service."

Eltros smiled brightly before muttering, '...Phew, I really outdid myself.' but, I was being unusually elated and overlooked that.






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