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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 206

Complete At Last


Three days since we exterminated rat beasts terrorizing Diolgo.
We're now going back to report the completion at Ringranaita's guild as planned.
...I loathe to go, but it must be even worse for Reina. Gotta bear with it.
Still, leaving her hometown again after so long must be hard on her...

"Bye mom, I'm off!"

"Yes, safe travel."

Or so I thought but they said goodbye just like that.
O, ou. That's fine, much better than being all gloomy, but is that really okay with you two?

"Well, we'll be dropping by once every month anyway, there's no point being all dramatic is there?"

"Fufu, I am already looking forward to what kind of stories and souvenirs will Reina bring."

They sure are a positive bunch. These parent-child duo.
I look silly mulling so much over it.
Or maybe they're just putting up an act so each other won't get so down, but it'd be boorish of me to ask that.

Well now that we're done with the goodbyes and all, time to Fast Travel back.

"We will see you soon."

"Yes, please take care of yourselves, Kajikawa-san and Alma-san. Hiyoko-san too of course."

"We will."


A bit of light exchange before executing Fast Travel.
The scenery turned to that of Ringranaita's guild's entrance.
It must look like we suddenly disappeared from Ferianna-san's perspective.
...But man, this Fast Travel thing really puts a damper to the weight of partings huh.

We entered Adventurer's Guild to report and get our reward.
I wonder if there's some sort of custom to have a western door at all adventurer guilds in every town. I don't really mind though.

"T-thank you for your hard work. You took care of this commission in no time. I was sure it'd be another week or so before your return..."

The receptionist thanked us with a slightly twitching face.
We delayed reporting back by three days yet it's still considered fast huh. Well, exterminating those rats would have taken much longer without Spirit Magic so I get it.

"It was a relatively easy job compared to our usual beast culling commissions, but I had no idea magic beasts could build nests outside their territories."

"Yes. It's usually a rare case that doesn't occur often but we have been receiving reports of such nests forming here and there as of late."


...I did feel some ominous presences when I was fighting that boss rat.
Menu-san believes demons are raising these magic beasts to use in their evil ploys.

I'll keep it to myself since I have no evidence and it would only cause unnecessary chaos, but I plan to crush any similar nest I find along the way.
Eh, why are you slaughtering beasts who haven't done anything wrong? Humans are desperate for their survival too.

"Ah, right. We received a message for Kajikawa-san while you were absent."

"Message? From who."

"It's from Higuroima-san of Gen's Workshop, 'Your weapon is done, come and get it', it says."

Ooh, it's finally complete at last!
The prototype I was using broke in the dungeon so I hope this one is sturdier.

"...Frankly speaking, I question your need of weapons. Beating a giant rat over Lv50 to death bare handed, how does that even work..."

"Err, I just randomly threw my fist out and hit its vital by chance..."

"I don't think hitting a vital could result in half of its body getting blown apart..."

Looks like she read how I beat that rat with Appraisal Skill. Makes my excuse sounds painfully obvious.
I can't be bothered to make up more so I cut the conversation short and head for the workshop.

I don't hear the usual clatter in front of Gen's Workshop.
Was there a trouble? ...It's weird how being quiet is a sign of trouble though.

"Hello, I'm here to fetch my weapon."
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I greeted as I entered and found no sign of life.
Where'd they go.

"Huh? There's nobody here."

"No, seems like there's three people in the underground forging area."

"I don't hear the sound of metal being hit though..."

What are they even doing anyway.
Can't be helped, we'll help ourselves in.

"Hrnggggggg.....! O-oy, Higuroo...! Put yer back into iiiiiit!!"

"I frickin' am...! Why'd you go and make this heavy hunk of object underground anyway! Ain't no way anyone coulda lift it up above!"

"Ugugugu...!! Fu-fuhaha...!! This sheer weight is proof that it shall withstand any and all beatings! ...The only question now is whether this heavy object can truly be wielded!!"

...Gen-san, Higuro-san, and Julian are trying their damnedest to lift something up.
...Wait, isn't that the complete form of the True Explosomething hammer!

The handle bar is as thick as my arm with a wrapped grip to reduce slippage.
The hammerhead is no longer the shape of a turtle shell, it's been polished to a metallic sheen.
Then there's bike muffler-like things on its sides acting as exhaust ports. Judging from the sheen, these mufflers must be made from the shell as well.

The three people are barely able to lift the handle part while the hammerhead is being dragged on the floor.
Just how heavy is that thing anyway. Your average man can't possibly use it...

"Err, I'm told you've finished making my weapon..."

"Haahn!? This ain't no time for... Wait, it's you Kajikawa! Thought they said ya went to Diolgo for some extermination commission a few days ago. Ya back already?"

"Yes. We just got back today and received your message at the guild."

"O-ou. Good work... So yeah, your weapon is done and all but even us three could barely make it budge. Sure ya can use this thing?"

"We have raised the mana conversion and output of the explosion engine by installing a Rank A magic stone as its core, however, it's doubtful if anybody can even lift this thing up..."

Let's test it out at my base specs.
Uwaa, it's super heavy. I can barely swing it with both my hands.
First of all, the hammerhead is stupidly heavy. Again, it's dumb how heavy it is.
Then you add the handle part and its thickness. Think it's more than 100kg in total...

Normally, me and my body weight can't possibly lift it up, yet swinging it is doable to me, albeit barely.
...I know it's late and all, but the bonus given by Attributes pretty much ignore law of nature.

"Uoo...! You really went and did it...!"

"O-oy, you okay? Don't push yourself and break yer' waist now!"

"It's heavy for sure, but nothing I can't handle... Excuse me, may I test it out now?"

"Not inside my workshop. The whole building's gonna come crashing down fer' sure."

"In fact, I believe you should look for a place you can go all out outside the town. Honestly speaking, it's pretty much unknown just how much firepower that thing houses."

Unknown, uh. Just how powerful is this thing...

"Bring us with you if you wish to perform a trial run! I would love to bear witness to the sight of you swinging that around!"

"Everything should be in order already, but yer' gonna need us if you wanna make adjustments."


What do. Julian who knows about Mana Control aside, can I really show it to Gen-san and Higuro-san.

"...My customer, you can put your faith in Gedagan-dono and Higuroima-kun. Besides, they have already surmised your situation to a point."

"Ya used this guy's prototype without a Skill or disposable mana stones. Ain't no way ya don't got other special power that aren't Skills, do ya?"


"No need to answer that. I got no interest in yer' circumstances, I just wanna see how you swing that thing. Heck, I don't mind swearing secrecy for life if I gotta. Put it on a written oath or whatever, I'm ready to pay any penalty if I break the terms."


Frankly, I'm hesitant to talk about Mana Control much.
But my instinct is telling me this man is the type that's stern with others and even sterner with himself.
After all, my boss in Japan was the same. I can kinda tell.

Sheesh okay, guess we're all going to Monster Mountains and have them spectate.





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