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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 202

Rat Cave-in


"Youuu! Set Reina free!"

"Fuhahaha! Come and take me down if you wish to claim her!"

"...What are you doing?"

"Kajikawa-san, why do you look so happy playing the villain..."

Hello there, here we were on our way to the magic beast nest after getting more detail from the guild.
That was when we ran into Reina's childhood friends; a red haired boy 'Anvilun'-kun, and another red haired girl, 'Maltiann'-chan.

Apparently these two only have incomplete tidbit on Reina's situation, like how 'Reina's dad tried to sold her to cure his arm', so they came under the conclusion that 'The people with her must be the buyers'.

...Ferianna-san has told the truth to the neighboring housewives, but I guess it hasn't reached their children yet.
Well I suppose they're hesitant to spread rumor about another household. Dunno about it if it ends up troubling us though...

So, when I saw Anvil-kun challenging me with a wooden sword ready, 'Set Reina free!', I got carried away and played along 'Very well! Prove your worth by defeating me and take her by force!', and this was what we ended up with.
It's my fault for not explaining the detail no matter how you look at it, yep.

"Hmp! Ha! Daaaaaa!"

"Oy oy, you're gonna eat a counter making a big swing when your enemy isn't showing an opening. Like this!"

"Ooooooww!! I-I'm, not done yeeeeet!"

I dodged Anvil-kun as he flailed around and flicked his wide open forehead, holding back to the limit.
It didn't flinch him as he kept attacking me while tearing up. This kid's got some guts alright.

"Anvi! Move it!"

"E, wha, w, whoa!"

"Hey now, you shouldn't shoot magic inside the town. What if someone or their house caught fire."

"H-he caught and crushed Fireball in his palm...!?"

Maltiann-chan seemed to have Offensive Magic Skill, she shot out a Fireball.
Haven't her parents taught her not to do that?

"Heyyyy! Anvi, Malti! What are you playing at!"

"Geh! D-dad...!"

"Oh no! We're making a strategic retreat!"

"J-just wait for us, Reina! We'll free you for sure!"

"Ok ok, just be a good boy and girl and lemme get you."


"S-she's fast!?"

Reina Quick Stepped and cut their path of retreat.
She gripped their arms and dragged them to their father.
...Looking at this, it's clear how strong Reina is despite her frame. Kinda surreal.

"My apologies, Adventurer-san. Our kids have been quite the troublemaker..."

"Oh no, it's my bad for playing along too. Also, please don't be too hard on them. I believe they did it out of love for Reina."

"No, I must be stern. You two. Apologize to him!"

"Why! These guys bought Reina!"

"Give back Reina-oneechan!"

"Anvi! Malti! Knock it off already!"


"You can try to laugh it off, but you know this is cause you didn't tell them straight right, Kajikawa-san?"

"I mean, not like they would believe me anyway looking at them."

"That doesn't matter!"
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My bad. Soz.
But judging by the way they move and how they braved on danger for the sake of their friend, I'm sure they'd be excellent swordsman and mage. Do your best.
Now then, time to exterminate some vermin.

Apparently the magic beasts in question are of rat type.
Even the smallest one is the size of a nutria, there have been witnesses of them attacking farmlands and taking away the crops.
Some combat job townspeople have tried to take them on, but they can't do anything against the high level specimens mixed among those rats.
If Combatant over Lv20s find it tough, those specimens must be at least Lv30. I mean this Commission is Rank C after all.
Kinda reminds me of our Keruna Village hunting days. We had a tough time against just one Jet Boar.

"These rats have built their nest inside a mountain or so we're told."

"How big was the nest again?"

"Enough for people to enter apparently."

"Meaning some of those rats are really big?"

"Possibly. Well, we've got a way to deal with caves, it'll be fine."

"? What do you mean?"

"Spirit Magic."

"...Ah, I see."

Reina twitched while looking like she got what we're gonna do after hearing that.
Oh, that must be the nest... Aren't the entrance way too big? It's around 3m tall, and almost 5m wide.
If whatever inside needs a hole this big to come in and out... this something might be way over Lv30.

Hmm, Mana Search tells me there's quite a lot of them inside. Around 200 or so.
It'd be like a Stampede if all these beasts went out all at once.
We really oughta crush it for good quick.

"Alma, I'll refill your mana so go all out. It's quite far from the town, nobody's gonna caught up even if the whole mountain go down."

"Got it. 『Little Gnomes』, work time. Make it cave in."

<Damn ya got no mercy! Don't you have the word in your dictionary!?>

<Ah? They ain't got none of that stuff. Have you been watching them at all.>

<*Wheeze*, *wheeze*, this stuff's way over my pay grade.>

<We got lots of mana sure, but man is it tiring...>

The Spirits worked diligently despite all the grumbling. Fighto.
The entire mountain shook due to Alma's Spirit Magic. It's terrifying how much power a Lv1 Skill can exert.
Wait, I guess her Spirit Magic Skill has gone up to Lv2 now? Wonder what kind of Spirits can she summon next.
Oh, I could hear the sound of collapsing soil from the entrance. Just a little bit more and--

ZUGAGAGAAN!! A loud sound echoed as the cave came crashing down.
While it wasn't the whole mountain, the entirety of the nest seemed to have caved in.

"U-uwaa... You're merciless... Can't you, like, a bit more lenient..."

"Just a reminder, these pest have built a nest next to your hometown remember? Worst case scenario, Ferianna-san might get hurt."

"Yep, exterminate 'em all, leave none alive."

What a change of heart! It's like this little girl is dancing.

"Ah, I leveled up. That must've taken care quite a lot. Can't say it's all of them though."

Hm, I think that was everything but just to be safe, Mana Search...



A gigantic 5 meter tall rat broke through the buried entrance and left.
Followed by around ten 2-3m tall rats.
...Seems like all but high level magic beasts didn't survive that.

『Gugyaa! Kugyaaa!!』


The escaped rats received an order from what seemed to be their boss, the gigantic rat and began moving altogether toward a direction.
Which is... No way.

"T-those things are heading for my town!!"

...Not good.
That giant rat is likely upper Lv50s while the followers would be around Lv30-40.
If those things got in the town... The whole town wouldn't last.
For now let's go back to town with Fast Travel. Gotta sound off emergency warning to take shelter and prepare for them.

...Would this be counted as a commission failure.
No forget that, gotta go back fast!





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