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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 209

Observe, Observed


Well now, today we're acting separately for once.
We're usually moving in a group but I believe going our separate ways for a day makes for a nice change of pace.
And no, I don't think it's suffocating to stay together or anything okay? I swear.

It's just that, I've been sensing someone's gaze ever since that Anti-Demon Army guys tried to recruit us three days ago. Haa, just who could that be.
...Well, I actually know who though. I've got Menu to Mark them up after all.

Both Alma and Reina don't feel anything peculiar in particular, apparently they're not his target or something.
While for me, the hostile gaze is really obvious. So annoying~ geez~.
Well, at least he's not coming for me directly so far. So far, that is.

I'm thinking he might make his move if I act alone, so here we are.

"Here you go, one grilled panan for 1000 en."

"Ah yes, thanks."

Guess I'm just gonna tour around the town tasting food until he does.
Mumu, this panan has got a completely different texture than the one at port town. The wrapping there tasted like mochi while this one feels more like manju's.
It's kinda like a small steamed bun. 1000 en for this is way pricey...

Ah, but it's good. Fumu fumu, it's using meat from pig-type magic beasts living in the Monster Mountain.
Lots of beasts there are kinda a pain to process and prepare. Like this panan's meat, it must be quite a laborious process to erase its gamey taste and smell.
I suppose 1000 en is apt considering that...?

It's clear to me now even the same type of dish can be different depending on where they're sold.
Not just the taste but smaller stuff like this, makes eating around fun. So yummy.
Oh, that stall is wafting this burnt yet appetizing fragrance. Is that kabayaki? Let's-a-go.
Thanks to my sparring sessions with Oni-sensei, I've got plenty of stamina to refill, I can eat as much as I want fuhahahaha... My wallet's situation is more precarious than my stomach's.

Oh and, gotta do something about that nasty thing.

~~~~~~~~Silver ponytailed young man's POV~~~~~~~~~~

...I've been observing this party for the past several days per captain's instruction.
The focus is the black haired man in particular.
I can conclude that he's nothing more than a gluttonous mediocre man.

I do think I look like a stalker but this too is part of my duty.
...Why does it have to be that dull man though.
I'd rather have those girls as my targets, cough! ...Let's get back on track.

I'm yet to witness them heading for a magic beast territory.
Or more like, they would go out of town before immediately turning around and going on a shopping spree day after day, it was unnatural.
Could they have noticed me tailing them? But then they should have tried to avoid public spaces if so...

...Still, I don't get the point of watching this man devouring food all over the place.
How come those girls follow this vulgar glutton. My workplace is dedicated to protecting the populace from the threat of demons so there's pretty much no female presences.
I mean, there are some but all of them are so gallant it's hard to see them as members of opposite sex...
Ha, no no, I almost lost sight of my target from spacing out.

I inadvertently loaded my eyes with hostility due to envy. I was sure he noticed, but there's not even a sign of him paying attention in my direction.
Is he oblivious about it or is he feigning ignorance... Judging from the way he wolfed down all that food, must be the former. How many servings is that guy gonna eat anyway...

Hm, he went in a narrow alley?
Not the same alley to the weapon store that man usually commutes to. I think this one goes to a scrap depository.
...He might be doing some shady dealing in there.
Has I finally caught him in the act? I should check it out.

What I saw as I entered the alley was

The black haired target holding up an unfamiliar woman by her throat.

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~~~~~~~~Kajikawa's POV~~~~~~~~

"Gugugugaga... Kaha...!!"

I gripped harder to break its neck bone.
It's in the shape of a woman hence the sobbing sound it's making, however, I'll still have it die here.

"You bastaaaaaaaaard!!"

Whoopsie. I was too focused on this one, I forgot about the silver ponytailed man.
He's drawn his sword, rushing at me while slashing. You're way too eager to murder me.


Yup, slow. I mean, I know comparing him to Oni-sensei or Alma's Storm Blade is unfair, but still, slow.
Dodging him is a simple matter but I know it's only gonna add oil to fire.

I wrapped my body in Mana Armor and took silver's sword head-on.
The sound of clashing metal resounded as his sword got repelled.


"Err, can we talk this over?"

"T-then, unhand that woman at once! I've always known you're a good-for-nothing bum but I never pegged you as a random slasher!"

Nay nay. Who're you calling a slasher.
I mean, yeah I must look like a psychopath who enjoys strangling women from your point of view, but you've got it wrong.
...I should have killed it quick and stored it in Item Screen had I known this.

"H... he... lp."

The woman feebly asked for help as her dying face grew paler.
You sure you want to ask this guy? He's your natural enemy you know.

"Release her right this instant! You damned brute!"

Silver ponytail charged at me once again while swinging his sword around.
Ah, sheesh what a pain in the rear, let's just get this over with.

I turned the woman and made it take silver ponytail's sword.


"Wha!? B, bastard...!!"

Yep. Naturally that means the woman's body got slashed up real good.
Blood gushed out of the deep wounds. It's fatal no matter how you look at it.

Silver pony started acting restlessly after killing the woman even though the cause was me.
It's fine, it's fine. Neither of us are killers.

"Why! How could you do this, damn you!!"

"Hmm, if I have to say, I'm just lending you a hand."

"What the hell does that mean!?"

"Ah, it's dead. This should reveal its true color... Oh, there you go."

"...Eh, w, what...!? H, her color..."

Death by hemorrhage. Or maybe it died from having its only hope slash itself instead.
After its death, the woman's skin changed color from fair white to odious looking purple.

This woman is a demon that disguised itself as human through a Skill.
I believe Vinfitt demons were making good use of this Skill too.

"Is this your first time seeing a defeated demon? Well, I get that not all members of Anti-Demon Army would have the experience though."

"Demon!?? T, this woman...!?"

"Yes. These demons will first scout out towns they want to destroy so they can prepare for the coming mayhem."

I've been asking Menu to 24/7 monitor every town we've visited for the presence of demons.
I thought it was about time for them to act up after sensing some near Diolgo, and sure enough they showed up here.
I feel kinda bad for making Menu-san bear the burden though.

<<Monitoring as well as reporting bears an infinitesimally amount of load.>>

O-oh okay, you're such a hard worker Menu-san. Just know that you can always tell me if you're tired, okay?

"...How, do you know this woman was a demon?"

"I thought she was acting suspicious on top of walking around the town without buying a single thing so I used a Quasi-Appraisal Lens on her and bingo."

"'Quasi-Appraisal Lens'? Such a magic tool exists?"

"Yes. Took it from the last demon I killed. It's disposable and I don't believe there's many more out there however."

This lens seems to be a magic tool that no humans or demi-humans have developed yet. I couldn't find a single store that sells one.
It may be only able to Appraise animate objects, but Appraisers would definitely get less work if this thing was more widespread.

"The demon you killed? Wait, you're saying you have killed one already...?"

"Yes. Only two of them though."

"Why didn't you disclose that when we tried to recruit you!? You are more than qualified to join our army if you have those achievements under your belt!"

That's exactly why I didn't tell you though.
I don't have the slightest interest in joining the army.
I've already had my fill getting treated like a corporate slave in Japan. I want to live freely.
...Or rather, how long is this guy planning to stalk me anyway. What about your job?





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