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Death March - Skill Table of the Protagonist up until Chapter 12

Skill Table of the Protagonist up until Chapter 12


It's written as: [Name (Skill Level) The chapter where it's acquired].
Skills that have been acquired but not written in the chapter, are written here. I added ※ in the end to distinguish them.

Skill Standards

● Weapon Skill (61p )

Shooting      ( Lv10 ) 1-9
Spear       ( Lv10 ) 1-9 ◎Went UP from 0 => 10 on 3-8
Bow       ( ―― ) 1-9
One-Handed Sword     ( Lv10 ) 1-9
One-Handed Mace     ( ―― ) 1-9
Dagger      ( Lv10 ) 1-9 Went UP from 0 => 10 on 6-2
Throwing      ( Lv1  ) 1-9 ▼
Two-Handed Mace     ( ―― ) 1-9
Two-Handed Sword     ( ―― ) 1-10
One-Handed Axe     ( ―― ) 1-10
Two-Handed Axe     ( ―― ) 1-10
Two-Handed Hammer     ( Lv10 ) 1-10 ◎Went UP from 0 => 10 on 3-8
One-Handed Hammer     ( ―― ) 1-10
Fighting      ( Lv10 ) 1-10 ▼

● Physical Battle Skill ( 255p )

Aiming      ( Lv10 ) 1-9
Sniping      ( Lv10 ) 1-9
Surprise Attack    ( Lv10 ) 1-9 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Reckless Courage      ( ―― ) 1-9
Iai     ( Lv10 ) 1-9 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Shield       ( Lv10 ) 1-9
Evasion      ( Lv10 ) 1-9
Parrying ( Lv10 ) 1-9
Shield Bash ( Lv5  ) 1-9 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv5 on 6-2
Kicking      ( Lv10 ) 1-9 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Helmet Splitter     ( Lv10 ) 1-10 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Air Battle     ( Lv10 ) 1-10 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Weapon Destruction    ( Lv10 ) 1-10 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Dual Wielding     ( Lv10 ) 1-10 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Continuous Attack    ( Lv10 ) 3-8 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Mind's Eye      ( Lv10 ) 6-3
Thrusting      ( Lv10 ) 6-3
Heavy Blow      ( Lv10 ) 6-3
Penetrating      ( Lv10 ) 6-3
Magic Edge      ( Lv10 ) 6-3
Spiral Spear Strike    ( Lv10 ) 6-3
Flash Slash    ( Lv10 ) 7-20
Holy Edge      ( Lv10 ) 7-21
Foresight: Anti-Personnel Combat ( Lv10 ) 8-23
Magic Edge Cannon (Mana Blast) ( Lv10 ) inbetween 9-29 to 10-3
Armor Penetrate     ( Lv10 ) 11-19(new)
Mana Strike     ( Lv10 ) 11-19(new)

● Tactics Skill (60P)

Retreat      ( Lv10 ) 1-8 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Cooperation      ( Lv10 ) 1-9 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Command      ( Lv10 ) 2-8 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Formation      ( Lv10 ) 2-8 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Strategy      ( Lv10 ) 2-12 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Provocation      ( Lv10 ) 6-13

● Movement Skill (80P)

Dashing      ( Lv10 ) 1-4 ※
Jumping      ( Lv10 ) 1-4 ※
Three-Dimensional Manuever    ( Lv10 ) 1-4 ※
Herculean Strength      ( Lv10 ) 1-10 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Off-Road    ( Lv10 ) 5-14
Sky Drive      ( Lv10 ) 7-7
Ground Shrink      ( Lv10 ) 7-20
Space Walk    ( ―― ) 9-23
Flash Drive      ( Lv10 ) 9-31

● Magic Skills ( 150p )

Summoning Magic: Foreign World ( Lv10 ) 1-2
Force Magic: Foreign World ( Lv10 ) 1-2
Prayer      ( ―― ) 1-4
Lightning Magic: Demon  ( ―― ) 1-9
Fire Magic     ( Lv10 ) 1-10 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 7-7
Wind Magic     ( Lv10 ) 1-10 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 7-7
Lightning Magic     ( Lv10 ) 1-10 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 8-7
Earth Magic     ( Lv10 ) 1-10 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 7-7
Water Magic     ( Lv10 ) 1-10 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 8-7
Ice Magic     ( Lv10 ) 1-10 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 7-7
Light Magic     ( Lv10 ) 1-10 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 7-7
Life Magic    ( Lv10 ) 2-1
Holy Magic: Parion Belief ( ―― ) 2-1
Contract ( ―― ) 3-3
Mind Magic    ( ―― ) 3-4 ※
Shadow Magic     ( ―― ) 5-9
Force Magic    ( Lv10 ) 6-7
Name Order ( ―― ) 6-Intermission: Satou's House Name
Gravity Magic: Demon ( ―― ) 7-20
Space Magic: Demon ( ―― ) 7-20
Destruction Magic: Demon ( ―― ) 7-21
Explosion Magic: Demon ( ―― ) 7-21
Holy Magic: Tenion Belief ( ―― ) 8-26
Flame Magic     ( Lv10 ) 8-7
Explosion Magic    ( Lv10 ) 8-7
Destruction Magic    ( Lv10 ) 8-7
Space Magic    ( Lv10 ) Inbetween 8-13~15
Lightning Magic: Dragon   ( ―― ) 9-10
Dark Magic: Dragon   ( ―― ) 9-10
Flame Magic: Dragon   ( ―― ) 9-10
Wind Magic: Dragon   ( ―― ) 9-10
Forest Magic     ( ―― ) 9-13
Soul Magic    ( ―― ) 9-19
Soul Magic: House Fairy ( ―― ) 10-18

● Resistance Skills ( 254p )

Lightning Resistance     ( Lv10 ) 1-9
Paralysis Resistance    ( Lv10 ) 1-9
Pain Resistance    ( Lv10 ) 1-9
Shock Resistance    ( Lv10 ) 1-9
Fear Resistance    ( Lv10 ) 1-9 Went UP from Lv 3 => Lv10 on 12-27
Poison Resistance     ( Lv10 ) 1-9
Petrification Resistance    ( Lv10 ) 1-9
Fire Resistance     ( Lv10 ) 1-10 ◎Went Up from Lv0 => Lv 10 on 3-8
Wind Resistance     ( Lv10 ) 1-10 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Earth Resistance     ( Lv10 ) 1-10 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Water Resistance     ( Lv10 ) 1-10 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Ice Resistance     ( Lv10 ) 1-10 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Light Resistance     ( Lv10 ) 1-10 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Decay Resistance    ( Lv10 ) 1-10
Mind Resistance    ( Lv10 ) 3-4 ※
Shadow Resistance     ( Lv10 ) 5-9
Alcohol Resistance    ( Lv1  ) 7-4  Went UP from Lv0 => Lv1 before Chapter 8
Gravity Resistance    ( Lv10 ) 7-20
Space Resistance    ( Lv10 ) 7-20
Destruction Resistance    ( Lv10 ) 7-21
Explosion Resistance    ( Lv10 ) 7-21
Instant Death Resistance    ( Lv10 ) 7-22
Dark Resistance     ( Lv10 ) 9-10
Stink Resistance    ( Lv3  ) 10-29
Life Drain Resistance    ( Lv10 ) 11-9 (new)
Curse Resistance    ( Lv10 ) 12-26(new)
Chaos Resistance    ( Lv10 ) 12-26(new)

● Production Skills ( 150p )

Woodwork      ( Lv10 ) 1-4 Went UP from Lv4 => Lv10 on 6-4
Leathercraft     ( Lv10 ) 1-4 Went UP from Lv4 => Lv10 inbetween Chapter 6 and 7
Weapon Creation    ( Lv10 ) 1-4 Went UP from Lv4 => Lv10 on 6-10
Blacksmith      ( Lv10 ) 1-10 Went UP from Lv4 => Lv10 inbetween Chapter 6 and 7
Compounding      ( Lv10 ) 4-9
Alchemy      ( Lv10 ) 4-9
Weapon Reinforcement    ( Lv10 ) 6-3
Armor Creation    ( Lv10 ) 6-4
Sculpture      ( Lv10 ) 6-10
Engraving      ( Lv10 ) 6-10
Magic Tool Creation    ( Lv10 ) 6-10
Bonework     ( Lv10 ) 7-12
Glasswork    ( Lv10 ) 8-5
Sewing      ( Lv10 ) 8-12
Counterfeit      ( Lv10 ) 8-21

● Science Skills ( 111p )

Arithmetic      ( Lv10 ) 1-4
Lost Knowledge    ( ―― ) 1-4
Shiga National Language    ( Lv10 ) 1-5
Demon Language     ( Lv5  ) 1-9 Went UP from Lv1 => Lv5 on 7-13
Appraisal      ( Lv10 ) 2-2 ▼
Inference      ( ―― ) 2-6
DeRiddle ( Lv10 ) 3-8
Experiment      ( Lv10 ) 4-5 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Inspection      ( Lv10 ) 4-5 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Education      ( Lv10 ) 5-2 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Ash Ratkin Language    ( Lv1  ) 5-4 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv1 on 6-2
Green Scalekin Language    ( Lv1  ) 5-4 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv1 on 6-2
Elf Language    ( Lv10 ) 5-4 Went UP from Lv3 => Lv10 on 6-10
Dissection      ( ―― ) 6-2
Etiquette    ( Lv5  ) 6-14 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv5 right before Chapter 7
Social      ( Lv5  ) 6-Intermission: Satou's House Name
Heraldry     ( Lv5  ) 6-Intermission: Satou's House Name
Decryption    ( Lv10 ) 8-26
Tigerkin Language    ( Lv1  ) 8-25
Dragon Language      ( Lv5  ) 9-10
Silga Language   ( Lv3  ) 9-11

● Art Skills ( 43p )

Singing      ( ―― ) 1-4 ※
Painting      ( ―― ) 1-4
Game      ( ―― ) 1-4
Amplification      ( Lv3  ) 2-7 ▼ Went UP from Lv1 => Lv3 on 6-2
Tongue-twister    ( Lv10 ) 6-1
Smooth Talking      ( Lv10 ) 6-1
Performance      ( Lv10 ) 6-6 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-7
Acting      ( ―― ) 6-22
Ventriloquism     ( Lv10 ) 8-5 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 9-10
Dance      ( ―― ) 8-11

● Commerce Skill ( 70p )

Negotiation      ( Lv10 ) 1-5
Excuse      ( Lv10 ) 1-5
Estimation      ( Lv10 ) 1-6
Haggling     ( Lv10 ) 1-6
Poker Face ( Lv5  ) 1-7 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv5 on 6-2
Nonchalant ( ―― ) 1-8
Persuasion      ( Lv5  ) 1-8 ▼ Went UP from Lv3 => Lv5 on 6-2
Bribing      ( Lv5  ) 1-8 Went UP from Lv3 => Lv5 on 6-2
Lip Service    ( Lv5  ) 2-3 Went UP from Lv3 => Lv5 on 6-2
Tact      ( Lv10 ) 6-22 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 inbetween Chapter 6 and Chapter 7

● Labor Skills ( 75p )

Camping      ( ―― ) 1-4 ※
Washing      ( ―― ) 1-4 ※
Reclamation      ( Lv10 ) 1-4 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-13
Cultivation      ( ―― ) 1-4
Harvesting      ( ―― ) 1-4
Mowing      ( ―― ) 1-4
Lumbering      ( ―― ) 1-4
Cleaning      ( ―― ) 1-4
Surveillance      ( Lv10 ) 1-7 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Arresting      ( Lv10 ) 1-10 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Service      ( ―― ) 3-4
Carrying      ( ―― ) 4-3
Marshalling      ( Lv5  ) 4-6 Went UP from Lv3 => Lv5 on 6-2
Packing      ( ―― ) 5-14
Cooking      ( Lv10 ) 6-2
Dismantling      ( Lv10 ) 6-2
Picking      ( Lv10 ) 6-13
Mounting      ( Lv10 ) 6-15
Horse-riding     ( ―― ) 6-15
Taming      ( ―― ) 9-26
Training      ( ―― ) 9-26

● Labyrinth Skill ( 59p )

Trap Release     ( Lv10 ) 2-10 ◎Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 3-8
Trap Usage     ( Lv5  ) 2-10 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv5 on 6-2
Trap Discovery     ( Lv10 ) 2-10
Excavation      ( Lv10 ) 2-10 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Treasure Discovery    ( Lv10 ) 2-10 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Treasure Chest Unlocking    ( Lv10 ) 2-10 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Item Box ( Lv4  ) 3-5 ◎Went UP from Lv2 => Lv4 on 5-2

● Spy Skill ( 140p )

Deception      ( Lv10 ) 1-5
Lip-reading      ( Lv10 ) 1-5 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Attentive Ears     ( Lv10 ) 1-6 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Spy      ( Lv10 ) 1-9
QuickDressing    ( Lv10 ) 1-10
Disguise      ( Lv10 ) 1-10
Behind-the-scene      ( Lv10 ) 2-6 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Abduction      ( Lv10 ) 2-6
Assassination      ( Lv10 ) 2-6 Went UP from Lv0 => Lv10 on 6-2
Plot      ( ―― ) 2-6
False Accusation      ( ―― ) 2-6
Evidence Destruction    ( Lv10 ) 6-33
Concealment      ( Lv10 ) 7-19
Invisibility      ( Lv10 ) 7-19
Tiptoeing     ( Lv10 ) 7-19
Strange Voice      ( Lv10 ) 8-20

● Magic Power Skills ( 81p )
Self-Healing    ( Lv10 ) 1-9
Magic Operation    ( Lv10 ) 6-3
Magic Bestowal    ( Lv10 ) 6-3
Magic Healing    ( Lv10 ) 6-22
Ghost Seer     ( Lv1  ) 7-4
Magic Perception    ( Lv10 ) 7-8
Magic Control    ( Lv10 ) 9-18
Spirit Light Control   ( Lv10 ) 9-18
Spirit Seer     ( Lv10 ) 9-18
Magic Armor    ( Lv10 ) Used it on Chapter 12-28 (Acquired on 11-20)

● Specialty Skill ( 110p )

Condemnation      ( ―― ) 2-6
Questioning      ( Lv10 ) 3-4 Went UP from Lv5 => Lv10 on 9-6
Sex Technique      ( ―― ) 4-10
Friendly Talk      ( ―― ) 4-10
Temptation      ( ―― ) 4-10
Enemy Search      ( Lv10 ) 6-3
Crisis Perception    ( Lv10 ) 6-3
Space Grasp    ( Lv10 ) 6-3
Distant View      ( Lv10 ) 6-32
Bird's Eye View     ( Lv10 ) 6-32
Telephoto      ( Lv10 ) 6-32
Night Vision      ( Lv10 ) 7-3
Light Intensity Adjustment    ( Lv10 ) 7-3
Pacification      ( ―― ) 8-22
Survival ( Lv10 ) 9-23
Coercion      ( Lv10 ) 10-29 ※It was not described
「」      ( ―― ) 12-28 ※A skill that cannot be chosen

・Total Point Used: 1699 points (1421 remaining points)
※Main Character's level has become 312

●Title List

It's written as the chapter where the title is gotten, and then the title.

1-2 Demon Slayer
1-2 Scalekin Slayer
1-2 Calamity of Scalekin
1-2 Natural Enemy of Scalekin
1-2 Wyvern Slayer
1-2 Dragon Slayer [Lesser]
1-2 Dragon Slayer [Infant Dragon]
1-2 Dragon Slayer [Mature Dragon]
1-2 Dragon Slayer [Elder Dragon]
1-2 Dragon Slayer [※Peculiar Name※]  ※Omitted since there are a lot
1-2 Natural Enemy of Dragonkin
1-2 God Slayer

1-4 Ardent Believer

1-10 Combat Ready
1-10 Skilled Warrior
1-10 One who Dances with Demon
1-10 Hero

2-1 One who Pray for the Dead
2-1 One who Saves
2-1 One who Protect Books

2-7 Labyrinth Explorer

2-8 Insect Slayer

2-9 Tamer

2-12 Undead Slayer
2-12 Demon Slayer

3-8 One who Traverses Labyrinth

5-12 Undead King Slayer
5-12 One who Traverses Maze

5-13 Survivor
5-15 Elf's Friend

6-3 Blacksmith of Magic Spear

6-5 Bounty Hunter

6-7 Magician of Dining Table

6-22 Doctor
6-22 Healer
6-22 Saint
6-22 Ham Actor
6-22 Clown

7-4 Blacksmith of Fairy Sword
7-4 Hard Drinker
7-4 Heavy Drinker
7-4 Heavyweight Drinker
7-4 Friend of Dwarf

7-7 Magic Blacksmith
7-7 One who Flies Without Wing

7-22 Demon Lord Slayer
7-22 Demon Lord Slayer [Golden Wild Boar King]
7-22 True Hero
7-22 Unsung Hero

8-14 Magic Sword Blacksmith
8-14 Magic Weapon Blacksmith

8-19 Great Monstrous Fish Slayer
8-19 Illusionist
8-19 Light Art User
8-19 Sky Chef

8-21 Holy Sword Blacksmith
8-21 Counterfeit Artist

8-23 Sword Dancer

Intermission Friend of Orc ※Intermission: Orc Alchemist

9-4 Tribune
9-4 Condemner

9-11 Friend of Black Dragon
9-11 Mountain Crusher
9-11 Hearty Eater
9-11 Big Eater
9-11 Savior
9-11 Worshiped One

9-13 Guest of Forest
9-13 Lover of the Forest Maiden

9-26 Sky Deer Rider

9-31 Fast One
9-31 Conqueror of the Sky

10-29 Natural Enemy of Lost Thief
10-29 Guardian of Order

10-49 Demon Lord Slayer 『Dog-head Ancient King』
10-49 Favorite Child of Goddess
10-49 Earth-splitting Magician
10-49 Sky-tearing Magician

11-7 Rescuer
11-7 Fugitive

11-17 Dragon Tamer
11-17 Dragoon

12-28 God Spirit
12-28 One who Violate the Taboo
12-28 Torture King
12-28 Sadist
12-28 Natural Enemy of Heavenly Dragons

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-5

13-5. At The Royal Castle


Satou's here. Just when you think troublesome things and problems are going to end, more of them come.
I think saying, "I took care of the bugs", during the final stage of development is a flag.

"By the way, has Sir Pendragon decided on your first wife?"

It's Toruma who brought that subject up when we're in the middle of the Kingdom Conference recess.
Since he said some inappropriate things, nobles who are into little girls are glaring at me with murderous eyes from a distant table, and even the gluttonous nobles of Duchy Capital are looking complicated.

By the way, the reason why a honorary baronet like him is in this place is because he came to deliver a message for Viscount Shimen.

"I don't intend to get married for the time being."

I tell him honestly.
I do really want to make Aze-san my wife, but since elves are fundamentally very patient, I feel that she won't take me seriously unless I persist at it for at least 10 years.

"You can't do that do you? You're a permanent noble now, not a generation-long honorary noble, so by the kingdom's law, if you don't have a child within a year, you have to marry another woman if I'm not mistaken. My older brother has even got to his fourth wife after all."

--Are you serious?!

What's with that bad law.

It might be needed in this world where death comes easy, but I'd like to have free will in regards to marriage at least.

Toruma's story still continues, it seems it's normal for upper nobles to have three wives, and besides the legal ones, most of them have around five mistresses.
There are only a handful of upper nobles who only have a wife, including Earl Muno.

Real world harem huh....

I'm amazed that they can keep their stamina--ah I see, so that's the reason why Echigoya's vitality supplements are selling that well.
Even though I've set the price to be such a rip-off, the supply in the Royal Capital have all ben sold out.

"If the Royal Family don't ask you to take a wife from them or something, then take Karina as your wife please. I know that Sir Pendragon likes younger girls, but I think it's better for the first wife to be older."
"Wait Baronet Shimen. Do not be forceful."

Marquis Lloyd stopped Toruma who had started to promote Lady Karina.
As expected of old man's wisdom. He's not just a glutton nobl--

"By the way, Sir Pendragon, the girls of our house are famous for their fertility you see."

--I take it all back.

You're going to act like Toruma too huh.

"Toruma oji-sama, please don't trouble Satou-san so much."

Sera who's attending to Duke Oyugock came to help me while smiling gracefully.
Even though she was just having a chat with the female officials, she's a good child who takes care of her friend.

Sera sits right next to me.

....Isn't she a bit too close?

"Right, Satou-san."

It's the precious life boat after all. Let's ride on the stream.

"Yes, I never thought that I would become a permanent noble in the first place, so I haven't though of marriage yet."

As urged by Sera, I told so to everyone.
Toruma seemed to understand that, he stopped trying to be a matchmaker.
I wonder if Sera is happy that her mediation gone well, she's sipping her tea while smiling broadly.

Now then, after thinking this calmly, the thing that's needed is having a heir.
Then there's no need for it to be a biological child in particular. I can just adopt a suitable child to succeed the house of Pendragon.

Since I felt better now, I start to listen carefully to the topic of discussion of the Kingdom Conference that I had been ignoring.
In order to secure the material needed for the royal castle's reconstruction, the nobles are debating whether to confiscate the material from merchants who are buying up goods, or to import them from the neighboring territories.

--Oops, that reminds me, I haven't said anything about the material matter to the Manager.

At the start of the lunch recess, I contact Echigoya Firm with [Telephone], and tell her to select several executive staff that will be dispatched to secure material.

While I was doing so, the morning section of the Kingdom Conference ended, and it became the time for the lunch break.
I'm invited to have a lunch together with the nobles of Duchy Capital, but I have to refuse them since I've been invited by the prime minister beforehand.

It's said that the prime minister will always dine together with anyone who's become an upper noble, and then decide whether that person has the social aptitude or not.

"Viscount Pendragon-sama, please follow me."

The prime minister's chamberlain whom I remember seeing has come to pick me up so I follow him.
We met when I was acting as Kuro though, so I can't exactly talk familiarly with him.

While feeling slightly awkward, I was led to a dining room with good lighting.
The prime minister and his cohorts will come afterward, so I'm watching the scenery from the window to kill the time.

I can see the big sakura tree from here well.

"--It appears you like sakura trees."
"Yes, I quite like them."

It was the prime minister that call out to me, followed by some officials.
When did he come.

Still, the atmosphere feels like some kind of interview even though we're supposed to have a meal.

"Sit down. The dishes today are made by chefs whom we have invited from other countries. I do not mind if you don't finish it if it doesn't suit your taste."

--Hohou, that sounds fun.

The appetizer is salad with boiled shrimps as the topping.
I thought it was just some plain salad, but the moment it entered my mouth, I got done in by the out-of-ordinary dressing.
Just when I thought it was dressing, turned out it's sauce with honey as the base.
It's quite delicious if I just forget my prejudice, but it has quite an impact.

The prime minister is eating calmly, but I know from my experiences of meeting him many times as Nanashi.
He must be absolutely enjoying my surprised reaction.

Next, some clear white silky soup come out.
The aroma makes it seem like corn soup, but I can't let my guard down.

Considering my experience just now, I put the soup slightly to my mouth--sour!

The aftertaste isn't bad, but it's hard for people who aren't good with sour things.

"Do the foreign dishes suit your taste?"
"Yes, they taste quite titillatingly tasty."

This isn't lip service, but what I truly think.
I'll go see the chefs after the meal and ask them to tell whose country dishes are these.

Like so, the gap between the appearance and the taste of the prime minister surprise menu were all present, but on the whole, they were delicious so I don't have any complain.
I enjoy various dishes while replying the prime minister's questions with inoffensive answers.

And then the main menu that comes out is a green caterpillar the size of a piglet.
It smells like a pork teriyaki.

The waiter cuts the crust of the caterpillar and serves it on a plate.
Lastly, the viscous gel-like body of the caterpillar is spread on pieces of the crust like sauce.

....Wait, wouldn't it have been better if you did this before you take it out?

Well, this must be delicious too.
If it was the previous me who hadn't been living in the labyrinth city, I would have absolutely refused it, but now that I've eaten various monster meat in the labyrinth, this much is within my tolerance level--probably.

Let's believe the prime minister's tongue.

I make up my mind and put the crust wrapped in the sauce as instructed by the waiter.


Despite the crunchy texture of the crust, the inside is juicy, it's a relatively interesting food texture.
The salty-sweet sauce matches it well too.


The prime minister who seems to be in good mood said so to the officials on his sides, but I heard it.
Oh no, so this was some kind of test?

I should have frowned in the middle of the way, and not eaten the last dish.
I got absorbed enjoying eating the delicious dishes, I had involuntarily eaten them all.

I can't call Marquis Lloyd and Earl Haku gluttonous nobles like this.

After the lunch with the prime minister, I have about 30 minutes before the Kingdom Conference start in the noon, so I stealthily go to Echigoya Firm.

"Kuro-sama, I have selected these three for the dispatch."

There three girls with their belongings ready near the Manager.
These girls have reliable skills such as [Market Price] and [Negotiation]. They shouldn't have it before, so it must be because of the power-leveling yesterday.

"Good choices."

I thank the Manager who has arranged this in short time, and instruct them their objectives from now on.

"Your mission is to purchase building materials and secure temporary branches of Echigoya Firm. Buy the building material cheaply with local delivery. You do not have to think about the transportation. I do not mind even if the buildings of the temporary branches aren't that great, pick one that can be turned over by the end of the month."
"""Yes! Kuro-sama."""

I take the girls who replied energetically, and move to the Duchy Capital with Unit Arrangement.
I drop off one of them here, and then I go to Muno City with Unit Arrangement once again, and drop off another girl here.

We moved to the last location, Kuhanou City by return teleporting twice.

"Ku-Kuro-sama, please let me rest for a bit, I feel dizzy."

Apparently, Return teleport feels more nauseating than Unit Arrangement.
She wants me to stay with her until she feels better, but the noon conference is going to start in about 20 minutes.

I carry the noble daughter to a nearby teahouse, borrow a private room and let her sleep there.

"Rest for a while here. I will come here in the night, so finish your duty until then."

I tell so as business-like as possible to the girl who's looking up while speaking in curious sexy voice.
Your reason gets dangerous when you're approached by a twenty-year old beautiful woman in a room you know.

『Like I said! The [Dragon's Eye] have been stolen!』
"Please calm down His Highness."

When I was heading toward the afternoon conference, I heard some interesting words from the voice coming from the other side of the corridor, so I stopped on the way.

....[His Highness] again huh. I feel a bit sick with it.

There are a Leprechaun boy who's using fairy language to speak, and an official who's speaking fairy language in broken language, seemingly barely able to.
The Leprechaun boy is wearing gaudy white clothes, and over the top ornaments as if matching the clothes.
As said by the official, the leprechaun is a royalty of the leprechaun kingdom on the western part of the continent. His actual age is 365 year old, so he's not as young as he looks.

In addition since the fairy language is the common language of fairykin, which is also called the low-rank version of elf language, I can understand it without problem. It feels like unsophisticated words of the graceful elf language.

『Is there any problem?』
『Oh! You seem to know fairy language. The [Dragon's Eye] in my room has been stolen!』

『Is it some kind of jewel?』
『It's not! [Dragon's Eye] is an orb that's been passed down in our kingdom. It grants the user the appraisal eyes the dragons have that can see through all things in universe.』

--It's orb this time huh.

Lately I've been reading too much into anything that's related to demons.
If this keeps up, I could end up burning any whithered silver grass I see with Laser.

I pull myself together, and convey his words to the official.

"It's another case of thievery!"

I incline my head in puzzlement hearing the official.

"Are there many thievery in the royal castle?"

As I ask so to the official, I search the [Dragon's Eye] on the map, but it doesn't exist anywhere.
I wonder if it's either teleported away or kept in Item Box.

"...N-no, it's nothing like that."

The official tries to gloss over it disorderly.

『What are you speaking about! It's the treasure of our kingdom! Dispatch the search party immediately!』

The leprechaun boy appeals desperately, so I postpone the thing about the other thievery, and tell the official the boy's request.

The [Dragon's Eye] is an artifact that grants temporary [Item Appraisal] skill to the user, when the user is under the effect of this artifact, his eyes will be split vertically, and turn yellow as the name implies.
From talking with the boy, I understand that the user can use the skill three times during a day, and the effect can last for one hour for each use.

After finishing various arrangements, I asked the official who said the remark earlier, and got to know that there had been three cases of thievery in the past two days in the royal castle.
The damages are all items that looked like Orbs.

--Orb-like items huh.

Before, the sakuramochi demon or the scout of [Light of Liberty] said that they needed Orbs for the hatching of [His Highness].
I wonder if it's the handiworks of people related to [His Highness].

The orbs that were in the royal castle's treasury are being kept by me until the start of the Auction.
I wonder if the bunch who don't know that are picking orb-like things?

Still, just who is this [His Highness]?

As one expect of a large kingdom, the people who can be called [His Highness] number in more than 100, so putting markers and tracking them is a bit too much works.
There was nothing suspicious when I searched the map yesterday after my talk with Arisa.
Currently, there is no remnant of [Wings of Liberty] and [Light of Liberty] that revere demon lords in the royal capital.

If this were manga or light novel, you can probably wring it out from people who get in contact with the main character, but such a rule can't be applied to reality.
If it is, the bastard child prince with Japanese face called Souya whom Arisa came across to should be [His Highness].

I've told about the remarks of the Sakuramochi demon and the [Light of Liberty] to the king and the prime minister, so I'll leave it to them find out who [His Highness] is. I'll try to set up a trap and see if I can catch the culprit.

While pondering about the best trap to use for it, I slip into the second division of the noon Kingdom Conference barely in time.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-4

13-4. New Year Special Training


Satou's here. I sometimes wish to go back to my school days when I'm busy with works, but I feel like I'll give up if I really get back to my school days since I'd be running out of money then.

"Welcome back Master."
"""Welcome back"""

Returning from the Kingdom Conference, I'm welcomed by the butler and the maids who are lined up on the entrance way as I got off the carriage.
It's like I'm a royalty or a noble--wait, I am a noble.

"Master, Marientail-sama and her friends have come to visit you."
"Okay. Are they in the parlor?"
"Then I guess I'll go greet them before changing my clothes."

When I said so, one of the maids went to the parlor as a herald.
These commuting employees are all strangely capable. It might be good to call several loli maids in the labyrinth city to let them learn here.

I enter the door that's been opened by the butler, and go toward the parlor where Zena-san and the others are waiting.
As expected, the room feels cramped with 15 people inside.

I briefly greet back with "I'm back" to our girls who welcome me.
It seems they had some fun in the Royal Academy, they all look gleaming.

"I'm sorry for disturbing you. Satou-san.... umm, I have to call you Viscount-sama now don't I."
"Please call me Satou like always when we're not in public."

I tell so to Zena-san who looks a bit lonely.
Even though it's only natural to differentiate between public and private matters, I don't really like to be treated distantly by a friend.

"--Is it alright?"
"Yes, please call me like you've always been."

Zena-san replied with a smile that was like the sun.
As ever, Zena-san's expression when she's like this is quite nice.

"I'll change my clothes immediately, so let's have a meal together. Zena-san and her friends are eating with us right?"
"Um, that is..."

I thought that Zena-san and the others would naturally dine with us, but it seems they've been invited to a dinner with Earl Seryuu.
Looks like it's also for them to report their progress in Labyrinth City.

"That's unfortunate. You're going to stay in the royal capital for a while right? Then there will another chance. Tomorrow I'll make royal court dishes using a whole sakura salmon okay."
"Ro-royal court dishes! Please! I'm looking forward to it."

While having such conversations, I see Zena-san and the others off as they are going back to the Earl's mansion.
Lilio got some kind of parcel from Lulu. It seems to be an assortment of new year dish which the girls like.

As for the dinner of that day, the royal court dishes which have been taught to Lulu in the royal castle are lined up on the dining table.
They're all luxurious dishes. There are some new year dishes leftover so it's kind of wasteful, but we can just eat them for breakfast tomorrow.

"--Pochi plucked it, then Pochi threw it, Pochi plucked it then Pochi threw it, it was a great success nodesu!"
"Tama too had great successes~?"

I'm listening to Pochi and Tama who are reporting about their peerless matches against their classmates of the knight school.
I asked Arisa with my eyes, "Did you let them hurt anyone?"

"Don't look at me with those eyes please. I had told to the two to only attack the weapons, so it was alright. There should be less challengers tomorrow, and the two understand how to hold back from their training with Pendora guys, so it's alright I said."
"It's alrite~"
"That's right nanodesu. Master (teacher) taught Pochi to go easy on weak people nodesu."

Oops, that's a problematic remark.

"Pochi, you must not say that your friends are 『Weak people』 okay."
"Pochi can't nanodesu? Master (teacher) often said it nodesu."

U~n, I guess that's because it's natural for the elven master teachers to look down in regards of martial art.

"Then why don't we imagine it."

I look at the two with "let me see" face.

"Imagine if a martial artist whom Pochi and Tama don't know look down on you before you even fight, 'You guys are weak. You're worthless', what do you think?"
"Pochi is not weak nodesu!"
"Tama too is strong~?"

The two who obediently imagined what I said and became angry.

"However, if the martial artist said, 'Hmph, weak people bark the loudest' without even listening to you two, what will you do?"
"Pochi will challenge him to a match nodesu."

Yup, I'm glad that the two react as I've led them to.

"That's right. If you two said 『Weak』 to your friends, don't you think they will get angry like with the imagined martial artist earlier?"

The two cross their arms and imagine it hard with difficult faces.

"They will absolutely get angry nodesu!"

Pochi is trembling while looking shocked.

"Tama won't say weak~"
"Pochi too won't say it nodesu!"

I affirm the honest words of the two with "That's right", and pat their heads.
Now they won't hurt anyone nor get into some strange troubles.
Liza is also nodding for some reason, but I think there's a merit to provoking your opponent in actual battles you know?

I had Arisa to report about people and nobles in the knight school whom we should be careful with.
There are a lot of interesting capable people, doesn't seem like you'll get bored in that school.

"Then, was it fun too for you Mia?"

Mia nods, and then puts a peeled orange into her mouth.
Huh? That's all?

....Geez, it's very like taciturn Mia.

Tomorrow Arisa is going to the magic school where Mia is anyway, I guess I can just hear it from Arisa.

"There wasn't any problem in the royal castle's kitchen right?"
"Y-yes. It was unfortunate that we weren't with Master, but I was able to learn various things like techniques, the way to see through ingredients, and knacks."

Seeing through ingredients is probably needless once she gets the Item Appraisal skill, but the orb will be granted the day after the auction is over.
I'm glad that Lulu wasn't being bullied or something, I'll be learning those techniques from Lulu later myself.

"Lulu was taken good care of so I report."
"Thank you Nana."

Lulu might have been bullied if she was alone, but since Nana said it frankly, she was probably really taken good care of.

Lastly I asked Liza where she guided Zena-san and the others to.

"I mainly guided them to places for eating out and arms shops."
"....It's really like Liza-san."

Just as Arisa has muttered, it's very like Liza.
But since it's Zena-san and the others, they might be happy about it instead.

"Then you should show them around the shopping street where we went together. There are many pretty accessories and clothes there."

I would have bought them accessories if I went with them, but please treat it as a preview for now.
I sure want to show Zena-san and her friends around the city at least once during their stay here.

"Oh right, the pink princess from before was there too."

The person Arisa said while grinning is probably the princess of Rumooku Kingdom who has anime-like pink hair, Princess Menea.

"That should be the case considering Princess Menea is a student of the Royal Academy. However, don't use 'pink princess', call her Princess Menea normally."

As I chide her, Arisa replies back like a child.

"And then, and then, Princess Menea was being contested by two handsome boys just like in shoujo manga."

'Gehehe', so Arisa laughed, but even when that girl met me, she said some flowery words like "Fated person" or something, so I can't necessarily deny it.

"Hee, she sure is popular."
"What's with that disinterested reaction."

What kind of reaction did you expect coming from me.

"Then you see, the real issue is after that."

Arisa changes her posture and leans forward on the kotetsu.

"One of them, the plump handsome boy was called 『His Highness』."

--His Highness huh. It's the same word as the demon lord spirit-dweller whom the [Light of Liberty] executives were saying, but....

"Was he not a normal noble? What's his name?"
"Err, he was called Souya."

Fumu, it's a Japanese-like name.
I found him immediately when I searched the map.

He lives in a wealthy area but it's not in the noble street.
I check his birthplace in the note column while also comparing it with the people directory I got from the royal castle as Nanashi.

"Apparently, he's really a descendant of the royal family. He seems to be the bastard son of the previous king and a merchant's daughter."

The mansion where Souya-kun lives is of his merchant mother.

Just in case, I checked various documents from the Prime Minister and found a hit on the firm's name.
It's a merchant family who secures their livelihood by doing trades with foreign countries, they own several sea-faring ships in the foreign trade city. It seems their main customers are the countries on the western part of the continent, and the weaselkin empire on the eastern part of the continent.

The reason why they're recorded in the document is because they had a deal with the earl house that was executed due to treason from the case before, and supplied imported goods--such as accessories and books from Holy Kingdom Parion to the house of nobles that idolized the easy-going occult group, [Wind of Liberty].
It seems they also supplied stuffed goods and artworks from foreign countries to the house of Marquis Kelten.

Though the prime minister's subordinates have probably investigated them, I mark Souya-kun and the higher-ups of the merchant house since they seem slightly suspicious.

Incidentally, I also tried searching for people, demons, or people possessed by demons with [Unknown Skill], but I got no hit.

"Ku-Kuro-sama, we have been waisting for you."

The manager who looks tense unusually fumbled her words of greeting.
However, I, who had teleported to Echigoya Firm with [Unit Arrangement], stopped my train of thought due to the unexpected scene.

The executives of Echigoya Firm are lined up before me.
That's fine and all. I was the one who called them in the first place.

--However, why are they all half-naked?

The Manager is wearing laced nightgown with exposed skin, her important parts are barely covered by the laces, but they all would be exposed if she just moved.
The noble daughters behind her too, although theirs are more docile, they're wearing sensational clothes that don't differ much with the manager's.

Porina is wearing somewhat calmer clothes, but the soft-looking dress shows her body line clearly, it doesn't look like clothes you're wearing for work.

Nell has night clothes that are separated on top and the bottom. Normally these kind of clothes aren't sexy, but they produce peculiar eroticism in this group.

Tifaliza can't look at me directly. Her icy beauty is dyed in vermilion color, her embarrassed gestures trying to hide her body is too dangerous. If the two of us were alone, I could have involuntarily push her down.

Good grief, it's "What kind of Eroge is this?" world.

I coughed once to clear my throat.
....Calm down Satou. No wait, I'm Kuro right now.

"Manager, today you sure are wearing some wonderful clothes."
"Y-yes. We were all called by Kuro-sama, so everyone did their best to show off."

--『Tomorrow night, I'm giving you a special duty after the night time.』
--『It'll be over in a moment, but there's a high possibility that you won't be able to work afterward.』

They misunderstood those lines huh?!
They interpreted special duty as night attendant, and the latter line as not being able to move afterward eh....

I'm slightly attracted to leave the misunderstanding and do a group one, but let's not.
Even if I hide behind the rationale of failing as a proprietor were I put my hands on my important employees, carelessly doing it could drown me in carnal desire turning me into a degenerate.

I'm limiting the venting of these hands toward the professional onee-sans that won't turn into degenerate later on.
If I have a girlfriend, I'd flirt with her instead though.

Now then, let's end these girls' anxiety here.

"It seems you have misunderstood. I do not intend to force myself upon you girls. Special duty is about another thing. Change into your work clothes since it's going to take some time. Wear shoes that are easy to move around."

Leaving the Manager and the other who subtly look like they feel like running away, I move to my second villa in the underground labyrinth.
Waiting idly is wasteful, so I head toward the live-box for the power-leveling today.

I run to the area where the live-box is located, and arrive at the hall where it is.
Monsters are crawling out from the [Gushing Holes] on the walls nearby the live-box, so I clean them up for the sake of safe power-leveling.

I put log huts on the corners of the hall from my storage in order to prevent [Gushing Holes] structurally.
I activate the holy monument magic tools I've installed on the huts to create small barriers.
Red magic circles are invoked, the area about 10 meters from the holy monuments become safe areas where monsters can't get close.
They're not physical barriers, so they can't completely shut out the monsters, but monsters can't get close to it if they're just normal monsters.

After checking the entry of [Unit Arrangement] on the menu, I register this place as a home ground.
I'll do this method on various places in preparation of moving ahead of time.

I connect the holy monuments to magic furnace and start it. The output is only second-rate, but it's more than enough for supplying the holy monument with magic power.
I'll make it like the barrier pillars on villages when I create other home grounds next time.
Since that type don't need magic furnace.

"T-this place is?! --Labyrinth?"
"That's right. It's Area 277 of the middle-layer of the labyrinth."

Everyone's expression is hardened when I simply reply the manager's question.
I guess they would be scared considering these girls have one-digit levels and are wearing everyday clothings.

"Do not worry. I have removed dangerous monsters."

When I gently told so, everyone fell down on the ground.
Apparently they've lost their strengths.

Looks like I'd better stop doing this kind of surprise.

"Follow me. I will make you girls hunt the preserved live-box monsters ahead and get your levels raised."

We climb the stair on the wall of the live-box, and reach the place where we can see the content of the live box.
Inside the live box are the monsters that have greatly multiplied--[Maze Cockroaches] eating the fodder monsters that are in awful states
To be honest, the spectacle is like in a dream.

"Your pride as an explorer might not allow it, but this is an order. I'll forcefully make you do it even if you don't want to."

I take out weapons from my Storage and give it to the Manager, Nell and Porina.

"This is? Is it a wand?"
"That's right. It's called Spray Gun, but it's the same type as the fire wand and lightning wand."

It looks like a shotgun with a truncated barrel. The place for the cartridge is loaded with Fire stones and Lightning stones, the element can be changed as needed.
When I was making a certain thing with converging ability half-heartedly, it shot out spray-like net lightning and flame instead.

It looks exactly like a gun, but it's classified as a wand.
Its killing power is weak, so it can only be used as a distraction for power-leveling.

"Everyone shoot toward the center of the live-box in turns. Change with the person behind you once you shot."

With unexpectedly good replies, everyone takes the gun and pulls the trigger as instructed.

"Kuro-sama, the lightning is spread, it's not very effective."
"Do not mind it. It's fine."

Manager who looks baffled steps back, changing with the next person.
This time I've prepared three type of cartridges, [Ice], [Wind], and [Lightning]. If things go well, I plan for them to earn the skill for each element.
Just in case, I had let them put their hands into my Item Box before they shot the guns. We're lucky if they get the skill with this, but there's no loss either way.

Furthermore, I make several of them who have experiences studying magic to use Magic Scrolls to invoke attack magic.

"Kuro-sama, everyone has completed their turns."
"Alright, this will be dangerous, so everyone get back to the stairs."

After checking that everyone has stepped back, I exterminate the [Maze Cockroaches] with [Fire Storm].

"W-what great flame...."
"Is that advanced magic?"
"Yet it was done chantlessly--"

Putting aside the surprised executives, I open the map to check everyone's status.

--Oops, I went too far.

The Maze Cockroaches earlier were only level 7 each, so I thought that it would be fine even if there were a bit too many, but it seems they had propagated to more than 1000.
There are a lot of executives, so it's been reduced somewhat, yet all of them have leveled up to 16.
Porina who was originally high-leveled, the Manager and her two adjutants became level 17 with my rash method of leveling up.

"--Huh? Power feels like entering me somehow ssu."
"I feel something too...."

Starting with Nell whose level was the lowest, the executives began to talk about their bad condition one by one.
You'll get level up intoxication if you level up by more than 10 of course.

Using [Magic Hands], I support the executives who look like they would fall down the stairs, and then teleport to Echigoya Firm's strategy meeting room with [Unit Arrangement].

"Good work. The special training for today is over."
"Kuro-sama, my body feels strange you see ssu."
"That's only the symptom of level up. You'll feel like usual once you get some rest."

I answer Nell who seems energetic despite looking tired.

"T-that wasn't a lie of some drunkards was it."
"Then...., maybe I've leveled up to 10?"
"....No way, that can't be true."

Despite looking tired, the executives can't seem to hide their excitement from leveling up.
They should become around level 30 if we continue for about seven days. If their levels get that high, they probably won't get rolled up in a situation like the other day.

Among the girls who have leveled up, five learned magic skills, one learned Item Box skill. It's safe to say that the result is more than anticipated.
None of our girls learned Item Box skill even after they got to level 50, the luck is on our side this time.

I can't leave the girls who can't move their bodies as it is, so I carry them to the nap room and the parlor of the main building, and let them sleep there.
For some reason, everyone wanted it to be princess carry, so I complied, but the executives' tensions were strange.
I wonder if princess carry is that nice?

My business today is over once I carry the lucky Tifaliza who learned Item Box skill to her room far behind.


I let her who's sleep talking like that to sleep, and leave the room.


I heard that faint monologue with Attentive Ears skill, but I pretended not to hear it and went to the night district alone.
The technique of the professional onee-san was wonderful after all.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-3

This time it's in Arisa's point of view

13-3. Royal Academy


"Pleased to meet you Chevalier Tachibana. I am the principal of the Royal Academy, Litou Maiya."

A dignified old woman greeted me from the other side of her work desk.
I've visited the Royal Academy in the Noble Street while taking the children along.

Her name seems strange to be of Shiga Kingdom.
I think the name is one that's often found on the western part of the continent.

I pass the letter that has been given by my beloved Master to the principal.
The letter of introduction was from Duke Oyugock so I had thought that there would be no obstacles, but I never thought we would meet face-to-face suddenly.

"I'm told that you will be entering our academy, but is it not just you, but also the children behind you?"

The principal raises her eyebrows when she sees the children behind me.

"Our academy requires students to be able to read and write, and do basic arithmetic in order to be enrolled here. Even if the recommendation comes from Duke-sama, if they don't have that much scholarly ability...."
"Tama, can do arithmatic and read and write too~?"
"Pochi too, she writes novels and she can perfectly calculate nanodesu."
"Me too~"
"I can do it too."

Tama, Pochi, Shiro and Crow answered the principal in turns.
It seems Mia isn't interested with the conversation, she's absorbed looking at the painting on the wall.

"Is it the same with the person over there?"

Mia who's been called turns her head, and her hood falls back down from the inertia of her twintails.

"E-elf-sama?! Are you perhaps an Elf-sama from Boruenan Forest?"
"Nn, Mia."

Mia nods toward the principal who's bent her body forward the desk in surprise.

The nobles we met for the past two days were all courteous but they acted normally, this person must be an elf-lover, no doubt bout it.
Along with Mia, we were able to enroll at the Royal Academy without problem.

"--In the same way, there are various subjects other than the basic in our academy. Which subject do you wish to attend?"

Summarizing the principal's long explanation, this academy has six main schools; high-grade school, noble school, maiden school, knight school, magic school, and childhood school, along with 12 subjects.
It'll be a different story if we stay in the Royal Capital as permanent residents, but since we're only enrolling for a limited time, we decide to intrude upon three schools after consulting with her.

It's decided that Mia and me would be in the magic school, Pochi and Tama in the knight school, and Shiro and Crow to be in the childhood school.

I thought of enrolling into the maiden school for bridal training, or the high-grade school to study political science and economics, but my interest lies on the place where I can research magic after all.

Since our cheat Master can create a kingdom or an empire on his own if he wants, studying territory management and how to become an emperor are probably better, but I didn't go through it since doing it during limited enrollment would be half-baked.

Throwing Pochi and Tama alone to the knight school felt like some kind of flag, so I had decided to accompany them on the first day.
I should consult with Master tomorrow.

I take Pochi and Tama along to the knight school guided by a teacher.
Only people who are recommended by nobles can enroll to this place.

"I'm sorry, but just in case, please do a simple test."
"Pochi is good with test nanodesu!"
"What kind of test is it?"

I ask the muscle teacher.

"It's a simple thing for someone who aspires to become a knight. Simply take a sword and do practice-swinging with it. Please try swinging it ten ti--me?!"

Swoosh swoosh, Pochi and Tama are swinging the swords at speed where the swords' tips can't be seen while sitting.
The teacher is so surprised his jaw looks like it'll fall off.

I tell the two to be prudent and receive Pochi's sword.

--Oh, it's unexpectedly heavy despite how it looks.

I wonder if the center of gravity is on the tip?

My stats have been increased to the level of a normal knight through level up, but it doesn't seem like I can keep my posture while swinging it.

I secretly use [Power Assist] magic chantlessly.
It's a sub-type of the higher [Physical Reinforcement] for spy-use that our Master has made.

I swing the sword like practice-swinging of kendo.
My tension gradually goes up whenever I swing the sword.

Swords sure have this mysterious charm that would likely make you shout "Wooooo" huh.
I understand well how the two felt just now.

"Alright, Dame Tachibana has passed too."
"Thank you."

I return the sword to the teacher with composed face.
Feels like I'll suffer muscular pain if I don't get some massage when we get back.

Oh right! I'll have Master massage me stickly.
Of course, I have to massage Master back once it's over!

Guhehehe, doing as I please to a shota's body huh.
I'm boiling~.

"Face, nanodesu."

The two who are looking at me from below poke my lips.
Oops, not good, be prim and proper, prim and proper.

"Tama Kishresgalza."
"Pochi Kishresgalza nanodesu!"
"I am Arisa Tachibana. Everyone, please get along well with us."

The classroom is full of kids.
I guess most are around 13 years old?
As expected of knight apprentices, all of the kids have bulking muscles even though they're baby-faced, there's no one who attracts my attention.
There are around 30 people, but there are only two girls. One of them is a delicate girl that looks like a young lady, looking out-of-place here, but the other one is a girl that's better build than boys.

The level differences are from 3 to 7. There are also non-standard kids whose levels are 11 and 15.
Most of the noble kids occupy the 7, thus they have relatively more skills.
Half have martial arts skills, and around 20% have magic skills.

"Fuhn, demi-humans and womens huh. Knight school's standard sure has fallen."

A handsome boy whose atmosphere feels like a young nobleman threw some template-like sarcasm.
And there's someone who reacts to that instantly.

"What did you say! Try saying it again. In the name of Kelten House, I challenge you to a duel!"

It's the delicate-looking girl from earlier.
Rather, why are you the one who's angry.

"Fighting is bad~"
"That's right nanodesu! We have to get along with each other nodesuyo. Bad nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi cut themselves between the two kids with Flickering Movement, flapping their hands to intermediate the two.

"....O, oy."
"Didn't these two just suddenly move?"
"Don't tell me, Flickering Movement?"
"Don't be stupid. If they can use Flickering Movement, they'll get scouted to the knight order instead of knight school."

The classmates lost their composures when they saw the two's transcendental-like techniques.
I looked at the muscle teacher thinking that he should quickly stop them, but he seems to find the students' independence interesting while folding his arms.

--Geez. How troublesome.

"Please leave it at that you two."

I arbitrate them in Tama's and Pochi's places as an adult myself.

"The young nobleman over there. I don't mind if you classify people by gender, but please stop discriminating them by it. Even women can be a master of wonderful swordsmanship like Ryouna-sama of Shiga Eight Swords."

I brought up the six-packs aunty from before against a kid who seems weak against authority like him so that he can't argue back.
Next, I turn toward the instantaneous-boiling young lady.

"We'd like to thank you the young lady of Sir Kelten for defending us."

This girl should have been rebuked for her own sake, but that's the job of the teacher.
Bringing that now would put her to shame, I can just point it out to her later when we're alone.

"R-Ryouna-sama is an exception! Men is stronger, and they excel in a fight! Aren't most of the Shiga Eight Swords men too!"

The boy took the wrong turn again, and bit back.
However, the one who replies him is the delicate girl.

"Ara, the one who broke Julberg-sama of that Shiga Eight Swords, 『Black Spear』 Liza-sama is a woman you know."

Pochi and Tama who heard words of praise for Liza-san begin to wear happy expressions on their faces.

"Liza strong~"
"That's right nanodesu. Liza is strong nodesu!"
"Wait, you girls! Add 'sama' honorific! That lady should have been conferred the rank of honorary earl equaling Shiga Eight Swords right about now."

The young lady scolds the two who praise Liza-san.

"Not that~?"
"It's not that nodesu."
"What do you mean by that!"

The two probably wanted to say that Liza-san had refused to become a Shiga Eight Swords, so she's not a honorary earl but a honorary baronetess, but it doesn't seem that they can convey it well.

"Please calm down. Liza Kishresgalza-sama has declined the invitation to become a Shiga Eight Swords. She has been given the rank of honorary baronetcy in the 『Great Audience Ceremony』 the other day."
"It's as if you've seen it firsthand--Kishresgalza?"
<TLN: TL mistake in earlier chapter, Liza is a Baronetess, not a Baroness.>

Oh, it seems she did hear Pochi's and Tama's introduction earlier.

"Yes, the three of us were present at the occasion. You might have noticed it, but these two are like little sisters to Kishresgalza-sama."
"....Liza-sama's little sisters?"

Geez, I'd likely bite my tongue if I don't get serious when I say Liza-san's family name.

The voice of the handsome boy whose existence was forgotten cuts in there.

"You girls, fight me! I'll apologize for my words earlier if I lose. Teacher, please the arrangement for the training center."
"Very well."

The muscle teacher nodded to the arrogant words of the boy, told everyone, "The first class is study by observation of the duel", and then guided the classmates to the training ground.

--Damn these muscle-brain bunch.

"Now, come! The three of you can come at once."

The boy who's equipped with a shock-absorbing helmet and padding holds his wooden sword toward us and shouts.
There are five boys behind him scowling at us.

"Private Tama. I appoint you to be the vanguard."
"Listen okay? Aim for the weapon. Mia is not here, so even if you make a mistake, don't hurt him okay."
"Aye aye sir~?"

I ask the dexterous Tama to finish it by destroying the opponent's weapon.
Of course with a low voice that can't be heard by the other party.

"To the front! Take your stance."

The boy holds the sword in knight style.
Tama is in natural posture.


With the muscle teacher's signal, the boy stabs toward Tama while shouting.
That sure looks dangerous~. You'll get a big injury even with a wooden sword like that.


The boy's stab is sharp. His footworks is very fast it's hard to think it's the same boy.
The kids of the explorer training school can't be compared to him. I guess that's as expected of level 11.

--However, his opponent is just too bad.

"Tama is a captivating dancer~?"

Tama is evading the boy's stabs left and right with magnificent steps.
If it's Tama, she can probably do the same even against members of Shiga Eight Swords.

"Tama, do your best nanodesu!"

Answering Pochi's support, Tama round slices the boy's sword with her own wooden sword.

"Secret sword, round slices dance~?"

Tama who's run past boy takes a strange victory pose.
It seems the boy loses his strength from the excessively absurd technique that cut his wooden sword to slices, he's sitting on the spot.

"Winner, Tama."

The classmates cheer with the muscle teacher's declaration.
Only a single cynical-looking boy leaves the training center behind the classmates while smiling smugly like "Hmph". It's the level 15 boy.
He would have become the rival if this were a school story, but unfortunately, it's unasked for.

The followers of the boy challenged us one by one afterward, but Tama and Pochi alternately hurled their weapons, taking the victory.
The muscle teacher asked us not to break the equipment, so they refrained from round slicing them.

After the followers had all fallen, the big girl challenged, and then it turned into something like a class match somehow.

"It's Pochi's turn this time nanodesu!"

Pochi who's holding a wooden sword look toward the classmates with a happy face, but there's no one who challenges back.
The young lady and the first boy challenged three times each, but it was an easy victory.

"Alright, today's class is over."

Once the muscle teacher declares so, several people with ragged breathing beat the ground while looking frustrated.
Ah, the frustrated faces of boys are nice aren't they~.
Use this frustration to grow! I'm cheering on you!

"Everyone, you should now understand that there's someone even higher on the top right? However, do not be discouraged okay? These two are special. They're real explorers who have been risking their life in the labyrinth ever since they're small."

Apparently, muscle teacher made use of the occasion well.
Now the kids would probably be more diligent in their training with idealized image yet not getting ahead of themselves.
It's important to have a clear target after all.

But, with this the two should have been recognized and won't become the target of bullying, there are also several kids who look like they'll get along with the two too, so I won't complain.

In addition, the handsome boy who picked a quarrel with the two also apologized to the two properly.

Looking at his disorderly emotion while apologizing, I feel like it's enough to last me three meals.
Oh no~ I can't get enough of the school arc~

"There are only strange dishes in that store, but they're mysteriously tasty."
"Sometimes they're bad tho'"
"But that mayo thing will absolutely become a habit ya' know?"

After the class is over, we were invited by the fourth son of a honorary chevalier, the big girl and a phanterkin boy to eat out.

....Still mayo huh. It stinks of a reincarnated or a teleported person.

Well, it's just like usual with the trouble though.

--Maybe because I'm thinking strangely like that, we encounter a strange scene.

"You dirty orphan, don't walk so brazenly in this place!"
"Souya-dono, please don't use violence. Shin is just doing chores in the school!"
"Don't mind me. Hit me if you want. I have to end my work quickly. Make it brief please."

The one doing the hitting is a slightly plump yet wastefully beautiful boy. With his black hair, if he's a bit thinner, his beauty would be comparable to Lulu.
His name is Asian-like, or rather, Japanese-like; Souya. He looks like a hero or a teleported person. His skill is only [Engraving]. 14 years old.

The one doing the protecting is our acquaintance.
It's the pink-haired princess of a small kingdom, Menea. She's not with her maids, probably because she's in the school. I think it's a bit too unsafe.

The boy who's getting hit is slim and has white hair, a handsome boy with a French-looking face. His name is Shin, like he's an earthling, but it's a name that's often found here in this world so it's probably unrelated. His skill is only [One-handed Sword]. He's 14 years old just like the black-haired boy.

Still, it's a situation that would surely make you want to retort "You think this is shoujo manga!".

"Oy, it's His Highness again."
"That handyman really is often entangled with His Highness."
"He's probably upset to see the princess talking with the handyman."
"Ugly His Highness sure is persistent even though the princess hates him."

We heard such conversations from the upper classmen nearby.
Ugly His Highness? Perhaps that kid is also like Lulu, having aggregation of unfortunate parts?

"Fuhn, my hand is dirty now!"

The boy called His Highness arrogantly leaves while Princess Menea is scowling at him.

"Oh no! The blood--"
"It's alright. The handkerchief will get dirty."

Princess Menea who sees the blood flowing from the mouth of the boy who's been hit takes out a handkerchief and tries to wipe that blood with it.
The boy declines curtly and wipes it with his own hand.

--Kuh, what the heck is this shoujo manga space!

Is this the so-called "Note:Limited to good-looking men" thing.
Dammit, I should have been in that position since this is the school arc....

God why!

I curse at the love-comedy god in my heart.

Author's note:
Next time we'll be back with Satou's point of view. The second day of Royal Academy is planned after 2-3 episodes later.

【Menea】 The third princess of a small kingdom, Rumooku. A pink-haired beautiful girl. 17 years old.
【Rumooku Kingdom】 Once partnered with weaselkin to summon otherworld people.
【Kelten】 A marquis with great influence in the army.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-2

13-2. New Year Works


Satou's here. There were many times where I had to go to work during the last day of the year once I became a working adult, but made sure to wrestle the day off during the new year's day. You have to relish the feeling of new year for at least the morning of the new year's day after all.

"--That is all, keep selling our products to procure cash until the time of the auction after the Kingdom Conference. Tell the nobles with no money that we can discuss to sell them things with credit by next month."

After putting the children to sleep, I went to Echigoya Firm and reaffirmed the direction and policy for the new year.
The people who have gathered on the top floor of the main building of Echigoya Firm are former noble daughter explorers who manage the firm including the Manager, Porina and other the workshop managers, and also Kuro's slaves, Nell and Tifaliza, six people in total.

"Kuro-sama several letters have come from nobles who are impressed with Nanashi-sama's recent endeavor, they wish to personally meet. There are letters from the three dukes and the eight marquises which require fast responses among them--"
"I won't meet them. I entrust it to Manager. Tell them that I'm going to another country with my master, Nanashi-sama."
"Certainly. As for the order of the visitations--"
"I'll leave it to you."

Manager solemnly nods without a trace of displeasure on her face even though I've left it all to her.
This girl is well-versed in the power balance of lineage nobles and negotiations, so she's more reliable in annoying negotiations than me.

"Kuro-sama, we are lacking employees for accounting and paperworks in the secret division. In addition, there have been more spies trying to intrude the residence, so I would like to request the increase of personnels that can deal with it...."
"Okay. I permit you to hire more. I'd leave it to Manager for the selection and the wages. Report only the summary to me."
"Thank you very much for your trust. However, since it's a secret division, I am thinking of buying knowledgeable slaves instead of employees."

Fumu, slaves huh.
I look up the inventory of the slave traders on the map.

It seems there are enough people in the slave trader where I bought Nell and Tifaliza.
There were many noble houses who were stripped off their peerages for the crime of treason, so maybe the retainers of those houses were sold as crime slaves.

"Very well, I permit the slave buying. Bill the payment for the end of the month."
"There is no problem with the payment, but we cannot establish master-servant contracts if Kuro-sama doesn't go yourself."
"You be the master."
"Is it alright for me to?"

I'm planning to use use Echigoya Firm's budget to buy them anyway, so there's no problem and I affirm her.

"Lastly, there's a request for our cooperation in the revival of the royal capital from the prime minister."
"Yes, although they said cooperation, it is about ordering raw materials from Echigoya Firm."

I look at the document presented by Tifaliza who's beside Manager.
The price in the contract is five times the market price so it's quite nice, but the time limit is very limited.

"Very well, accept it."
"Kuro-sama, concerning--"

Manager told me that acquiring the raw materials would be difficult even for five times the market price since there are currently a rush for building material-buying around the royal capital.

"No problem. Order the material from the Duchy Capital, Muno territory, and Kuhanou territory."
"However, then the cost for carrying them would..."
"Have you forgotten Manager?"

There's no problem if I just carry them myself.
I can probably secure them at 20% the market price if I buy them on-site.

It shouldn't be laborious if I just have the local merchants to get the materials ready.

Once the work talk is over, we're having a new year banquet.
With Manager's instruction, the luxurious dishes and liquor prepared in downstairs are lined up on the huge table in the strategy meeting room.

--Right, I have to tell them one more thing before they all get drunk.

"Everyone, listen. Tomorrow night, I'm giving you a special duty after the night time."

The night time is around six hours after the sunset.
After confirming that everyone has heard me, I continue.

"It'll be over in a moment, but there's a high possibility that you won't be able to work afterward. Finish the work for that day beforehand."

Compared to the noise when I told them about [Special duty] at first, the room fell silent now.
I thought that there would be some complaints since they'd be getting late-night works so soon in the new year, but the atmosphere doesn't seem to be that. If anything, it seems favorable.
Good grief, you guys are too workaholic.

Manager asked me which clothes would be good for it, so I told her to wear whatever she likes.
Not like clothes would affect much during works, she sure asks some strange things.

At that time, a blue luminous point is reflected on the radar. In front of Pendragon mansion's house.
I tell everyone that I'm going to leave early since some business came up, and come back to Pendragon Mansion with [Unit Arrangement].

I realized that I had forgotten to tell the important point, "I'm taking the management-level people to the labyrinth for leveling", but since there's no danger for them anyway, telling them at the appointed day should be fine.

"Master, there is a guest."
"Ah, Lulu. Sorry for waking you up."

I change to my own clothes with Quick-Dress after getting back to my private room.
Everyone has woken up from the knocker's sound from the entrance hall, but I tell them that they may sleep, and then I go downstairs while taking only Lulu and Liza along.
When I opened the entrance, soft light of golden hair entered my view.

"Sa-Satou-san! I-I'm glad that you're alright."

Zena-san who should've been in the Labyrinth City hugs me.
While hugging me with trembling hands, she keeps repeating, "I'm glad. I'm really glad." with tearful voice.

Behind her are Lilio and the other two girls from Zena Squad. Apparently, they rode on several horses, both the girls and the horses are breathing feebly.

'Burun', I heard some familiar snort, so when I look at the horses, there are two carriage horses with dignity among the war horses and the passenger horses.
They're Gii and Darii that we left in the labyrinth city's mansion.
When I look closer, the other horses are also the horses from our mansion. Ms. Miteruna who's house-sitting the mansion probably lent them.

"Yes, please don't worry. None of our girls is hurt either. Now, everyone, you must be tired. I'll prepare the guest rooms, so please wipe your sweat and relax."
"I'll prepare the guest rooms immediately."
"Then I will take the horses to the stable."

Reacting to my words, Lulu and Liza start to act before I order them.
I invite the three people of Zena Squad while soothing Zena-san who's crying while still hugging me.

"It seemed to be terrible, but there was no victim around this area huh."
"Yes, fortune blessed us."

I guide the four to the parlor while answering Ms. Iona.

"Did a demon lord come out maybe?"
"No, it was just a round pink-colored greater demon and a lot of monsters."

When I answered the joking Lilio honestly, beside her, Zena-san who was drinking Lulu's tea turned her head as if she was going to jump.

"Ah, you don't need to worry. They were all defeated by Hero Nanashi-sama, and his Order of Golden Knights. We couldn't get a turn to come out at all."
"What a relief...."

According to Zena Squad, a priest who was training together with them in the labyrinth city suddenly received an oracle that conveyed about the crisis in the royal capital.

"Geez, stopping Zena-chi who suddenly used magic, going to run was hard you see."
"Mo-mou, Lilio! I even said so much to keep it a secret!"

You can certainly run faster than a horse with [Wind Walk] of the wind magic, but the muscle fatigue from using it is furious, so it's not suited for marathon-like long range.

"And then we asked Miteruna-dono on our accord to borrow the mansion horses and intruded everyone upon them. We forcibly and unreasonably borrowed the horses, so please I would ask your tolerance for Miteruna-dono."
"It's alright. I've given that much discretion to her."

Miss Iona apologized for Ms. Miteruna's judgment, but since there's no particular problem about it, I smile back.
Lulu come in to tell that the rooms have been prepared, so I let the girls whose stamina gauges are about to dry up to sleep.

"Zena-chi can sleep with the boy you know?"
"Mou! Stupid Lilio!"

My bed is wide, so adding only Zena-san is not a problem, but since everyone would be together, ero-things like Lilio's imagined won't happen you know.
Before parting with the girls in front of the parlor, I tell Zena-san, "Thank you for worrying about me."

"Eh? You're attending the Kingdom Conference?"
"Yes, I was elevated to Viscountcy during the 『Great Audience Ceremony』 yesterday, so I'm obliged to attend the conference."

I apologize to Zena-san and the others who are eating breakfast together with us for not being able to accompany them touring the royal capital.
I guess it can't be helped for Zena-san to mutter, "V-viscount?!" while her face is hardening. Even though I had become a honorary knight when we reunited in the labyrinth city, I jumped up three ranks to a viscount when we reunited again in the royal capital.

I wait for Zena-san to calm down and then continue the talk.
The girls intended to immediately return to the labyrinth city after confirming my safety, but since the horses need two days to rest, they're going to tour the royal capital with Ms. Lilio and Ms. Ruu recommendation.
In public, it's to be an [Inspection].

"Then maybe I should ask Liza to guide you?"
"Yes, certainly. Zena-sama, I am unfit to be Master's replacement, but I will guide you with utmost sincerity."
"Please, I'm sorry to trouble you."

Liza readily consents my request, she's going to guide Zena-san and the others.

"Getting a honorary baroness to guide you sure is luxurious~"
"Hey, Arisa."

Reproving voice of Lulu toward Arisa's teasing words echoes in the dining room.

"Honorary baroness?"
"Yes, I was given the peerage yesterday."

Liza solemnly answers Zena-san who's surprised.

"No way! A lizardkin is a noble?!"
"Is it because she's a mithril explorer?"
"Tsk, tsk, tsk, Liza-san's achievement is not just that~"

Arisa replied the slightly rude Ms. Lilio and the plainly surprised Ms. Ruu with bragging.

"You see! She defeated that living legend, Zeff Julberg the 『Unfalling』 of Shiga Eight Swords!"
"Y-you serious?"
"Shiga Eight Swords is the strongest group of knights in Shiga Kingdom right?"
"I can't simply believe that being brought up suddenly, but if that's the truth, I can understand how she was given Honorary Baroness peerage."

The girls of Zena squad each reacted differently to Arisa's exaggerated remark.
It was only Zena-san who frankly commended back.

"Moreover, she declined the invitation to become a Shiga Eight Swords, and chose to be Master's retainer you know~"

Arisa sticks out her flat chest.
Lastly, she told them, "All of us have also become  『Honorary Chevaliers』 you see!", but Liza's impact was too great, their reaction were only like, "Hm~m."

I call out to Arisa to change the topic.

"Arisa, sorry but can you attend the Royal Academy until we go back to the Labyrinth city from now on?"

Actually I was to go to the royal academy myself to check the content of the lesson and head-hunting people, but since I couldn't go due to the Kingdom Conference, I thought of having Arisa as my substitute.

--However, Arisa's reaction is slightly different from my expectation.

"Awright! It's the school arc isn't it! Breaking into the school arc, in the armed battle meet, the labyrinth explorers and the triumvirate! Wooooo, I'm boilinggg!"
"Arisa, bad manners!"

Lulu scolds Arisa who stands up on her chair.

"Can't be helped nya~"
"We're in front of the guests you know?"
"Please forgive."

Arisa who's in reflecting pose is being scolded by Lulu in low voice.

"Training school nanodesu?"
"I guess it's similar. There are classes for literature, and magic besides about the labyrinth. Does everyone want to go too?"
"I want to go nodesu!"
"I want."

Only four people replied energetically, Tama Pochi, Shiro, and Crow.
If Shiro and Crow go, then Nana has to go as their guardian, but I wonder how about Lulu and Mia?

"I have been given a letter of invitation from the chefs of royal castle, so I am thinking of visiting there."

Come to think of it, Lulu and the royal castle's chefs did some kind of cooking battle during the end-of-year evening party didn't they.
I'm worried to let Lulu go by herself.

"Nana, sorry but could you go with Lulu as her guard?"
"Accepted Master's order."

Nana easily nodded, so I check Mia's plan.

"Mia, what are you going to do?"

Mia had a difficult face, but she decided to go to the royal academy together with Arisa and the others since being alone in the mansion would be meaningless.

I ride with the four people of Zena Squad in the carriage going for the castle, and go toward the mansion of Earl Seryuu in the royal capital.
As expected, they can't exactly not check on Earl Seryuu's safety when they've come to the royal capital and all.

When we were telling the guards the purpose of our visit, just right at that time, a carriage carrying Earl Seryuu's party going to the royal castle came.

Zena-san and the others get down the carriage, and kneel beside the carriage of Earl Seryuu.

"Zena of Marientail house huh. I remember seeing the girls behind too."
"We have come rushing to the royal capital from the labyrinth city after hearing the disaster that happened here."

Zena-san nervously replied Earl Seryuu.

"Umu, good works."

The Earl roughly replied with appreciation and turns his view toward me.

"Then, any reason you were coming from Sir Pendragon's carriage?"

The Earl is asking Zena-san but his inquisitive line of sights are turned toward me.
Right at that, another carriage came from the mansion.

"Earl-sama, is there any problem?"

A past-thirty year-old noble with red hair comes down the carriage.
The nobleman smiles broadly when his eyes meet mine.

"Ooh, isn't it Satou-dono?!"
"Viscount Belton-sama, it has been a while."

He was the noble I saved from being eaten by spiders during the disturbance of Seryuu City's Labyrinth.

"Belton, are you two acquainted?"
"Yes, he's the benefactor who saved me and my daughter from peril in the labyrinth."
"Hou? I did not receive any report pertaining a retainer of Earl Muno being involved in the case from before...."

The earl strokes his beard as if going back his memory.

"Does Satou-dono serves Earl Muno?"
"Yes, there were some fate. I was appointed to be a honorary chevalier by Earl Muno after the incident."
"Hou, isn't that quite good!"

Viscount Belton misunderstands and claps my shoulder, bang bang, congratulating me.
This person should be a magician, but his way of rejoicing things is like a knight or a warrior. I wonder if people who use fire magic are all hearty?

"Don't be mistaken Belton. Sir Pendragon was elevated yesterday, he's a viscount like you now."

The viscount leaks out voice of surprise when the earl corrects him.
Apparently, he didn't connect that Sir Pendragon and Satou were the same person. Well, there was no way he'd thought that the peddler he knew would become a Mithril explorer.

"Master, we should go soon."
"Umu, right."

A butler-like old man who's in the same carriage as the earl warns the earl while holding a watch magic tool in one hand.

"People of Zena Squad. In light of your loyalty, I will not question the matter about you leaving your post without permission. I will provide rooms in the mansion. Relax yourself for a while before returning to the labyrinth city."
"Yes, we wish to express our gratitude."

Army-mode Zena-san sure is gallant.
Since the Earl and Viscount Belton went to the royal castle, I also went there after leaving Zena-san and the others in Earl Seryuu's mansion.
After the carriage takes me to the castle, it will go back to carry Zena-san and the others back to Pendragon Mansion where Liza is waiting.

Today's Kingdom Conference--

It's over after the selection for the people in charge of Royal Capital's revival, and the report from the three order of knights departing to go to war with Bishtal Dukedom.

There were some three-hour recesses, but at that time, a lot of nobles came to promote their daughters and daughters of their family, so I was annoyed.
The nobles who did so weren't only upper-class ones who attend the kingdom conference, but also lower-class nobles who purposely came to the conference for that sake.

Nobles from the faction of Marquis Lloyd and Earl Houen protected me during the second recess, so it was peaceful, but they came asking which dishes I was going to bring out in the cooking contest with excited faces, so I couldn't get some rest after all.

I'm thinking of doing a banquet in the guest house where Earl Muno is staying once, in order to change their target.
As expected, Pendragon Mansion is too small to invite upper nobles.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-1 Part 2

<TLN: Part 1 has also been updated with Part 2>

"Lord Leon Muno. I elevate you to the rank of Earldom."
"I respectfully accept."

Continuing the new year ceremony, Baron Muno underwent peerage raising ceremony.
After an exchange in Shiga Kingdom Language, the king who's holding the Royal Scepter chants a spell.

"■■ Convert Peerage"

I've never heard that command word before.

When the king finishes chanting, ring of light appear around Baron Muno and the king, then infinite symbol-like shapes are formed on the outer circumference.
The ring of light illuminates the surrounding for a while.
Before long the ring of light is disappearing to the sky and the ground.

And then, Baron Muno's title and rank have been changed to [Earl] when the light subsides.

Since the ceremony is over, Earl Muno bows to the king and gets back to his seat.
There's no applause or cheer, I wonder if that's the rule. Though it's not like it's because of it, the orchestra starts to play a solemn but rousing tune.

Next, the eldest son of old Earl Lesseu undergoes the [Succession to Peerage] ceremony and becomes the new Earl Lesseu.

"Chevalier Satou Pendragon, to be present."

Since I got called by the facilitator official, I stand up from my seat.
I thought that they were going to call it in turn by the ranking, but I got called earlier than Jeril who holds Baronet rank.

I kneel in front of the king while having a slight unpleasant premonition.

"I elevate Chevalier Satou Pendragon to the rank of viscountcy."


Wasn't it decided that I would be raised to merely either honorary baron or baronet?
The difference between a generation-long honorary noble to a permanent viscount is like the difference between a president of a neighborhood association to a diet member y'know?

The king begins the spell without confirming me like he did with Nanashi and Earl Muno.

"■■ Convert Peerage"

I'm wrapped with particles of light with the king's spell.
The effect is different compared to the earls' earlier.

>Title [Viscount of Shiga Kingdom] Acquired
>Rank [Noble (Viscount)] Acquired

I'm not the only one who's surprised, booing and noise come from the nobles regardless of lower and upper ranked ones.
When I look closely, the booing come from the protégés and family of Duke Bishtal.

I understand how you guys feel but please complain about it to the king instead.

Following after Jeril who became a baron, many nobles also underwent the promotion ceremony.

"Retainer of Pendragon House, Liza."

Next is the turn for the [Ennoblement] of the Mithril Explorers.

Liza is the very first, probably because she's won against a Shiga Eight Swords.
Liza who's chosen to wear knight clothes today walks toward the king with nervous expression on her face.

"Slave of Pendragon House, Liza, I confer you the peerage of Honorary Baroness of Kishresgalza."

--Honorary Baroness?

"■■ Conferring Peerage"

Once the king's spell ends, Liza's name changes into [Liza Kishresgalza].
Kishresgalza is the name of Liza's tribe. And then her titles of [Satou's Slave] and the rank [Slave] have disappeared, and the titles [Retainer of Pendragon], [Baroness of Shiga Kingdom] and the rank [Noble (Baroness)] have appeared.

"Baroness Liza Kishresgalza, use your peerless spearmanship to protect the people."
"At your will."

The king said different lines than the obligatory ones for the first time.

Continuing on, Nana, Lulu, Arisa, Tama, and Pochi are conferred [Honorary Chevalier] rank.
However, Arisa's and Lulu's ranks remain [Slave].

Through Ms. Nina, I've told the thing about Arisa's and Lulu's [Geass] in advance, and we have been recognized as a special case.
Normally everyone would have been declined the [Ennoblement], but since there was the case with Liza, we were given this special exception.

According to the prime minister's information, the only people who have [Geass] skill are the emperor of weaselkin empire, and the magi of the western kingdom who's called [Dark Sage].
Once I've gotten the Chant orb, I'm thinking of going to either of the country to get the [Geass] skill.

Another way is with the pope of Holy Kingdom Parion, the so-called Zazaris person, his ceremonial magic [Wish] seems like it could release the [Geass], but since this magic's compensation seems to be big, it's going to be the last resort.

In addition, due to the elven law, Mia cannot become a noble of foreign countries, so she's declined the Ennoblement.
Just being an elf gets you to be treated like a state guest though, so the person herself doesn't seem to mind it.

Once the elevation and conferment ceremony is over, the nobles who are going to be demoted and get their peerage stripped are announced.
The noble who hid the [Light of Liberty] members and the other nobles who helped him are going to be executed along with their families.
Children who are 10 years old and younger are not to be executed, they're going to be sent to the monastery on Fujisan mountain foot.

Next, they announce the shuffle and addition of official positions.
The prime minister is to hold another position, that is the minister of [Ministry of Tourism].

No matter how I think about it, it's blatantly obvious that it's a front for the prime minister's spy network, on top of it overlapping with the [Ministry of Foreign Affair].

Among the candidates of Shiga Eight Swords, only Jeril is chosen.
The remaining two don't seem to be qualified. There are an axe-user and a shield-user whose levels are close to Jeril among the Mithril Explorers, I'll recommend them before my turn comes.

Lastly the king himself announces that the second and third large-scale warships are going into commission within this year, and the current warship that's already in commission is going to go on patrols to every internal territory, and each regional lords will be loaned a small airship.

Those airships are probably using the aerodynamic engines I gave them as Nanashi.
The magic furnace's fuel consumption is bad so the cost of service is expensive, it shouldn't revolutionize distribution that could catch the gods' attention.

The demand for magic cores which are the fuel for the magic furnace is going to increase, I have a hunch that more people would come to the Labyrinth City and Seryuu city.

In addition, the magic furnace occupies a lot of space in the small airship, so its load capacity is only as good as one carriage.
The small airships are only usable for the lords and governors, yet cheer still come from the territory lords.

Thus the new year's great audience ceremony is over, and the king does a broadcast through [Communique] Space.
There were these words in it.

"--thanks to Hero Duke Nanashi Mitsukuni and the Order of Golden Knights who saved the royal capital from the demon--"

Apparently they call us the [Order of Golden Knights] in the official papers.
I pray in my heart that there will be no event that would require us to appear again in the royal capital.

From tomorrow on, Kingdom Conference will be held for four days until the fifth day of January.
The lower nobles can chose to only participate in the new year ceremony, but as someone who has been conferred the rank of the lowest seat of the upper nobility, I'm also stuck to take part for four days.

"Still, it would have been nice if Master told us beforehand that you'd become a viscount."
"I too only knew about it during the actual thing you see."

Geez, it's terrible even for a kingdom where the rulers rule the bottom.
Perhaps it was someone's plan since they knew I would have refused had I known.

Well, I guess there's no use crying over spilled milk.
It's not like I can decline now.

I exchange words with Arisa like that while everyone is in kotatsu, enjoying the new year dish made by Lulu.

Arisa's family name as a noble is Tachibana.
Previously, Ms. Nina had told us that Chevalier Tachibana existed, but when we checked the list of nobles in the royal castle, she had mistaken it with Chevalier Tachivana, so Arisa was able to use her former family name without problem.

By the way, Pochi's and Tama's family names are the same as Liza's. At first, the girls said that they wanted Pendragon family name, but Arisa bewildered them by saying, "It's worth it when your family name changes to Pendragon when you're getting married right?", so each chose a different house name.

Lulu inherited the family name of her ancestor Japanese, 'Watari', Nana inherited 'Nagasaki' from her previous master, Zen.

"Master, please try eating this one too."
"Thank you. Lulu's new year dish is a bit unusual, but it's very delicious."

I tell my thought about Lulu's new year dish.

"Yeah, there's no fish and prawn surimi in the datemaki, and the kurikinton is entirely made of chestnuts, they're different from the recipes of my hometown."

When I pointed out the unusual parts in murmur to Arisa, her expression becomes bitter like she's feeling full of "I've been had."
Apparently, she used vague recipe for Lulu to make.

"U, um, I'll make it again!"
"Sorry, sorry. My way of speaking was bad. The flavor isn't the same with the one I know, but it tastes better than the new year dish I know."

I said more to hold back Lulu who had stood up.

"Lulu's dish is tasty nodesu!"
"Nn, tasty."

Tama, Pochi, and Mia also agree with me.
Their favorites are; the sea bream served whole for Tama, fried prawns for Pochi, and Kurikinton for Mia.

"The recipes for the new year dish differ in each region, so it's fine to think of this as the royal capita-style new year dish you know?"
"That's right Lulu. This boudara is quite chewy, it's delicious."

Smiles return Lulu's face with mine and Liza's words.

When the meal is over, everyone is relaxing on the kotatsu.
Tama is peeling and eating chestnuts while sitting on my lap, Mia is feeding me a bunch of peeled oranges.

--Ah, how peaceful.

Pink color from lipstick is adorned on the lips of Lulu who's dressed up as if she's proud of it
I sent word of praises many times to Lulu today, enjoying her beauty dyed in red. The smile of a bashful beautiful girl can really become a habit.

I'm enjoying the peaceful dinner with everyone, restoring my energy for tomorrow.

Now then, I'll work vigorously again tomorrow!

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