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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 12 SS 2

SS: Arisa and Intrigue


"Master, about Lulu's coming-of-age celebration, which do you think is better, white or black? Ah, there's red too."

Arisa asked while showing me some silk cloth.

"Which you said, doesn't white suits Lulu the best?"
"Right isn't it. Pure white is nice after all."

It'll looks good with Lulu's black hair--

--Wait, pure white? The fact that she didn't just say white feels a bit off.


I halt Arisa.

"There are two things I want to ask you."
"My secret is expensive you know?"

I ignore Arisa who's posing like a strange evil woman, and ask her what I need to ask.

"You said coming-of-age celebration, is it near the time for Lulu's birthday?"
"Ara? I didn't tell you? There aren't many countries that celebrate birthdays here. Most only celebrate at ages seven and fifteen during new year."

Fumu.... I confirm the date on my Menu.
It's 28th October right now, so it's about two months left huh. With this much time, I should be able to create a long-sleeved kimono.
Arisa continues speaking as if sneering me who's relieved.

"Since one year is 10 months, it's the day after tomorrow."


Come to think of it, Arisa did tell me that one year is 10 months once.

"....Two days left huh."
"Don't tell me, you really haven't prepared anything?"

I have the best clothes prepared for when Lulu won the cooking tournament, but I feel that wearing Chinese dress for her coming-of-age ceremony is not good.
She would likely cry if I gave her the bunny suit I made for Arisa's joke....

--Think! Satou!

While skimming the items in my Storage, I imagine what kind of item I should make.

--Show me the power of that uselessly high INT!

Something that would make women happy are sweets, ornaments and cosmetics, and also a trip huh.

There's nothing special with sweets.
Accessories too, I've always given her the trial products whenever I make dresses and maid uniform, so it'll feel too little too late.
A tiara with a lot of philosopher's not a good idea. Gift isn't about the amount of money.

I have several repertoires regarding cosmetics, but with Lulu's beauty it'd harm it instead.
Then maybe something like perfume--right, a lipstick might be good.

When my childhood friend asked me a birthday present, she was really happy when I randomly give her a lipstick.
I was running out of money at that time, so I bought the lipstick from a hundred-yen store, I felt like running away when I saw my childhood friend dancing in joy from the cheap lipstick I gave, but I remember giving her a proper lipstick after I got the earnings from my part-time job later on.

"I'll present her a lipstick."
"Ah, she might be pleased with that. I'll even overlook it if I see it on Master's lips."

Arisa said so while laughing amorously.
....She said that in case of Lulu kissing me right? I don't have a hobby of dressing as a girl you know?

--Huh? Arisa asked me about the color just now, can she even make a kimono in two days?
I thought so and confirmed to Arisa.

"Ah, of course it's for battle underwear! Does Master like string for the side? Or maybe you're in lace-faction?"

After spanking Arisa who laughed guhehe, turned out the white cloth from earlier was for the half-finished dress for Lulu.
She's using unraveled whale beard which is used for dress armor for the lining cloth, so the defensive power is way higher than normal metal armor.

In addition, since it could be sexual harassment, I checked if Arisa really made a battle underwear.

....On later days, Lulu who used the lipstick I gave her while wearing the white dress was really wonderful.
The offensive power is really too high, enough to make me feel dizzy.
It was dazzling enough that I would have proposed her here and then if it wasn't for Aze-san.

"It's my turn in three years. At that time, you have to absolutely, absolutely make a face like just now!"

Arisa who crossed her arms while posing dauntingly roughly breathed, muhhaa, and declared so.
Toward Arisa's reckless objective that seems like a knight challenging a windmill, I cheer for her only in my mind.

--Do your best, Arisa.

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