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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 12 SS 3

SS: Lulu and Ingredients Shopping


"Huh? Lulu, you sure are early."
"Good morning, Master."

I stop my hands from changing clothes, and greet Master.
Even though Master said I'm early, Master wasn't in the bed when I woke up in the middle of the night, so maybe he didn't sleep tonight too.

I can't imagine Master collapsing from overworking, but even my mother collapsed suddenly.
It might be presumptuous of me, but I harden my heart, I must tell Master to get some sleep!

"Lulu, you're in the middle of changing right? I'm troubled where to look, so can you at least put your underwear?"



I move my line of sight awkwardly to below.

That is, just now, the one I was trying to wear, brassiere.

I cover my breasts and squat on the floor.
Ah, my face is hot.

To let Master see the body of an ugly girl like me.... I've polluted his eyes.

"I-I'm sorry. To show such a thing to Master."
"Ah, sorry. My reaction was late due to my slightly lack of sleep. Moreover, it was a sight for sore eyes, so there's no need for you to apologize."

Master who had turned his body the other way gently said so.

I put up the brassiere in a hurry. It seems the bust-up exercise has shown its effect recently, they've grown bigger and the brassiere size becomes wrong.
I have to ask Arisa to adjust the size next time.

"Lulu give this package to Arisa when she's woken up. It's dangerous, so be careful about the children opening the package okay."
"Yes, I understand."

I put the package from Master into my own magic bag temporarily.
I want to put it in Arisa's magic bag, but it can't be helped since you can only put and take out things from your own magic bag.

Master waves his hand to me and then leaves the room.

--Ah! Maybe he was hungry.
There's still some time before the commuting maids come, so I have to make it!

I grab the apron in a hurry and chase after Master.

"Is it alright with just plum rice porridge?"
"Yeah, it's nice for the stomach, and above all, Lulu's cooking is delicious."

Ehehehee, I got praised.

"Right, there's a morning market opening near the royal capital's gate during this hour, do you want to see it?"

For Master's invitation, I check the clock that Master's made hung on the wall.
There's still two hours before everyone wakes up--it's alright isn't it?

"Yes! I want to go."
"Then we'll be going after I've finished eating this, so fix your clothes okay."


Aaaa..... I've done it again.
To have only my underwear under the apron, there's a limit to being improper.
Like this, I'm just a female pervert.

While reflecting on it, I went back to my room in a hurry to change.

"As one would expect of the royal capital, there's an abundance of goods huh."
"Yes! It makes it hard to choose."

There's a lot of seasoning, there's a lot of ingredients I've never seen, just thinking how to use them makes me feel giddy.
If possible I'd love to study cooking together with Master just like it was before we went to the elf hometown.... Such thing is too luxurious for me.

"Ah, Master, although they're small, aren't those tuna?"
"It's true, let's go see it Lulu."

Master pulled my hand while smiling happily.
Oh Master, he really likes tuna.

I hold my cheeks with the unconnected hand so that it won't loosen, and enjoy the brief happiness.

After we've finished the shopping, I'm sitting together with Master on a bench next to a stall, enjoying some light meal.
Maybe because I've walked a lot, the fragrance of the soba that's just been milled stimulates my appetite.

"It's the first time I've eaten soba made of buckwheat dough, but it's surprisingly delicious isn't it."
"Yes. It's not firm like the soba I ate before, but this is delicious too."

It's the first for me, but it seems it's the first too for Master who has extensive knowledge.

It seems there's still a lot of dish unknown to me in Royal Capital.
The money I received in the Labyrinth City has accumulated so much I don't know if it'll ever be used up, so it might be good to eat out at various places.
I won't ask something luxurious like wanting it to be together with Master.
Exploring a lot of delicious shops with everyone, it'll be fun.

Eating the local dishes in various regions, and then next time, I'll be treating those dishes to someone else in another region.
Recently, I sometimes dream like that.

It might be an unreachable dream with this slave body, but someday I'll save enough money and make it a reality.

And then, at that time, beside me will be--.

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