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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 12 SS 1

SS: Dance Practice


"Pochi's dress is soft and fluffy too nanodesu."

The dresses that Master has made for us are very beautiful.
Tama is also dancing round and round with Pochi nodesu.

"Pochi, Tama, we're going to Oppai-san's place in the castle, are you coming?"
"Pochi will go too nodesu."

Pochi nods to Arisa. She says that Lulu is also coming.
Pochi hasn't been moving much ever since she comes to to the royal capital, so she wants to do some training with Karina nodesu.

Nana seems to be doing something in the garden. Together with Shiro and Crow too.

We go to Karina's house in the royal castle.
But, Karina wasn't in the lesson room.

"Huh? Karina-sama?"
"She's feeling a bit sick, she's retiring in her bedroom."

Erina shakes her neck while saying, "Gyoukusai ssu." <TLN: Got your confession completely rejected>
Pochi wonder if Gyokusai is an egg dish? It sounds a bit delicious nanodesu.

"I see, then everyone start your lesson ahead, I'll motivate Karina-sama for a bit."

Arisa said so and then left the room.
Pochi also wanted to go with her, but she said, "It's maidens talk, so leave us two alone", and leave me in the room nodesu.

"Tama is a maiden too~?"
"Even Pochi is a maiden nanodesu."
"N, maiden."

We have to firmly protest here!
Lulu too, it's not the time to giggle nodesuyo?

However, since a mansion's maid came to the room bringing snacks, we're going to protest after eating the snacks nodesu.
You cannot protest with a hungry stomach nodesuyo.

"It was delicious nodesu."
"N, satisfied."

Eating snack is happiness.
Pochi can't make light of the mansion's maid skill nodesu.

"I wonder if it uses ginger as the secret ingredient? If you just decrease it a bit more, remove the alcohol and add a drop of brandy, it should taste better. I should try it when we get back."

....Lulu's monologues sounds so tender to Pochi's ears like a lullaby nodesu.

"Hey Pochi. The lesson is starting."

Arisa woke Pochi up, swoosh swoosh.
Hau, Pochi's stomach was full, making her fell asleep nodesu.

Karina is standing with enough fighting spirit beside Arisa.
Her face is like when Pochi and the others challenged the [Floormaster] nodesu.

"I'll display the best dance and make the gazes of the surrounding men gather to me. And then, I'll make Satou regret and be jealous desuwa. A flower is chased by men. I won't become a cheap woman who chase after men desuwa."

Pochi completely doesn't understand what Karina is saying, but Pochi loves doing chasing.
Da da da, da so Pochi chases and then enters the burrowing hole entirely, it's really fun nanodesu.

Tama and Pochi leans our heads to each other.

"Mia, music start."

Karina dances with Lulu.
The two's foot-stepping are wonderful nanodesu. Pochi should train her foot techniques too nanodesu.

Dancing and spinning together with Tama.

"Good good, keep it up!"

Arisa is encouraging everyone with folded arms.

However, Pochi can't step her partner's feet as well as Karina and Lulu.
Tama's evasion is amazing nodesu.

However, Master's evasion is even more amazing nodesu.
Someday, Pochi will show Master that she can dance well enough to step on her partner's feet like Karina and Lulu nodesu!

--However, is it alright for Arisa not to practice dancing nodesu?

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