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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 12-23

12-23. The Royal Capital's Magic Circle

Satou's here. The sakuramochis eaten during flower viewing are extraordinary. And it's perfect if there are hot teas.
However, it seems there's a sakuramochi that would make you hesitate to reach your hand on it in the other world....

"Arisa! Please activate 『Tactic Talk』 magic."

Arisa activates the Tactic Talk magic chantlessly.
Without waiting for her, I flew toward the magic circle with Sky Drive.

I don't know what's coming out today, so I'm wearing the same golden orichalcum armor like Nana's. I can equip it together with the silver mask, but since its clattering sound is noisy, I've taken it off.

"I'm going to destroy that magic circle, I'd like to ask everyone to eliminate the monsters in the royal capital."

Through [Tactic Talk], everyone replies to my request unanimously.
While listening them, I observe the monsters in the royal capital with the map that occupies half of my view.

--There are many that need to be defeated.

I'll purge all the small fish myself.
Using ranged magic or Laser would damage the underground tunnel and the buildings.

I guess I really should use pinpoint-attack magic here.

I was going to use force magic [Remote Arrow], but stopped.
I've seen those red rope pattern monsters blocked Liza's spear, even though it was only for an instant. It's probably better to crush that protective membrane first.

I star invoking [Remote Stun].
I check the lock-on marks that appear one after another on the map, and fire the [Remote Stun] simultaneously.
Next, I fire [Remote Arrow] the same way.
The plan seems to be going well, around 100 luminous points of the red rope pattern monsters have disappeared.

When I'm about 10 seconds away from reaching the magic circle, most of the small fish on the streets have been eliminated after repeating the same set 20 times.
I've also split Claiomh Solais to 13 parts and made it to diligently eliminate the monsters.

However, I can't defeat the monsters that are located indoor with the same method.

Moreover, the monsters keep appearing in the royal capital, their number is added whenever it's decreased.
I really have to cut off the ringleader to stop the chaos.

I talk to Arisa with [Tactic Talk].

"Arisa, look at the map in the command room. From the northwest upper left, the length and width are divided by 10 right?"
『Wait a minute.』

While waiting for Arisa's reply, I begin to decipher the magic circle's constitution.
Evilish magic circles often have traps that are triggered by their destruction, so I can't abruptly break it with brute force.

『Yes, I can see it.』
"Put A to J on the horizontal axis, and 0 to 9 on the vertical axis."

I can hear the sound of Arisa doing her best with a pen from the other side.

『....OK, it's done.』
"Then dispatch Tama to point D3. Large swarms of lizard-type monsters are invading the noble mansion. I'm counting on you Tama."
『Aye aye Sir~』

I continue analyzing the magic circle as I hear Tama's casual reply on my ears.

"This time it's B1. A giant monster has appeared. The knights are fighting it, but the battle area would expand if left alone, and the orphanage would--"
『Arisa, the transfer. Master, the permission.』
"I authorize it."

I let Nana whose flat voice is oozing with impatience to dispatch to the downtown.

--Alright, analyze complete.

Apparently, it's forcefully absorbing magic power from the Royal Capital's Source and then it releases it to the royal capital.
Its function is simple despite its large scale.

I invoke [Break Magic], destroying the magic circle.
The magic circle is broken while leaving white glass-like splinters.

However, it's a gigantic magic circle that covers the whole capital.
I've merely destroyed a part of it. It's been broken several hundred meters wide due to chain reaction, but it seems the magic circle has repair function, it has begun repairing the broken part.

--How troublesome.

I could've destroyed it in one go if I had the advanced magic [<<Chain Break Magic>>] and [Neutralize Magic].

I instruct our girls to dispatch while I'm cleaning up the small fish myself.
Thanks to the hard work of everyone, although there are some injured people, there is no casualty.

In order to quickly settle this chaos even a little bit faster, I try to destroy the magic circle once again.

This time I try invoking both [Mana Drain] and [Break Magic] together.
Just as I've thought, when I break its structure while draining its mana, the magic circle's repair function won't work.

Next I just have to go around breaking the magic circle with all my might.
If there's no hindrance, I can do it faster than making a cup ramen--

--As if that thought was a flag, my Crisis Perception kicked in.
I evade the white light that comes attacking from the ground with Flash Drive.

Despite the speed of Flash Drive, the white light reached one Flexible Shield, smashing it.
The Flexible Shield that could even stand the beastkin girls certain-kill technique was destroyed in an instant.

I feel like I've seen that white light before.
It looks exactly the same as the Dragon Breath that the Black Dragon Heiron used.

I block another troublesome white light with two Flexible Shields.
It seems like I could somehow block it with one Flexible Shield if I just work out the angle right to avert the white light.
I was able to pinpoint the one who fired the white light from the luminous point that appeared on the map because the opponent shot the second one.
The distance is around 400 meters. I approach the ground at high speed.

Surprisingly enough, the opponent's level is only 30 even though it used white light with that much power.
The name is [Ten-chan]. It's like the name of a shady Chinese that appeared in an old manga.
The gender is female, her race is [Homonculus] like Nana. Her title is [Familiar].

It seems she uses a recognition inhibition item, the info from Appraisal and AR readings differ with each other.

And then the one who appeared from behind the debris is a silver-haired beautiful woman with bat-like wings on her back.
Half of her face is covered by a black veil, but there's no mistake that she's beauty.
She's holding a great sword with white blade on her hand.

"I know not whether you're a demon or a demon lord, but you're the mastermind behind the royal capital chaos right. Get torn by my Dragon Claw Sword and disappear."
"You misunderst--"

I block the great sword, that attacked before I could finish talking, with Durandal taken out of my Storage.
She seems to be someone who's just mistaking me as a demon, so I evade with Flash Drive, and attempt to talk to her without doing the usual fainting-palm strike combo.
I'd like her to help eliminating the small fish monsters if possible.

We exchange two-three blows of swords while moving in the sky like gliding. Shining sparks that appear between blue trails are coloring the Royal Capital's sky.
Apparently, the silver-haired beauty is insensitive.
It seems she's still mistaking me as a demon even though I'm clearly using a holy sword.

"Ten-cha~n, wait for me~"

A black haired woman who's jumping around on the streets and the rooftops is coming toward us.
The thing on her hand looks like a broom, I wonder what kind of joke is this.

--Am I imagining things, I feel like I've heard her voice somewhere before.

"Mito! This guy is powerful. He hasn't hatched yet, but it's only a matter of time before he becomes a demon lord. Get rid of him with Forbidden Magic while I keep him busy."
"Eh~, how many victims would appear if I use Forbidden Magic in the middle of Royal Capital."
"You're too naive! Did you forget how many orcs were sacrificed due to that naivety?"
"Uuu, you promised not to mention that."

Since they seem to be busy about something, I order Arisa the next dispatch location.
Claiomh Solais seems to be working hard, but the monsters are appearing too quick. I'd like for our girls to go around defeating the small fish too, but if Arisa uses too much space magic to teleport them, she would drink too much magic potion and fall.
The rear guards, that are Arisa and the others are equipped with Divine Dresses that have Philosopher's Stones attached for recovering magic power, but nevertheless, it can't catch up with the consumption of the space magic that uses too much magic power.

It seems their private talk is over, the woman called Mito uses [Cube] magic to create footholds and ascends to before me.

"You there! You'll become a Demon Lord if you use your unique skills too much you know. So--"

--I recognize her finger pointing pose.


I approach the person called Mito who reacted to my mutter with Flash Drive, and brandish Durandal.
Ten-chan tried to cover Mito from the side, but I drive her away with [Remote Stun] barrage.

I stare at Mito who screamed 'Kya' while covering her breasts with her both hands.
The thing that I cut was only the Recognition Inhibition veil that covered her face. I wouldn't cut it along with the clothes like some eroge villain.

The face that appears is the same as Nanashi's.
It's exactly the same face as the person whom Nanashi is modeled after--No, it has aged a bit huh.

After looking at her stat shown on the AR, I'm convinced and so I talk to her.

"Ancient King Yamato--"
"--Receive it."

I pass the Claiomh Solais that's just got back to the shocked Mito--Ancient King Yamato.
Of course, it was after I had taken my magic power from Claiomh Solais so that it would be easier for her to re-contract it.

"Claiomh Solais?! Why?"
"I'll talk about it after we've defeated the enemy."

I say so to Mito and then glare below.
It's the direction where my Crisis Perception, that has been gradually getting stronger since a while ago, is reacting.

Three demons appeared from the collapsing noble mansion where I'm looking at. One of it has intimidating air that's clearly different from the rest. It's probably a greater demon.

Contrary to its intimidating air, the pink sakuramochi-like round demon is shaking.
While overlooking it, I talk to Mito who's concentrating in pouring her magic power into Claiomh Solais.

"Ancient King Yamato, between canceling a magic circle and fighting a greater demon, which one you're good at."
"U~n, I don't have both the Holy Wand, and the Holy Shell Motion Armor, so my fighting power is only at half."

Then there's no need to consider it.
I don't know how much the legend about Ancient King Yamato is true, but I can probably believe that she's a master of force magic. I'll have you show me the power of level 89.

"Then please cancel the magic circle. I tried many times, but I couldn't destroy it with intermediate magic."
"Hoi, leave it to me."
"Mito! Are you going to obey this suspicious person?"
"Un. I mean, Ten-chan and I wouldn't be alive now if this person had just felt like it you know?"

Perhaps, she could see my hidden level like Yuika?
I guess it's as one would expect from the maker of Yamato Stone.

The sakuramochi-like thing is rising while wriggling.
If this were a manga, this type of enemy is powerful and can usually nullify physical attack, and reflect attacks, but I wonder how it is in real world.

I'd like to ask it the reason why it did such roundabout things, but we don't have any room to prioritize my curiosity now.
Sorry but, I'll instantly kill it with the technique that was used to clean-up the whales--

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