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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13-3

This time it's in Arisa's point of view

13-3. Royal Academy


"Pleased to meet you Chevalier Tachibana. I am the principal of the Royal Academy, Litou Maiya."

A dignified old woman greeted me from the other side of her work desk.
I've visited the Royal Academy in the Noble Street while taking the children along.

Her name seems strange to be of Shiga Kingdom.
I think the name is one that's often found on the western part of the continent.

I pass the letter that has been given by my beloved Master to the principal.
The letter of introduction was from Duke Oyugock so I had thought that there would be no obstacles, but I never thought we would meet face-to-face suddenly.

"I'm told that you will be entering our academy, but is it not just you, but also the children behind you?"

The principal raises her eyebrows when she sees the children behind me.

"Our academy requires students to be able to read and write, and do basic arithmetic in order to be enrolled here. Even if the recommendation comes from Duke-sama, if they don't have that much scholarly ability...."
"Tama, can do arithmatic and read and write too~?"
"Pochi too, she writes novels and she can perfectly calculate nanodesu."
"Me too~"
"I can do it too."

Tama, Pochi, Shiro and Crow answered the principal in turns.
It seems Mia isn't interested with the conversation, she's absorbed looking at the painting on the wall.

"Is it the same with the person over there?"

Mia who's been called turns her head, and her hood falls back down from the inertia of her twintails.

"E-elf-sama?! Are you perhaps an Elf-sama from Boruenan Forest?"
"Nn, Mia."

Mia nods toward the principal who's bent her body forward the desk in surprise.

The nobles we met for the past two days were all courteous but they acted normally, this person must be an elf-lover, no doubt bout it.
Along with Mia, we were able to enroll at the Royal Academy without problem.

"--In the same way, there are various subjects other than the basic in our academy. Which subject do you wish to attend?"

Summarizing the principal's long explanation, this academy has six main schools; high-grade school, noble school, maiden school, knight school, magic school, and childhood school, along with 12 subjects.
It'll be a different story if we stay in the Royal Capital as permanent residents, but since we're only enrolling for a limited time, we decide to intrude upon three schools after consulting with her.

It's decided that Mia and me would be in the magic school, Pochi and Tama in the knight school, and Shiro and Crow to be in the childhood school.

I thought of enrolling into the maiden school for bridal training, or the high-grade school to study political science and economics, but my interest lies on the place where I can research magic after all.

Since our cheat Master can create a kingdom or an empire on his own if he wants, studying territory management and how to become an emperor are probably better, but I didn't go through it since doing it during limited enrollment would be half-baked.

Throwing Pochi and Tama alone to the knight school felt like some kind of flag, so I had decided to accompany them on the first day.
I should consult with Master tomorrow.

I take Pochi and Tama along to the knight school guided by a teacher.
Only people who are recommended by nobles can enroll to this place.

"I'm sorry, but just in case, please do a simple test."
"Pochi is good with test nanodesu!"
"What kind of test is it?"

I ask the muscle teacher.

"It's a simple thing for someone who aspires to become a knight. Simply take a sword and do practice-swinging with it. Please try swinging it ten ti--me?!"

Swoosh swoosh, Pochi and Tama are swinging the swords at speed where the swords' tips can't be seen while sitting.
The teacher is so surprised his jaw looks like it'll fall off.

I tell the two to be prudent and receive Pochi's sword.

--Oh, it's unexpectedly heavy despite how it looks.

I wonder if the center of gravity is on the tip?

My stats have been increased to the level of a normal knight through level up, but it doesn't seem like I can keep my posture while swinging it.

I secretly use [Power Assist] magic chantlessly.
It's a sub-type of the higher [Physical Reinforcement] for spy-use that our Master has made.

I swing the sword like practice-swinging of kendo.
My tension gradually goes up whenever I swing the sword.

Swords sure have this mysterious charm that would likely make you shout "Wooooo" huh.
I understand well how the two felt just now.

"Alright, Dame Tachibana has passed too."
"Thank you."

I return the sword to the teacher with composed face.
Feels like I'll suffer muscular pain if I don't get some massage when we get back.

Oh right! I'll have Master massage me stickly.
Of course, I have to massage Master back once it's over!

Guhehehe, doing as I please to a shota's body huh.
I'm boiling~.

"Face, nanodesu."

The two who are looking at me from below poke my lips.
Oops, not good, be prim and proper, prim and proper.

"Tama Kishresgalza."
"Pochi Kishresgalza nanodesu!"
"I am Arisa Tachibana. Everyone, please get along well with us."

The classroom is full of kids.
I guess most are around 13 years old?
As expected of knight apprentices, all of the kids have bulking muscles even though they're baby-faced, there's no one who attracts my attention.
There are around 30 people, but there are only two girls. One of them is a delicate girl that looks like a young lady, looking out-of-place here, but the other one is a girl that's better build than boys.

The level differences are from 3 to 7. There are also non-standard kids whose levels are 11 and 15.
Most of the noble kids occupy the 7, thus they have relatively more skills.
Half have martial arts skills, and around 20% have magic skills.

"Fuhn, demi-humans and womens huh. Knight school's standard sure has fallen."

A handsome boy whose atmosphere feels like a young nobleman threw some template-like sarcasm.
And there's someone who reacts to that instantly.

"What did you say! Try saying it again. In the name of Kelten House, I challenge you to a duel!"

It's the delicate-looking girl from earlier.
Rather, why are you the one who's angry.

"Fighting is bad~"
"That's right nanodesu! We have to get along with each other nodesuyo. Bad nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi cut themselves between the two kids with Flickering Movement, flapping their hands to intermediate the two.

"....O, oy."
"Didn't these two just suddenly move?"
"Don't tell me, Flickering Movement?"
"Don't be stupid. If they can use Flickering Movement, they'll get scouted to the knight order instead of knight school."

The classmates lost their composures when they saw the two's transcendental-like techniques.
I looked at the muscle teacher thinking that he should quickly stop them, but he seems to find the students' independence interesting while folding his arms.

--Geez. How troublesome.

"Please leave it at that you two."

I arbitrate them in Tama's and Pochi's places as an adult myself.

"The young nobleman over there. I don't mind if you classify people by gender, but please stop discriminating them by it. Even women can be a master of wonderful swordsmanship like Ryouna-sama of Shiga Eight Swords."

I brought up the six-packs aunty from before against a kid who seems weak against authority like him so that he can't argue back.
Next, I turn toward the instantaneous-boiling young lady.

"We'd like to thank you the young lady of Sir Kelten for defending us."

This girl should have been rebuked for her own sake, but that's the job of the teacher.
Bringing that now would put her to shame, I can just point it out to her later when we're alone.

"R-Ryouna-sama is an exception! Men is stronger, and they excel in a fight! Aren't most of the Shiga Eight Swords men too!"

The boy took the wrong turn again, and bit back.
However, the one who replies him is the delicate girl.

"Ara, the one who broke Julberg-sama of that Shiga Eight Swords, 『Black Spear』 Liza-sama is a woman you know."

Pochi and Tama who heard words of praise for Liza-san begin to wear happy expressions on their faces.

"Liza strong~"
"That's right nanodesu. Liza is strong nodesu!"
"Wait, you girls! Add 'sama' honorific! That lady should have been conferred the rank of honorary earl equaling Shiga Eight Swords right about now."

The young lady scolds the two who praise Liza-san.

"Not that~?"
"It's not that nodesu."
"What do you mean by that!"

The two probably wanted to say that Liza-san had refused to become a Shiga Eight Swords, so she's not a honorary earl but a honorary baronetess, but it doesn't seem that they can convey it well.

"Please calm down. Liza Kishresgalza-sama has declined the invitation to become a Shiga Eight Swords. She has been given the rank of honorary baronetcy in the 『Great Audience Ceremony』 the other day."
"It's as if you've seen it firsthand--Kishresgalza?"
<TLN: TL mistake in earlier chapter, Liza is a Baronetess, not a Baroness.>

Oh, it seems she did hear Pochi's and Tama's introduction earlier.

"Yes, the three of us were present at the occasion. You might have noticed it, but these two are like little sisters to Kishresgalza-sama."
"....Liza-sama's little sisters?"

Geez, I'd likely bite my tongue if I don't get serious when I say Liza-san's family name.

The voice of the handsome boy whose existence was forgotten cuts in there.

"You girls, fight me! I'll apologize for my words earlier if I lose. Teacher, please the arrangement for the training center."
"Very well."

The muscle teacher nodded to the arrogant words of the boy, told everyone, "The first class is study by observation of the duel", and then guided the classmates to the training ground.

--Damn these muscle-brain bunch.

"Now, come! The three of you can come at once."

The boy who's equipped with a shock-absorbing helmet and padding holds his wooden sword toward us and shouts.
There are five boys behind him scowling at us.

"Private Tama. I appoint you to be the vanguard."
"Listen okay? Aim for the weapon. Mia is not here, so even if you make a mistake, don't hurt him okay."
"Aye aye sir~?"

I ask the dexterous Tama to finish it by destroying the opponent's weapon.
Of course with a low voice that can't be heard by the other party.

"To the front! Take your stance."

The boy holds the sword in knight style.
Tama is in natural posture.


With the muscle teacher's signal, the boy stabs toward Tama while shouting.
That sure looks dangerous~. You'll get a big injury even with a wooden sword like that.


The boy's stab is sharp. His footworks is very fast it's hard to think it's the same boy.
The kids of the explorer training school can't be compared to him. I guess that's as expected of level 11.

--However, his opponent is just too bad.

"Tama is a captivating dancer~?"

Tama is evading the boy's stabs left and right with magnificent steps.
If it's Tama, she can probably do the same even against members of Shiga Eight Swords.

"Tama, do your best nanodesu!"

Answering Pochi's support, Tama round slices the boy's sword with her own wooden sword.

"Secret sword, round slices dance~?"

Tama who's run past boy takes a strange victory pose.
It seems the boy loses his strength from the excessively absurd technique that cut his wooden sword to slices, he's sitting on the spot.

"Winner, Tama."

The classmates cheer with the muscle teacher's declaration.
Only a single cynical-looking boy leaves the training center behind the classmates while smiling smugly like "Hmph". It's the level 15 boy.
He would have become the rival if this were a school story, but unfortunately, it's unasked for.

The followers of the boy challenged us one by one afterward, but Tama and Pochi alternately hurled their weapons, taking the victory.
The muscle teacher asked us not to break the equipment, so they refrained from round slicing them.

After the followers had all fallen, the big girl challenged, and then it turned into something like a class match somehow.

"It's Pochi's turn this time nanodesu!"

Pochi who's holding a wooden sword look toward the classmates with a happy face, but there's no one who challenges back.
The young lady and the first boy challenged three times each, but it was an easy victory.

"Alright, today's class is over."

Once the muscle teacher declares so, several people with ragged breathing beat the ground while looking frustrated.
Ah, the frustrated faces of boys are nice aren't they~.
Use this frustration to grow! I'm cheering on you!

"Everyone, you should now understand that there's someone even higher on the top right? However, do not be discouraged okay? These two are special. They're real explorers who have been risking their life in the labyrinth ever since they're small."

Apparently, muscle teacher made use of the occasion well.
Now the kids would probably be more diligent in their training with idealized image yet not getting ahead of themselves.
It's important to have a clear target after all.

But, with this the two should have been recognized and won't become the target of bullying, there are also several kids who look like they'll get along with the two too, so I won't complain.

In addition, the handsome boy who picked a quarrel with the two also apologized to the two properly.

Looking at his disorderly emotion while apologizing, I feel like it's enough to last me three meals.
Oh no~ I can't get enough of the school arc~

"There are only strange dishes in that store, but they're mysteriously tasty."
"Sometimes they're bad tho'"
"But that mayo thing will absolutely become a habit ya' know?"

After the class is over, we were invited by the fourth son of a honorary chevalier, the big girl and a phanterkin boy to eat out.

....Still mayo huh. It stinks of a reincarnated or a teleported person.

Well, it's just like usual with the trouble though.

--Maybe because I'm thinking strangely like that, we encounter a strange scene.

"You dirty orphan, don't walk so brazenly in this place!"
"Souya-dono, please don't use violence. Shin is just doing chores in the school!"
"Don't mind me. Hit me if you want. I have to end my work quickly. Make it brief please."

The one doing the hitting is a slightly plump yet wastefully beautiful boy. With his black hair, if he's a bit thinner, his beauty would be comparable to Lulu.
His name is Asian-like, or rather, Japanese-like; Souya. He looks like a hero or a teleported person. His skill is only [Engraving]. 14 years old.

The one doing the protecting is our acquaintance.
It's the pink-haired princess of a small kingdom, Menea. She's not with her maids, probably because she's in the school. I think it's a bit too unsafe.

The boy who's getting hit is slim and has white hair, a handsome boy with a French-looking face. His name is Shin, like he's an earthling, but it's a name that's often found here in this world so it's probably unrelated. His skill is only [One-handed Sword]. He's 14 years old just like the black-haired boy.

Still, it's a situation that would surely make you want to retort "You think this is shoujo manga!".

"Oy, it's His Highness again."
"That handyman really is often entangled with His Highness."
"He's probably upset to see the princess talking with the handyman."
"Ugly His Highness sure is persistent even though the princess hates him."

We heard such conversations from the upper classmen nearby.
Ugly His Highness? Perhaps that kid is also like Lulu, having aggregation of unfortunate parts?

"Fuhn, my hand is dirty now!"

The boy called His Highness arrogantly leaves while Princess Menea is scowling at him.

"Oh no! The blood--"
"It's alright. The handkerchief will get dirty."

Princess Menea who sees the blood flowing from the mouth of the boy who's been hit takes out a handkerchief and tries to wipe that blood with it.
The boy declines curtly and wipes it with his own hand.

--Kuh, what the heck is this shoujo manga space!

Is this the so-called "Note:Limited to good-looking men" thing.
Dammit, I should have been in that position since this is the school arc....

God why!

I curse at the love-comedy god in my heart.

Author's note:
Next time we'll be back with Satou's point of view. The second day of Royal Academy is planned after 2-3 episodes later.

【Menea】 The third princess of a small kingdom, Rumooku. A pink-haired beautiful girl. 17 years old.
【Rumooku Kingdom】 Once partnered with weaselkin to summon otherworld people.
【Kelten】 A marquis with great influence in the army.

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