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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 12 SS 4

SS: Tama and Bad People Suppression


"Night strolling~?"

Tama found Master who was going out, so it's an emergency capture nano.
I mean, Arisa and Mia asked me.

"Ah, you found me. Keep it a secret from everyone okay?"

Master puts Wing Boots on Tama, and then we go together.

Mia and Arisa said, "Catch Master when he's going out alone."
But, right now he's with Tama, so it's alright.

--It's alright right?

From on top of the neighboring mansion, Tama flies pyo~n departing!
Master's black mantle is fluttering, he looks so happy. The white mask is also laughing.

Tama can't fly well, so Master holds her in his arms.

"To where~?"
"A bit more--look, it's over there."

We land at the top of a spire with a thump.
Even though the mantle is shaken by the wind, Master doesn't shake even an inch.

--As expected, nano.

"Look there, I'm going to suppress those bad people."
"Bad people~?"

When Tama looks at the place Master is pointing at, there are people in black clothing full of weapons lurking in the back alley.

"It seems they're going to attack the homes of our employees--wait, we can talk about that later."

Master comes before Tama's face.
When you stare so hard, it's embarrassing, nyan.

"Listen now, they are far weaker than the labyrinth monsters, so don't forget to hold back okay."

Tama replies with shutan pose.

"Now, let's start the ninja time."

Tama nods to answer Master.
I mean, Ninjas don't talk.

While holding Tama, Master lands in front of the black clothed people.

"Who the hell are you!"
"Your enemies."

Tama hides behind the shadow as soon as we land.

"What? The pink lump disappears?"
"Rather than that, kill this suspicious mask!"

The black-clothed people attack Master all at once.
Tama cannot go help.

I mean, there is no need.


Master increases to six, and then attack the black-clothed people who're attacking from six directions!
Every one of them fell to the floor without even having time to swing their swords.

Tama has to learn it too!
I mean, she's a ninja.

Tama will get scolded if she just watches. She has to work too--

"It's noisy on that side."
"Maybe they got found out by the guards."
"Even if it's just us, let's quickly plunder, kill and escape."

Discovered bad people.
Shuriken, shu, shu, shu~?


"Hmph, you seem to be quite skillful, but it's not enough against this great me who's an ex-Red Iron ya'know?"

Tama held back too much.
Uncle-san attacked with a great axe.

Iai flash nano.
When a Ninja 'shupan', draws, and then 'shushut', sheaths, something like a great axe is cut in two.

"Wo, what? Red blade flew?"

Unyu, Magic Edge Cannon came out.
--Ah, Master catches the Magic Edge Cannon on the other side.

Tama waves her hand, thank you Master.

Huh? But wasn't Master fighting over there?
When she turns around, Master is standing over there too.

Afterimage! Arisa often said, "That's an afterimage!" when she played as demon king nyan!
As expected of Tama's master.

"Magic weapons huh. You cheater!"

Uncle-san is angry, punpun.

Tama is not a cheater.
Besides, the one saying cheater is the cheater themselves nano.

I mean, Ninjas are an ally of justice.

Tama too, will afterimage.

"Kuh, Twinkling Movement huh!"

Uncle-san takes some distance while blocking the kunai with his axe.
U~n, it's a bit wrong.

While evading the daggers thrown around by Uncle-san, Tama sees Master who's fighting over there.

U~n, it's difficult.
Does Tama move slightly like, gyun, maybe~?

"Tsk, they were easily evaded, then how about this! 『Flame』"

Uncle-san points a short wand with fire stone here.
A small fireball comes flying.

It's useless nyan.
If Tama just, cut-this-one--done.

"WHAT! This guy cut a magic!"

Next is Tama's turn.

Moving slightly, like, gyun.

"Wha, this guy increased?!"

Looks like it's a success.
But, Tama hit Uncle-san's stomach too enthusiastically.

Uncle-san who spurted blood like he was dying got healed by Master's magic.
Master, thank you nano.

"Looks like Tama has cleaned up her part too. The guards seem to be coming here, let's go back after I've given these guys to them."

After Master give the bad people to the guward people, we return to the mansion.
We remove our disguises along the way and eat [Yonakisoba] on a stall that sounds [pipuu].

"Who would've thought that there's a ramen stall here."

Tama wants to eat [Yonakisoba] with Pochi and everyone next time.

"That's right, let's go with Pochi and the others next time."

Therefore, so happy from Master's words, Tama answers with energetic shutan pose.

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