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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Violence of Words and Cramming for Exam

At the inn's tavern.
I summoned the status of the three thugs.

Name: Saz
Job: Bandit
Class: Swordsman Lv 22
Element: 【Earth】
Weapon: Ice Sword of Exorcism 【Robbery and Murder Item】: Added ice damage on monsters
Armor: Chain Mail 【Stolen Item】: With Coat of Arms

Name: Maz
Job: Bandit
Class: Archer Lv 18
Element: 【Wind】
Weapon: Swift Arbalest 【Stolen Item】: Can shoot continuously  Aiming improvement
Armor: Fairy Clothes 【Lost Item】: Aiming and Willpower improvements

Name: Gaff
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Race: Human
Job: Bandit Head
Class: Warrior Lv 34
Element: 【Fire】
Weapon: Explosive Great Sword 【Robbery and Murder Item】: Added explosive damage  Low probability to cause Instant Death
Armor: Chimera Scale Armor 【Robbery and Murder Item】: Agility improvement  Weightless  Floating

I omitted the numerical values since they're just small fries.
The important thing is their job, 【Bandit】.
I thought they were shady looking, but their jobs are just as bad.
If it was 【Thieves】 then they could've possibly been [Labyrinth invader=adventurer].

And their equipment.
【Stolen Item】 and 【Lost Item】.
【Robbery and Murder Item】 is something you got by killing and plundering someone.
Of course their normal clothes and accessories are all stolen goods too.

They're worse scums than I expected.

I came to the table where the bandits were sitting.
The three faintly smiled like they were making fun of me.
"Whaddya want beggar."
"Yer' face and clothes look like one too."
"He's got a woman paying for him after all."
Gyahaha, the men laughed unsightly.

I was going to snap for an instant but I gritted my teeth and endured it.
--Bear it, me. My bright future will be for naught if I resort to violence here.

I took a deep breath and held my anger down.

I looked down at the sitting Gaff from the side.
"You guys are noisy. I'm gonna call the guards."
"Ooh, go on and call them. We're just drinking merrily in this tavern."
"Are you sure?"
"Like they'll arrest us for clamoring in a tavern."
Gaff laughed while showing her yellow crooked teeth.

I draw close to his face and whisper.
"Are you really sure? Those sword and armor are not yours right? They're item with names. You'd get in trouble if they check it wouldn't you?"
The color of his eyes change.

I look down while smiling faintly.
"Get out in silent. And don't ever come back. I'll let you off without calling the guards if you do. It'll be bad if you get in trouble right before the hero exam right?"
"Damn! You!"
I glare at Gaff. A dirty bearded face. The bottom of his heart from his eyes is muddy.
The two other bandits are exchanging looks while watching the situation.
They're unexpectedly smart.

Gaff suddenly stood up. He shook the table and the chair fell down.
"Look forward to the hero exam! Don't ya dare fail at the written exam! I'm definitely gonna tear your limbs to pieces!"
"Is that right. So there's no problem if people die during the hero exam."
I grinned, showing a ghastly smile.

Uu, the bandits hold their breath from my intensity.
Gaff immediately pulled himself together and spat on the floor.
"Keh, let's change place!"
He perk his shoulders and gets out of the tavern.

I call his back.
"Oy, you guys. Pay the bill."
Gaff took one big gold coin from his pocket and threw it at the old man innkeeper.
And then he left with his underlings.

The tavern became quiet.
The tense atmosphere is relaxing.

I came back to the counter.
The old man stared in amazement.
"What did you do!? Was it magic?"
"No, I just greeted them."
When I grin, Minya hugs me with her slender arms.
"Onii-chan.... Thank you."
I can feel child-like warmth from her slender body.
I pat her head. Fine lustrous black hair.
"I'm glad for you."
Minya is squinting like a cat, it seems she feels comfortable.

The old man was still surprised.
"To think you drove them out without getting violent...."
He must have thought that I would cause trouble and intended to have us all arrested.
I just didn't kill them here.
I'll have them experience the atonement for insulting a god.

Celica leaked a sigh from her red lips.
"As expected of Keika-sama. Keika-sama is truly fit to be the hero."
"Thanks. Leaving that aside. What kind of thing is Hero Exam?"
Gaff said that he would kill me in the hero exam.
Is he going to kill me by making it look like an accident, or will he do it directly.
Looks like it'll be disadvantageous if I don't find out about that.

Celica smoothly talks while thinking.
"Hero Exam is a test for 『Wisdom』, 『Courage』, 『Strength』, and 『Rigthenousness of Heart』 needed by a hero."
"『Wisdom』 is the written exam huh."
"Yes, that's right."

The old man says while stroking his chin.
"『Courage』 is that, the Tower of Trial y'see. It'll be a blast."
"Are you going to participate too old man?"
"Don't be foolish. We're just watching."
"They're going to broadcast it with magic or something huh."
"Exactly. There's a bet for the one who cleared it the fastest."
"I see."
In other words, it'll be hard to legally kill someone in the Tower of Trial.

Celica speaks from the side.
"The inside of the Tower of Trial is a dungeon, it's like a complex maze. There are monsters and traps too. You have to challenge the tower with a party of at least three people."
Three people.... So that's why Gaff brought two underlings.
"We have no choice but to employ the other one huh. It will cost us again."
The old man grins and laughs.
"Then should I search for someone with good skills?"
"Are you sure? We can't spend too much y'know?"
"What. There are some guys with piled up tabs. I'll have them participate instead of paying. They'll gather in a week."
The old man picked a notebook on the counter and flapped it with his finger.
"We're saved. Thanks."
"Thank you very much."
Celica and I honestly thanked him.

Then I ask Celica.
"Do all participants enter from the same place at the same time?"
"No every participants enter from separate entrances. It's said they rarely meet inside."
"I see. Then it'll be the next one if we're going to meet them."
I said that while patting Minya who was still hugging me. She's purring. The cat ears are moving as if they're going to jump.

Celica replies while tilting her head.
"Next one? Umm, the exam for 『Strength』 will be in the arena. The candidates of heroes who have cleared the tower will enter a tournament and fight one-on-one."
"And there are times when people die there right?"
"That's right. Please be careful."
Her blue eyes are staring with light full of concern.

"Don't worry."
I patted her head while smiling confidently.
Her soft blond hair feels nice on my fingers.
Celica looks down with a red face.

Arena huh, isn't it just perfect.
I'll let him know his place while being watched by a lot of people.
Let's think of the method. This will be fun.

I look at the old man.
"Then you'll let us stay here for a month won't you?"
"But of course."
"How much?"
"We've got it already."
After saying that the old man picked up the big gold coin thrown by Gaff and grinned.

I also reflexively smiled back.
"What's your name?"
"Keika. This girl with me is Celica."
"I'm Kynmerick, nice to meet you. --Oy, Minya! How long you're going to play around! Guide these two."
Minya received a key from her father and headed to a stair in the back. Her short skirt flutters, her shoulder-length black hair shakes.
After getting to the bottom of the stairs, she turned back.
"Follow me...."
Celica and I followed after Minya.

We're led to a room in the southeast corner of the third floor.
Thankfully there are windows on the south and the east, making it quite bright. The view is also good.
Moreover, it's quite spacious and furnished with furnitures, by all appearances this seems expensive.
I ask Minya.
"Is this room really alright? We're staying for one month you know?"
"Yes... Dad gave this room's key...."
"I see.... But, what about you Celica?"
"Eh, no... um."
"We can change if you don't want to."

The reason why I asked that.
Because there's only one bed. A king-size big bed is installed next to the wall.
With her whole face red up to her ears, Celica stares at the bed while biting her finger.
"I-I don't particularly mind."
"I see. It's wide enough for two people after all. Minya, we're staying in this room."
"Yes.... Keika Onii-chan."
Minya gave the key to me with her slender hand and left with her tail swinging. She was a girl who didn't talk too much and acted hesitantly but I felt that her steps had lightened a bit.

Refreshing breeze blew from the opened windows. The white curtains were shaken by the wind.
I sit on the bed and tap the place beside me.
"Celica, why won't you sit?"
"Eh!? From daytime!?"
"Yeah, from now."
Then Celica blushes, fidgeting with her fingers in front of her big breasts.
"B-but.... It's still so bright...."
"What are you saying? We won't make it in time for the exam if we don't start now right?"
"Eh? --Ah, you're right! We have to study."
Celica briskly walked and sat beside me with disheveled blond hair.

The two of us are sitting on the bed side by side. I smelled flower fragrance from her blond hair since we sat close together.
"What kind of problems will come out in the written exam?"
"There will be histories of each nations, and  battles against the demon king. Knowledge about weapons, armor and item. Every kind of magic system. Type of monsters and the way to deal with them. Those kinds."

....There's a lot.
I do think that those are necessary knowledge for a hero in his journey.

--Can that stupid-looking Gaff guy pass this?
Absolutely impossible.
But that guy was full of confidence.

There must be a back door.
Looks like I'd better check it out.

That said, since they're knowledge that are important to have living as a hero from now on, I've decided to ask Celica to teach me.
It's troublesome though.

However, it wasn't actually that difficult when I studied about them.
Well, the history is the same in any world; humans repeating the same foolishness, and game knowledge is useful for the weapon, armor and monsters.
Similar-looking creatures have the same weakness in another world and fantasy.
As for magic, it seems there is divine magic--although the name is different, the system is similar.
The only thing I don't know is the art of manipulating artificial creations--magic to command golems and homonculus.
I can probably manage.

For the time being, I'm glad that I played games and read manga in my free time during the proselytizing back then.
Why is it that I can't be honestly happy though.... Kuh.

In the end, it was already night when we were done.

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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Royal Capital and Exam and Tavern Girl


Daphnes Kingdom located on the southeast of Alexshield Continent has many rich plains, the agriculture is prosperous. The parts that face the sea also do fishery.

At the center of a plain, the Royal Capital is situated at a junction between a large river flowing from the north to the south and a trade route connecting the east and the west.

It's a big city surrounded by a tall wall. A gorgeous castle that looks like a palace can be seen in the center of the city.
Several riverboats are moored at the inland port, unloading a lot of luggage.
People and carriages are coming and going on the stone paved road. Carrying plentiful grain, fresh vegetables, products from sea and mountains, it's very lively.

Celica and I go with the flow of people, walking on the stone paved main street.
Celica's blue eyes are looking around dazzlingly.
"It's a really big city.... so wonderful."
"Is this your first time here?"
"No...I've been here once when I was a child...but I was on a carriage."
She looks down with a sorrowful face.
"I see."
She's probably remembering the time when she was blessed as a princess.
I keep walking without saying anything.

Then, I smelled something nice.
Looking around, there's a square facing the main street with a fountain and food stalls. Many trees are growing in the square, it looks like a park. There's a toilet-like two-story building in the back.
"What's that smell?"
"Err... I think it's probably Fido Grill."
"The savory aroma is similar to sweet soy sauce.... Reminds me of shrine festivals."
"Y-yes.... Would you like me to go buy them?"
"Right, please do."
"I understand. I shall go buy them."
Celica heads to a food stall while looking a bit anxious.
I followed after her.

Celica talked to an old man shopkeeper and gave him money.
The old man quickly grilled some and handed them over.
"Here ya go! I gave ya some discount cos yer' a beauty, young lady."
"Thank you very much."
Celica bows, shaking her blond hair.
And then she ran up to me. With one on each hand.
I took it and looked at it carefully.

Fido Grill.
Powder made from mashed grain is mixed with water to create the dough, and then it's stretched and roasted.
And then salty-sweet grilled fish and leafy vegetables are put on top of it.
It looks like tacos visually.

Invited by the aroma, I tried to take a bite.
The crispy texture feels nice. The salty-sweet fish is elastic like octopus and squid.
The savoriness spread every time I chew. The sauce and the savoriness fills my mouth happily.
It tastes like okonomiyaki and grilled squid.
Yet the fresh vegetable' aroma and softness negate the thick feeling.

I gulped once.
"This is... really tasty."
"Yes, this is my first time eating one too, it's very delicious."
"So it was your first time--chomp"
"Yes, I wanted to eat them but my mother said that it was vulgar so--chomp"
"Aren't you glad--chomp"
"It's all thanks to Keika-sama--chomp"
Celica opens her small red lips and bites. Her mouth is chewing cutely.
We're having some trivial conversations while walking on the main street.

After a bit, I finished mine first.
Celica's mouth is small, she's still eating hers.

The pedestrian traffic decreased once we reached the edge of the main street.
An old building made of stone stands before us. The atmosphere feels like the Parthenon temple.
"This is the place to register for the hero examination?"
"Om nom.... Yes, that's right."
"Then let's get inside."
"Nom.... Please wait a minute, I'll finish this immediately."
"If it's hard for you, should I help?"
"Eh.... Ah yes."
For some reason, Celica's cheeks slightly redden, and then she presents the remaining half of the Fido Grill.
I grasp her small hand and take a big bite.
"Yum, it's good no matter how many times I eat this."
"Y-yes.... chomp."
Celica takes another big bite at the place I ate. Her face reddens to her ears.
I thought she didn't need to eat that desperately, then I took another bite.

After we'd finished eating, we entered the building.
There was nothing special about the registration procedure so I omitted it.
The registration fee was just a bit expensive. It became Celica's burden.
We finished the prodcedure while asking the staff members various things.

A staff member tells us as we're about to leave.
"Well then, the written exam will be tomorrow."
"Eh! Isn't it too early compared to last year?"
"This has been decided by the church this year. Well, someone who will become a hero should be able to do it anytime."
Celica looked at me anxiously with downcast eyebrows.
Looks like she wants to say that there's no time to study.

I returned a smile while showing my teeth.
"Don't worry. It's as he said. If you're a hero there's no problem if it's today or tomorrow."
"A-as expected, Keika-sama."
Celica sighed while holding her big breasts.
Frankly speaking, I can cheat all I want with <<Senrigan>>.

And then we're going back to the entrance.
I noticed a big bronze statue in the first floor's lobby.
A bronze statue of a gallant man holding a sword. However, he was more than two meter tall.
"This statue sure is big."
"No, I think it's of the real size. It seems to be made accurately by modeling it after the real one."
I ask in surprise.
"A human this big?"
"Yes, Wind Hero Rakeus was rumored to inherit the blood of giants."
"He must be quite strong."
"He has left many legends. It was said he continued to win all kinds of battles. He only lost once."
"But he couldn't win against the demon king."
"....That's right. That one time was against the demon king."
"It must have been a hard fight for the demon king."

Then Celica shook her head. Her blond hair feebly shook.
"It seems it wasn't even a match."
"That can't be.... Ok, this was modeled after the real one right."
I squint my eyes at the bronze statue--<<Truth Sight>>.
It's possible to read the real status of a portrait or a sculpture made after the actual person.

The data was going to be of the bronze statue as an item for an instant, but I flicked that.
Next, Rakeus's status was shown.

Name: Rakeus
Gender: Male
Race: Half Giant Tribe
Job: Hero
Class Master Swordsman Lv 74
Element: 【Wind】

Attack: 2400
Defense: 1300
Magic Attack: 0250
Magic Defense: 0530

....This guy's strong.
Far stronger than common men.
And as expected, his element is not light.

I wondered while looking at the statue.
"What's the matter? Keika-sama."
Losing in thought, I didn't answer Celica's question.

The offensive and defensive power of monsters in this world are in four digits.
That means, even if the demon king is the strongest, his status should be at 9999.
On the other hand, Rakeus's offensive power is 2400. A difference of approximately four times.
A difference only this much can be easily overcame with a surprise attack, or by finding a good opportunity.
Thus, it's strange that the demon king could win without a hard fight.
For it to not even be a match, it's impossible unless the difference is of orders of magnitude like me.

--There must be something with the demon king. Something that makes him unbeatable with normal means.

When I was lost in thought, Celica anxiously picked the sleeves of my Wafuku with her slender fingers.
"Um, what seems to be the matter....? Are you not feeling well?"
"It's nothing. I just had something in mind. That aside, let's find an inn."
"Understood, Keika-sama. Allow me to guide you."
Celica took my hand and then walked with a smile on her face.
Her supple hand pulls me.

We got out of the main street as I kept being guided.

We arrived at an inn in an alley at the end of the city. An old three-story building.
The first floor seems to be used as tavern and diner, rough looking men are drinking during the day.

I speak to an old man behind the counter at the back of the diner. He has a grizzled short hair with straight posture.
"You staying? It's two big silver coin a night for two people."
Seems to be 2000 yen.
Celica says.
"Could we stay for one month from today onward?"
"Yea, of course you can. That's one big gold coin."
Seems to be 100,000 yen.
Why is it more expensive. It should have been 60,000 yen.
No wait, one month is not 30 days is it?

Celica begs while looking sad.
"I'm sorry, we don't have enough..... Could you please lower it a bit more?"
"A business is all about getting your earning. Go elsewhere if you don't want to."
A remark that completely takes advantage of us.
Celica is looking down while frustratingly biting her red lips.

I couldn't help her since I was penniless of course.
I have to quickly become the hero and earn money.

Instead, I butt into the conversation.
"Old man. Since we're paying in advance for a long stay, can we get some discount here?"
"I already said. We're a business here."
"Fumu. Then how about we prepare our own meals?"
"Only at night?"
"Of course, morning too."
"So you say. Your strange clothes aren't only for show it seems."

He shrewdly changed the topic.
I was going to ask for discount for the unprovided meals if he agreed to it.
As expected of a businessman. I can't get him to promise it.
We're going nowhere like this.

I have no choice but to put out my trump card.
"What if I tell you that you can utilize me when I've become the hero?"
The old man's eyes sharpen.
"Hoo. I did think you were no ordinary person, so you're here to take the hero exam huh."
"That's right. And I will become one. I can prove it to you as long as it doesn't break the law."
"Hoho, that's some bold thing.... You have some good countenance."
The old man looks at me with appraising eyes while brushing his stubble on his square chin.

Then a voice comes from behind us, at the corner of the tavern.
"Forget about it. Cause I'm going to be the hero. --Right, guys?"
"Damn rite', aniki!"
"Der's no way that limpy man can become a hero."
Gyahahahaha, the three men laugh loudly. From their hair to their clothes, they look like barbarians.
The other guests are eating and drinking quietly while being careful not to meet their eyes.
I was irritated for an instant, but I quickly took a deep breath and calmed down.

However, Celica took a step forward with a crease on her forehead.
I grasped her arm and stopped her.
Celica glared as if asking, why did you stop me.
Her earnest blue eyes are beautiful.
I silently wave my head to restrain her.

The men still continue talking.
"But that woman's nice. Her breasts especially's huuge!"
"Hey, you blond girl, come here and drink with us."
"Cause Gaf-aniki's going to become the next hero for sure!"
The men toasted with their glasses.
There's a very well built man among them. The man called Gaf-aniki by the other men.
He has unkempt hair and unshaved face. He looks like a bandit from somewhere. His clothing are tattered, as if he never took a bath.
However, only his sword and armor look like very refined goods.

One of the men shouts out loud.
"Oy, where's the drink! Aniki's glass is empty already!"
"Minya-chaan, come bring us~ I'll teach you how to grow adult's breasts."
The men laugh, gyahahahaha, again.

And then a girl shows up while opening the curtain on the entrance of the passage that connects to the kitchen behind the counter.
A delicate body of an early teen with swelling breasts. Her face looks well-mannered for one that young, her glossy black hair and big eyes are impressive.
She's wearing plain clothes and skirt and holding a tray with meals in her hands.

However, she was not a human.
Surprisingly, she had cat-like ears and tail.
Her triangle ears are flopped down.
"D-dad, I don't wanna go.... I don't want them to touch my body again...."
She said in a frightened voice.
The old man crumples his forehead wrinkle and mutters.
"Even if you say that...."
The men become even noisier.

I put my hand on the counter and speak.
"Old man, do you still call yourself a father then?"
"What if I say, I can grant your wish?"
"Can you do it? Those guys have the strength to back at least. They've been eating and drinking for free for 10 months already."
"I can. If you wish for it."
The old man looks at me silently.
I look back at him in silent.
"....Alright. Please do something about those guys."
"A, got it. --In my name, I grant thee thy wish."

As I leave the counter, Celica catches my Wafuku's sleeve in panic.
"Ke-Keika-sama.... If you hurt someone you won't be able to partake in the hero exam--"
"Don't worry. I won't fight."
I pat her blond her hair to relieve her.

And then I squint my eyes at the men.
--<<Truth Sight>>.

The men's status appeared in front of me.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-37

15-37. Divine Punishment (6), Hero Meiko


※ This is not from Satou's perspective

"Geez, just when I came to this backwater country to punish the weasels, the God had gone ahead and dropped the divine punishment, what's the meaning of this."

Hero Meiko Kaname is grumbling in the noble outlook room inside the Saga Empire's battleship.
Handsome knights and priests who look like characters of otome games are serving around her.

It was originally a fleet of seven battleships that were going to attack Weasel Empire's capital, but they got the God's oracle along the way and five of the ships had gone back to Saga Empire.

"There is nothing we can do, Gods' will are beyond what us mortals can fathom."
"Hmph. Since we have those phone-like 『Talisman』, they could have sent a mail or something. Geez, they can't even hourensou us even though they've lived so long."

The handsome priests had a cramp on his face hearing the hero's blasphemous remark.
By the way, the hero who was a junior high school student in her original world doesn't know that hourensou is an abbreviation of houkoku (report), renraku (contact) and soudan (consultation). She only somehow knows the nuance.

"I want to ride that spaceship-like silver ship, not this dingy uncomfortable ship."
"We're deeply sorry. Hero-sama's guards are only good at disappointing and troubling hero-sama."

A handsome official who looks like a puppy apologized to the hero.

The hero's exclusive ship, [Sub-Dimensional Battleship Jules Verne] was attacked by the black greater demon, and got partially destroyed together with its maintenance dock.

"But it's not your fault."

She casually flapped her hand toward the apologizing official, telling him not to mind it.

"I'd rather push this checking the divine punishment execution job to those accompanying aunties."

A longearkin man began to play the hero's favorite tune with his lute in order to pacify the complaining hero's boredom.
No one beside the hero knew that it was the opening of an idol anime for girls.

"Your Highness Maryest, the investigation unit has returned."

In the noble room inside another battleship accompanying the hero's, Imperial Princess Maryest who was Hero Hayato's attendant was receiving report from the captain.

"Regarding the fallen airship that we discovered earlier--"

Princess Maryest creased her forehead as she listened to the captain carefully.

"I see... So there's no survivor either this time."
"Yes, since the bodies had all turned into salt, we couldn't retrieve their bodies nor their memento."
"I understand. You can withdraw."
"Please excuse me."

Princess Maryest let out a heavy sigh after confirming that the captain had gone.
They had found many wreckages of fallen big airships and cities that had turned into salt on their way along the Weasel Empire's territory.

And, they found no survivor in every one of them.

"Have a drink, Mary."

Ringrande offered a glass with red wine to her depressed-looking friend.
Princess Maryest inclined the glass in a disorderly manner without even enjoying the fragrance and drank the bitter red liquid in one gulp.

"You should savor it more, it's a good wine."
"--You're right."

Princess Maryest finally had a smile on her face when Ringrande chided her while smiling wryly.

After a slight recess, they got a report of the fleet arrival at the neighborhood of the Weasel Empire's capital and the two went to the bridge.

"It's white.... It's as if we're still inside the cloud."

Princess Maryest muttered blankly while overlooking the capital that had turned white from the divine punishment.

"Mary! That!"
"Are those demon lords? And so many of them...."
"Something in the center, I don't know what that is, is fighting the demon lords. I wonder if that's the God's apostle?"
"It's like the Armageddon, the last battle between God and Devil, that Hayato mentioned."

A yellow giant is fighting the demon lords clad in purple light.
Princess Maryest and Ringrande are in awe with the yellow giant who puts up a good fight against the demon lords these girls and Hayato desperately fought.

"Your Highness, should we stay on the course?"
"No. If we just charge on ahead as is, we will only lose the hero and the fleet fruitlessly--"

Princess Maryest shook her head at the asking captain.

"--Retreat. It's impossible for us to intervene the fight between God and Demons."

She implicitly says that it's suicidal for humans to plunge into that battle.

"Mary! The flagship the hero rides on!"

Ringrande who was looking outside the window shouted.

"Light signals from Hero-sama's ship! 『Demon lords in sight, we will go on ahead』 it said."
"--That idiot!"

Ringrande cursed hearing the signal officer.
It was an extremely disrespectful act against the hero, but the people in the bridge wisely chose to keep silent.

"Maryest, you and the others retreat! I'll bring back that idiot with a rope on her neck."

Ringrande who was going to rush out of the bridge looked back at the door.

"Mary, go to Shiga Kingdom! Seek Hero Nanashi and Satou's cooperation!"

After saying that, she passed through the corridor with loud footsteps and jumped out of the emergency hatch riding on a flying wooden horse.

"We could have called that frivolous hero back if only God Parion's talisman had been restored."

That complaint was erased by the wind, reaching no one's ears.


One of the demon lords roared, invisible sound waves hit God Zaikuon.
Even though it was an advanced wind magic, God Zaikuon only staggered, it didn't seem like he was damaged much.


On the other hand, the greater demons surrounding the God lost their limbs every time they touched the yellow light wrapping the God.
It was very much a one sided battle, but thanks to the protection of the [Good Luck] given to them by the emperor, it was not a fatal wound as their limbs regenerated themselves.

Although, even though the yellow light has that much power, it doesn't seem to be able to encroach the purple light that wraps the demon lords.
There are five demon lords including the Great Weasel Demon Lord in this place; a foxkin demon lord with swords as his arms, a snakehead demon lord with octopus-like lower half, a tigerkin demon lord with wings on his back, and a human-shaped demon lord with ox horns.

However, the demon lords are fighting God Zaikuon erratically, there is no coordination between them.
Only Sword Demon Lord appears to follow the Great Demon Lord's orders.


The God's yellow light twinkles and then countless light arrows appear, attacking the roaring demon lords.
The light arrows pierced through the demon lords' purple light, but most of them evaded the succeeding arrows.


The Great Weasel Demon Lord roared, then violet light wrapped the other demon lords.
He's using [Good Luck] Unique Skill.

In response to that, the demon lords activated their own Unique Skills.
With each other Unique Skills, the demon lords that are already strong by themselves become even stronger.

The Great Weasel Demon Lord suddenly looked up.

『How boorish....』

Saga Empire's battleship appeared breaking the cloud over there.
Apparently, the Great Weasel Demon Lord still retains his individuality even now.

『Temple Knights, get rid of them. Yet, if they break through them, you go.』
『--ATYOURcommand, At yourCOMmandegozaru.』

Sword Demon Lord nodded at the Great Demon Lord's order.
It seems he's losing his self after using too much Unique Skills.


Hero Meiko shouted in anger inside the shaking ship and explosions sounds.
From the shaking that's clearly different from the ones up until now, fear is mixed in Hero Meiko's confident attitude.

"The Magic Furnace at the starboard is blown! Losing propulsion!"
"Intruders on the starboard! It's the Temple Knights of Weasel Empire!"

The bridge crews shouted out the report frantically.

"That means they're defying Saga Empire's hero aren't they."

Hero Meiko smiled ferociously as if shaking off her fear.

"How impertinent for mere weasels."

Hero Meiko slapped her own cheeks and stood up full of fighting spirits.
As if matching that timing, the bridge's door was blown up from outside.

Four Temple Knights broke through the smoke, entering the bridge.

"Leave this to us!"
"We have to show our good side to Meiko-sama."

The hero's followers draw their swords and point them at the Temple Knights.

However--their number is the only superiority.

The leading Temple Knight with four arms cut up the followers' holy armor and magic armor like papers with his white sword.
The remaining Temple Knights infringe upon the shaking blood-vomiting followers.

"Geez, how embarrassing. Are you guys only good for your faces?"

While being disappointed at the cowardliness of her struggling retainers, Hero Meiko wraps herself in blue light.
It's the sign of the activation of Hero Meiko's Unique Skills.

The first Unique Skill, [Unrivaled Mobility (Cannot be hit)] can evade every attacks.

"This hero is of evasion type!"
"Fire a barrage with no space for evading!"

It seems there were betrayers in Saga Empire, the Temple Knights seem to be aware of Hero Meiko's Unique Skills.

The temple knights took the magic devices on their waists and fired a rain of fire bullets from the submachine-gun-like fire wands.

Hero Meiko is wrapped in blue holy light once again.

The second Unique Skill, [Foresight], accurately predicts 10 seconds to the future.

"Useless! You can't run anywhere even if you try to predict it!"

One of the Temple Knights shouted triumphantly.
Just as he's planned, it's a solid barrage with no place to escape. There's no space even on the port.

The third Unique Skill [Infinite Arsenal (Inexhaustible Swords)] is activated, a holy sword appears out of thin air.
It closely resembled the holy sword the previous hero Hayato had, Arondight.

The Temple Knights wondered if she intended to cut the barrage with the holy sword.

"Don't make light of herooooooooooooo!"

Hero Meiko shouted a spirited yell.
The barrage shot from the fire wands changed its trajectory as if it was changing it on its own.

It must be a miracle from Hero Meiko's Unique Skill, [Unrivaled Mobility (Cannot be hit)].

"Meiko Kaname, that's the name of the one that defeats you."

Wrapped in holy light, Hero Meiko cut the Temple Knight along with his holy sword he used to defend against her in two.

Her last Unique Skill, [Strongest Katana (Nothing cannot be Cut)] cuts everything in existence.

The second and third Temple Knights thrust their magic swords at Hero Meiko, prepared to die together.

"W, what?"

The two's magic swords slipped through Meiko's body.
Betraying the Temple Knights who thought that she had changed place with an illusion, the Hero Meiko they hit cut both of them with the holy sword in her hand.

There's not even the slightest hesitation nor mercy at the tip of her sword.

"Hee, you're good."

Hero Meiko muttered in admiration.

After cutting the third one, a person who could block her sword finally appeared.
It's the four-armed Temple Knight who holds the white sword.

Hero Meiko seemed to be satisfied after exchanging blows several times, she struck her holy sword at the white sword.
Blue and white light filled the deck, both swords broke with a clear sound.

"You have no chance of victory now that you've lost your holy sword."
"Aren't you the same, your prided white sword's broken too isn't it."

The Temple Knight picks up the holy sword and magic swords of his cohorts below him.

"It might be not as good as Dragon Fang powder, but absurdity also dwells in this concentrated dragoon blood."

While speaking some cryptic things, he drips red liquid in a bottle on the three swords in his hands.

"Hmmm. Then me too."

A new holy sword appears from the thin air of the Infinite Arsenal.
The holy sword this time resembles the strongest holy sword that Hero Nanashi carries, Excalibur.

"It's such a waste that there's no eject function on this warehouse."

The grumbling hero's holy sword exchanges blows with the three swords.
Red and blue light dyed the bridge, broken machinery parts grazed by the light scatter around.

"There should be no level difference."

The temple knight's arms has decreased by one.

"My sword skill is also several classes above--"

Decreased by two, and three now.

"--And yet, why?"

The Temple Knight who had lost one of his legs muttered frustratingly on the floor.

"There's no way the ally of justice blessed by God Parion's protection could lose to bad guys siding with demon lords!"

--Hero is an embodiment of absurdity.

He recalled what Tactician Touya once said.

"Regrettably, this is it."

He pushes the small magic depth charge switch he got from Tactician Touya.
He doesn't know the meaning of the black fan shapes on yellow background mark.

"Wha, nuke?"

With a flash from the tactical nuke, the battleship vanishes.

One person jumped out of the mushroom cloud.
The hero Meiko.

She was able to survive from the point blank hit of an unbelievably huge explosion.
Although her armor is broken, her clothes are mercilessly torn, only cloths that protect her dignity as a girl remain.

"Suicide bombing is the worss!"

While grumbling, Hero Meiko took out a new flying shoes from her Infinite Inventory and stood mid-air, she healed her wounds using the stocked-up magic potions.

"Or rather, it hurr too much. I thought I was gonn die."

Normal humans would have died if they were hit by a tactical nuke at point blank.

The only one that could survive from one such attack is probably Viscount Pendragon.
That is if you can put him in the same category as [Normal Humans].

It appears she was able to narrowly escape by using her Unique Skill, [Unrivaled Mobility] in overlaps.
Was her articulations off because of her fear, or perhaps--.

"Now then, let's quickly beat all the demon lords. I'll rank up to the 『True Hero』 by just defeating one of the small fries, it should be easy afterwards, and expanding the difference between me and them would be the best--"

Innumerable light balls assaulted her.

"--Here it comes."

Apparently, the second round has begun.

◇◆◇ Extra ◇◆◇

"--Tsunami at Ganika Marquisdom's sea?"
"Yes, we've got a report from the branch office of Raragi Kingdom at the south sea."

That emergency call greeted me when I had gone back to the Solitary Island Palace from Seryuu City.
This Raragi Kingdom is the biggest sugar producing area at the south sea, moreover, they're raising the superb cows that feed on sugarcanes, so I want to protect it at all cost.

I open the menu to move to Echigoya Branch of Raragi Kingdom with Unit Arrangement.

Right at that time--.

"Wawanwaawawan, wawanwaawawan, wanwanwawan."
<Or alternatively, "Wowoofwooofwowoof, wowoofwooofwowoof, woofwoofwowoof.">


I got the alarm through the dragon vein from the Raka Clone installed on Pochi's Golden Armor.
This voice is of the second degree, the light one.

If it's not life-threatening, then I should save the countries that were about to be destroyed by the tsunami first.

"It's the alarm!"
"Arisa! Check out what's happening to Pochi!"

I asked Arisa to follow up and executed the Unit Arrangement.
If it's a situation where it's dangerous without me, Arisa will contact me with [World Phone].

First, I have to erase the tsunami.

The too flashy, [<<Continental Guard>>] is the last resort, but I will use it with no hesitation if Pochi looks to be in danger.

The dragon veins nearby will be in shortage of magic power for a bit though, so I don't want to use it thoughtlessly you see.

※ The next update is planned for 1/1, but it might be postponed to 1/8 depending on the new year progress.

※ This will be the last update this year.
For my good readers, have a good new year~

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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Change of Determination!


Under a night sky adorned with unfamiliar stars.
I ran in a path toward the south plain.
In order to escape the villagers' chase while aiming for the royal capital.

I might be able to escape safely at this rate.
At worst, I can just use a magic to quicken my legs.
However, I can't deny the possibility of being treated like a monster instead of a person.
I won't be able to become a hero if that happens.

I run in the plain. We're already quite far from the village.
I thought the villagers wouldn't know where I was going since there was no moon, but they're going straight to where we are.
The man in the lead is riding an animal. I thought it was a horse, but it's more like a pig with long legs, accurately speaking.
That animal is chasing while sniffing around.

They're getting closer fast.
--What a troublesome creature. It's fast too, an average person can't hope to outrun it.

Although there are two pig horses now, the villagers who were chasing us on foot fell out due to exhaustion one after another.
Ooh, this situation is convenient.

I've decided.
--Alright, I'll beat the guys riding on the pig horses.
Then we'll reach the royal capital comfortably on the pig horses and return them back to the village with magic.
I've gotten tired of running too, this is just right.

My heart became lighter when I decided that.
I run in the plain toward the south aiming for the royal capital.

The villagers who are riding on the pig horses are chasing us.
They were screaming, "Stop!", "Don't run!", sometimes, but I ignored it.

When about 30 minutes have passed.
Only pig horses are chasing us now. They're only several hundred meters behind.

--It should be alright now.

I stopped and put down the baggage.
I crouch down and lay Celica on the ground.
Then I stand up with my Geta. <TLN: A type of Japanese clogs.>

And then I walk toward the coming pig horses.
My Wafuku is fluttering, my Geta rattle. <TLN: Traditional Japanese clothing.>

I can clearly see the villagers riding on the pig horses since they've come dozens of meter away in front of me.
They only have ropes and knifes, I don't see any sword nor armor.
I don't have to use my Tachi. <TLN: A type of Japanese sword.>
I clench my fists and snap my fingers.

The villagers are shouting while approaching.
"You damn Sinner, prepare yourself!"
"You can't run anymore! --Uwaa!"

One of the villagers suddenly flew in the air. He falls headlong and stops moving.
Next, the two pig horses fell on the ground successively.
The other villager got thrown out to the ground.

I reflexively shout.
I stare hard. Something black is moving in the dark.... An earthworm?

The villager who can't get up screams while inching back on his rear.
"I-It's a Ghoul Wooorm!"
The earthworm raised its head high. Its circumference is about as big as a tanker. It seems to be around 30 meter long. The round mouth at the tip of its head have sharp knife-like teeth lined up.

I squint and glare. --<<Truth Sight>>.
Name: Ghoul Worm
Element: 【Earth】 【Darkness】

Attack: 0300
Defense: 0400
Vitality: 3000
Self-Regeneration: 1000

Swallow: Swallow an enemy whole
Pulverize: Hide and pulverize rock and armor
Bend Over: Crush with body. Ranged attack.

It's not only strong, it can even recover itself on top of being sturdy.
Quite troublesome.
--Well, it's like konjac before me though.

I draw the Tachi on my waist while running.

The Ghoul Worm thrusts its head at the fallen villager. 【Swallow】 huh!
The villager is at his wits' end, his eyes are closed.

I swung my Tachi diagonally.
One slash--!


The cut Ghoul Worm's head flies.
The Ghoul Worm's head flew to the other side from the impact, its body was blown backward.

The villager opens his eyes in surprise.
"W-what're you doing, that can't defeat it!"

When I turned around, the Ghoul Worm's body had just risen. Bubbling black meat cover the wound, swelling up.
Its head regenerated in a blink of an eye.

Furthermore, the cut head which flew to the other side regenerated its own body.
Tremendous regenerative power. It was not recovery huh.
Moreover, I don't feel magic power. It seems to be its normal regenerative power as a creature. Impossible.

"This isn't at the level of regeneration anymore.... How do other people defeat it?"
"Fire, with fire! You've to burn it with fire magic!"
"I see."
I hold my Tachi at the same level of my eyes'.

The villager shout out when he sees that.
"What're you doing! You can't kill it with sword--"
"Shut up for a bit... Fleeting phosphoresce abiding my name, become the long wave which recompose everything it slips through!
--<<Photon Conversion>>."
Violet light covers the Tachi.

After showing off its sharp teeth at me, the Ghoul Worm is coming.
"This guy barked before going."
The Ghoul Worm thrust its head while exhaling greatly.

I brandished my Tachi. While leaving faint light, the Ghoul Worm was sliced in two from its head to body. Violet phosphoresce scattered in the surroundings.

The villager who was watching behind is peeved.
"Sword is useless.... You've to burn it with more heat. Look."

The said Ghoul Worm trembles right after. Its meat bubbles, closing the wound--it rises again.
The villager stares in wonder.

Its meat swells with eerie bubbling sounds. It swells to be like a mountain, and its body that was normal is turning into a lump of meat.
The Ghoul Worm twists its body.
Its obviously huge meat head bulged, and then it stopped moving.
The mountain of lump of black meat in the plain is disappearing while letting out mist like it's evaporating.

The villager asks while trembling.
"Y-you. What did you do...?"
"What. It's tumor. Its self-regeneration power was too high, so I just chipped its gene a little."
"Well, it's like an endless regeneration of flesh, turning even brain and nerves into meat, can you understand that?"
To be more exact, I just bathed it in ultraviolet light. It's not effective against normal creature, but it was the correct answer against such regenerative power.

"....I don't really understand, but yer' awesome!--a!"
The villager shifted his attention to the opposite side. The Ghoul Worm which regenerated from its head had begun to move.
Crawling on the ground.

"Guess I'd better take care of that one too."
I briskly approached it and killed it like the other one.

Then I came back to the villager who had pulled himself together. The other villager is still unconscious.
"Now then. I've saved your life. Understand?"
"Of course you also understand my strength right?"
"O-of course."
The villager is rubbing his hands while laughing flippantly.

--Uwaa. This guy definitely cannot be trusted.

He'd probably go back and chattered everything that would be disadvantageous for me.
Yet, I would have to kill him if he couldn't go back.
A murderer can't become a hero.

The night deepens, the grass in the plain are swaying.
Haa, I sighed and picked a twig on the ground.
Then I uproot a grass with sturdy looking stalk.
I quietly chant a spell on that stalk.
"Gentle breeze abiding my name seal the cutting blade here--<<Gale Wind Blade>>"
Then I tied the twig with the stalk.

I push it before the villager.
"Try taking off the grass on this twig."
"Hee.... Uwah!"
A gale was produced the moment he untied the grass, and then the twig got cut.

I pull another grass.
With a friendly grin on my face, I take the villager's arm.
The villager who was dumbfounded had a cramp on his face.
"O-oy, don't tell me!"
During the moment he was trying to run, I tied the grass's stalk on the man's wrist.

The villager's face warps like he's about to cry.
"Uwaaaaa! What have you done!"

I put my hands on the man's shoulders and persuade him.
"The moment it's cut, untied, and you say something disadvantageous for me, it will tear. That's it."
"Wha-what do you want me to dooo.....!"
"You don't need to do anything. You can just go back. But tell the village mayor this, "The Sinner and the man were swallowed by a Ghoul Worm. I escaped with my life cause the worm chased after the fleeing pig horse." me and the Sinner are dead okay."
"O-okay, but what is pig horse?"
"Ah, the animals you guys rode on."
"You mean Bu Horse."
"That's the one. I'll be borrowing one Bu Horse since you got two. They'll know you're lying if you bring it with you. I'll send it back later, you have nothing to lose."
The man nods docilely.
--Alright, with this we got ourselves safety and a mean of transport.

I confirm once again.
"Now then, what should you say again? Try to repeat. Otherwise your wrist--"
"I-I'm talking! The man and the Sinner were swallowed by a Ghoul Worm. We were saved cause it was going for the Bu Horse afterward. That's good enough right? ....When will you take this grass off?"

I speak while stroking my chin.
"I will take the test and become a hero. After that I'll have to give my thanks to the village. In about a month."
"Y-you're going to be a hero huh.... Well, that'll probably happen."
The villager said that after glancing at the Ghoul Worm that had disappeared into mist.

For the time being, I'll tell him a lie.
"Actually, that Sinner. Became a Sinner by mistake."
"We're going to the royal capital in order to correct that too."
"Is such a thing possible."
"It's by human. Everyone makes mistakes."
"I-I see...."
The villager nodded in thought.
Looks like he's thinking how advantageous it would be if he cooperated with me.

Then he looks up at me and speaks.
"Alright. I'll cooperate with you. I'm Balley. You can believe me."
"Really. Balley. Thanks. I'll go see you once I become a hero. Don't tear off the grass until then."
"Yea, I know."

Afterward, Balley put the fainted man on one of the Bu Horses and returned.
Well, since I didn't put the spell on the one on his wrist, it'd be alright even if he untied it.
I had to make an insurance in this another world where Celica is my only ally.

"Now then."
I go back to Celica who's laying on the plain.
Even with the intense battle, she's sleeping so peacefully like it doesn't concern her at all.

Haaa, I let out a long sigh.
--I'll probably go through the same thing again if I bring her with me.
But, "Please save me. I still want to live", was Celica's wish, I vowed to grant that and I had to protect that vow as a god. This has become troublesome.
Or rather, it's strange that her Sinner status wasn't found out until she was this old.

Putting that aside, what should I do.
Should I erase the Sinner status? But y'know.
Unlike 【Abnormal Status】 such as Gene Remodeling, 【Changing】 something that has been ascribed would incur opposition from the Gods of this world.
It's fine as long it doesn't get found out, but if possible I want to avoid it.

In the first place, Celica's face and name might be already known by the state.
According to what I've heard, when one becomes a hero, they can choose what to do with a Sinner on their discretion.

Then, maybe I should disguise her until then?

I look at Celica.
Red skirt and white coat. Doll-like slender limbs. Her big breasts are moving up and down.
Long eyelashes, gentle cheeks. Wavy blond hair, and white skin that looks like it's shining in the darkness of the night.
....She's beautiful. It'll be a waste to hide her.
Besides, Celica looks the brightest to me when she's behaving naturally. I want her to be free.

--No choice but to do it huh.
Gods of this world, I bear all the sin.
That's why, please don't punish her.

I kneel on one knee besides the lying Celica in the plain. I put my hand on her outstanding forehead. I put my other hand directly on her body from the gap on her clothes.
The unbelievable softness of the big breast and warm body temperature are transmitted on my hand.

"--<<Truth Sight>>"

I call forth Celica's status.
And then I tamper it while grabbing the big breast.
Name: Celica Elde [Rem Adelstein]
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years old
Race: Human
Job: Merchant [(====)]
Class: Knight Lv 5 [===== Lv 17]
Element: 【Water】 [Light]

Modification, complete.
Celica is still sleeping as peacefully as ever even though her delicate body was groped.

By the way, I've made it so that the content inside [] can only be seen by me.
It'll be bad if I make a mistake when I restore after becoming a hero.
But well, with this much alteration, I can't make any excuse to the god of this world if they find this out.
They will certainly kill me.

--Fine by me, I've already decided.

I will definitely protect Celica.
Cause everything should go well as long as I become a hero--!

I put our baggage on the Bu Horse, and sat on the saddle with Celica in my arms.
She felt soft and very light in my arms.
Right at that moment, wind blows through, fluttering her hair while swaying the plain grass.

I advance slowly towards the royal capital.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-36

15-36. Divine Punishment (5), The Forbidden Knights


※Not in Satou's point of view

"A giant of light--so the God has manifested itself!"

When I turned toward the captain, I saw a yellow giant near the place where apostles and demon lords were fighting.

"Liedill, evade it!"

At the vice captain's shout, I leap forward without checking the surrounding and wrap myself in the mantle created from the rat demon lord's pelt.


I could hear the scream of a colleague behind me.
The city in front of me is bathed in yellow light, turning into white salt.

"T-the Magic Eater Birds!"

I heard Dazlim the tigerkin knight screaming.
The flying [Magic Eater Birds] are falling apart while leaving trails of white salt.

"Divine punishment of the Gods huh...."
"That kind of cursed god, just call it evil god."

I've never been able to get along with vice-captain who always butted head with me at every occasion, but I agree with him this time.
Crisis Perception that didn't act until a while ago is ringing an alarming warning.

"--What's that shining thing?"

From between the light peeking through the clouds, countless shining objects showed themselves up.
Although the outlines are vague, they look like cubes.

"Familiars of the evil god are they!"

They must have appeared to help the evil god.

"They're comin' here too!"
"It appears they've deemed us as God's enemies--All members of 『Temple Knights』, let's show them evil god our real strength."

Responding to the captain's order, everyone goes to challenge the cubes.

"Magic swords ain't working on them eh?"
"My great holy sword Monofoshi Zao ain't doing good either."

Just as my friends have said, my cherished sword feels like it's cutting water.
These cubes seem to be a kind of apostle too.

"All members, I allow the use of the white sword for fighting apostles!"

The white swords coated in dragon fang powder is restricted in their use.
The captain was preserving it until the fight against evil god, but he probably judged that it would have no point if we died fighting the cubes before that.

"It's working! It's working!"
"Of course! They're the secret plan of His Majesty the Emperor and Tactician-dono."

As long as we have the weapons, defeating the cubes that are only fast but bad at cooperating is easy.
We defeated the cubes one after another.

Our only concern is the remaining coating of the white swords--.

"Liedill! Come!"

Lion knight Gizlem called me.

"Sir Gizlem?"
"The captain has ordered for some Temple Knights to gather."
"But we can't leave this place...."
"Shut it! This is an order! Leave those cubes to Vice Captain Gwalba."

Lion knight Gizlem caught my arm and dragged me to the gathering place.

--The Imperial Palace?

I was taken to the palace in the center of the whitened imperial capital.
There are 13 Temple Knights including me in front of the palace gate.

"Captain! At this situation--."

Just when the bespectacled rat knight Mobitt was going to flare up at the captain, right at that time.


A huge purple beast broke through the palace and showed itself up. It looks like a grotesque-looking wild weasel beast.
The beast turned its eyes at us.


A terror enough to make me want to run away from this place immediately grasps my heart.

"D-demon lord...."

When I muttered that, the other knights besides the captain drew their swords.
A lot of the swords have already lost their white luster.

"Restrain yourselves! You are before His Majesty's presence!"

I can't digest the captain's words.

"--Do you not understand?"

A reincarnated person who looked similar to Tactician-dono showed himself up from the palace.
That smooth bald Tactician-dono shouldn't be able to grow such long purple hair.

"That is His Majesty. He has casted away his weaselkin body in order to challenge the God."

There are certainly light of wisdom in its grotesque eyes.

"Hear me! You have the tenacity not to lose yourself in battles."

Urged by Tactician-dono, the captain straightened his posture and shouted out.

"Therefore, we grant you these."

There are several twisted dark purple horns that give off dull light on a floating plate beside the captain.

"T-this is?"
"Entrusted by His Majesty, the ancient artifacts--Twisted Demon Horns."

I can feel terrible miasma and curse from the Twisted Demon Horn.

"If you use the Twisted Demon Horn, you can fight against the God and obtain a power that exceeds even a hero."

Hearing that, my colleagues show a daring smile and gather in front of the twisted horns.


The captain continued his words as if stopping my colleagues whose hands were reaching toward the Twisted Demonic Horns.

"However, it requires a great compensation."

The captain looks up at His Majesty who has turned into a beast.

『Noble knights who seek freedom.』

A voice tingled with mysterious reverberations are echoing in front of the palace. 

『For the freedom of people.』

It's unmistakably the voice of our respected Majesty.

『To liberate mankind from its rulers.』

His words are filled with determination and sorrow.

『I expect you to abandon everything as a man.』

After saying that, His Majesty turns toward the yellow giant.

"We will not force you."

The captain said that and took a nearby twisted horn without hesitation.
Seeing that, my friends also scrambled for one.

The last remaining Twisted Demonic Horn.

Pressured by everyone's stare, I took the last one.

After ascertaining that, the captain pushes the Twisted Demonic Horn onto his forehead.

"For our desire for freedom!"

After shouting that, the captain's white fur undulate, changing into a grotesque with bubbling sounds.

Even after seeing such a terrifying transformation, my friends only drew their breath and pushed the Twisted Demonic Horn onto their foreheads.

"""For our desire for freedom!""""

My friends are turning into grotesques.
They lost their figures as people, losing even their sense, my friends roared like a beast.

Crunching and clanking sounds that are unthinkable coming from people reach my ears.
Repulsed by the excessive dread, it seemed I had dropped the Twisted Demonic Horn.

I reach my hand at the horn in a hurry.

However, a hand covered in white fur appearing from behind me picked up the Twisted Demonic Horn.

"Vice Captain!"

The owner of the white hand was the vice captain Gwalba.

"This is mine. It's too early for you--"

Gwalba's mouth forms a crescent shape and then he shouts, "For our desire for freedom!" out loud.
I had a feeling that Gwalba who had changed into a grotesque muttered faintly, "--You just stay there."

"Go! Greater demons! Army of liberty who serve under Demon God!"

Tactician shouted at my friends who had changed into grotesques.

"Now is the time to break the chains and shackles called blessing of the foolish Gods!"

The laughing Tactician looked like a devil who entices people into depravity.

『My good luck to them!』

With His Majesty's blessing, light purple light rain down on my grotesque friends who have gathered around His Majesty.

His Majesty turns his face at me.

『Liedill, my knight. Make sure to watch the last battle of our empire until the end, and bequeath it to the future generations.』
"--Your Majesty?"

His Majesty's line of sight moves to the Tactician.

『Tactician. My gratitude for all your work so far. Return to your master.』

His Majesty and Tactician are staring at each other.

--Your master?

His Majesty's words are as if--.

"Is that so, then I will hand over the last firework (romance) to her."

After showing a priest staff with red protuberance to His Majesty, Tactician presented it to me.
The thing I spontaneously received should be the magic device for [Self-Destruct] that His Majesty spoke of before.

I reflexively accepted it but as I have to protect His Majesty's life, there is no way I activate this self-destruct device.

"Farewell, Tarou. Building the empire with you was truly fun. I will await for good news in a faraway land."

Tactician who had said his farewell was turning vague like a haze and then he disappeared like he was dissolved in the air.
Being at a loss, I can only look at the self-destruct magic device in my hand.

『March on, my loyal knights! We will kill Zaikuon!』

His Majesty led my grotesque friends toward the battlefield.

I watch over their fight from the white imperial palace that has no one remaining.
The beautiful imperial capital gets destroyed by the storm raged from the battles, disappearing into white sandstorm.

The empire with all its dream, hope and glory disappeared like a short-lived dream.

Even after turning into grotesque beasts, even after devoting their loyalty to His Majesty my friends are disappearing into white mist every time they touch the yellow giant.

Alone, by myself again.

"Aah, please don't leave me...."

There is no way anyone hears that mutter, the yellow giant is walking step by step toward the palace.
It's as if there's something that the yellow giant seeks in this palace--.

※Next, "15-37. Divine Punishment (6), Hero VS" is scheduled for 12/25.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-35

15-35. Golden Knights' Deployment (3), Little Hero


※Not from Satou's perspective

"『Physical Reinforcement』, 『Herculean Strength』, 『Agility』, 『Concentration』"

Boy Knight Marientail buffed himself using his Skills.
The boy knight was being wary of the greater demon as they faced against each other, but the demon only looked at the boy knight gleefully, as if it had no intention to attack at all.

"I don't know what you're planning, but you'll regret that carelessness!"
『Are you ready now? I boredom.』

The boy knight used Flickering Movement and changed his course perpendicularly when he got close to the greater demon.
However, the greater demon is unaffected by the feint, it keeps its gaze at the boy knight.

The boy knight who had gotten right beside the greater demon recited the Command Word [Quick Increase], the holy sword in his hand shined and the boy's running speed increased fivefold.

The greater demon slightly smiled at the boy's actions.

For a greater demon, this much speed is as good as standing still.
The corner of the greater demon's mouth disgustingly lifted at the imagination of the boy's last moment.

"Acceleration Formation."

A light ring appeared in front of the boy knight, and then he explosively accelerated when he passed through it.

It was such a speed that made even the greater demon's kinetic vision lost him.
Moreover, the boy knight was not aiming to attack with a powerful large slash, but a stabbing technique that made use of his speed to its fullest.

But yet--.

『A simple acceleration equaling constant speed? I ridicule.』

--The boy knight which attacked at a speed that even made his outline looked blurred was intercepted by the greater demon's mere instinct.

The boy knight was blown away by its jet black tail, bouncing while breaking the stone pavements and crashed into the bookshelves of a bookstore, stopped moving.
The boy knight is hidden by the broken bookshelves and piles of old books.

『Now, entertain me more, I expect.』

Normally, one wouldn't have lived through a counterattack of a greater demon.
Even if they did, they'd probably be critically injured.

Even though that's the common sense, the greater demon's line of sight is unshakably fixed at the bookstore where the boy knight disappeared into.

Sure enough--a blue light jumped out of the white dust.


Responding to the boy knight's war cry, the holy sword he holds shines blue.
The greater demon doesn't counter the second attack and blocks him with its dark red great sword, the clash scatters blue and red sparks around.

『Lonesome struggle, I pity.』

Looking down at the boy knight who's wielding the holy sword with both his hand, the greater demon's free hand swings down.
Its poisonous claws are wet with abominable radiance.

"--He ain't alone!"

A good looking man who ran past the open space with Flickering Movement slashes the greater demon with trailing red light of Magic Edge.
The greater demon's tail counter attacks were all handled skilfully by the blond haired good looking man.

"Yo, Marientail. Kept ya waiting!"

The one who has appeared as the boy knight's reinforcement is the strongest level 40 knight, pride of Seryuu City.

A huge lightning attacks the greater demon.

"Hehe, thanks to you buying time, Lightning Geezer got to launch a serious blow."
"This is Rindolf-sama's Ruin Thunder."

The thunderbolt cast by the chief magician Rindolf-shi known as Lightning Geezer made the greater demon stopped moving.

『Numbing surprise, I delighted.』

When the greater demon threw out its chest, its burnt skin scattered, and flawless skin appeared.
Even a surprise attack with advanced lightning magic is not effective against a greater demon.

『Quickly returning the favor, I swift attack.』

Jet black lightning released from the greater demon's horn extends toward Lightning Geezer who's on top of the castle's spire.
However, a wall of light that appears before the castle blocks the magic.

--It's a defensive wall created by the City Core.

The greater demon gleefully looks at the wall of light without minding about its attack getting blocked.
There are soldiers with magic cannons and fully equipped knights beyond the wall of light.

『Amusing toys, I call.』

The greater demon roared once and then a jet black circle was produced below it.

"That looks bad, let's stop him Sir Marientail."

The two assaulted the greater demon while leaving blue and red trails of light.

"D-damn! It can also use its scales along with tail!"
"Marientail! Evade them!"

The scales on the greater demon's body transform, attacking the boy knight's abdomen.
The blond man cut in there.

"I can block this much with Vajra Body. Don't stop your hand, stop him no matter what it takes!"

The scales gouge the good looking man's armor and body, he's coughing blood from his mouth.


The boy knight's effort at swinging holy swords while enduring his tears, and the desperate backing from the castle turn fruitless before long.

『Now, succumb to despair. I recommend.』

Various grotesque demons appeared from below the greater demon.

Countless lesser demons and insect rider mid demons riding insect monsters are arising from the magic circle that has expanded in the open space.
Lesser demons with wings fly in the sky and play around by crashing down on houses.

"It's like the gate to hell's opened."

While spilling blood from his lips, the good looking man's dark eyes are looking at the surroundings.
As a top level person in the territorial army, he understands that there is no force in Seryuu Earldom that can oppose this large of an army.

"W-we can't give up yet! Even if it's for a blink or an instant. We have to buy a bit of time!"

The boy knight encourages the good looking man.
The demons are looking at the scene while smirking and laughing as if it's an interesting show.

"--After that what then. Reinforcement from the royal family won't come. Even if they did, everything woulda been destroyed already."
"Wake up Kigori!"

A hot unyielding fist shakes the resigning good looking man up.

"It's not the kingdom's--Kuro-dono will come. Ane-sama will definitely make him move."

A small bit of hope burns inside the good-looking man's heart with those words.

"Kuro--the hero's follower eh."

And then, the round two of the despairing act between demons and knights began.

"Martha-san, I wonder if the children at the orphanage are safe."
"It's alright, that place is as sturdy as a castle, knight Son-sama told me."

In a corner of the shelter under the inn, the maid little girl, Yuni and the daughter of the innlady, Martha are diverting their anxiety with little voices.
The neighboring people including the inn's guests are taking shelter here.

An especially loud thunderous sound resounds auspiciously.

After that, the outside becomes quiet.

"Maybe they've repelled the monsters?"
"Let's see for a bit."
"Oy! Stop!"
"I'm just gonna take a peek."

One of the evacuated men shakes off the people who try to stop him, he opens the basement door and peeks outside.

"Oy, how is it outside?"

The man who tried to stop him seemed to be worried about outside too, he asked the man who stopped talking.
However, the man kept silent and then something fell down from above.

"Ouch. What's this? It's sticky--UWAAAAAAAA"

When the man realized that the thing he held in hands was the head of the man who peeked outside, he screamed and threw it away.
The corpse of the man who lost his head fell down while spraying blood.

An even more menace comes to the basement that was dominated by scream and bellow.

With crunching sounds, the ceiling--the inn's floor is torn off, sunlight pour in.
Inside that light, somethings peek in, two black rods--no, they're the feelers of a huge insect.

The instant the feeler touched one of the men, the eye of a huge camel cricket appears in the torn ceiling and perceives everyone.
The feeler coils around Yuni and Martha who were in the corner of the room.

"GYAAAAAAA, help me father, mother, help help help help."

Martha and Yuni screamed, but only the inn couple dared to challenge the feeler.
Their desperate resistances end with them falling victims to another feeler.

"Let go of Yuni, nanodesu!"

A ball of light shining blue flying from afar pierces through the two feelers.
And then a white shadow that comes after the light ball catches the four people who were released from the feelers in the air.

"Lyuryu! Take care of Yuni and the others nodesu."


A small knight clad in golden armor jumped off the white dragon.

"Sure Kill Magic Edge (Vorpala)--"

In the middle of speaking the technique's name, the golden knight attacks the camel cricket's black body.
The camel cricket's defensive wall that was shining dark red was broken in an instant, the body that was harder than steel was pierced through like it was made of paper.

"Punishment, nanodesu!"

The golden knight's sword that burst out in the sky is emitting blue light.

"It's a little hero-sama."

The people who came out of the inn spoke that unanimously when they saw the golden knight.


The white dragon circling in the sky informed that there were new enemies closing in.

"Lyuryu! Drop off Yuni and the others below nodesu."


As instructed by the golden knight, the white dragon that's holding the inn family and the maid in its hand drop them down.
It was a soft gentle descent.

"Are you not injured nanodesu?"
"Y-yes, thank you--nanodesu? B-by any chance."

Yuni was going to guess correctly, but she stopped as the golden knight made a mouth zipper gesture.
Of course, Yuni didn't know a gesture from Japan's showa era, but she sensitively interpreted that it was, "Keep it a secret" and stopped talking.

"Hero-sama, please tell us your name."
"Pochi's name is Golden Knight Yellow nanodesu!"
"Golden Knight Yellow-sama! Thank you for saving us!"

Even though Yuni was intensely retorting inside her mind, "You said it! You said it, Pochi-chan!", she endured by smiling wryly in cold sweat.
And then, she spread the golden knight's false name, "Golden Knight Yellow" at the surrounding with an especially loud voice.

She's quiet the worrywart little girl.

"Did the others not come?"
"Zena went to the labyrinth nodesu. Pochi will go over there with Lyuryu to defeat the demon nodesuyo."
"So you've come to defeat the demon! Golden Knight Yellow-sama!"

Even while having headache at her friend's verbal slip, she conveyed the golden knight's actions to the surrounding people.
The admirable effort of Yuni who was gasping for breath didn't reach the natural airhead golden knight, it was over with her tilting her head cutely.

"Then, here it goes! Pochi will bring the souvenirs when she comes with Master nodesu!"

Yuni waves back at her friend who left while waving.

"Thank you for your covering, Yuni-chan."
"Eh, Satou--"

She looked at the familiar voice, but the one over there was an unfamiliar face.
However, the gentle pat on Yuni's head is of his from her memories.

"Yes, please stay normally next time."
"Right. We'll definitely do that."

That mysterious person gathered the people, created an underground shelter with earth magic and put up a powerful barrier.
It was such a splendid barrier whose sturdiness could be perceived even by untrained eyes that they could believe him when he guaranteed that even demon lords couldn't break it.

『Is it over? I dissatisfied.』

The holy sword held by the rough breathing boy knight has lost its blue luster, the female magic soldiers he's protecting behind him have also used up all their magic power they can't even move.
The only one that can use magic now is a female wind magician.

The good looking knight Kigori who fought together with him has  also left the stage with big injury, Garleon temple head Nebinen is desperately trying to save his life with healing magic behind a destroyed house.

".... ■■■■ Air Hammer"

The wind magic shot by the girl who has prepared to die vanishes without even reaching the greater demon.

『Composition too soft. I grading.』

The greater demon is looking down at the despairing girl, who puts both her hands on the ground, with eyes filled with joy.
People's despair and fear are a feast for demons like them.

In order to enjoy that, they continuously torment their opponents while leaving them alive.

".... ■■ Air Hammer"

A silver knight appearing in the sky casted a chant-shortened accelerated wind magic.
The magic that should have resulted the same like earlier reached the greater demon, showing enough power to make it step back several steps.

"<<DANCE>> Wind Stiletto!"

Receiving the same Holy Verse as the holy sword of kingdom's defense Claiomh Solais, seven stilettos released from the silver knight's hands are dancing in the sky while letting off clear sounds.
They attack the greater demon like birds of prey while creating blue trails of light.

『Are you a pupil of Ancestor King Yamato? I delighted.』

The greater demon gleefully handles every blades which attack like a skilled swordsman each.

"<<CLAD>> Wind Stiletto!"
『Two Holy Verses? I astonished.』

Holy Verse is one per one.
That's an absolute rule that even applies to the divine gift holy swords.

However, the black haired boy who made the stiletto will laugh it off if he hears that.
That difficulty is only a matter of putting several circuits in parallel.

The invisible vacuum blades spread on the stilettos are gradually cornering the greater demon.

Yet, even so, the differences between humans and demons are obvious.
Even though the holy swords dancing in the sky keep making many wounds, the decisive blow is still far away.

The silver knight begins to chant an attack magic to recover from the hopeless situation.

『Kukakakaka, suffer by the poison in the black blood. I pleased.』

The soldiers who inhaled the scattered blood of the greater demon are lying on the stone pavement while coughing blood.

Seeing that, the silver knight bites her lips under the helmet.
She holds down her feeling to save her coworkers by using ranged healing wind magic with her willpower.

The thing that she should do now is to repulse the greater demon.

And then she completed the spell up to right before the verse for the invocation.
The silver knight makes her next move before before chanting the last invoking verse.

"<<APPEASE>> Wind Stiletto!"

Receiving the third Holy Verse, the seven stilettos shined brightly--they burst open from inside and turned into blue particles.

『It couldn't endure it? I ridicule.』

Without minding the ridiculing greater demon, the silver knight recited the last invoking verse of the advanced wind magic that she had reserved.

Tempest-like wind rages with the greater demon in the center, golden trails of light appearing inside the wind shuts the greater demon inside the tempest like a cage.
Even the continuous attacks of its jet black arms from the inside only warped the golden cage, failing to break it.

It's a magic made by engrafting the secret technique of spirit magic Garuda into wind magic, a magic especially made for her.

『Kuhahaha! I pleased.』

The vacuum blades appearing inside the golden cage inside the tempest excruciate the greater demon.

Even with that much attacks, humans' magic isn't enough to defeat a greater demon. Normally that is--.

Twinkling blue sparkles can be seen inside the tempest.
The tempest changes before long, evolving into a different magic glistening with blue sparkles.

『You sacrificed a divine gift holy sword to defeat me! I commend.』

The greater demon shaved by the holy swords' grains disappeared into mist inside the tempest.

"It's thanks to magic and tools Satou-san gave me."

The silver knight mutters at the tempest without anyone to hear her.

A golden knight riding on a silver lesser dragon arrived beside her.

"Zena--not, nodesu. Err, err."
"It's Silver Knight Air remember. Golden Knight Yellow-san."
"That's right nodesu! Pochi wanted to say that nodesuyo!"

The silver knight hit her forehead with her hand, having the same feeling as Yuni earlier, but she quickly pulled herself together and heal the surrounding people with advanced wind magic.

"Pochi and Lyuryu defeated all the other demon people nodesu."
"As expected."

She said it lightly, but there aren't many people in the vast Shiga Kingdom that can defeat multiple flying mid demons in a short amount of time.

"Demon lord hasn't appeared yet nodesu?"

The golden knight made a dangerous remark while cutely tilting her head.

"Yes, it should be over with this."

If they appear that easily, people probably won't be able to live a peaceful life.

The two who have finished emergency measures by using magic descend to the ground.

"You've worked hard. Yukel."
"Ne, Ane-sama?"
"I'm a follower of Hero Nanashi, Silver Knight Air. I'm not your elder sister. Understand?"
"Yes! Ane--no, Air-dono."

The golden knight's ear twitches as she gazes at the conversation between siblings.

"--Someone is calling nodesu."
"Pochi will be going for a bit nodesu."

The golden knight rides on the white dragon and flies in the sky.

And she went to a backyard of a temple in Seryuu City.

『Here you are--little hero.』

A little girl with honey colored hair is knitting corolla in the middle of a flower garden in the backyard.

The little girl smiles unsuitably of her age.

"Pochi is Golden Knight Yellow nanodesu. Hero is Master nanodesuyo?"
『No, you're a [True Hero]. Everyone just keeps it a secret.』
"Really nanodesu?"

The honest golden knight who doesn't understand doubt looks as if she comprehends the little girl while tilting her head.

『Yes, really nanodesu. That's why, I want you as hero to defeat the demon lord.』
"Bad demon lord nanodesu? Master told Pochi not to defeat good demon lords nodesu?"

The battle inside the underground labyrinth with her master floated in the golden knight's mind.

『It's a really bad weasel demon lord, so it's alright. Master will praise you if you defeat it.』
"Then Pochi will do her best nodesu! Pochi will call Zena now nodesu."
『No, you won't make it in time then. My hero is almost getting killed by the bad demon lord over there.』
"That's bad nanodesu."

After saying that, the golden knights stands on her Dragon Steed's, the little girl smiles satisfyingly.
A smile that would have made the golden knight's friends to prepare for battle against the little girl had they were here.

『You're going right away right?』
"Yes, nanodesu."

However, the pure golden knight who doesn't understand to doubt readily consents the little girl's request.

『I'll open the gate to the battlefield.』

A gate that looks similar to the temple's gate is opened before the golden knight and the white dragon.
A huge ruin dyed in white can be seen beyond the torn space.

『Go little hero. And save my hero.』
"Yes nanodesu! Pochi will work hard nodesuyo!"

The golden knight replied cheerfully and turned toward the battlefield together with the white dragon.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-34

15-34. Golden Knights' Deployment (2), Seryuu City's Boy Knight


※ Not from Satou's point of view this time

"What's wrong Yuni?"
"Martha-san, would Seryuu city be alright?"
"Priest-sama said the bad ones are the weaselkin right? Nothing to do with us."

The maid little girl and the inn lady's daughter are having such conversations at the Gate Inn of Seryuu City.

Even the people who gathered at the temples to seek salvation right after the God's Divine Messages have returned to their daily life.
Outwardly at least--.

"Get out of Seryuu City demi-humans!"
"Go away!"

An act of barbarism that would make any sensible person frowns is being carried out in one of the vacant lands inside the city.

Brats dressed in good clothes are throwing stones at demi-human children.
Many stones missed their target, but several of the ones thrown by older boys hit theirs.

"P-pleass, sthop"
"I'm sohryy"

Neither the fast dogkin, the agile catkin, nor the smart weaselkin could defy the [Don't move from there] order of their master, asking for mercy was all they could do.

It's an ugly scene that would make decent human beings feel sick, but it appears to be a pleasant entertainment for the humans here.

Of course, not all the people in Seryuu City regards this is an entertainment.

"What are you doing! Cease at once!"

A beautiful girl showed herself up from a carriage parked at the side of the road.
With her long blond hair, her strong-willed blue eyes filled with dignity of a noble are glaring at the people participating in the ugly festival in the park.

"The woman over there, are you a government official? Earl Seryuu should have given a direction not to abuse beast people pointlessly."

The earl has prohibited owners of beastkin slaves inside the city from abusing them because he has a dealing with the influential Viscount Pendragon who has beastkin slaves.
It seems the fact that Viscount Pendragon's cooperation is crucial in order to put the management of Seryuu City's labyrinth on track is not divulged to the low class government officials.

"This is a filthy place. It's not a place some great priestess-sama should come."

For the female official who's aware of her declining beauty, a fresh young girl accompanied by a handsome knight is an object of envy.

Due to her uncontrollable envy, the female government official spout out words to drive the girl away.

"Do you mean to say that you don't intend to obey Earl Seryuu's decree?"
"Did you hear otherwise?"

The girl raised her brows in anger at that answer.
Because that was equivalent to rebelling against the lord.

It'd be a different story if she were one of the ignorant populace, but it's absolutely intolerable for someone who gets their payroll from the lord.

"Sir Marientail, cut down this official. I have confirmed that she's clearly rebelling against the earl."

The girl gave a merciless order to her accompanying boy knight.
A slight anguish floated on the boy knight's face that looks similar to his big sister's, Zena Marientail.

"Auna-sama, are you sure about this?"
"It doesn't matter. A fool who can't abide her lord cannot be anything but harm."

A cold smile shows up on the beautiful girl's face, she mutters, "This is my mercy."
It seems there is no one here who's aware that Auna is the name of Earl Seryuu's daughter.

"Besides, if we arrest her here, her whole family will be executed."

The boy who knows the depth of the girl's compassion and her inflexible nobility draws his sword.
Pale blue light twinkles on the sword's surface.

"Be at ease, it will be painless. Are the people over there your friends? I've to execute them along with you if they are?"
"N-no, I'm not."
"Me neither."
"M-me too, I'm not."

The boy knight let the scurrying men in the vacant lot go, but he acted when the boys who were throwing stones tried to do the same.

"Whoops there, I can't let you kids go just like that."

The boy knight goes around and cut in in front of the children using Flickering Movement and then he drops his fist on them.

The person himself intended it to be a light punishment, but due to his tempered body from the level ups in short term, his version of [light] didn't seem to be light at all.
The kids are groaning in agony on top of the grass in the vacant land.

The boy knight looked a bit awkward at first, but then he turned serious when his ears caught the shrill noise from the [Bone Conduction Alarm].

"Looks like it has begun."

Auna understood that an unprecedented crisis has befallen Seryuu City from the short exchange with the boy.

"It cannot be helped. We will have to end our tryst."

The boy knight's face reddened at Auna's joke.
It's an innocent scene between a boy and a girl, but it appears the Gods of this world aren't kind enough to allow that.

Black particles extending to the sky can be seen at the direction of the labyrinth.

"It seems the labyrinth monsters are overflowing outside. Go Knight Marientail. As for me, I will accomplish the role that's been assigned to me."
"Yes, Auna-sama!"

The boy runs through alleys with speed of wind.
Was there anyone who noticed that he looked like her big sister during the initial appearance of the labyrinth?

"I wish to City Core. With my Authority as the nobility of Seryuu, cancel the contracts of these people."
『Confirmed the qualification as the nobility of Seryuu to cancel the contract.』

When Auna spoke to the ring she took from her chest, a voice could be heard out of nowhere.

『Canceling the contracts.』

At the same time of that voice, blue light flows from Auna's ring and wraps the beastkin children.

"Your healing will be at Parion Temple. Get into the carriage."
"Buf, canf move"
"Ordee, been"
"I've already released your slave contracts. We don't have much time, quickly move."

The beastkin inadvertently obeyed Auna who was used to giving command, and then they raised shouts of joy when they found out the pain didn't come even though they moved.

At the vacant lot left by the carriage and the beastkin children, the female official who narrowly escaped death timidly lifts her head.

"She totally forgot about me.... Good grief, just who does she think--"

The female official couldn't finish her cursing.
The last thing reflected on her sinking dark eyes were a gigantic camel cricket and a brutal claw that looked like the grim reaper's scythe stuck on her chest.

"Are you guys alright!"
"Marientail-sama! The labyrinth blockade has failed."

A soldier of the territorial army with wounds all over his body answered the boy knight.

"At first the blockade was working...."

A part of the territorial army composed of nobles who thought the monsters coming out of the labyrinth looked weak undid a part of the blockade as they tried to score meritorious deed for themselves.

"What happened to those guys."
"Their bones are over there."

One soldier laughed with a gloomy face.

"Marientail-sama! I'm sorry for being late. We will help the blockade here. Marientail-sama, please exterminate the monsters who have scattered in the city!"
"Understood. I'll leave here to you."

The branch manager of Echigoya Firm appeared with a group of golems and was left to take care of the labyrinth's blockade.

"Platoon commander Allison, I will entrust the command here to you. Leave the direct battles to the golems, please don't let any monster that crosses the blockade alive."
"Where are you going company commander?"
"I'm going to dispose of the monsters scattered in the city."

Those sounded like he was abandoning his duty as a commander, but there was a reason for that.

The boy knight's level is higher than anyone here, but his actual battle experience is shorter than anyone here.
Thus he decided to secede the command to the experienced platoon commander Allison, and went to do a sweeping outside.

"Platoon Marientail will be divided into four groups. I give the right to command the groups to the noncommissioned officers. Hunt every monster you see while waiting for the reinforcement from territorial army to arrive."
"""Yes, commander!"""

The four military units went on to slaughter the monsters that attacked the citizens.

Among them--.

"Amazing, he defeated a monster that could even defend against great axe in one blow!"
"Uwaah, look at that! He defeated another one."
"Awesome, didn't know there was a knight that strong besides Kigori-sama."
"Oh! How nimble! He kicked the wall to get to the roof!"

The citizens who saw the boy knight's deeds shouted as if they were watching an action movie before their eyes.

"But y'know, the sword of that knight-sama earlier--"
"You saw it too?"
"It really was shining blue wasn't it?"

Such conversations continue to repeat and spread inside the city, the notion that, "Boy Knight Marentail's true identity is the 『Silver Masked Hero』" seemed as if it was true by the time the monster number had decreased.

And then they lived happily ever after--.

--Would have been nice if it ended like that.

"The holy sword would cry y'know? I advise." <TLN: It refers to itself using Wagahai (I).>

The boy knight is facing off against a jet black demon in the open space in front of the castle.

Moreover, two camel crickets bigger than houses are accompanying the demon on its sides.

"One who attacked Seryuu City before--Jet Black Greater Demon."
"Pleasantly correct. I delighted." <TLN: The line is just as awkward in Japanese. That's just how the demon talks.>

The greater demon draws a dark red great sword out of thin air.

"Now let's fight. I battle."

At the northern end of Shiga Kingdom, the boy knight's battle against despair has just begun.

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