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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 2

Chapter 2 I Will Grant Your Wish!


There's an open space as large as a gymnasium inside the lush thick forest.
A female knight is chained on the rock beside a clean spring located in the corner of that space.
She asked me who is a God a request.

"Please--kill me."
At the surprised me, the female knight spun her words falteringly.
"I wanted to become hero in order to defeat the demon king. I did my very best while hiding my identity. ...However, In the end, I'm still a Sinner. It was an impossible dream."

"But, aren't you being offered to the God? It'd be bad if you die on your own."
She shook her head at my question. Her rich blond hair sorrowfully swayed.
"You're mistaken. For a Sinner to be useful for people, they are to become a bait for the demon king and his subordinates at the end."
"What'd you say--!"

I look at the offerings with <<Truth Sight>>.
Mixed among the 【Specialty Liquor】 and 【Specialty Fruits】 are 【Monster Food】 and 【Offering for Demon King】.

She's not a sacrifice for God!

Moreover--I was astounded at the flawlessness of this system.
Light elemental people who have the power to repel evil are treated as Sinners, and become bait for monsters.
Isn't this the truth why the true hero is never born?

The female knight speaks while touching the collar with her slender fingers.
"I tried to remove these chains, but I wasn't able to. It must be impossible for you too. Therefore, please hear my last request. Before I become a plaything of the monsters--please kill me."
Female knight lowers her head after saying that. Her blond hair bathed in sunlight beautifully sways.

I gnaw my teeth and glare down below.
"Are you fine with that?"
"Either by monsters, or me, dying here? Is that really what you wish?"

"My wish... is it. --Everything is already over. There's no time. Quickly kill me and run away yourself."
"That's not what I ask you. What does your heart wish. Do you want to die here?!"
"I--My wish is--"

At that time.
A huge man twice taller than me who's 175cm appeared with sounds of breaking branches. His whole body is covered by rock-like skin, his legs and arms are thicker than my body.
He's holding a hammer as big as a car in his hand.
He looks like the so-called rock giant.

The rock giant smiles vulgarly when he sees the female knight.
"Gehehe.... Ain't ya a fine woman looking good to torment with. I'll make ya full of hole in yer' nether region without yer' limbs gehehe."

The female knight shouts with a sad look on her face.
"Aaa! Please run away traveler!"
"Like I said, forget about me. Say your wish!"

However, the female knight pushed me with tears on her eyes.
"Please! You alone must live! Please live until the day hero-sama appears and defeats demon king comes, please!"
"That day ain't gonna come! Gyahaha!"
The rock giant laughed out loud to make fun of her, and then he walks step by step in the open space.

And then he arrived beside us.
He really looks a filthy rock giant up close, looking down on me.
"Nn~? The heck are ya? What are ya doing here? You a sacrifice too?"
"Sorry. I'm talking with this woman right now. ...You wait a bit."
I glanced a bit and then turned back at the female knight.

The female knight is shaking her head like child. Her tears are scattered around.
"Run away! Go while I'm being assaulted--"
"You really are...."
I felt an admiration out of surprise and astonishment.

--Even now when she's about to be killed, she thinks of other people more than herself eh....
It's not only because she's born with Light element, I understand that she's really a kind girl at heart.

And then the rock giant shouted angrily enough to shake the forest. Several surprised small birds fly away to the blue sky.
"Ya bastard! I don't know who the shit are ya, no one ignore this Greyhades-sama, one of demon king's four devaaaaas!! Die!"
The rock giant raises his giant hammer.
With just that, the hammer blocks the sunlight.

"Aaa, run--!"
The female knight pushed me away with her slender arms. She closes her eyes while desperately trying to cover me. Heartrending tears flow below her long eyelashes, streaming down on her white cheek--.


A strong shock from the hammer.
The soil on the ground whirled up from the wind pressure, the offering liquor bottles fell down.

A sudden silence.

The female knight who tightly closed her eyes timidly open them--and then her blue eyes open wide in surprise.
The rock giant's whole body is shaking with the muscles on his arms swelling while his slit eyes are wide open in surprise. It's clear that he's giving it all.

I've firmly stopped his useless effort.
--With a finger.

While glaring at him from below, I speak with a low raging voice.
"....Wait a bit--Didn't I tell you that?"
Sharp glint in eyes like they're glittering. God's coercion.

The rock giant jumped back at once. He retreated to the edge of the open space, he's probably too afraid.

I turn back at the female knight and speak with a gentle voice.
"Now, say it. Your true wish. I will grant you anything now."
The female knight was surprised but her face collapsed back to a graceful one hearing me.
"What! I can't hear you! Repeat that!"

Right at that time, the rock giant who escaped to the end of the open space began to run in anger.
"U-using some strange techniqueeee! I won't forgive ya!!"
He's coming while raising cloud of dust.

The female knight speaks again.
"Sa...v. Still,"
After I yelled her, the female knight bends her body and shouts out loud with all her might while tearing up!
"Please, save me! I still want to live more! Uwaaan!"
The female knight cries with a crumpled face.
"Well said. Lemme have the offering."
Saying that, I scoop the tears collected under her eyes.
And then I relax my face and smile.

While drawing out the Tachi on my right waist, I declare loudly.

"Thy wish has been granted! My name is Keika Hiko-no-Mikoto! I will definitely grant your wish!"

I smear the collected tears on the Tachi.
The blade crest shines blue!

The coming rock giant raises his giant hammer.
"Petty trick! Yer' too late to do anything--<<Impact Death Press>>!"
The swinging hammer comes down with a swoosh.
Its swinging speed makes the handle looks like it's bent like a bow--.

I casually hold my Tachi while standing still.
"Abiding by the name Keika Hiko-no-Mikoto, o small streamlet flowing since the age of gods, gather to form a raging torrent--<<Water Demon Slashing Destroyer>>!"

--Giii, zwuaan!!

A dull and thick sound filled the open space.

I casually swung down my Tachi.
The rock giant freezes while still in a position where he's swinging his hammer downward.
Light in his dirty eyes rapidly disappears.
"W-why... how...."

Something small fell to the ground. Like gray caterpillars.
Those are the the rock giant's fingers.

The hammer fell and made a big sound.
With the shock of the fall, the hammer's body and handle broke in two.

And then.
A straight line of blood was sprayed behind the rock giant.
He's split in two from his head to the nether region and falls.

After the heaviest thud, the rock giant fell and died.

I swing my Tachi to brush the blood away.
"Too weak to even talk about."
And then I come near the female knight who's sitting listlessly.
A flash.
With a high-pitched sound, her collar and chains are smashed. Scattering around the female knight.
I slowly put my Tachi back into its sheathe.

The female knight seems strange even though I've removed her binding. She doesn't move while looking dumbfounded with her blue eyes.
"Are you alright?"
I get closer to the female knight whose red lips cutely opening.
And then she suddenly grab my clothes.
Pulling me.

The female knight beings to weep while hugging my abdomen.
"Hero-sama, Hero-samaaaaaa! --I've been waiting for you, Hero-samaa!!"
She started to cry as if she had caught fire. While pushing her face on my stomach, she's crying like a child.

I tried to pull her apart and let her stand, but she refused and continued to cry while shaking her head like a child.
Crying while saying, hero-sama, hero-sama.

She keeps crying no matter how many time I try to tear her apart.
I look up at the sky and let out a sigh.
I continue to pat her fascinating blond hair while letting her weep for a while.

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