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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 3

Chapter 3 I Will Become a God in this New World!


Warm sunlight is hitting us from above.
At the nook of the forest's open space, the blond female knight--Celica finally calmed down.
Yet her blue eyes are still filled with tears and her slender fingers are grasping my Wafuku tightly.
Doesn't seem like she'll let go of it.

The girl cries with a spoiled voice and upturned eyes.
"Sob. ...herosamaa"
Stumped, I sighed.
I should tell her now that she's calmed down.

"Ah, sorry. I, er, I don't plan to become a hero."
"E...! But why! Even though you're so strong!"
"No, that's probably because he was just too weak.... Thus I've already granted your wish. I will be returning now."
"What are you saying! That monster was one of the demon king's four devas who ruled the area around here! Ordinary men can't even hope to touch him!"
"You kidding me. Unbelievable."

I look at the body of the fallen rock giant in the open space with <<Truth Sight>>.
His Status appears.

Name: Greyhades
Gender: Man
Age: 283
Race: Rock Demon
Job: Supreme Commander of the Demon King's Eastern Army
Class: Great Warrior Lv 99 Commander Lv 3
Element: 【Darkness】

Strength: 900 Growth Limit 999
Agility: 850 Growth Limit 999
Magic: 288 Growth Limit 800
Wisdom: 014 Growth Limit 200
Luck: 040 Growth Limit 100

Vitality: 8750
Willpower: 1510

Attack: 5300
Defense: 3450
Magic Attack: 0576
Magic Defense: 0028

Swing Down: Simple big damage
Fissure: Simple damage +  Ranged bind
Storm Down: Ranged attack
Blast Wave: Ranged fire damage
Impact Death Press: Ranged instant death attack

Mighty Guard: Null physical and magic attacks

Knock Down: Drop the opponent's weapon
Weapon Destruction: Break any weapon at a probability

His equipment are missing since he's dead.
But still, this guy is that huh, the type that specializes in attack and defense.
His magic defense is only 28, normally you'd defeat him with magic attacks.

Something like this could become an executive huh.
Well, he was indeed way stronger than humans though.

However, looking at the skill explanations, it seems 【Mighty Guard】 could defend against any physical and magical attack in exchange of not being able to attack himself, and the 【Weapon Destruction】 can seemingly destroy any weapon of the opponent at a probability.
It could have been a bit dangerous if he used these two. A bit.
Well, that's why you provoke your opponent to prevent them from using troublesome tactics like that.
Either way, it's my victory.

Besides, it doesn't change the fact that he's weak.

Because--I look at my own palm.
My Status appears.

Name: Keika Hiko-no-Mikoto
Gender: Male
Age: ?
Race: All Gods
Job: God
Class: Master Swordsman  God Monk
Element: 【Noble Wind】 【Clear Stream】 【Faint Gleam】

Strength: 51000(+1000)
Agility: 71700(+1700)
Magic: 91900(+1900)
Wisdom: 21200(+1200)
Believers: 1

Vitality: 613500
Willpower: 565500

Attack: 102000
Defense: 143400
Magic Attack: 183800
Magic Defense: 42400

Weapon: Tachi of God's Majesty  Attack x2 Magic Attack x2
Protector: Deep Blue Line Clothes of God  Defense x2 Magic Defense x2
Sacred Tree Geta  Agility x2 during actions, The strap can't be cut, Cannot be unequipped unwillingly
Accessories: Gourd of Water Guardian  can hold a lot of water, won't rot

The difference is literally orders of magnitudes.
That's why I could win easily.
These are the minimum standards of a God though.

As you can see Gods have no level. Only believers.
The ability values of each believer is added to the God's.

Looks like Celica is a virgin after all. When a chaste woman with 【Light Element】 becomes my believer, that woman's ability value multiplied by 100 is added to mine. A virgin woman who isn't of light elemental adds 100. Any other case adds 10.
That's why bad gods often ask for virgin women to be sacrificed.

By the way, that guy, Amaterasu's total ability values exceed 100 millions.
Jesus's and Buddha's are more than a billion.
I'm like a fly before them.

I look at Celica and say.
"He really was weak. It was not impossible for you guys to win against him. The other demon king's forces are probably like that too.... Well, good luck. I'm going home."
"B-but.... Then what do you want to be instead of hero!?"
"What huh--right.... I want to become a God."
I said that as a joke.
--I can't become one anymore after all.

Yet Celica cutely tilted her head and smiled afterward, saying "ah".
"God? You must be talking about God of Valor!"   
"God of Valor?"
"Am I mistaken? People who piled up great many achievements as heroes are revered as Gods after their death aren't they."

I screamed in surprise. I couldn't help to.
You can become a God if you work hard as a hero--!?

"F-for examples, what kind of guys--Gods of Valor are there?"
"Um let me see.... Hero Lazan who defeated many sea monsters led by Meteor Whale that was called demon king of the sea, and reclaimed the sea back to humans. He's revered as the protector god of the sea even now. There's also Hero Jared who used tactics to fight and overcome demon king's army many times, now he's revered as God of Battle. Others are...."
Celica said another five heroes.
My cheeks loosened every time I heard one.

I mean.
Everything they did are something I can do.
Becoming a God just by defeating such weak monsters like that one, easy peasy.
100 times easier than working hard in Japan. Difficulty easy.

Moreover, working hard as a hero shouldn't be against the rule created by the Gods of this world.
Well, I probably should visit and ask them once at least.
Just to tell them about my situation of wanting to become a hero.

I bite my teeth and decide it.
--I've gone and come to an easy mode world!
I will become a God loved by the people of this world!!

Celica's eyes are brightened by the various heroes' exploits.
Her beautiful voice is reverberating in the quiet open space.
I put my hand on her shoulder. Twitch, her tension is transmitted to my hand.

I smile like a fraud.
"Celica. That was a joke. --I will become a hero."
"Re-really! Thank you very much! As expected of Hero-sama desuwa."
Celica hugs me tightly. Her arms and legs are soft and delicate but her silver breastplate are quite painful.

I pat her head while smiling wryly.
"You're unexpectedly bold."
"T-that's not true.... It's because it's Hero-sama."
Celica separates herself, blushing while looking down.

I put a serious face.
"However I have one condition."
"W-what would that be?"
"Protect your chasteness forever for my sake."
I put my fingers on Celica's slender chin and lift it up.
"Can you do it?"
Celica's face to ears are reddened, her blue eyes are moist.
"....Yes. Hero-sama. I will dedicate this body to you."
"That's the spirit."
I separate my hand, Celica's muttered, "hau", with a sad voice.

I speak with folded arms.
"Still, I'd like you to stop with Hero-sama. Right then, Celica. Just call me Keika."
"I understand Keika-sama... wait, have I introduced myself?"
"A! ...yeah, you said your name."
"Was that the case. Then allow me to introduce myself once again. My name is Celica.... desu. Knight desu. I'm born in the west desu.... that is all desu."
She's speaking like there's something stuck between her teeth.
Some strange birds flew above the open space while making giegie sounds like they were making fun of her.

I glare at Celica whose eyes are half open.
"Ah, so that's how it is. In the end you're hiding something after all the hero-sama, hero-sama flattery."
"Uh.... I'm sorry Keika-sama. There's, um some circumstances about my family."
"Well, I vaguely understand. You're a noble right?"
"H-how did!"
"Well, I can infer that much from your equipment and such. You purposely made your strong equipment look weak."
"As expected of Keika-sama."
Celica's voice is full of respect.
However, I groan, u~n.

Actually it's just because I saw her Status directly.
Her knight level is 5, but there's an unknown Job and Class at level 17. Her age is also 17. In other words, it's a Class that automatically levels up with age.
It would be strange if that Job was not something one has since they were born, like prince and princess.

--Moreover, it's five characters. She's probably a 『Princess』. <TLN: 'Princess' in Katakana, プリンセス.>

I smile at the hesitating Celica.
"Well, looks like there's a lot surrounding you, it'd be a long story. Leaving that aside, I have to become a hero."
"Yes, Keika-sama... I will definitely talk about it before long."
"I know. And, I came from afar just recently so I still don't know the system in this country, what should I do for that?"
"In order to become a hero you have to take the Hero's Exam to get authorization from King Daphnes and the Hero Medal."
"I see. There's no point in claiming yourself one huh. Well guess that makes sense. A hero can become a god after all. --Where do you take that exam?"
"You have to take it in the royal capital of Daphnes Kingdom, Chloe."
"Alright. Let's go to the royal capital first."
"Yes. Allow me to guide you."
Celica walks ahead. Her waist-long blond hair greatly sways.

However, I call toward her dignified back.
"Wait a minute. Are we going to walk in this forest?"
"Yes? That's right--ah! Should we bring the head of the four deva?"
She puts her hands on her cheeks and casually tilts her head. That kind of gesture is surprisingly cute.

Putting that aside.
I ponder for a bit.

We will be welcomed warmly if I bring the four deva's head, no mistake.
However, the kind of 『Sinner』 system has even been incorporated nationwide.
There's no doubt that this Demon King is cunning beyond imagination.
I would attract the demon king's attention if I carelessly stood out.
Using backhanded tactics, they would drop me out of the Hero's Exam.... I can't deny such a possibility.

Or the Demon King might even come to personally dispose of me--that's also possible.
I can probably defeat him easily if that happens.

Would the people revere me if I just defeat the demon king?
Thinking back from Celica's story earlier, the heroes had to overcame hardship after hardship, and repeatedly saved many people from troubles before ultimately gaining their trust.

Humans forget things easily.
They can forget the favor they received in three years.
In order to prevent that, you have to create obligations of gratitude many many times.

That was the biggest reason of my failure in Japan.
I didn't untiringly sell my name.
Rome was not built in a day.
I should avoid the same mistake!

I shake my head.
"Let's not bring the head. They'll just doubt us needlessly since I'm not known as a hero yet."
"I-is that right.... If that's Keika-sama's wish."
"I also have another reason to stop you."
"What would that be?"
"This forest is vast y'know. It's possible that we can't get ahold of food along the way, so let's bring the things here. He's dead anyway."
And then Celica's face brightens.
"That's true! It completely slipped my mind! I thought that food would be a matter of course.... No, please forget that. Then, let us take them."
She said it like she was a princess who never knew hardships, but I pretended to not notice it.

And so we choose food.
Expensive food and food that seem to last long. It was easy with <<Truth Sight>>.
I've also filled the gourd full of water.

I can actually just fly with magic, but I want to be seen just as a strong human right now.
And also, I want her to teach me about this world.
Talking about that while leisurely walking is just right.

We use the offering cloth as a bag to hold several days worth of food.
"Are you ready?"
"Yes, Keika-sama."
Celica answered me with a completely trusting beaming smile.
Even while drawing back by that straight honest heart, I walk in the deep forest while having a pleasant chat with Celica.

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