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Okami wa Nemuranai 40.7


Norma left Wazrof mansion with her father when she was 17, Kingdom Year 107. Just about ten years ago.

The impression she had on Wazrof was not at all nice. In fact it's bordering on hatred.

After all, this house split apart Norma's father and mother. No way she would bear goodwill toward them.

And also, this is one cold house.

Her father and Norma were given a nice dwelling, fancy clothes, good food and under care of excellent servants, they were also provided everything her father needed for his research, but that's all.

Whenever they saw her father's siblings or relatives in the mansion, they would greet and bow but none would initiate a conversation. Even the servants would speak only when necessary. Norma and her father were ignored. As if they didn't exist.

Norma spent 17 year long year from her infancy in this house. She couldn't bear that coldness during her emotional period. Thus her sorrow transformed into hatred toward this house. She thought the house too loathed her and her father.

However, she found out an unexpected truth from Lecan last year.

Her father and Norma were actually loved. When you think about it, that's true. Jinga is someone Norma unconditionally trusts, he's her protector and supporter, someone irreplaceable in her life. It was House of Wazrof that dispatched Jinga. They were given such an extraordinary gift. There is no doubt that is an act of strong affection.

Every time Norma would recall the previous marquis Godfrey's words, 'I shall avenge my brother.', she would be fraught with emotion. Godfrey actually thought so much about his much younger little brother.

"Godfrey was a cog in the machine that is the Marquis. However, I could feel passion in the words he spoke after your father's death."
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"Godfrey exacted revenge and sent the wand to Jinga."

"Bringing your mother's wand back to you. That wand contain Godfrey's thought toward you."

Lecan is someone who acts curtly ordinarily, but he has the power to see through someone's true nature. With Lecan's ability as an intermediary, Norma was afforded a glimpse on the previous marquis's true feeling on the matter.

After that, her hatred toward Wazrof melted away like snow. Thinking back, their treatment by Wazrof was never bad. Even her mother's confinement was done because it was the only way they knew how to protect her.

No, she had been always aware about it. Norma's sagacious brain and powers of observation clearly understood how cordially Wazrof treated them. However, she could never bring herself to admit it.

The man before him now, Manfrey may be her cousin, but they rarely ever talked. However, there was one spectacle burned in Norma's eyes with this man in the scene. When Norma and her father left this mansion ten years ago, Manfrey was standing by the gate staring at them. She couldn't believe he would go out of his way to see them off, but Norma couldn't come up with any other reason he'd be there then either. That spectacle was the sole small thing that would console her in loneliness.

As such, Norma bears no hatred toward Manfrey. In fact, he's someone nostalgic, weirdly enough for a person of this house.

"Are you making good progress with the work to publish uncle's writing?"

"Yes. Initially, I was planning to publish my father's work as they are untouched. However, I have reassessed that plan after some consultation, and we are now planning to publish what my father would have truly wanted to write down, writing new parts for each of his work."

"Hou. Won't that be a great task to undertake?"

"No. Tidying up what we have now and make them comprehensible would have been much more difficult a task. Writing new passages from nothing is much simpler and accurate, and I have also come to a realization that's what my father would have truly wanted."

"Fumu. Who is the other person in that consultation?"

"They are Sir Prado Goncourt and transcriber Rakrus-dono."

"Rakrus-dono, is it. He is said to be the most prominent transcriber in the kingdom. None is more fitting to entrust uncle's work to. And Prado-dono. I see you have found your place at House of Goncourt then."


"I see. I'm delighted to hear that."

A smile floated on Manfrey's face as he sipped his tea.

"Incidentally, I would like to ask you. Could you have the author's name on uncle work as Sasfrey Wazrof. I beg of you."

"Yes. I should be the one asking. I believe my father would be pleased with that as well."

"So you will. That's good. First Class Priest of Royal Capital Elex Temple, Amamir-sama once paid our mansion a visit. Father was in a great mood during dinner that day. He would constantly brag, 'He came all the way to our house for Sasfrey's work', 'The research my little brother worked on is regarded as first-rate by specialists.'"

"Yes. I heard Godfrey-sama boldly claimed that his little brother Sasfrey wrote that. He also stated that, 'Sasfrey may have passed, but you should be able to find his other work with a medic by the name of Norma at town of Vouka.'"

"Hou. I see. So that's how it went. Ah, then. I see. But that makes things easier. My late father would reprove me if I failed to put Wazrof name on uncle's work."

Manfrey quenched his throat with tea and changed the topic.

"Now then, I shall get to the topic at hand."


"Are you aware of <White Snow Princess (Sruvada)?"

"No. This is the first I have heard of it."

"I see. So uncle kept that a secret until the end."

Afterward Manfrey revealed a shocking detail on Norma's bloodlines.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 40.6


Viscount Goroun looked at Jinga. His eyes signaling, 'Do something about this.'

Jinga was a royally appointed knight by the king himself, affiliated to Wazrof House. He may be retired, but that affiliation remains even now. And he hails from a long line of a knight family loyal to House of Wazrof, so naturally he should obey the present master as well, thus the viscount believed. And Viscount Goroun is an old friend of Jinga to boot. But the words coming out of Jinga astounded the viscount instead.

"Dare you take my lord against her will, I shall resist until my dying breath."

It's as if he's having a confrontation with his mortal enemy. However, the temperature of Jinga's emotion reflects that of his lord, Norma. Showing how much Goroun has angered Norma.

And now it's questionable if Jinga even belongs to Wazrof.

There are many cases of unclear affiliation of a knight dispatched to one's wed daughter. Some knights would choose to go back to their former house when that daughter passed away, but there are also cases where they kept guarding the children instead. As for who's paying that knight's salary, the answer can differ a lot. It all depends on the cases.

Viscount Goroun switched gear befitting of a veteran negotiator. He stood up, put both his hands on his chest and lowered his head to apologize.

That apology, directed to heiress of Goncourt, Norma, was fashioned like he was apologizing to a member of Wazrof.

Since Norma had no intention of cornering the viscount even further, she readily accepted his apology.

Afterward, Viscount Goroun invited Norma to Mashajain once again.

However, Norma told him that she was in the middle of an extremely important project, she could not afford to take a long trip even if it was an invitation by Marquis of Mashajain himself, nevertheless she could be wiling to compromise and reconsider if the viscount would divulge to her what this urgent matter is.

The viscount told her that he was not allowed to disclose the matter, but it's a highly critical issue that pertains many high ranking nobles of this country.

Norma asked if that issue has anything to do with Goncourt.
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The viscount answered back, no, it's unrelated to them.

Thus, after decisively snatching the higher ground in the negotiation, Norma put up some conditions if she were to visit Mashajain.

Which is, she must be back at Vouka within 30 days after departure, and they must vow not to make Norma do something against her will.

Once the viscount took that vow on the spot, Norma acted swiftly. She immediately summoned Findin to prepare for the trip, explained the situation to transcriber Rakrus and made arrangements on his work during her absence, and left Vouka the day after.

Jinga, Findin, Eda, and a maid accompanied her.

Eda volunteered her company on her own volition. Norma herself felt relieved with Eda around, and not even Wazrof would dare to detain Eda with Herb Saint's warning.

At first there were going to be three maids. Norma herself didn't think she needed one, and Wazrof would definitely send their own maids anyway. However, as it was a honor thing with noble houses, neither Prado nor Kanner would relent, thus they compromised with one. Additionally, Norma's group was to board a Goncourt's wagon instead of Wazrof's. Along with a coachman.

House of Wazrof had dispatched two knights in the entourage, the older one had received tutelage under Jinga, and deeply respected him. The younger one looked respectful to Jinga as well. As such, Jinga took the leadership of the entourage to lead them on a smooth trip. They got raided by a group of Spider Monkeys once and another time by bandits, Eda took care of both times with <Bow of Ishia> without letting the wagons or anyone got hurt. The two knights were greatly surprised to find out <Healing Hand of Herb Saint> was a skilled adventurer. Wazrof maids never said a word and were thorough in their work, they did not offend Norma even once during the journey.

Norma spent a lot of times in Wazrof wagon on the way. She gathered as much information as she could about Wazrof and the situation surrounding the house from Viscount Goroun.

The wagon arrived at Mashajain on the 14th.

Norma was led to a guest house. It was a very nice room. The bath was prepared, meals were ready.

The day after, Norma had an audience with the present master of Wazrof, Manfrey. Accompanied by Jinga, Findin, and Eda.

Manfrey is 41 this year. They may be cousins, but he's 14 year Norma's senior.

"I offer you my greatest gratitude for responding to my call here despite your busy schedule, heiress to House of Goncourt, Norma Goncourt-dono. It has been a while, Norma."

"Yes. It's good to see you again, Manfrey-sama."




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Okami wa Nemuranai 40.4_5


"That's better. Oh yeah, something you said caught my attention. What do you mean Prado looks forward to what Norma does?"

"This is nothing more than my wild imagination, but Prado-sama had always been alone in coming up for plans and passing judgments for years. Shouldering an enormous burden. Butler Kanner may have been an excellent assistant, but he would never go against Prado-sama's will."


"But then, Norma-sama went in a completely different direction than Prado-sama. And she did that spontaneously. Prado-sama has become better at handing down his judgments after observing Norma-sama managing things on-site in that direction. I believe Prado-sama is now feeling much more at ease, something he has never experienced before."


"Also, Norma-sama is very well received by the children, Utena-sama and Jona-sama, giving them opportunities to get along with each other. This alone has ensured a brighter future for this house. And that benefit came naturally even though it was neither ordered by Prado-sama nor was it intentional of Norma-sama. That is everything that makes Prado-sama look forward to Norma-sama's actions."

"I got it somewhat. Norma."

"Yup. What is it?"

"I got the gist of your reasons for coming to Goncourt House and what it means to you. Get to the next point now."

"Yeah, so here's the main issue."

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On the 11th of month four, an envoy from House of Wazrof paid Goncourt Mansion a visit. As Lecan obtained <Comet Cutter> in Dungeon Tsubolt on the 15th of month four, this happened sometimes a bit before that.

That envoy was Viscount of Goroun, Kinis Wiba. Class-wise, he's of a higher standing than Vouka townlord. According to Jinga, Viscount of Goroun is an individual Wazrof only sends as an envoy for highly critical matters, he's usually reserved for the royalty, or marquises or earls.

The viscount visited Vouka townlord Crimus Ulban before asking for Norma's whereabouts. Crimus absolutely had no clue that Norma was a cousin of Wazrof's present master, it took him completely by surprise. As for the viscount, he was bewildered himself when he found out Norma had been named a heiress of a noble family, Goncourt.

Guided by Agito Ulban and Commander Tesla, the viscount visited Goncourt mansion, met Prado Goncourt and told him he wished to pick Norma up for a certain matter. He wouldn't disclose what that matter was, but it was clear that it was an important matter concerning multiple marquis houses.

Prado was also awfully shocked. Even though he knew that Norma was looked upon much more fondly by Wazrof after finding out Jinga's status as a high-ranking knight of Wazrof, he could never imagine that it was to the degree of sending a viscount as an envoy.

The viscount met Norma, and told her that the present master, Manfrey Wazrof had a very important matter to discuss with her, thus she would be escorted to Mashajain promptly. The viscount spoke modestly considering his standing, but it still slightly offended Norma. Because they went at it while completely ignoring Norma's side's circumstances.

Norma told the viscount that she was involved in a big project Guide Skalabel launched to publish her father, Sasfrey's work, and she could not leave Vouka due to her busy schedule.

The viscount was aware of that project. Priest Amamir who would never let anything slip had negotiated with Prime Minister Office to make it, <A kingdom-wide national project proposed and led by Guide Skalabel> instead of just Guide Skalabel's pet project. To that effect, the PM Office Domestic Affair Department contacted House of Wazrof and asked them whether the author should have the name Wazrof or not.

This was a confirmation to present master of Wazrof, Manfrey, leaving it to him to decide whether they are allowed to have Sasfrey named as Wazrof, neither the PM Office nor Amamir were asking Wazrof permission.

Manfrey dealt with it befitting of an esteemed family head. He told them that Sasfrey was undoubtedly a sixth son of previous family head, they would have Wazrof name as the book author, and that Wazrof would donate a large sum to this project.

The viscount laughed, saying that due to that, the Prime Minister Office would definitely look the other way even if the project got delayed for a bit if it's for the sake of Wazrof's internal matter.

This instantly put Norma in a bad mood. Because the viscount implied that Wazrof holds the right to control this project. And the they're doing it in a way that completely disregards transcriber Rakrus's and Norma's opinions and efforts on the matter.

"I am truly astonished to hear that the family head of Wazrof has gracefully bestowed his permission to use the marquis's name on my late father's work. I am eternally grateful for that."

The viscount turned all smile.

"Be that as it may, my father Sasfrey has been banished from House of Wazrof. I am unsure if we should call him a Wazrof."

The viscount's laugh froze.

"In addition, putting Wazrof name on this project may have been proposed by Prime Minister Office, but as Sasfrey's daughter as well as the party concerned in this, not one individual from Wazrof has made any contact with me. Therefore, I am unable to decide whether to put Wazrof name in this project or not, as of yet."

The viscount looked perplexed.

"In any case, I am still a heiress to a noble family, small as they may. He may be the head of Wazrof, however I am not obliged to answer this unilateral summon."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 40.3


"We have acquired far better results than anticipated due to having welcomed Norma-sama, which still continues even today. However, unexpected situations have also arisen with having Norma-sama in this house, and despite the positive results, there are also elements of uncertainties to them. I believe that is the present situation."

"I don't get what you're going on about. Speak legibly."


Since Findin was trying his best to summarize things, he was shocked at Lecan's words. But then it hit him when Lecan said legibly.

(My words may sound well concise to those who have a grasp on the situation already, but it would sound illegible to those who don't indeed.)

(The way I said it would not make it clear to everyone.)

(Lecan-sama has pointed that out.)

"Then I shall speak concretely. However, what Prado-sama has in mind would be nothing more than my suppositions. I hope you could understand that."


"Norma-sama was brought to this house for the sake of allowing Gaipus-sama succeed the house in the future. To Prado-sama himself, Norma-sama is likely an exceedingly convenient intermediary. That is because Norma-sama has no interest in managing Goncourt nor has she the capability, and the fact that she has no problematic dependents is a positive as well."

"Hmph. And?"

"And yet, Norma-sama managed to seize a path toward Gaipus-sama's succession in a way that diverges from Prado-sama's methods. And she even succeeded in gaining the upper hands over Boldrin House of Vantaroy, once a threat to Goncourt. These unexpected results have greatly satisfied Prado-sama. But with that also comes worries."

"What worries."

"It has been made clear that Norma-sama possesses the capability to preside over this house. Hence, he must consider the possibility of Gaipus-sama failing to take the mantle of master of Goncourt House."

Findin was curious about Norma's reaction while keeping his eyes at Lecan during his explanation.

(Did I go too far?)
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(But superficial words won't get through Lecan-sama.)

As a matter of fact, that is just Findin overthinking things. Lecan doesn't have capability to overanalyze that much.

But the previous Lecan would have not asked for Jinga's or Findin's opinions here. This is a result of his experience in debating with Zoltan and Marquis of Tsubolt. His action is driven more by instincts, but it did hit the right points. This wolf is changing little by little.

And it's a fact that Lecan's presence is overwhelming Findin right now. He's on an entirely different level than Findin. This difference is making Findin cower.

"Speak concisely. What's Prado worried about."

Findin choked. That is not something he could say out loud. Yet Lecan is asking for words. Then he has no choice.

"He is worried that Norma-sama would run Goncourt as she pleases."

He said it.

He went and said it. Now he's lost all the trust he's built up with Norma, back to starting point. However, he wouldn't be able to overcome this situation if he didn't say it.

"In other word, Prado believes that Norma would take over Goncourt, huh."

"It is not that he believes in that. However, from Prado-sama's standpoint, he must put that possibility into consideration."

That was well said. Findin gave himself a passing mark. This surely would get through Lecan.

"You talk like everything is complicated, I don't get what it's all about. In the end, does Prado like Norma, does he trust her? Or does he dislike Norma, does he distrust her?"

As Findin never expected to be thrust with these questions, his brilliant mind quickly made a calculation. But the answer had already been set in stone.

"Prado-sama likes Norma-sama and trusts her, and he looks forward to what Norma-sama does."

"You should just have said that from the start. What about Goncourt family members? And the servants? Do they like Norma. Or hate her."

"Everyone in the family likes Norma-sama. The children in particular, Norma-sama is their favorite. The servants also adore and respect her."

Findin replied while feeling like he got hit by a blunt object on the head.

(Oh my god.)

(I simply needed to explain the state of affairs there.)

(It's true, the most important things are the feelings and opinions of the concerned parties.)

(Lecan-sama pointed that out to me.)

(And truth is never roundabout.)

(It's always simple and clear-cut.)

(I cannot believe I could forget about that.)

Of course, Lecan doesn't think that far ahead. He simply found Findin's convoluted narration incomprehensible. However, Lecan's sharp senses are capable of catching on the important points. As such, Findin's thinking is not exactly wrong either.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 40.2


Jinga said yes back despite looking puzzled at Lecan suddenly throwing question at him.

"I have heard the circumstances that led Norma into becoming a Goncourt heiress. I've also been told how rewriting her father's posthumous work is a very important project for Norma and how this place is the ideal environment for that."


"But, what do you think? Is this the place Norma should belong to? And how do you evaluate what Norma has accomplished as the heiress?"

Jinga was shocked. He knew that Lecan is someone Norma trusts and holds dear of. He also knew that Lecan is someone with a strong conviction capable of sympathizing with others.

But to be frank, he also saw Lecan as someone who doesn't think deeply of anything. He thought he was a man who lives and acts on his emotions. He was amazed by Lecan's dynamism. He didn't think he could imitate how Lecan could charge right into Goncourt Mansion to save Eda that night.

And from what all the conversations between Lecan and Norma he heard thus far, he thought Lecan would always receive what Norma told him without any doubt. Yet now he demanded Jinga to state his opinions on the choices and actions Norma took. Lecan's two questions were concise yet straight to the vital points.

That said, he must answer this question.

"Yes, well. There are some good points with integrating into Goncourt house. Although staying at the clinic also comes with its merits too. And of course, there would have been many factors hindering Norma-sama's work had she chosen to stay at the clinic. Though coming here is not without its own issues as well."

"State these issues that'd come with becoming Goncourt heiress."

"That is in how Norma-sama would not be an unconcerned party in any unforeseen incidents occurring at Goncourt House. She would get dragged into it whether she's willing or not."

"Yea. Figure."

"However, nevertheless, it is a choice Norma-sama herself has made. Regardless of the path she chose, there would be advantages and disadvantages. And I believe overcoming them is what's important. Norma-sama is blessed with the power to pick the right path in the face of those situations. As such, I do think having more options is a good thing. Also, regarding an event that occurred during her succession."

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"About the assassination attempt incident, even though it was an emergency, Norma-sama might have shown too much of her ability."


"Her manner of doing things was too brilliant. It also disclosed the fact that Norma-sama has connections with the temple and townlord-sama. Presently only a select few are aware of it, but there is no stopping the rumors now."

"I see. Findin."


"What do you think about Norma succeeding this house?"

Findin was flabbergasted. And that showed on his face if only a little bit unconsciously.

In the period of five months starting from the fourth of month two since Findin assumed the butler assistant role, he has completely gotten devoted to Norma. He's come to believe that assisting Norma and managing things to help ease her in her work is his role.

Prado told Norma she didn't have to do anything, but he also never told her not to do anything. In other word, he won't stop Norma if she does something to the benefit of Goncourt House.

And Findin believes he has grasped Norma's general thought process during the past 200 days. Norma's thought is too deep for Findin to wholly delve, but he believes he's understood her character to a degree.

He also had come to understood about the people close to Norma. And the most concerning one is Lecan.

(Norma-sama must be getting deceived by a terrible scoundrel.)

After all, what he knows about adventurer Lecan is that he's the culprit who suddenly launched a raid on Goncourt Mansion and assassinated the then heir, Zepus. He would never forget the shock he experienced that night.

After some intel gathering, he found out Lecan is a skilled adventurer who has conquered Dungeon Golbul twice, and Dungeon Ninae once. He's heard how individuals like him tend to have some screws loose in their head, with a warped sense of moral.

Anecdotes of how naturally wise women getting deceived by petty villains are a dime a dozen. He doesn't think that would apply to Norma, but he couldn't help but hold the suspicion.

Yet, the Lecan in person here doesn't have a hint of atrocities on him. He doesn't look like someone who would force his way to get what he wants. And then he asked Findin, a Goncourt personnel, on what Findin thinks about Norma succeeding the house.

Truly an unthinkable question. Were he answer this by excessively praising Norma to curry up her favor, Lecan would judge that's all Findin amount to. Or Lecan might even come to the conclusion that Goncourt House is unworthy of Norma. And that conclusion might likely get shared with Norma.

(That shall not come to pass.)

(I must give an answer that satisfies this man here.)

Findin swallowed his saliva before opening his mouth.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 40.1


"The capital?!"

"Oho. So even you could look that surprised."

"I can't go to the capital."

"Didn't you just say, 'Alright, I got it. Leave it to me.'"


"This duel cannot be done unless it's held in the royal capital."

"Explain to me why."

"Yup. I will do so. It'll take a bit of time. Jinga, bring us more tea please."


Jinga opened the door and ordered a maid in the hallway for more hot water.

Jinga has nothing to do until the water comes. He stays near the wall.

The room has five people and one ape now. Lecan, Norma and Eda are sitting on the sofa. Jericho is sitting on a small wooden chair. And Jinga is waiting near the door, while Findin is standing diagonally behind Norma.

Lecan has been finding Findin's spot a bit surprising for a while now.

(Thought that's supposed to be Jinga's spot.)

(This Findin man.)
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(Seems quite trusted by Norma.)

"First of all, I'll tell you how I came to be named House of Goncourt's heiress."

Lecan kept getting surprised as he listened, but he didn't show it outwardly.

Norma's talk was truly long. However, there are many things Lecan can learn from the story narrated by this clever woman. With that in mind, Lecan listened to her quietly.

He didn't get the inner details on the stuff about Norma's father's bookmaking, but he did find it surprising how a transcriber from the capital, Rakrus came on the 21st of month one, and how efficient priest Amamir was with the preparations.

(That old man seemed very well versed in sorting things out.)

(Just like how I am an expert in battle.)

(That old man is an expert in managerial stuff.)

And this Rakrus guy appears to be an expert of bookmaking as well.

At any rate, it's clear that Norma had gotten awfully busy. But her hectic days weren't a burden to her. On the contrary, this project is more important than anything to Norma.

Next up, Leca found out how Vouka's nobles, apothecaries and medicinal stores had been bothering Norma. And even her patients have become too much for Norma to care right now.

Then one day, she was asked to take on the mantle of Goncourt heiress.

The present master, Prado Goncourt sympathized with Norma's circumstances and afforded her conditions that would solve all her problems.

First of all, she would live at Goncourt Mansion. She may do as she pleases in the mansion. She may concentrate in her work of editing her father, Sasfrey's posthumous work. She's allowed to use anything she needs for that end, or even purchase them, money and manpower will be provided.

She doesn't have to do anything while Prado is still alive and even after he's dead. In other word, she may be a heiress of Goncourt, but she doesn't actually have to manage the house. Prado will take care of them while he's still alive, which would get transferred over to Kanner after. If Kanner were to die, Findin would assume the role.

Prado has requested Norma to marry someone if possible. Her partner would be the husband of Goncourt heiress, as a prevention against untoward people trying to take advantages of the situation. As such, her husband-to-be must be someone who would agree to be completely disconnected from Goncourt's authority and wealth.

(That's important to Norma too.)

(She won't be able to concentrate on the writing if she doesn't get away from troublesome stuff.)

(If her husband gets himself in some annoying situations.)

(He'd drag Norma into it.)

Norma agreed to Prado's request, but they had to overcome a trial known as Family Council. Norma found some problematic points in the plan Prado initially proposed.

"The plan grandfather thought up, you see. Was under the assumption that grandfather's position as the present master was an unbending truth. And I believed that would just cause more issues in the future even if it overcame the present."

(Grandfather huh.)

(Looks like Norma's come to see him as a blood relative.)

They got through Family Council with the plan Norma drew up. It also succeeded in curbing the ambition of a powerful noble from another town to take over House of Goncourt.

But then, an assassin sent by that powerful noble made an attempt on Prado's life. Norma treated Prado, pinned down the assassin's identity, and obtained unshakable evidence with the help of magic tool, <Bell of Truth>, then using that, they managed to grow Goncourt's influence in the noble house who sent the assassin instead.


(Did Norma come up with that strategy.)

(Well now that's a surprise.)

(But she is from a bigshot noble family after all.)

(And she's extremely clear headed.)

(She might have just the innate talent.)

(To come up with these schemes and such.)

"And that is how I got to be named Goncourt heiress."

"I see. Got it. Jinga."


"I have some questions."




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Okami wa Nemuranai 39.15_16


"Last one. What did you get on the last floor after conquering Dungeon Tsubolt?"

"You still haven't realized it yet? A sword was dropped on the last floor. A really nice sword."

"What kind of sword. Show me."

"Muduc really wanted that sword, so I gave it to him. I mean I'm not a swordsman after all. He taught me swordsmanship in exchange. That sword is hanging on Arios's waist now."


"That's how I figured out that boy was Muduc's grandson right away. They look alike too."

"I'll see you again."

Lecan went back home. Arios was preparing meals.

"Arios. Show me your sword."

Lecan took the sword leaning on the wall without waiting for Arios's reply, drew it and put it on the desk before producing his thin wand.

"O Gafra Dafra, mirror that reflects all truth, o wisdom of terminus. Clear away the arcane light of bewildering mist pointed by my wand, passed through by my mana, cast light upon its true actuality. <Appraisal>!"

<Name: Void Cutter (Parfanscyll)>

<Type: Sword>

<Offense: Maximum>

<Hardness: Large>

<Firmness: Large>

<Sharpness: Maximum>

<Wear Rate: Minimum>

<Endurance: Maximum>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Tsubolt Floor 150>


<Depth: 150>

<Grace: Indestructible, Ignore Defensive Graces, Art Addition>

※Indestructible: Never wears down, unbreakable.

※Ignore Defensive Graces: Ignores opponent's defensive Graces.

※Art Addition: Boost Offense and Sharpness through user's techniques.

Lecan has never felt a bigger shock in his life before.

"What the hell is this."

It's the ideal sword.

Exactly the ideal sword Lecan imagined in his mind. No, even more than that even.

The sword has exceedingly high basic attributes too. Nay, it's better than anything he's seen.

The Graces are wonderful as well.

Power and speed boosts would be problematic with the handling, yet this sword doesn't have anything superfluous, only adding the necessities.

Lecan grabbed <Void Cutter> in his hand and had a swing.

(Nice handling. Feels good in hand. It's a great sword.)

The sword fits right in his right hand like it's stuck there. The only other sword with such a nice grip like this was his now broken trusty sword.

(If only I stopped Eda from treating Arios back then.)

(This sword would have been mine.)

He was fighting wrongly in Dungeon Tsubolt. He should have cut down Arios standing behind him, not the magic beasts ahead.


(There was never any need to look for the boss on the last floor.)

(The real dungeon boss had always been standing behind me.)

(A dungeon boss that would drop the best sword when defeated.)

(And I only realized it now.)

Glint, Lecan's right eye glared Arios.

(No. It's not too late now.)

"Err. I'm kinda getting a really bad feeling here."

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The day after, Lecan bought a lot of Shurfusa fruit and dropped by Goncourt mansion. The fruit is a favorite of Longarm Apes. He's surely delighted about it. To be frank, Jericho's souvenir completely slipped Lecan's mind, but his conversation with Shira yesterday jogged his memory. Arios stayed behind in the house, saying he wanted to clean it up.

Norma, Eda, and Jericho were present. Norma was having a meeting with some transcriber guy, so Lecan got to see Eda and Jericho first. Eda seemed awfully ecstatic with their reunion.

(Well now, this is a surprise.)

(Could someone change this much in just six months.)

Eda is changing into a lady. No, she's changed. And not just growing physically. Her demeanor, looks in her eyes, conducts and atmosphere have clearly grown, they've gotten solid.

When Lecan said that he brought souvenir for Jericho, Jericho rejoiced. But his face turned sorrowful when he saw the souvenir was Shurfusa fruit.

"Lecan. Jericho you see, doesn't really like Shurfusa."

"What? Is that true. I had no idea. My bad, Jericho."

"Buruu. Buru. Ruru."

"He said it's the thought that counts."

"What, you can understand Jericho?"

"That's just how it sounds like to me. So, what about me?"

How Eda's souvenir never even crossed his mind until this very moment shows how weird Lecan's thought process is. But it's not like he doesn't have one.

"Give this a try."

He presented <Bow of Yelbits> he got in Dungeon Tsubolt to Eda. Her eyes lit up when Lecan explained its ability.

"Thank you, Lecan!"

Eda hugged Lecan in joy.

She looks happy for real.

Weirdly enough, Lecan thought that one or two bows are a cheap price to pay if that would make her this happy. He had no idea why he would think that. But it doesn't feel bad. It's nice actually.

They had a chat for a while before Norma and Jinga finally showed up. There's a young man following behind them.

"Lecan! Hi, hi. I'm so glad we could see each other again. Welcome back. Thanks for coming."


When he saw Norma's face brightened up, Lecan's heart warmed up as well.

The young man was called Findin, a butler aide of Goncourt Family.

"Jinga. Our tea please."


After quenching their throats with the tea Jinga served, Norma straightened up her posture and spoke.

"Lecan. Won't you fight for me."


"I am currently being asked to marry someone I am unwilling to. To decline the other party, I must win against a knight of that noble who's courting me in a duel."

"How'd it come to that."

"But the opponent is powerful, and furnished with the best in class equipment. Only the very best warrior could prevail."


"I loathe to ask you this, but you're the only one I can depend on now. I was worried you wouldn't come back in time, but here you are now. Please. Fight for me."

"Alright, I got it. Leave it to me. Who's my opponent. Where are they."

"The duel will be held at the royal capital."

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Okami wa Nemuranai 39.14


"I see. Oh yeah, that guy knocked my <Flame Spear> away with his magic sword, can I do the same with <Comet Cutter>."

"You can. Go ahead and give it a try."

When Lecan thinks about it, he's never had a chance to slash at magic with <Comet Cutter> since he's always been relying on <Necklace of Intuador>.

"Also, <Comet Cutter> slipped past <Necklace of Intuador>'s magic barrier yet that guy's magic sword got stopped. How'd that work."

"What? <Comet Cutter> slipped past a magic barrier? It didn't cut the barrier? This <Necklace of Intuador> is an accessory you acquired at Dungeon Ninae, isn't it. Hmm. I haven't got a grasp on the mechanism behind that thing. Lend it to me, I'll have it checked out."

"Yeah, I'll pass. By the way, can you do something about this."

Lecan took out the split <Shield of Wolkan>.

"Uwaa. You've gone and done it. Can't believe this shield got cut clean like this."

"Can you stick them back together."

"Sure, if it's just sticking them back. But the Graces won't return."

<Shield of Wolkan> has three Graces, <Anti Magical Defense>, <Anti Physical Defense>, <Reduction Deploy>. Those Graces are what made <Shield of Wolkan>.

"Isn't there any way to get its Graces back too."

"Nope, impossible. Broken Grace Gear that have lost their Graces cannot get their Graces back even if they are repaired by human's hands. That is pretty much the law of this world."

Lecan was dejected. He was expecting Shira to have tricks up her sleeves on this. But it seems not even Shira is capable of the feat. Due to the sheer disappointment, he muttered without thinking.

"And I was gonna give you that Vurs magic stone if you could."

"Say what."

Shira's eyes glinted. Vurs was a dragon Lecan defeated in his original world. Lecan had lent its magic stone to Shira for a few days once before. According to shira, this otherworld dragon's magic stone is a highly valuable and useful object.

"Do you even realize the value that magic stone holds? That is truly one of a kind object without exaggeration. <Shield of Wolkan> is nice and all, but it's not really that unusual, ultimately nothing more than shield. Their values cannot be compared at all, you know."

"To me Vurs magic stone is nothing more than a huge mana storehouse. But <Shield of Wolkan> is really handy. In my eye, <Shield of Wolkan> has a much higher value than Vurs magic stone."


Shira got lost in thought for a while. Then she lifted her face.

"You really will give me the otherworld dragon magic stone if I repair your shield then."

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"No choice then. I'll do something about it."

Looks like she can.

"While you're at it, can you take care of these too."

Lecan took pieces of broken solid sacred silver swords. One is Lecan's, another is the one Zoltan had.

"Another unreasonable request. Hmmn."

Shira got lost in thought once again.

"Well, should be fine. However, these two pieces will likely get combined into one sword. Are you all right with that."

"That's fine."

"There'll be little leftover, which I'll take."


"Still, you're really. Here you showed up before your master after a long while, let alone bringing a souvenir, you said nothing about where you went, what you did. You ask what you want to hear, and demand what you need. Show some delicacy as a human, will you."


Lecan pondered what kind of stuff would be good as a present to Shira.

"Got any interest in Dungeon Capadoa's ores?"

"Ores from Dungeon Capadoa eh. Let me have a look."

Lecan took out several kinds of ores.

"These are niice. I was just running short of my ore stock and thinking of fetching some. This will save me the trouble."

"Can't you just go to Dungeon Capadoa yourself?"

"I won't go into a dungeon anymore. I've sworn on it."

Why would she do that. Lecan wondered but stopped short of asking. Shira would go tell him herself when the time is right.

"Knowing you Lecan, you must have conquered Dungeon Capadoa right."

"Yea. That place's chock-full of small fry. <Rush Flare> and <Lightning> came in handy."

"Take 'em all out."


"Take all the ores you acquired in Dungeon Capadoa out."

"Don't think this veranda will hold."

"It'll be fine. Out with 'em."

Lecan took out ores one after another. Shira casually sucked them all up.

"Thanks a lot. Now then, is that all you wanna ask?"

"No, one other thing. You conquered Dungeon Tsubolt, didn't you?"

"Sure did."

"The final floor was Grace Void, wasn't it?"

"Sure was."

"Then <Comet Cutter> should have been unusable. How'd you fight."

"What are you saying now. I'm a mage, you know. Of course I fought with magic."

"That magic beast could absorb magic. How could you beat that thing with magic."

"Geez. Haven't you learned anything. Do not measure others using yourself as the basis. If your foes can absorb magic, then simply fight in a way that does not allow them to absorb magic."

"How'd you do that?"

"Think about it yourself. I've got some errands to run now, I'm heading out."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 39.12_13


Lecan walked away, leaving the dumbfounded Chubby behind. Arios followed in silence.

Arios spoke once Chubby was out of sight.

"That exchange was really well done."


"Lecan-dono. You have changed."

"Wonder if I've gotten closer to becoming a Strong Sword."

"What is that about?"

"Nah, it's nothing."

Speaking of strong sword, in the end just which sword should be his trusty sword, thought Lecan.

A sword that feels nice in hand, and won't break no matter how rough it's swung. A sword he can always rely on. A sword that swings nicely, or a sword with the highest offense. Lecan came to Tsubolt looking for one such sword.

For a time, Lecan believed that ideal sword was none other than <Comet Cutter>.

But <Comet Cutter> turned into an ordinary short sword on the last floor of Dungeon Tsubolt. Because its Graces has been voided.

To begin with, what is strength anyway.

Being prepared with good weapons and armor are important of course. And since Lecan is a swordsman, getting a good sword is most important above all.

But Lecan's innate strength is also important if he wishes to swing such a sword. Relying fully on Graces during battle will not improve Lecan's innate strength.

With that mind set, the sword he should use as his main sword should be a sturdy and reliable sword with no special Graces.

<Sword of Rusk>.

That sword has the best combination of handling, reliability and depth, a true great sword. An outstanding sword that refines its user the more it's swung by them. He could just take out <Comet Cutter> when the time is right to use it, but in everyday battles, <Sword of Rusk> and <Sword of Agost> are exactly the right swords to rely on.

"Hold it. Nadis Barondom should be in the neighborhood right."


"Is town of Riplin far from here?"

"Oh, Riplin is just right to the east from here. It's not really that far distance-wise, but since the path goes through mountain roads, it's going to take around five days to get there. Though well, it should be faster than that for Lecan-dono and me."

"Alright, let's go."

They arrived at Riplin in three days time.

They found the house where Rusk and Agost once lived. The wife of late Agost was guarding the house. Lecan listened to the circumstances that led to the creation of <Sword of Agost> and how it ultimately got sold.

The woman wept when she was informed that Lecan had been deploying <Sword of Rusk> and <Sword of Agost>.

When they found out that Agost's son was in trouble and that collecting ores in Dungeon Capadoa located right next to Riplin would solve that problem, they two dived in right away. It's a 30 floor dungeon that has an unusual system of only having ores or magic stones as drops. The two conquered it in mere three days and gathered a vast amount of ores and magic stones in the process.

Lecan's evolved <Storage> had an unexpected drawback. He can take things out of <Storage> just by willing it, however that object won't come out unless he imagines it vividly. That's fine and all, but it also consumes an abnormal amount of mana. It may not be as much as half of Lecan's mana pool, but it's still a considerable amount. Hence, this ability is only usable during critical junctures. Or rather, the old way of jamming his hand to grab a weapon inside is still faster. He managed to take a weapon out swiftly that one time, but it's not a feat he can easily replicate anytime.

<Gust> did evolve after all. Previously, he could only generate strong winds around himself. Gust strength would drastically lower at 10 steps away, by 20 steps it'd turn into a mere breeze. But now he could even use it to stagger foes 50 steps away, a much larger scope.

One thing is still shrouded in mystery.

Lecan had taken the Golden Potion in his last night at Tsubolt. Yet he couldn't figure out what skill he got even during Dungeon Capadoa's exploration. Perhaps it's not a combat skill.

The two went back to Vouka.

They arrived on the sixth of month seven.

It had been 246 days since they left Vouka.

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Back at home, the lock was not on, Eda was not present.

There's a message written on the wall.

<Eda and Jericho are with me at Goncourt's mansion. They're safe, don't worry. Norma.>

Not sure why they're in Goncourt, but all's fine if they're safe.

Lecan headed to Shira's house by himself. It's Sandra's house at District Rikonen.

As she seems to be inside, Lecan stood on the veranda with <Concealment> on.

Shira showed up after a bit.

"Welcome back."

"Yea. By the way, what does <Tiri Warda Roa> mean."

"I'll go get our tea, hold on a bit."

Shira brewed tea for two and sat down her chair.

"Now then. <Tiri Warda Roa>, is it. That's an archaic language. No one uses it today cause it's really really old. Moreover it's a sacred word used only in ceremonies and such. It means <O Wings of Underworld, cometh not.>"


"Simplified in modern language, it would sound like, <O death, stay away from me>. But to think you'd get that. I thought you went to Tsubolt, did you run all the way to Daina instead?"

It felt like Shira glanced at <Ring of Undying King> for a second there.

"I didn't. I got this."

Lecan took <Comet Cutter> out of <Storage>.

"Ah, that got dropped huh. I'm glad for you."

"Yea. I have several questions about this sword."

"Hee? What'd that be."

"This sword slipped past <Shield of Wolkan>. How come."

"Unlike other magic swords, <Comet Cutter> can generate a much longer magic blade than its true blade. That part is incorporeal. When that part is swung at an object, that object will get cut if that object is cut-able."


"When that object is awfully sturdy and thus uncut-able, the magic blade will slip past that object. However, that object will have its Endurance drastically lowered, see. There is no chip and its Wear Rate doesn't go down, so it may look like it's been dealt no damage at a glance. That said, you can keep cutting someone wearing a sturdy armor but never hurting that someone despite lowering the armor's Endurance. You could say <Shield of Wolkan> sacrificed its Endurance to protect its wearer."

"I see. Then, when <Comet Cutter> clashed with another magic sword, they both stopped each other's slashes. How come."

"Eh? That shouldn't... No wait. That magic sword's user must've been something else, weren't they?"

"Yea. He was truly monstrous."

"Against ordinary magic swords, Comet Cutter should either cut it in half or slip past it, shaving down its Endurance like I told you earlier, see. But when someone with a humongous amount of mana pours their all into a magic sword, how do I explain this, the density of its magic blade shoots right up, you see."


"Though it's not just the quantity, the way you pour your mana is also important here. Anyway, special magic blade generated in such a way repels similar magic blade, protecting its true blade inside. Or more like the thing repels magic itself. Since <Comet Cutter>'s magic blade is naturally dense, it possesses a similar property. Hence it turned out like that."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 39.11


"What's your reason for holding a grudge on Orug."

"Like half of the dirty work assigned to me was Shittier Bastard's idea, and he treated me oh so well too. Besides, just eliminating Shitty Bastard would get me pursued by Benchara's assassins for life then. Gotta ruin the whole Benchara's house if I do it. And I mean that's how you exact revenge for real."

"I see."

"So chief, c'mon tell me. Where is sir Zoltan right now? Or are you telling me."

Chubby erased his smile and opened his eyes wide. Hellish eyes.

"You killed him for real?"

As he's usually putting on an innocent amiable-looking face, the wicked look he had now looks even more eerie.


All of a sudden, Chubby began laughing like a mad man while shaking his whole body hard.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh dear, oh dear. Well, well. My goodness. Sorry. Sorry, chief. So you ended up killing a friend from the same land because of me? HAHAHAHAHA. Oh dearie me. Truly from the bottom of my heart. I apologize, see. HAHAHAHAHA."

His laugh sounded really fake.

Lecan who had been listening to Chubby's confession half-heartedly so far is beginning to feel rage.

(Did Zoltan and me get toyed around into killing each other by this kind of guy?)

His swelling rage turned into bloodlust.

A sharp light shot out of his right eye as he glared at Chubby.

That was when.

He felt like he could hear a voice in his mind.

<<Don't you think that was a good fight.>>

It's Zoltan's voice.

<<The night I had a drink with you, I came to believe you were the one I must fight in my life's final match. You too must have an urge to fight me yourself.>>

Did he really. Lecan didn't really want to fight Zoltan when he was called back then.

Yet, on the other side of the coin, he couldn't deny that he was getting excited about the prospect. He cannot say he wasn't full of expectations as he was readying his equipment in the dungeon's vacant room then. And above all, he could have just fled when he found out Zoltan wanted to fight, yet he never did.

That's right.

At the end of the day, both Lecan and Zoltan wished to fight each other from the bottom of their hearts.

<<We both wished to fight against each other. Gods heard our wishes and laid the groundwork for the arena. Don't you feel sorry for Gwislan. He got himself cursed just to prepare our match.>>

(You've got the order wrong.)

<<God of Fates wanted to watch our fight. That is reason <Talisman of Gargoy>'s chance got tampered with, and a pawn called Gwislan came to be.>>

(But still.)

<<Think about it, Lecan.>>

(About what?)
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<<Both you and I wished to fight, and that wish was realized.>>

(Yeah it is.)

<<Gwislan wished for his freedom, yet he had to endure being enslaved for years.>>

(Yeah, that's right.)

<<In a way, our fates did not get twisted. While Gwislan's did. Don't you feel sorry for him.>>

(Haha. Right. Poor man.)

<<Who cares about miscellaneous stuff as long as you get to live your life the way you want it.>>

That's probably the creed Zoltan held on. Zoltan must have easily agreed to being coerced into fighting Lecan when Torog confronted him. He didn't care about Torog's ploys or stuff. He simply chose the fate presented before him.

<<Lecan. You'd be better off quit getting yourself worked up by others' words, quit getting tussled around by others' ploys. Decide yourself on the worthiness of stuff that came your way and the results of your own actions. Having others decide that for you is just absurd.>>

He's right.

To begin with, there's no telling how much what Chubby said was the truth. And even if it's all true, that doesn't degrade that fight in any shape or form. That was a marvelous fight, that fact would never be distorted in Lecan's mind. That's the important thing.

(Yeah, you're damn right.)

<<No point worrying about what others think about you. The instance you start to want others see you like this, or like that, don't want them to misunderstand you, dislike doing something because it's going as somebody's plan, is the moment you have bound yourself. Live freely, that's what adventurers do.>>

(That's the plan from now on.)

<<Let others say what they want to say. Let others think what they want to think. Freedom is when those stuff stops bothering you.>>

(You're exactly right. I got it.)

<<All good then. It's time for me to go. Farewell.>>

(Yea. See ya.)

Lecan looked at Chubby once again.

With his body writhing, and tears on his eyes, he's still laughing out loud.

What a pitiful man, Lecan thought.

"You've got it rough huh. Well, at least you're free now."


Chubby stopped laughing and looked dumbfounded.

Then it hit Lecan.

Why did Chubby show himself up before Lecan now of all time. Why did he confess the fact that he was the culprit behind Lecan's and Zoltan's fight. Even though he could get himself killed if he did all that.

This man thinks it's okay if he gets killed. That's why he agitates people, why he wants to be hated. Perhaps this man feels the most alive when he's abused, getting told 'It's all your fault.'

"Bye now. Take care."

"Ah, wai-. Eh? Eh? Eh?"





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Okami wa Nemuranai 39.10


"Oh no no, not at all. So now I'd like to ask you something."


"Where is Sir Zoltan right now?"

"What? What do you mean."

"Well, y'see. I myself believed that Sir Zoltan would go ahead and cut up that Shitty Bastard for his act of kidnapping the innkeepers. Yet, Sir Zoltan instead wrote a letter, handed it to me and went in the dungeon."


"So then I went to see you and told you that the innkeepers had been kidnapped by Shitty Bastard. I mean you seemed like you got along well with Sir Zoltan. I was hoping you'd go and clean up that Shitty Bastard in his place, chief."

"I see."

"Yet, you also went in the dungeon. That's when I realized. Sir Zoltan must be partnering up with you to march into General Dungeon Administrative office as an insurance to keep the innkeeper couple from dying. That must be why he wrote that letter for you."


"So I prepared the finishing touch. I had already handed evidence of evil deed perpetrated by Shitty Bastard and Shittier Bastard who gave life to Shitty Bastard to the townlord's aide beforehand. So I told him again that I found a definite clue on the existence of conclusive evidence."

"Conclusive evidence?"

"Records of selling Grace Swords in the back channel illegally. Hidden wealth. And other stuff like documents with concerned parties' names."

"Ah, that hidden safe thing huh."

"Yes, that's it. I also reported how Shitty Bastard kidnapped the innkeepers to coerce Sir Zoltan into killing chief Lecan for <Comet Cutter>."


"Disputes between nobles must be arbitrated by the townlord, see. It'd be a good excuse to conduct a search."
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"That's when knight Baiad would make his entrance, yet both you and Sir Zoltan never showed up at the General Dungeon Administrative Office. So, knight Baiad ended up having to withdraw."

Which means knight Baiad was at the office while Lecan and Zoltan had their deathmatch in the dungeon.

"Then noon of the following day, you suddenly showed up and attacked the office. I hurried on and fetched knight Baiad who thankfully rushed there quickly."

Chubby shook his head sorrowfully.

"For some reason, Sir Zoltan was nowhere to be found. And you even went and declared that you killed Zoltan."

"What's wrong with that."

"As a noble and townlord-sama's retainer, Sir Zoltan must be the one testifying on the awful treatment that shitty bastard, a mere assistant of Chief Administrator, put him through. We could crack down on Benchara's house that way."

"I see."

"Knight Baiad was at a loss then, so he decided to let you slide for the time being, cleaned up knight Torog's body and interrogated all the witnesses."

"So that's how it went."

"I went and instigated Shittier Bastard then. How adventurer Lecan murdered knight Torog. And how that knight Baiad got his hands on proof of his corruptions."

It seems Chubby was quite busy behind the scenes.

"Shittier Bastard made a huge fuss and made a plan to have <Gwyntir Era Slupiner> kill adventurer Lecan in the dungeon and present <Comet Cutter> to townlord-sama."

Chubby must have induced that.

"After that, I went and informed townlord aide-sama. It would be our best chance to get Shittier Bastard out of his mansion."

"Why do you need to do that? Ah, I see. It's to keep him from hiding or destroying evidence."

"That's the point. Townlord aide-sama summoned Shittier Bastard and told him this. 'Knight Torog got himself killed after offending a dept-walking adventurer. Incidentally, I have heard rumors of knight Torog treating retainer Zoltan badly.'"


"Then that Shittier Bastard said this. 'Everything adventurer Lecan said is a lie. That thug kept the fact that he got his hands on <Comet Cutter> a secret and plotted on taking it out of town. I have come up with a plan to get <Comet Cutter> for Tsubolt lord-sama's sake. Adventurer Lecan will die during a scuffle between adventurers inside the dungeon. After which I shall present <Comet Cutter>.' he said."

They must have contacted <Gwyntir Era Slupiner> and made the arrangement for their duel with Lecan afterward. That explains the blank period of two days back then.

"Did you think I would win against <Gwyntir Era Slupiner>?"

"Would be amusing if you won, I thought. Well either way, I was going to expose Shittier Bastard's evil deed and cited Dungeon Law to conduct a compulsory search. The duel thing was outside my calculation. That really showed me townlord-sama's cleverness. I mean that took care of knight Orug without his family having a hand directly."

"You sure went through a lot of trouble. Couldn't you just assassinate Torog and Orug yourself."

"That wouldn't deprive those bastards of everything then. On top of that, I'd get hounded by both Benchara and Notz Houses. And besides. Killing Shitty Bastard would have been simple, but Shittier Bastard was quite a tough nut to crack, see."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 39.9


"Are you sure about this, Lecan-dono."

"What's this about."

"To give the townlord's banquet a slip."

"No one's give anyone a slip. I never said I would attend."

"Well, yes, you did tell them if you feel like it."

"Besides, it could be that they're gonna get back to me once the date's been decided. I don't even know when that banquet's gonna be held. There is no slip here."

"That might sound reasonable to you, but it was supposedly a banquet to celebrate the dungeon conquest. It would lose its meaning without the guest of honor, you Lecan-dono, present."

"Shut it. Go there yourself if you're so eager to."

Which is impossible since they left Tsubolt yesterday.

"Okay, okay. I won't speak of it anymore. Still, it's a bit shame that we cannot have <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> vegetable for meals anymore."


"Nark-san and Nell-san loathed to part with us, they were both teary."

"Yeah. <Fire Arrow>."

The <Fire Arrow> Lecan nonchalantly shot flew toward a tree growing on the side of the road and turned around to hit its back.


The chubby spy, Gwislan jumped out.

"H-how come that <Fire Arrow> curved?"

Lecan stared at Chubby's chest.

He had severely weakened that <Fire Arrow>'s output, even so Chubby's clothes didn't have a hole and he seemed completely unharmed. Those clothes may look worn-out, but they're exceedingly good equipment.

"What do you need."

"So you're not going to give an excuse for shooting that <Fire Arrow>. You won't, will you. Fine fine. Well, y'see. I've gotta say my thanks to Chief at least, see. I'd also like to ask you something."

Chubby said that he was hired and paid by Torog. However, after Torog's death, he testified against the knight commander, Torog's father's corruptions. He even informed the existence of hidden safe to the townlord's aide beforehand.

Haydent had asked Lecan if he saw Chubby during their conversation after the dungeon conquest. Saying that Chubby had disappeared after that day even though he still had lots of things to ask him. That day would be the day Lecan killed Orug, and the knights conducted a search on Benchara house.

"So who are you working for anyway."

"I'm not working for anyone now. Finally."
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"Chief, are you aware of <Talisman of Gargoy>?"

Lecan looked at Arios.

"If you make a contract with someone by putting your blood on that talisman, you will be put under a curse. You will die if that talisman is burned."


"That Torog guy said he wanted to have a written contract for my employment. I had to seal it with my blood, he insisted. That contract was made of <Talisman of Gargoy>."

"You didn't notice?"

"Of course I did. I laughed inwardly. I mean, I've always got equipment to repel a mere curse of that level on me. My luck ran out when I decided to feign getting tricked and give him hell later."

"What happened?"

"That nothing is absolute, no matter how excellent a curse resistant tool is. Once in a thousand, no many thousands, it could let a curse slip past by. I knew about that rule myself. But who could ever imagine it would befall me. Dear me. That was a really humbling experience."

"And then?"

"I became Torog's loyal dog. I did all the work given to me no matter how dirty in glee. No matter how bad they treated me, I would never do something against my master's will, all while laughing."

Chubby spoke with smiles on his face.

"Men are so curios, aren't they. When you keep telling them, 'you're such a great man, I really respect you, I'll do everything you say', they will start believing that it's true."

"How so?"

"I'm great. This guy reveres me for real. He'll devote his entire life for me. He began to believe that, see. When in reality, how in the hell anyone would revere that shitty bastard. I suppose it's only right that shitty bastard also has shit for judgment. No one'd ever forget getting trampled down upon. Right?"


"It took me four and a half years. No well, I found out where he was hiding the talisman right away. Yet I couldn't figure out how to open the safe. That shitty bastard never got anywhere near the safe whenever I was around, and even when I wasn't, he would put up a soundproof barrier before opening it."

So soundproof barrier exists, thought Lecan.

"But that time finally came on the fourth month of this year. That shitty bastard went and opened the safe without realizing I was hiding in the room."

"I see."

"I immediately replaced the talisman. With a fake one. And just when I was coming up with ways to get my revenge, I was told that Chief had obtained a <Comet Cutter> and Sir Zoltan had gone to <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> to see you."

"I see. So everything went according to your plan then."




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Okami wa Nemuranai 39.8


"I shall refrain to. I am not conceited enough to believe I could fight against such an opponent without Graces."


Arios's strength is tremendous. A strength that comes from well tempered swordsmanship, a martial artist's mind, and combative instincts. His foundation likely comes from the accumulated knowledge and techniques of his clan. Lecan got a feeling that Arios would be more than a match for that boss. But if the person himself isn't willing to, then that's that.

"Still, Lecan-dono, you're quite fortunate to have a go at and even prevailed against an opponent like that. It must have been a one-of-a-kind experience."

"But I can't get behind the loot being a Golden Potion. It's a magic beast on the final floor of Dungeon Tsubolt. It's supposed to be the boss of <Dungeon of Swords>."

"Haha. Lecan-dono."


"Wasn't Zoltan-san precisely the Dungeon Boss to Lecan-dono."

"What? No, but. Fumu."

That might be so, thought Lecan.

At least to Lecan, Zoltan was the very picture of Dungeon Boss.

That strength. That overpowering presence. And the rewards.

Think about it.

What has Zoltan bequeathed Lecan.

First of all, he gave him a kind of battle that could never be replicated again.

Then bolstered with Zoltan's strength, Lecan has climbed on a new height.

He was even passed on the <Ring of Undying King>.

A reward truly fits from the conquest of a grand dungeon.

Arios muttered.

"Bat Demon and Skeleton Overlord huh."

"Don't call me that."

A pleasant fatigue and sense of accomplishment enveloped Lecan.

The two have conquered Dungeon Tsubolt.

They would like to take it easy now, but that's not to be.

The door got flung open and Bruska rushed in.

"Lecan! T-the dungeon. Dungeon Tsubolt, it's"

Lecan waited for Bruska to continue in silence.

"You, it can't be, you've."

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"C-Conquered it?"


Bruska flapped his mouth open and shut while moving his arms around weirdly. He's probably unaware what he's doing himself.

"J-Just come with me."

"Where to."

"The dungeon square!"

It was honestly a bother to Lecan, but Bruska was persistent.

Dragged by Bruska, Lecan went to the dungeon square. An unbelievable amount of adventurers have gathered there. The spacious open space is completely filled to the brim with people.

Dungeon Tsubolt has never been conquered since the founding of Zaka Kingdom. Magic beasts disappeared from a conquered dungeon as it goes into dormant. All the adventurers here are perplexed and disorientated by something that has never occurred before and the reality that they're currently experiencing it in the flesh.

However, a portion of adventurers are aware that the Bat Demon has reached floor 121. They must have put the pieces together and believed that the dungeon has been conquered.

Bruska shouted out loud, 'Dungeon Tsubolt has been conquered'. Roars erupted. Lecan got caught up in the commotion while staggering from fatigue and despondency. Fortunately, Arios was around to handle the downpouring questions, while Lecan just stood there and let himself go with the flow.

Before anyone realized, the square became a venue for a massive feast.

Liquor and food got brought in, adventurers were drinking together everywhere you see.


As Lecan raised his head with a cup of booze on his hand while sitting on a stone paving, the townlord Giluent Notz was there. Along with townlord aide, Haydent Notz, and Chief Administrator Eliza Notz. Knight Baiad Rengra was there too. All were on foot. With the crowd of adventurers saturating the square, they couldn't bring their wagon and horses here.

"Did you conquer the dungeon?"


"How many floors were there."


"150! Does that mean you two managed to traverse from floor 121 to 150 in mere two months?"


"Just you two alone."


"Dear lord. I have never heard or encountered adventurers like you two."


"Arios-dono, what would it be."

"The last floor only consisted of the boss room, and it had a one person entry limit."

"Wh, what?"

"Lecan-dono defeated the dungeon boss by himself."

Even Giluent was speechless by this news.

Eliza knelt before Lecan and wrapped her hands around Lecan's liquor hand. They're unexpectedly soft. The fingers are thin and neat.

"Lecan-dono! Lecan-dono! You're really such a, such a."

Tears welled up on her eyes. Lecan thought she was angry for having been beaten to the punch at first, but no that can't be.

"Eliza. Step aside."

Haydent's voice sounded a bit stiff. He might be angry because the dungeon has been conquered, but that was neither here nor there to Lecan.

"Lecan... dono. We would like to ask you many things, but this noisy place is not optimal for that. We shall hold a dinner party at the townlord mansion to extol your honor. I am expecting your presence there."

"If I feel like it."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 39.7


In that moment.

Lecan's body moved to the left as if it was pushed by something.

But no, nothing actually pushed him. Lecan's body demonstrated unbelievable reflexes in the face of this predicament. Lecan felt as if he got knocked off his feet by Zoltan.

However, he couldn't completely dodge the attack.

The magic beast's right fist grazed his jaw, pulverizing his lower jaw.

As Lecan lost his balance, the magic beast pulled back its left fist to the limit before striking it at him.

The magic beast's left fist drew near Lecan with a wind cutting sound.

It's not possible to dodge it anymore.

In that instance.

The cog in Lecan's head turned hard.


(If only I've got some sort of weapon.)

(A melee weapon to strike with my hand!)

A certain familiar weapon flashed in Lecan's mind then.

In that moment, a brutal-looking four-clawed claw manifested on Lecan's right hand.

Even this magic beast couldn't react to this deadly weapon suddenly appearing in front of its fist, the claw clashed against its fist.

The magic beast's left arm which had been half-cut by the Solid Sacred Silver sword broke in the opposite direction after the clash. Lecan then struck the lunging magic beast with the claw. Hitting it right in the face.

With the claw still stabbed in the magic beast's face, Lecan pushed the magic beast's body and threw it onto rocky ground. There was a sound of something getting broken.

Lecan swiftly stood up and remove the claw in his right hand.

Blood gushes out of his broken jaw.

The wand that was in his left hand was gone during the scuffle earlier. Lecan took another Solid Sacred Silver sword from <Storage>.

The magic beast had already gotten up and kicked with its right leg. However, due to lacking left arm, its movement had been dulled. Lecan struck down the magic beast's neck with the Solid Sacred Silver sword.

Losing its head, the magic beast slowly dropped down.

Its body vanished before it was fully on the ground, replaced with a small treasure chest.

Lecan attempted to cast <Recovery>, but naturally he couldn't say a word with his jaw broken like that. You cannot use magic if you can't speak.

He grabbed a Large Red Potion from <Storage>, and sprinkled it on his shredded jaw. He took another and put it over his sides.

His jaw regenerated back.

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Once isn't enough.


While enduring the unpleasantness of his beat up body getting healed, Lecan looked at the fallen claws on the ground. The claws have been bent, it's no longer usable.

<Mountain Scraping Claw (Shelgrajin)>

A melee weapon he got on floor 86. It had an unusually high basic Offense attribute.

How come that showed up in that exact moment.

Then it hit Lecan, and he tried to strongly will his right hand holding a sword.

(O Sword of Rusk!)

Sword of Rusk showed up gripped in his right hand.

His <Storage> has evolved.

Lecan can summon things from his <Storage> just by willing it. It might have some sort of limitations and conditions however.

Thinking again, his <3D Perceptions> and <Mana Detection> have also evolved with Lecan's growth. Why didn't he think <Storage> would too.

Which means <Gust> might have evolved too. Gotta check it out later.


(That was dangerously close.)

(I'd never win in a head-on battle against that thing.)

Thus he deliberated with his still spinning head and heavy breathing.

He waited until his head cleared up and took the treasure chest.

It's quite a small chest. As if it's got a potion inside.

Opening it revealed a Golden Potion.

"You can't be serious."

Lecan murmured involuntarily.

He braved dangers, tiring out his body and mind with battle after battle, yet he gritted his teeth and came this far, it was all because he believed he would obtain the strongest sword by defeating Dungeon Tsubolt's boss. A sword that surpasses even <Comet Cutter>.

Golden Potions aren't really a bad deal. But at the end of the day, it's something you could get even from Dungeon Golbul. Hard to say it's a fitting reward for conquering Dungeon Tsubolt.

Lecan put away the potion in <Storage> and walked into the inner passage back to the stairway all while experiencing a huge sense of disappointment.

"Lecan-dono! You're alive!"


"But you're bloodied all over. Are you all right?"

"Almost met my end there. I'm fine now."

"I was not able to get in. It appears there is a limit of one individual imposed to it."

Lecan recalled how he told Arios about dungeons having restriction on number of individuals that can enter a boss room when they were conquering dungeon Ninae. Looks like he still remembers.


"What kind of enemy was it?"

"I'll get to that later. We're leaving the dungeon."

"Eh? Ah, right."

Now that the boss on the last floor has been defeated, this dungeon will go dormant. The <Sleepless Dungeon> is going to sleep. There would be a huge uproar. They'd get caught up in the commotion if they don't act quick here.

The two warped to the ground floor, left the dungeon and the open space in front of it with quick gaits.

Then, they went straight back to <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn>.

"So, what kind of magic beast was the dungeon boss?"

"It's an <Armored White Spectre>. But it's fully covered in white bones from head to toe, with red veins running on it. It's weaponless and attacks with fists and kicks. Though it did attack with <Flame Spear> once."

"So it can shoot magic too."

"Not sure if that <Flame Spear> was produced by the magic beast itself."


"It looked to me like that magic beast sucked in a <Flame Spear> I shot at it. Then it launched the same exact attack a moment later. Thus, it might have been that magic beast's original ability, or it could be my magic it absorbed and launched back."

"Absorbing magic and returning it to the caster, is that really possible?"

"Beats me."

"If that's truly the case, then the more powerful spells an adventurer has in repertoire, the more powerful attacks they will have to endure. That sounds very tough."

"The biggest problem is how <Graces> don't work."

"Eh? Could you say that again, Graces don't work?"

"Yeah. During my fight with that dungeon boss, my <Necklace of Intuador> wouldn't put up its anti-magic barrier, and <Comet Cutter> couldn't generate its magic blade. Dunno if it's due to the place, or if it's that magic beast's ability, all I know is that you can't use Graces in the fight with the last floor's boss here."

"I'm amazed you managed to get through that."

"Yea, to be honest, that thing was way beyond my capability. Magic don't work, and its reflexes far outclass mine. Its body is hard enough to block a slash from a Solid Sacred Silver sword. On top of that, Graces don't work. Not sure myself how I even grabbed that victory. Gotta refuse were I'm told to fight that again right away. I've got no chance."

"Is that true. Just how dreadful it is to make Lecan-dono goes that far."

"So, what're you gonna do?"

"What am I to do?"

"You going to fight that boss?"

"We'll have to wait who knows how many, days, weeks or even months for the dungeon to wake up first if I were to fight, won't we?"

"Yeah. Months might be too much, but I'm willing to keep you company if it's only for a little bit."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 39.6


It took them five days starting the following day to conquer floor 149. A <Myriad Dragon Slayer (Alzamuscyll)> got dropped here. This became Lecan's. Arios looked really envious.

Afterward they had a two day break before resuming the dungeon exploration.

(Floor 150 starting today huh.)

Lecan has reached the limit of his mental and physical strength. He's forcing himself to keep advancing through sheer willpower now.

(If it turns out there's still more floors after 150.)

(I'll take a long-ish break.)

(Going back to Vouka once might be good too.)

Lecan took a step into the corridor as he was thinking that.

However, it was no corridor.

In that moment, the alarm bell inside Lecan's mind rang the highest alert level aloud.

Lecan's mind and body immediately switched gear to combat ready state.

Straining up all of his slightly dulled senses.

(This is.)

(An inner passage!)

(There's no corridor on floor 150.)

(It's connected straight to an inner passage.)


(This is the boss floor!)

It's finally time for the final battle. Lecan who had grown weary from the unending exploration is now filled with vigor, an expression of joy shows up on his face.

He detected one magic beast inside the room. It must be this dungeon's boss.

(Dunno what kind of monster is waiting.)

(With this equipment and Arios's aid.)

(There's nothing to be afraid of.)

Yet, that Arios would not show himself up.

Lecan kept waiting, but he wouldn't come in.

(It can't be!)

Lecan tried go back to the stairway from the inner passage, but of course he couldn't.

Arios is undoubtedly there, on the other side of this inner passage. Yet he's not coming.

Which means, he cannot enter.

(Only one person is allowed to fight this dungeon's boss!)

No one could have imagined that such a grand dungeon like this has a one-person restriction on the very last floor. But he can't get out of this spot if he doesn't fight, there's only one choice. To fight on his own.


(I will kill you.)

(With my all.)

After checking his equipment, Lecan grabbed his wand with his left hand, kneaded his mana and took a step inside.

<3D Perceptions> show that the only stairway in this room is at the entrance. This place is indeed the final floor of this dungeon.

One <Armored White Spectre> stands still in the center of the room.

White protective bones completely cover its whole body, as if it's wearing a full body white armor. The crimson veins running on its white armor look eerily ominous. The cavities where its eyes should be are colored red like blood.


Lecan put up an anti-physical barrier and took ten steps forward.

(This guy's got no weapon.)

(Is it gonna fight bare handed?)

"<Flame Spear>."

Lecan shot out a dense mana-filled <Flame Spear>.

The magic beast pointed its left palm forward. The <Flame Spear> got sucked into that palm.


That was not blocked by a barrier nor a magical defense. It didn't even land or exploded on impact. It got sucked in. This magic beast can absorb magic attacks.


(You're saying magic attacks won't work then.)

Then a shocking thing occurred.

The magic beast shot out a <Flame Spear> from its pointed palm, that <Flame Spear> did not get stopped by <Necklace of Intuador> and landed straight on Lecan's chest.

Lecan got blown backward. While his back was getting flung onto the ground, the magic beast kicked at him. But as he maintained his barrier even while being flung, that kick got stopped by the barrier.


(What just happened?)

His head was spinning due to it getting knocked on a rock, but he managed to draw <Comet Cutter> with his right hand and poured mana into it.

However <Comet Cutter> won't accept his mana.


The magic beast had been assaulting his barrier with both its fists and a round kick in the meantime.

(<Necklace of Intuador> isn't putting up a barrier.)

(<Comet Cutter> won't generate its magic blade.)

(No way!)

"<Tiri Warda Roa>!"

Nothing happened.

He was hit with a chill.

Graces don't work here.

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Grace Void.

It's unclear whether it's due to the enemy's skills or this floor's characteristic. All he knows is that Graces are useless in this fight. Which means, <Comet Cutter> is nothing more than a mediocre short sword now.

The magic beast keeps punching and kicking at terrifying speed. His Barrier is creaking. It won't last long.

Lecan put away <Comet Cutter> and took a Solid Sacred Silver sword from <Storage>.

His Barrier couldn't endure the load anymore and finally vanished.

Lecan swung down his sword at the incoming magic beast's head.

Right as his sword was about to land on its target straight, the enemy hit the blade side with a backhand strike, sending its trajectory to the left. Lecan kept the momentum aiming at its right shoulder at least, but the magic beast smoothly dodged the slash and punched hard at Lecan's forehead.

Lecan blacked out for a moment there. However, he managed to avoid having his head get cracked open as he jumped backward the instant the fist hit him.

The magic beast lunged forward and kicked with its right leg.

With his side wide open, Lecan couldn't dodge that kick.

He used that chance to swing his Solid Sacred Silver sword at the magic beast's right side.

However, the magic beast stopped Lecan's sword with its right shoulder.

Lecan's body was bent in the air. His flesh gouged out, several bones broken.

Even so, Lecan half somersaulted mid air with his extraordinary balance and spatial grasp, landed on his feet and rushed into the enemy's close range using the recoil and struck at the magic beast's head with his sword.

The slash Lecan put his everything into got stopped by the magic beast by intersecting both its arms on top of its head.

Solid Sacred Silver sword demonstrated its mystical sharpness with how deep it cut into the magic beast's arms.

And then it broke apart with a noise.

He felt like the magic beast grinned there.

The magic beast's right fist flew straight toward Lecan's face.

An unavoidable death was there right before his very eyes.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 39.5


They took a two day break.

After all the experimenting he did in real combat and in the inn, Lecan has grasped <Ring of Undying King>'s traits to a degree.

First of all, the ring won't grant its user any effect if not worn on the finger.

Lecan thought it would be usable when put inside a pocket like <Guardian Jewel of Zana> but it was no good. Even grasping it in his hand was no good.

Next up, he's determined that <Invincible> voids all, whether it's physical attack, magical attack, poison, abnormal status, and even curse. He could only test the poison, abnormal status and curse he had among his belonging, but it's probably effective against any and all kinds. However, he can't let his guard down with poison in particular since it can still affect him the moment the ring's effect expires.

Physical attacks don't get completely dissipated, it's felt to the ring user as a slight impact. As for magical attacks, even though the ring completely voids the effect of magic itself, like say burn or slash, the after effects from the magic itself like blasts and such still get transmitted to the wearer ever so slightly.

What's interesting is how clothes and swords he holds also get to be under the effects of <Invincible>. Due to this, on top of being impervious to magical and physical attacks, some interesting phenomenon occurred as well.

For example an enemy was swinging down a greatsword at Lecan at tremendous speed which he met by lightly lifting up his sword, he felt a slightly strong impact initially but the greatsword's momentum came to a complete halt. However, attempts to push it back were met with a strong resistance.

Swords under Invincible state may sound like it's gonna cut down everything in its path, but that's not to be. Sharpness and Offense attributes don't change even under <Invincible> state.

There was one time where Lecan locked blades with an enemy while he was <Invincible>, the enemy managed to slightly push him back at first, but after a moment he would not budge in the slightest.

However, he could not push back the enemy in that state either. Though it's still inconclusive due to the limited time, it seems <Invincible> Grace is virtually ineffective when you're on the offensive, pushing or attacking the foe.

There was also a time when Lecan in <Invincible> state tried to go around an enemy and could not move any further when the enemy's spear tip touched his body. That attack would likely have left him with a grievous wound ordinarily. Getting his mobility hindered when he's attacked during <Invincible> state is quite problematic. This appears to correlate to the weight contained within an attack directed at him. He ought to verify it one of these days.

Tools are ultimately tools no matter how extraordinary they are. Every tools has quirks, and knowing how to handle those quirks will serve you well, while being ignorant of them could be your downfall.

This ring's extreme usage-dependent usefulness comes with a huge pitfall especially when one gets overly reliant on it. He's got to check everything out so it's usable as a last resort in a pickle.

They began challenging floor 148 on the 10th of month six.

A <Comet Cutter> got dropped on the third room. From Appraisal it's better than his old one and even has additional <Damage Restoration> and <State Retention> Graces. Lecan let Arios have a wield with it since his eyes were sparkling, but he was still unable to generate the magic blade after all.

Lecan's Appraisal could not see through its numbers, but comparing between the two, their Offense and Sharpness attributes only vary slightly but the new one has a slight edge on offense and sharpness thanks to its Graces. And the old <Comet Cutter>'s magic blade length is from 2x to 5x, while the new one is 2x to around 7x. When Lecan tried putting as much mana as he could, the magic blade generated was much longer than the old one ever managed. Of course, its Depth is also superior, and it consumes quite a bit more mana.



"I'm gonna use the new <Comet Cutter> from now on."


"You want the old one I've been using?"

"Hmm. I'd be lying if I said the thought never crossed my mind, but no, I don't want it."

"Hou. Why."

"My mana is actually on the plentiful side among my family members. Since even I cannot even hope to wield it, I don't believe anyone else could. We would only be hoarding it in the end. Hoarding swords without any rhyme or reason is too pitiful for that sword."

"I see. You don't mind if I do as I please with it then."


They had a break on the 15th and 16th.

Lecan made his way to the Trade Facility on the 15th.

Elder Termin was sitting on the furthest back counter. He had five adventurers already lining up even though it was early in the morning, but those adventurers readily yielded their turns when they saw Lecan.

"Hey, master."

"It has been a while, Lecan."

Lecan put the <Comet Cutter> on the counter.


"Got another of this thing. I'm selling this one."


Termin looked shocked at first, but he quickly pulled himself together, did the appraisal and wrote the appraisal tag.

"Fumu. So you are selling this."


"I don't think they could decide on the price right away. Come here again in a few days."

"I got it."

The day after, as Lecan was relaxing after breakfast, a knight dropped by.

"Lecan-dono. General Dungeon Chief Administrator would like to see you. Do you mind coming over to the office?"

"Yea, sure."

A wagon was parked in a wide street, Lecan got on it and it brought him to the front yard of General Dungeon Administrative Office. This place should be reserved for guests.

Eliza Notz was waiting in the Office Room. And on the other side of the desk, Elder Termin and Chief Magician, Neltsen were present. And sitting on the sofa is Haydent Notz, townlord's aide.

Haydent and Eliza stood up to welcome Lecan.

"You have my gratitude for coming here Lecan. Have a seat. Everyone else too."

Lecan sat down on the sofa. Followed by Eliza, Neltsen and Termin.

Lecan put the <Comet Cutter> on the desk.

"You won't wait for tea first?"

"I want to get this quickly over with."

"I see. Then, Elder Termin, your appraisal if you would."

Termin did an Appraisal, and told Haydent that it is authentic.

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Knight Baiad brought back five attendants from the next room. Each was carrying a tray with them, with platinum coins put on those trays.

"We would like to buy this sword for 100 platinum coins."


Lecan nonchalantly grabbed the coins and put them in his <Storage>. Once he was done, Haydent spoke again.

"Sorry, but could you generate its magic blade here?"

"Hm? Yea."

Lecan drew the sword, pointed its tip in an unpopulated direction and poured his mana into it. A magic blade at 2x its length got produced.

Oooh, everyone yelled.

Lecan poured more mana into it. The blade extended to five times its length.

The spectators were at a loss for words.

Lecan erased the magic blade and put the sword on the desk.

"Truly tremendous. Neltsen."


Neltsen stood up and took the <Comet Cutter>. It's light, but Neltsen is a mage on top of being an elderly woman. She struggled for some time before managing to lift the sword. Knight Baiad came closer and pulled the sheath out for her.

Neltsen poured her mana into the sword. The magic blade wouldn't show up. Her face reddened as she put more effort into it. The magic blade finally showed up. Slightly longer than 2x length. But it vanished right away.

"Ah. M-my apologies."

"It's fine. I'm aware how difficult it is to maintain that magic blade. Lecan."


"We cannot even begin to express how grateful we are for your willingness to yield this magic sword to our family. Truly."

Haydent stood up and bowed deeply.


Eliza held both her arms out and tried to grab Lecan's right hand with an elated look on her face. Lecan reflexively dodged this.

Eliza then grabbed his left hand instead despite the shocked look she made. Lecan let her have his left hand since he could still draw his sword even without it.

"Lecan-dono! All this for my sake, thank you!"

He didn't sell <Comet Cutter> for Eliza in particular, but Lecan still replied back with, 'yea', since denying her here would be a pain.

After hazily glaring at their connected hands, her father, Haydent also expressed his thanks.

"You have my gratitude as well. Thank you, truly."


"Lecan. If it's all right with you, could you tell me which floor you have reached now?"

"You're not yet on your brother's level."

"What? What do you mean."

"Well then, I'm heading back."

After saying that, Lecan left his seat and departed General Dungeon Administrative Office.

He was going to give half of the 100 platinum coins to Arios, but Arios declined.

"That is money in exchange for the <Comet Cutter> Lecan-dono possessed. Please take all of it. But, 100 platinum coins for a single sword, is it."

"Is that a lot?"

"I have never heard of any sword worth 100 platinum coins no matter how outstanding Graces it had. It's a completely unheard of number. Well, I suppose that's just how much the townlord here believes that sword is worth of."

"Fumu. Who decides the value of a sword?"

"Who knows. That depends on the case. Though, in this particular case, I believe it's the townlord who put that value on the <Comet Cutter>."

"I see. I got it."

"What did you get?"

"It's nothing. Nevermind."





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