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Okami wa Nemuranai 39.5


They took a two day break.

After all the experimenting he did in real combat and in the inn, Lecan has grasped <Ring of Undying King>'s traits to a degree.

First of all, the ring won't grant its user any effect if not worn on the finger.

Lecan thought it would be usable when put inside a pocket like <Guardian Jewel of Zana> but it was no good. Even grasping it in his hand was no good.

Next up, he's determined that <Invincible> voids all, whether it's physical attack, magical attack, poison, abnormal status, and even curse. He could only test the poison, abnormal status and curse he had among his belonging, but it's probably effective against any and all kinds. However, he can't let his guard down with poison in particular since it can still affect him the moment the ring's effect expires.

Physical attacks don't get completely dissipated, it's felt to the ring user as a slight impact. As for magical attacks, even though the ring completely voids the effect of magic itself, like say burn or slash, the after effects from the magic itself like blasts and such still get transmitted to the wearer ever so slightly.

What's interesting is how clothes and swords he holds also get to be under the effects of <Invincible>. Due to this, on top of being impervious to magical and physical attacks, some interesting phenomenon occurred as well.

For example an enemy was swinging down a greatsword at Lecan at tremendous speed which he met by lightly lifting up his sword, he felt a slightly strong impact initially but the greatsword's momentum came to a complete halt. However, attempts to push it back were met with a strong resistance.

Swords under Invincible state may sound like it's gonna cut down everything in its path, but that's not to be. Sharpness and Offense attributes don't change even under <Invincible> state.

There was one time where Lecan locked blades with an enemy while he was <Invincible>, the enemy managed to slightly push him back at first, but after a moment he would not budge in the slightest.

However, he could not push back the enemy in that state either. Though it's still inconclusive due to the limited time, it seems <Invincible> Grace is virtually ineffective when you're on the offensive, pushing or attacking the foe.

There was also a time when Lecan in <Invincible> state tried to go around an enemy and could not move any further when the enemy's spear tip touched his body. That attack would likely have left him with a grievous wound ordinarily. Getting his mobility hindered when he's attacked during <Invincible> state is quite problematic. This appears to correlate to the weight contained within an attack directed at him. He ought to verify it one of these days.

Tools are ultimately tools no matter how extraordinary they are. Every tools has quirks, and knowing how to handle those quirks will serve you well, while being ignorant of them could be your downfall.

This ring's extreme usage-dependent usefulness comes with a huge pitfall especially when one gets overly reliant on it. He's got to check everything out so it's usable as a last resort in a pickle.

They began challenging floor 148 on the 10th of month six.

A <Comet Cutter> got dropped on the third room. From Appraisal it's better than his old one and even has additional <Damage Restoration> and <State Retention> Graces. Lecan let Arios have a wield with it since his eyes were sparkling, but he was still unable to generate the magic blade after all.

Lecan's Appraisal could not see through its numbers, but comparing between the two, their Offense and Sharpness attributes only vary slightly but the new one has a slight edge on offense and sharpness thanks to its Graces. And the old <Comet Cutter>'s magic blade length is from 2x to 5x, while the new one is 2x to around 7x. When Lecan tried putting as much mana as he could, the magic blade generated was much longer than the old one ever managed. Of course, its Depth is also superior, and it consumes quite a bit more mana.



"I'm gonna use the new <Comet Cutter> from now on."


"You want the old one I've been using?"

"Hmm. I'd be lying if I said the thought never crossed my mind, but no, I don't want it."

"Hou. Why."

"My mana is actually on the plentiful side among my family members. Since even I cannot even hope to wield it, I don't believe anyone else could. We would only be hoarding it in the end. Hoarding swords without any rhyme or reason is too pitiful for that sword."

"I see. You don't mind if I do as I please with it then."


They had a break on the 15th and 16th.

Lecan made his way to the Trade Facility on the 15th.

Elder Termin was sitting on the furthest back counter. He had five adventurers already lining up even though it was early in the morning, but those adventurers readily yielded their turns when they saw Lecan.

"Hey, master."

"It has been a while, Lecan."

Lecan put the <Comet Cutter> on the counter.


"Got another of this thing. I'm selling this one."


Termin looked shocked at first, but he quickly pulled himself together, did the appraisal and wrote the appraisal tag.

"Fumu. So you are selling this."


"I don't think they could decide on the price right away. Come here again in a few days."

"I got it."

The day after, as Lecan was relaxing after breakfast, a knight dropped by.

"Lecan-dono. General Dungeon Chief Administrator would like to see you. Do you mind coming over to the office?"

"Yea, sure."

A wagon was parked in a wide street, Lecan got on it and it brought him to the front yard of General Dungeon Administrative Office. This place should be reserved for guests.

Eliza Notz was waiting in the Office Room. And on the other side of the desk, Elder Termin and Chief Magician, Neltsen were present. And sitting on the sofa is Haydent Notz, townlord's aide.

Haydent and Eliza stood up to welcome Lecan.

"You have my gratitude for coming here Lecan. Have a seat. Everyone else too."

Lecan sat down on the sofa. Followed by Eliza, Neltsen and Termin.

Lecan put the <Comet Cutter> on the desk.

"You won't wait for tea first?"

"I want to get this quickly over with."

"I see. Then, Elder Termin, your appraisal if you would."

Termin did an Appraisal, and told Haydent that it is authentic.

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Knight Baiad brought back five attendants from the next room. Each was carrying a tray with them, with platinum coins put on those trays.

"We would like to buy this sword for 100 platinum coins."


Lecan nonchalantly grabbed the coins and put them in his <Storage>. Once he was done, Haydent spoke again.

"Sorry, but could you generate its magic blade here?"

"Hm? Yea."

Lecan drew the sword, pointed its tip in an unpopulated direction and poured his mana into it. A magic blade at 2x its length got produced.

Oooh, everyone yelled.

Lecan poured more mana into it. The blade extended to five times its length.

The spectators were at a loss for words.

Lecan erased the magic blade and put the sword on the desk.

"Truly tremendous. Neltsen."


Neltsen stood up and took the <Comet Cutter>. It's light, but Neltsen is a mage on top of being an elderly woman. She struggled for some time before managing to lift the sword. Knight Baiad came closer and pulled the sheath out for her.

Neltsen poured her mana into the sword. The magic blade wouldn't show up. Her face reddened as she put more effort into it. The magic blade finally showed up. Slightly longer than 2x length. But it vanished right away.

"Ah. M-my apologies."

"It's fine. I'm aware how difficult it is to maintain that magic blade. Lecan."


"We cannot even begin to express how grateful we are for your willingness to yield this magic sword to our family. Truly."

Haydent stood up and bowed deeply.


Eliza held both her arms out and tried to grab Lecan's right hand with an elated look on her face. Lecan reflexively dodged this.

Eliza then grabbed his left hand instead despite the shocked look she made. Lecan let her have his left hand since he could still draw his sword even without it.

"Lecan-dono! All this for my sake, thank you!"

He didn't sell <Comet Cutter> for Eliza in particular, but Lecan still replied back with, 'yea', since denying her here would be a pain.

After hazily glaring at their connected hands, her father, Haydent also expressed his thanks.

"You have my gratitude as well. Thank you, truly."


"Lecan. If it's all right with you, could you tell me which floor you have reached now?"

"You're not yet on your brother's level."

"What? What do you mean."

"Well then, I'm heading back."

After saying that, Lecan left his seat and departed General Dungeon Administrative Office.

He was going to give half of the 100 platinum coins to Arios, but Arios declined.

"That is money in exchange for the <Comet Cutter> Lecan-dono possessed. Please take all of it. But, 100 platinum coins for a single sword, is it."

"Is that a lot?"

"I have never heard of any sword worth 100 platinum coins no matter how outstanding Graces it had. It's a completely unheard of number. Well, I suppose that's just how much the townlord here believes that sword is worth of."

"Fumu. Who decides the value of a sword?"

"Who knows. That depends on the case. Though, in this particular case, I believe it's the townlord who put that value on the <Comet Cutter>."

"I see. I got it."

"What did you get?"

"It's nothing. Nevermind."





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