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Okami wa Nemuranai 38.12


Knight Haydent turned to look at Lecan.

"Lecan. You fought with Zoltan-dono."


"After which you broke into General Dungeon Administrative office and killed knight Torog."


"Could you tell me the circumstance that brought upon that."

"I was called by Zoltan through a letter. Come to floor 121 he said. There, Zoltan waited alone. According to him, Nark and Nell had been kidnapped by knight Torog, and Torog demanded <Comet Cutter> I have in exchange for those two's lives."

"Floor 121 is it. So it exists."

"I told him I don't mind lending the <Comet Cutter> if he gives it back. With my help, Zoltan could get Nark and Nell to safety."

"Nark and Nell are the innkeeper couple of <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn>, I take it."

"Yeah. They're Zoltan's friends. And Nark's grandfather was Zoltan's savior."

"I'm well aware of that."

"Ah, right. You learned swords fighting from Zoltan."

"I did."

It felt like there were sorrow and nostalgia in Haydent's eyes as he said that.

(This guy likes Zoltan too.)

(In his own way.)

"Zoltan said to me that we might be able to save the two or they might get killed. And even if we saved them, the two of them would not be able to live in this town anymore."

"Indeed. That is exactly right."

"We fought against each other. I came out triumphant, Zoltan died. I went to General Dungeon Administrative office, killed Torog and rescued the two."

"Did you hear that Haydent-sama! This outlaw admitted to breaking in townlord-sama's office and murdering an official!"

"I told you, keep your mouth shut."

Haydent spoke as he turned a chilling expression to his left. Then he shouted out loud.

"All of you heard that! Adventurer Lecan's testimony! Knight Torog kidnapped Zoltan-dono's friends and blackmailed Zoltan-dono, a noble and a retainer of townlord-sama! Did you hear all that damning indictment!"

'OU', 'OU', the knights shouted back.

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(What's this about?)

"L-like anyone could believe what this outlaw with doubtful origin says! I request a chance to prove my innocence!"

"Shall we prepare the <Bell> then? Knight Orug."

"That won't be necessary."

Everyone looked at the source of the voice.

Chubby was standing there before Lecan realized.

"I'm Gwislan, a subordinate of knight Torog at General Administrative Office."

"Y-yeah, Gwislan. You tell them Torog's innocence!"

"It is I who reported to Torog-sama that the innkeeper couple held a special place in Zoltan-sama's heart. Hearing that, Torog-sama broke into laughter, saying that he could finally pay back their longstanding grudge and ordered his subordinates to forcefully drag the couple to the office. Then they were tied and left on the floor."

"That's wrong! That outrageous couple have wronged adventurers who stayed in their inn! They stole those adventurers' property! So, as the acting chief of General Dungeon Administrative office, Torog took those criminals under custody! He did that in the name of justice!"

"Who did you say stole adventurers' property?"

Someone asked that out loud. It was surprisingly, Bruska.

"Knight commander-san! Did you say that Nark and Nell wronged their guests and stole their property?"

"I did!"



"When did they carry out the act!"

"Just recently!"

"Is it in this year?!"

"Last month, or the month before the last!"

Orug has no obligation to answer Bruska, one of the peanut gallery. However, this is his chance to insist on his validity. Hence he replied.

"All the guests are here!"


"The adventurers who stayed in <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> last month and the month before the last are all present here. Us three, Lecan and Arios."

Arios has come too. Nark and Nell are standing behind him.

"Oy, you guys! Have Nark and Nell wronged you? Did they steal anything?"


"They fed us good meals and gave the best entertainment."

Arios also shook his head.

"Hey, knight commander-san. Wonder what does this all mean."

"I got it wrong. The case happened last year!"

"There's none."


"You see here, us three have been staying in <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn> for three whole years now. And up until Lecan and Arios's coming this year, no other adventurer ever took up the vacant rooms."

"W-what? That's absurd."

"Well yeah, it's that kind of absurd inn. Now then, who are these adventurers you're referring to? Where are they?"




"State the names of these adventurer victims."

"U-uh. I-I forgot."

"Where are they."

"T-they've left the town already."

"Don't screw with me!"

Knight Haydent shouted angrily.





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