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Okami wa Nemuranai 38.7


The morning after, Lecan tried using <Ring of Undying King>. But it wouldn't activate.

Doesn't look it's reusable comes morning.

<Grindam> went to the dungeon after finding out Lecan and Arios wouldn't go anywhere again today. Though they're not diving in, they're going to look for their adventurer friends and talk to them. Lecan had no clue why they'd do that, he just replied back with, 'yea'.

Their armor still wasn't done yet that day. He got yelled at for coming there every single day. The repair would be done on the 24th. Three more days.

He tried using <Ring of Undying King> once again at noon, but it was still no good.

<Grindam> members came back and they had dinner together. Nark said they didn't have to pay for dinner. He knows these five are guarding them.

"Don't think you need to worry much. Lecan, yer' not just a depth-walker, yer' an adventurer who reached the unattainable floor 'fter all. They ain't gonna take yer' life just cause you killed one or two nobles."

Some actually agreed with Nark in this. Even in Lecan's old world, nobles tend to avoid messing with depth walking adventurers. But he's unsure how it's like in this world. Besides, he killed this noble after marching into his workplace. It's going to affect their public persona if it's left alone.

"Have adventurers ever killed nobles in this town before."

"Some of them did. It's always <Other Side> adventurers who killed nobles though."

"Hou. How'd it come to that."

"Well, most are probably cuz those nobles tried forcing those adventurers to sell them items. Not like I know much. <Thunder and Bare Blade>'s leader, Vangard has killed three nobles as far as I'm aware."


"Though most adventurers who had noble blood in their hands usually got killed by poison, curse or assassins once they got older and weaker. Those guys ain't gonna die easy."

Yoana joined in Lecan's and Nark's conversation.

"You're let alive while you're still profitable. Then get ditched in the gutter once you're not. Gotta be ready for that if you kill a noble. But Lecan, you can just leave this town."

"Yeah, that's how it's like with other adventurers. They're not gonna keel over willingly. Not when they can just head over other dungeons."

Bruska offered his wisdom here.

"Well, yeah. We've seen actual people doing that in reality. However, <Other Side> folks tend to get their common sense desensitized from fighting so many magic beasts. They just became standoffish. And besides."

Bruska gulped his booze before resuming.

"Hired assassins probably get sent to chase after them even to other dungeons."

"Those nobles surely can afford top-notch assassins too."

"Hou. Top-notch assassins huh."
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"Lecan. You look gleeful. It's scaring me a bit."

Arios drank his liquor in silent.

Come to think of it, knight Baiad said this, 'Never mess with depth walking adventurers, I've always been reminding you just that.' The noble side would incur a huge loss and it would only result in one less capable adventurer after all. Moreso when Lecan is the sole adventurer who has reached floor 121 now.

Meaning the incident this time should be over.


(That can't be right.)

The townlord side is aware that Lecan has reached floor 121.

And that he's got a <Comet Cutter>.

There's no way they'd just leave Lecan alone.

Besides, knight Torog's standing was far too high up to forget the incident ever existed. His father, something something Benchara surely wouldn't sit idly.

But how are they gonna come at him. Lecan can't fathom it.

Since something something Benchara is a knight commander, he might launch a full-on assault with the knights. As these knights, excluding the commander,  are pretty skilled themselves, Lecan likely cannot win in a direct confrontation against such a large group.

However, he's got a feeling that it won't come to that.

Bringing out the entire knights might succeed in taking Lecan's life, but that something something Benchara should also be aware that Lecan would aim for his life right on the outset. And the guy doesn't seem to be the type that employs a frontal collision tactic.

They're sure to come.

Hence he cannot let his guard down.

"Oh and, Lecan."

Bruska spoke with a lowered volume.


"Not sure if it's related to this matter, but we've been hearing some weird rumors lately."

"Weird rumors?"

"Apparently more and more <Other Side> adventurers have gone missing."


"<Gwyntir Era Slupiner> are adventuring around last floor like usual. But, there's been less sightings of other parties. They don't come back to their inn either."

<Grindam> don't really associate with <Other Side> adventurers, nor are they familiar with <Summit Honor Inn>'s situation. Even so, <Other Side> adventurers stick out like a sore thumb. Someone somewhere would bound to see them whenever they're out and about.


(That is weird.)

(But it's got nothing to do with me.)

That night, Lecan investigated the working of <Ring of Undying King>.

Then after a certain point, it was finally usable.


(It's been a full day since its last activation last night.)

(So it's usable again.)

Meaning this ring requires one full day before it can be used again once it's been activated.




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