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Okami wa Nemuranai 38.10_11


Lecan inadvertently leaned on the wall. Then he kept gasping for breaths as his shoulders shook for a while.

The seven of them were all forces to be reckoned with. Especially their leader, Vangard, his offensive power, speed, and acumen were truly terrifying.

The twinswordsman, shortspearsman, and shieldsman were also exceptionally battle proficient. And the four of them had extremely powerful weapons at their disposal.

The mages too, forgetting their mana pools, their mana converging speed and attack accuracy hugely outstripped Lecan.

And the level of their coordination was beyond anything Lecan had ever witnessed.

Fighting against seven such people by himself was nerve wrecking. Moreover, he had to end it before the <Ten inner heart beats> duration lapsed.

Once he got his breathing back in order, rapture welled up. He had reached a new height as a warrior that was once beyond him.

Of course, this victory was all due to <Ring of Undying King>. But being able to handle such a mighty Grace Gear and defeated such formidable foes unharmed shows how much his overall ability has grown.

That was dumb of me, that thought did cross his mind. The destructive power those seven held were extraordinary. There was no guarantee <Ring of Undying King> could completely void it. However, Lecan's wild instinct told him that he should fight, and trusting that instinct did bring him a satisfying conclusion.

Now then, time to collect the loot.

First of all, he picked up the shield fighter's shield. According to appraisal it's <Shield of Galzora>, it's got magical and physical defense and even power boost when used to attack. It's pretty much a better version of <Shield of Wolkan> performance-wise. However it has no function to reduce its size.

Lecan tried to equip and brandished it.

Heavy. Thick. Huge.

The weight isn't really a problem with Lecan's physical strength. However, it just doesn't feel as good to move around with as <Shield of Wolkan>. His sword swings would be slightly hindered if he had this shield equipped. It's a shield for a shield-focused fighter, not for a swordsman. However, its defensive property is remarkable.

Afterward, he collected the seven's swords, short spear, wands and equipment. All of which possess outstanding abilities. However, only the shield and another object are of immediate use to Lecan. The majority will likely end up sleeping in <Storage> for the time being.

All seven had <Boxes> with them, but most only had potion variety inside. As there's a lot of them, it's actually a pretty nice find. The two mages had mana restorative with them.

They didn't have spare weapons. Putting those in their <Boxes> would get in the way during battle. Weapons and equipment they had amassed have been left under custody of Summit Honor inn. Those items would be given to their bereaved family if they passed away. Though apparently the majority of <Other Side> adventurers don't have family. If they don't specify who will inherit them in their will, those items become the townlord's property.

There's one lucky find besides the shield. <Charm of Iluent> Vangard had. It's an item from floor 43 of Dungeon Wort, it's got <Void Poison> and <Stamina Recovery Boost>.

The silver ring Lecan brought from his old world has <Abnormal Status Resistance>, <Poison Resistance>, and <Curse Resistance>, and now complemented with this charm, he doesn't have to worry about most poison. Though the void might be voided if there is an extreme discrepancy in depths, or there might be a grace that void the void so he still can't let his guard down.

Afterward, Lecan left the dungeon.

Around 100 knights on horseback have surrounded the dungeon's entrance.

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A knight standing in the center spoke.

"Standing around there will disturb people going out of the exit. Come, step forward now."

These 100s knights are pretty skilled. Particularly the well dressed middle-aged knight that just spoke, he's a cut above the rest.

(Got no chance of winning fighting these 100s head-on.)

(But the me now.)

(Might just manage.)

(If I run around as I take care of them.)

(I'll keep them company until they're done.)

Lecan audibly walked forward as he steeled his resolve.

"You must be adventurer Lecan."


"I'm an aide to the townlord, Haydent Notz. Could you tell me what you were doing in the dungeon."

Lecan figured. He's Eliza's father. His face resembles her. This man is the eccentric noble who dived up to floor 81 of Dungeon Tsubolt. He's got a stern face. Yet mysteriously, Lecan senses no hostility from him.

"I was called by adventurer Vangard. 'I need to discuss something, come to floor 120', guy told me. So I did, but then the seven of them assailed me, so I defeated them all."

Rustles broke out. Looks like that was unexpected.

"Liar! <Gwyntir Era Slupiner> is the strongest party here at Dungeon Tsubolt! And you're saying you defeated them alone?! Cut the crap!"

The yelling knight is well dressed too. And his face looks somewhat similar to knight Torog.

"Orug. Stay out of my talk with Lecan."

Haydent spoke to Orug with an awfully cold voice.


"Lecan. Just to confirm, you fought against the seven members of <Gwyntir Era Slupiner> and killed them all, did you?"

"I know <Gwyntir Era Slupiner>'s leader, Vangard by face. That party was led by him. I believe the other six were members of <Gwyntir Era Slupiner>, but I have no proof. They worked together in the same synchronized breath. And they all are no longer in this world now."

Haydent turned his head and looked at Orug with a chilling glance.

"H-he's definitely lying! There is no fighting! This adventurer never got to floor 120, he turned tail and exited the dungeon!"

"Even if he did, that changes nothing. You told me that the scoundrel died in the dungeon and that you would present <Comet Cutter> to the townlord. And you agreed with me inquiring adventurer Lecan regarding Zoltan-dono if adventurer Lecan came out of the dungeon safely."

"Lies, it's all lies! We must send away Lecan back in the dungeon!"


That had an incredible pressure. Knight Orug was at a loss for words and could only flap his mouth open and shut for a while.





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