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Okami wa Nemuranai 40.2


Jinga said yes back despite looking puzzled at Lecan suddenly throwing question at him.

"I have heard the circumstances that led Norma into becoming a Goncourt heiress. I've also been told how rewriting her father's posthumous work is a very important project for Norma and how this place is the ideal environment for that."


"But, what do you think? Is this the place Norma should belong to? And how do you evaluate what Norma has accomplished as the heiress?"

Jinga was shocked. He knew that Lecan is someone Norma trusts and holds dear of. He also knew that Lecan is someone with a strong conviction capable of sympathizing with others.

But to be frank, he also saw Lecan as someone who doesn't think deeply of anything. He thought he was a man who lives and acts on his emotions. He was amazed by Lecan's dynamism. He didn't think he could imitate how Lecan could charge right into Goncourt Mansion to save Eda that night.

And from what all the conversations between Lecan and Norma he heard thus far, he thought Lecan would always receive what Norma told him without any doubt. Yet now he demanded Jinga to state his opinions on the choices and actions Norma took. Lecan's two questions were concise yet straight to the vital points.

That said, he must answer this question.

"Yes, well. There are some good points with integrating into Goncourt house. Although staying at the clinic also comes with its merits too. And of course, there would have been many factors hindering Norma-sama's work had she chosen to stay at the clinic. Though coming here is not without its own issues as well."

"State these issues that'd come with becoming Goncourt heiress."

"That is in how Norma-sama would not be an unconcerned party in any unforeseen incidents occurring at Goncourt House. She would get dragged into it whether she's willing or not."

"Yea. Figure."

"However, nevertheless, it is a choice Norma-sama herself has made. Regardless of the path she chose, there would be advantages and disadvantages. And I believe overcoming them is what's important. Norma-sama is blessed with the power to pick the right path in the face of those situations. As such, I do think having more options is a good thing. Also, regarding an event that occurred during her succession."

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"About the assassination attempt incident, even though it was an emergency, Norma-sama might have shown too much of her ability."


"Her manner of doing things was too brilliant. It also disclosed the fact that Norma-sama has connections with the temple and townlord-sama. Presently only a select few are aware of it, but there is no stopping the rumors now."

"I see. Findin."


"What do you think about Norma succeeding this house?"

Findin was flabbergasted. And that showed on his face if only a little bit unconsciously.

In the period of five months starting from the fourth of month two since Findin assumed the butler assistant role, he has completely gotten devoted to Norma. He's come to believe that assisting Norma and managing things to help ease her in her work is his role.

Prado told Norma she didn't have to do anything, but he also never told her not to do anything. In other word, he won't stop Norma if she does something to the benefit of Goncourt House.

And Findin believes he has grasped Norma's general thought process during the past 200 days. Norma's thought is too deep for Findin to wholly delve, but he believes he's understood her character to a degree.

He also had come to understood about the people close to Norma. And the most concerning one is Lecan.

(Norma-sama must be getting deceived by a terrible scoundrel.)

After all, what he knows about adventurer Lecan is that he's the culprit who suddenly launched a raid on Goncourt Mansion and assassinated the then heir, Zepus. He would never forget the shock he experienced that night.

After some intel gathering, he found out Lecan is a skilled adventurer who has conquered Dungeon Golbul twice, and Dungeon Ninae once. He's heard how individuals like him tend to have some screws loose in their head, with a warped sense of moral.

Anecdotes of how naturally wise women getting deceived by petty villains are a dime a dozen. He doesn't think that would apply to Norma, but he couldn't help but hold the suspicion.

Yet, the Lecan in person here doesn't have a hint of atrocities on him. He doesn't look like someone who would force his way to get what he wants. And then he asked Findin, a Goncourt personnel, on what Findin thinks about Norma succeeding the house.

Truly an unthinkable question. Were he answer this by excessively praising Norma to curry up her favor, Lecan would judge that's all Findin amount to. Or Lecan might even come to the conclusion that Goncourt House is unworthy of Norma. And that conclusion might likely get shared with Norma.

(That shall not come to pass.)

(I must give an answer that satisfies this man here.)

Findin swallowed his saliva before opening his mouth.





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