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Okami wa Nemuranai 40.3


"We have acquired far better results than anticipated due to having welcomed Norma-sama, which still continues even today. However, unexpected situations have also arisen with having Norma-sama in this house, and despite the positive results, there are also elements of uncertainties to them. I believe that is the present situation."

"I don't get what you're going on about. Speak legibly."


Since Findin was trying his best to summarize things, he was shocked at Lecan's words. But then it hit him when Lecan said legibly.

(My words may sound well concise to those who have a grasp on the situation already, but it would sound illegible to those who don't indeed.)

(The way I said it would not make it clear to everyone.)

(Lecan-sama has pointed that out.)

"Then I shall speak concretely. However, what Prado-sama has in mind would be nothing more than my suppositions. I hope you could understand that."


"Norma-sama was brought to this house for the sake of allowing Gaipus-sama succeed the house in the future. To Prado-sama himself, Norma-sama is likely an exceedingly convenient intermediary. That is because Norma-sama has no interest in managing Goncourt nor has she the capability, and the fact that she has no problematic dependents is a positive as well."

"Hmph. And?"

"And yet, Norma-sama managed to seize a path toward Gaipus-sama's succession in a way that diverges from Prado-sama's methods. And she even succeeded in gaining the upper hands over Boldrin House of Vantaroy, once a threat to Goncourt. These unexpected results have greatly satisfied Prado-sama. But with that also comes worries."

"What worries."

"It has been made clear that Norma-sama possesses the capability to preside over this house. Hence, he must consider the possibility of Gaipus-sama failing to take the mantle of master of Goncourt House."

Findin was curious about Norma's reaction while keeping his eyes at Lecan during his explanation.

(Did I go too far?)
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(But superficial words won't get through Lecan-sama.)

As a matter of fact, that is just Findin overthinking things. Lecan doesn't have capability to overanalyze that much.

But the previous Lecan would have not asked for Jinga's or Findin's opinions here. This is a result of his experience in debating with Zoltan and Marquis of Tsubolt. His action is driven more by instincts, but it did hit the right points. This wolf is changing little by little.

And it's a fact that Lecan's presence is overwhelming Findin right now. He's on an entirely different level than Findin. This difference is making Findin cower.

"Speak concisely. What's Prado worried about."

Findin choked. That is not something he could say out loud. Yet Lecan is asking for words. Then he has no choice.

"He is worried that Norma-sama would run Goncourt as she pleases."

He said it.

He went and said it. Now he's lost all the trust he's built up with Norma, back to starting point. However, he wouldn't be able to overcome this situation if he didn't say it.

"In other word, Prado believes that Norma would take over Goncourt, huh."

"It is not that he believes in that. However, from Prado-sama's standpoint, he must put that possibility into consideration."

That was well said. Findin gave himself a passing mark. This surely would get through Lecan.

"You talk like everything is complicated, I don't get what it's all about. In the end, does Prado like Norma, does he trust her? Or does he dislike Norma, does he distrust her?"

As Findin never expected to be thrust with these questions, his brilliant mind quickly made a calculation. But the answer had already been set in stone.

"Prado-sama likes Norma-sama and trusts her, and he looks forward to what Norma-sama does."

"You should just have said that from the start. What about Goncourt family members? And the servants? Do they like Norma. Or hate her."

"Everyone in the family likes Norma-sama. The children in particular, Norma-sama is their favorite. The servants also adore and respect her."

Findin replied while feeling like he got hit by a blunt object on the head.

(Oh my god.)

(I simply needed to explain the state of affairs there.)

(It's true, the most important things are the feelings and opinions of the concerned parties.)

(Lecan-sama pointed that out to me.)

(And truth is never roundabout.)

(It's always simple and clear-cut.)

(I cannot believe I could forget about that.)

Of course, Lecan doesn't think that far ahead. He simply found Findin's convoluted narration incomprehensible. However, Lecan's sharp senses are capable of catching on the important points. As such, Findin's thinking is not exactly wrong either.





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