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Okami wa Nemuranai 39.3


The day after, on the 31st of month four, they adopted a more cautious approach.

Lecan would put up anti-physical barrier once he sets foot inside a room, then shoot a barrage of <Flame Spear> before finishing the weakened magic beast off with <Comet Cutter>. Against opponents that resist magic damage, Lecan would draw a Solid Sacred Silver sword and work together with Arios. They conquered floor 131 that day.

Naturally, it now takes them much longer to fight and the rate of magic stone consumption goes up. Their floor conquering speed has fallen sharply as well. It takes at least one day to conquer one floor now.

Nevertheless they managed to conquer floor 134 on the 34th.

All Grace Swords that got dropped thus far became Arios's. They were <Instant Death Sword (Danbascylla)>, <Thunder Cutter (Gwyntirscyll)>, and <Magic Void Cutter (Boafanscyll)>.

Arios was especially ecstatic with <Magic Void Cutter (Boafanscyll)> dropped on floor 134. It's a magic sword. Its magic blade can be generated even with Arios's mana pool. It's very efficient and doesn't consume much mana. Much better than the magic swords he's got in his family, according to the person himself.

Afterward, they took a two day break and conquered floor 137 on the 39th. Lecan claimed a better version of <Steel Cutter> and <Oddmud Cutter (Orfascyll)> among the three drops. <Vilecrush Sword (Parusscylla)> went to Arios.

They had a day break, then conquered floor 138-140 on the first, second and third day of month five, but the enemies have finally gotten tough now.

They took a three day break, and assumed a different strategy from floor 141 onward. Lecan is to use <Ring of Undying King> when he's finishing the enemy off. As such, they can now only conquer one room each day. Meaning conquering one floor would take them five days at the quickest.

The time they begin exploring got later and later due to <Ring of Undying King>'s cooldown time, by the fifth day, they got in <Guardian> room very late in the day.

Lecan and Arios encountered a shocking enemy in the <Guardian> room of floor 141. The magic beast could use short warps.

They were completely taken by surprise at first. But they quickly saw through its mechanism.

The magic beast could only warp by swinging at empty air. The warp destination is in the direction of the sword swing. If the sword got swung yet clashed with an object, the warp would fail. The warp would also fail if the swing wasn't done straight. The warp distance is decided by the speed of the swing. Its maximum range is around five steps. It can't warp if there's an obstacle in the path.

Dealing with it was no trouble at all once they knew its characteristics, the magic beast's defeat came surprisingly quick.

A treasure chest with <Warp Sword (Palpscylla)> got dropped.

They had a day break then went back into the dungeon on the morning of 13th.

Using this method of conquering a floor every five days, taking a day break before resuming early in the morning the following day, they reached floor 146 by the 1st of month six. Among all the Grace Gear dropped so far, a better version of <Magic Void Sword>, <Apedemon Cutter (Duguscyll)> and <Wolfdemon Cutter (Jegscyll)> went to Lecan while the rest were for Arios.

The enemies have been getting progressively stronger. They've been brute forcing it with the help of <Necklace of Intuador> for magic defense, anti-physical <Barrier>, and <Ring of Undying King>, but the enemies' raw strength have far outstripped Lecan and Arios by now. They would get murdered instantaneously in a direct confrontation.

Lecan is not keen with this method of overcoming adversaries. Normally he would have taken his time gaining powers on upper floors before going further down.

However, he's not exploring the dungeon for the sake of having an entertaining fight now.

Lecan just wants to reach this dungeon's last floor as soon as possible.
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He keeps going as if being driven by a sense of duty.

He's noticed how mental fatigue is gradually piling up, degrading his ability to think.

And yet Lecan keeps pressing on further below.

Arios didn't try to stop Lecan either.

One time, Lecan activated <Ring of Undying King> too early and had <Invincible> Grace expired when the enemy was still offensively sound. Lecan immediately found himself in crisis, but Arios's assistance got him out of it. Arios's sword readily cuts enemies even on this floor.

Most of the time Arios only served as an onlooker, but his presence is highly reassuring for when things go south. Lecan would have likely given up trying to conquer this dungeon had Arios not been around.

Still just how many floors does this dungeon have anyway.

No one knows the answer to that.

Shira would likely know, but the time it'd take to make a round trip to Vouka and back would be better off used conquering the dungeon.

Dragging his body under the weight of piled up fatigue, he kept on exploring.

On the seventh of month six, they reached floor 147.

Lecan afforded himself a two day break.

I'll get to floor 150 at least, Lecan made up his mind.





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