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Okami wa Nemuranai 40.1


"The capital?!"

"Oho. So even you could look that surprised."

"I can't go to the capital."

"Didn't you just say, 'Alright, I got it. Leave it to me.'"


"This duel cannot be done unless it's held in the royal capital."

"Explain to me why."

"Yup. I will do so. It'll take a bit of time. Jinga, bring us more tea please."


Jinga opened the door and ordered a maid in the hallway for more hot water.

Jinga has nothing to do until the water comes. He stays near the wall.

The room has five people and one ape now. Lecan, Norma and Eda are sitting on the sofa. Jericho is sitting on a small wooden chair. And Jinga is waiting near the door, while Findin is standing diagonally behind Norma.

Lecan has been finding Findin's spot a bit surprising for a while now.

(Thought that's supposed to be Jinga's spot.)

(This Findin man.)
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(Seems quite trusted by Norma.)

"First of all, I'll tell you how I came to be named House of Goncourt's heiress."

Lecan kept getting surprised as he listened, but he didn't show it outwardly.

Norma's talk was truly long. However, there are many things Lecan can learn from the story narrated by this clever woman. With that in mind, Lecan listened to her quietly.

He didn't get the inner details on the stuff about Norma's father's bookmaking, but he did find it surprising how a transcriber from the capital, Rakrus came on the 21st of month one, and how efficient priest Amamir was with the preparations.

(That old man seemed very well versed in sorting things out.)

(Just like how I am an expert in battle.)

(That old man is an expert in managerial stuff.)

And this Rakrus guy appears to be an expert of bookmaking as well.

At any rate, it's clear that Norma had gotten awfully busy. But her hectic days weren't a burden to her. On the contrary, this project is more important than anything to Norma.

Next up, Leca found out how Vouka's nobles, apothecaries and medicinal stores had been bothering Norma. And even her patients have become too much for Norma to care right now.

Then one day, she was asked to take on the mantle of Goncourt heiress.

The present master, Prado Goncourt sympathized with Norma's circumstances and afforded her conditions that would solve all her problems.

First of all, she would live at Goncourt Mansion. She may do as she pleases in the mansion. She may concentrate in her work of editing her father, Sasfrey's posthumous work. She's allowed to use anything she needs for that end, or even purchase them, money and manpower will be provided.

She doesn't have to do anything while Prado is still alive and even after he's dead. In other word, she may be a heiress of Goncourt, but she doesn't actually have to manage the house. Prado will take care of them while he's still alive, which would get transferred over to Kanner after. If Kanner were to die, Findin would assume the role.

Prado has requested Norma to marry someone if possible. Her partner would be the husband of Goncourt heiress, as a prevention against untoward people trying to take advantages of the situation. As such, her husband-to-be must be someone who would agree to be completely disconnected from Goncourt's authority and wealth.

(That's important to Norma too.)

(She won't be able to concentrate on the writing if she doesn't get away from troublesome stuff.)

(If her husband gets himself in some annoying situations.)

(He'd drag Norma into it.)

Norma agreed to Prado's request, but they had to overcome a trial known as Family Council. Norma found some problematic points in the plan Prado initially proposed.

"The plan grandfather thought up, you see. Was under the assumption that grandfather's position as the present master was an unbending truth. And I believed that would just cause more issues in the future even if it overcame the present."

(Grandfather huh.)

(Looks like Norma's come to see him as a blood relative.)

They got through Family Council with the plan Norma drew up. It also succeeded in curbing the ambition of a powerful noble from another town to take over House of Goncourt.

But then, an assassin sent by that powerful noble made an attempt on Prado's life. Norma treated Prado, pinned down the assassin's identity, and obtained unshakable evidence with the help of magic tool, <Bell of Truth>, then using that, they managed to grow Goncourt's influence in the noble house who sent the assassin instead.


(Did Norma come up with that strategy.)

(Well now that's a surprise.)

(But she is from a bigshot noble family after all.)

(And she's extremely clear headed.)

(She might have just the innate talent.)

(To come up with these schemes and such.)

"And that is how I got to be named Goncourt heiress."

"I see. Got it. Jinga."


"I have some questions."




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