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Okami wa Nemuranai 39.6


It took them five days starting the following day to conquer floor 149. A <Myriad Dragon Slayer (Alzamuscyll)> got dropped here. This became Lecan's. Arios looked really envious.

Afterward they had a two day break before resuming the dungeon exploration.

(Floor 150 starting today huh.)

Lecan has reached the limit of his mental and physical strength. He's forcing himself to keep advancing through sheer willpower now.

(If it turns out there's still more floors after 150.)

(I'll take a long-ish break.)

(Going back to Vouka once might be good too.)

Lecan took a step into the corridor as he was thinking that.

However, it was no corridor.

In that moment, the alarm bell inside Lecan's mind rang the highest alert level aloud.

Lecan's mind and body immediately switched gear to combat ready state.

Straining up all of his slightly dulled senses.

(This is.)

(An inner passage!)

(There's no corridor on floor 150.)

(It's connected straight to an inner passage.)


(This is the boss floor!)

It's finally time for the final battle. Lecan who had grown weary from the unending exploration is now filled with vigor, an expression of joy shows up on his face.

He detected one magic beast inside the room. It must be this dungeon's boss.

(Dunno what kind of monster is waiting.)

(With this equipment and Arios's aid.)

(There's nothing to be afraid of.)

Yet, that Arios would not show himself up.

Lecan kept waiting, but he wouldn't come in.

(It can't be!)

Lecan tried go back to the stairway from the inner passage, but of course he couldn't.

Arios is undoubtedly there, on the other side of this inner passage. Yet he's not coming.

Which means, he cannot enter.

(Only one person is allowed to fight this dungeon's boss!)

No one could have imagined that such a grand dungeon like this has a one-person restriction on the very last floor. But he can't get out of this spot if he doesn't fight, there's only one choice. To fight on his own.


(I will kill you.)

(With my all.)

After checking his equipment, Lecan grabbed his wand with his left hand, kneaded his mana and took a step inside.

<3D Perceptions> show that the only stairway in this room is at the entrance. This place is indeed the final floor of this dungeon.

One <Armored White Spectre> stands still in the center of the room.

White protective bones completely cover its whole body, as if it's wearing a full body white armor. The crimson veins running on its white armor look eerily ominous. The cavities where its eyes should be are colored red like blood.


Lecan put up an anti-physical barrier and took ten steps forward.

(This guy's got no weapon.)

(Is it gonna fight bare handed?)

"<Flame Spear>."

Lecan shot out a dense mana-filled <Flame Spear>.

The magic beast pointed its left palm forward. The <Flame Spear> got sucked into that palm.


That was not blocked by a barrier nor a magical defense. It didn't even land or exploded on impact. It got sucked in. This magic beast can absorb magic attacks.


(You're saying magic attacks won't work then.)

Then a shocking thing occurred.

The magic beast shot out a <Flame Spear> from its pointed palm, that <Flame Spear> did not get stopped by <Necklace of Intuador> and landed straight on Lecan's chest.

Lecan got blown backward. While his back was getting flung onto the ground, the magic beast kicked at him. But as he maintained his barrier even while being flung, that kick got stopped by the barrier.


(What just happened?)

His head was spinning due to it getting knocked on a rock, but he managed to draw <Comet Cutter> with his right hand and poured mana into it.

However <Comet Cutter> won't accept his mana.


The magic beast had been assaulting his barrier with both its fists and a round kick in the meantime.

(<Necklace of Intuador> isn't putting up a barrier.)

(<Comet Cutter> won't generate its magic blade.)

(No way!)

"<Tiri Warda Roa>!"

Nothing happened.

He was hit with a chill.

Graces don't work here.

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Grace Void.

It's unclear whether it's due to the enemy's skills or this floor's characteristic. All he knows is that Graces are useless in this fight. Which means, <Comet Cutter> is nothing more than a mediocre short sword now.

The magic beast keeps punching and kicking at terrifying speed. His Barrier is creaking. It won't last long.

Lecan put away <Comet Cutter> and took a Solid Sacred Silver sword from <Storage>.

His Barrier couldn't endure the load anymore and finally vanished.

Lecan swung down his sword at the incoming magic beast's head.

Right as his sword was about to land on its target straight, the enemy hit the blade side with a backhand strike, sending its trajectory to the left. Lecan kept the momentum aiming at its right shoulder at least, but the magic beast smoothly dodged the slash and punched hard at Lecan's forehead.

Lecan blacked out for a moment there. However, he managed to avoid having his head get cracked open as he jumped backward the instant the fist hit him.

The magic beast lunged forward and kicked with its right leg.

With his side wide open, Lecan couldn't dodge that kick.

He used that chance to swing his Solid Sacred Silver sword at the magic beast's right side.

However, the magic beast stopped Lecan's sword with its right shoulder.

Lecan's body was bent in the air. His flesh gouged out, several bones broken.

Even so, Lecan half somersaulted mid air with his extraordinary balance and spatial grasp, landed on his feet and rushed into the enemy's close range using the recoil and struck at the magic beast's head with his sword.

The slash Lecan put his everything into got stopped by the magic beast by intersecting both its arms on top of its head.

Solid Sacred Silver sword demonstrated its mystical sharpness with how deep it cut into the magic beast's arms.

And then it broke apart with a noise.

He felt like the magic beast grinned there.

The magic beast's right fist flew straight toward Lecan's face.

An unavoidable death was there right before his very eyes.





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