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Okami wa Nemuranai 38.14


Invited by Bruska, Lecan headed to the food court of the workshop area. Other adventurers who had gathered also followed along. With Arios, Nark and Nell in tow.

It turned into a huge feast.

Knight Orug and knight Torog father and son seemed to be quite reviled by people. It's also a celebration for getting back at the nasty knights.

And for the big news of the existence of the previously unknown floor 121.

As well as for the final fight of Zoltan, virtually a hero of this town.

Many wanted to hear from Lecan, but Lecan was in a really gloomy mood, he wouldn't give a decent reply.

Instead, Bruska, Tsuinga and Yoana spread the story they heard from Lecan.

The party got even more festive, but Lecan went back to the inn ahead of everyone else saying he was tired.

He spent the following day sleeping.

Today would have been 11 days since they handed over their armor to the repair workshop. It was done when Arios paid the workshop a visit, thus he took it back with him.

Lecan spent the day doing nothing again the day after.

A man that seemed to be a spy was observing the inn.

Then as Lecan was having a quiet drink with Arios in the evening, some guests came by.

Knight Baiad Rengra.

"Lecan. There is someone who wishes to see you. Do you mind if I bring him here?"

Arios stood up and welcomed knight Baiad, but Lecan only sent a glace from his chair before replying listlessly.


Three guests came in. Every one of them looks to be of a high standing. Two are familiar faces. The last one is easy to guess.

Baiad kept staring at Lecan. He's waiting for Lecan to stand up.

However, Lecan wouldn't even make an attempt to.

"It's fine."

"Sir. Lecan. This person here is the townlord of Tsubolt, his excellency marquis Giluent Notz. Then next to him are townlord's aide, earl Haydent Notz, and chief administrator miss Eliza Notz."

"So you are Lecan."


"May I have a seat."

"Be my guest."

Arios shifted the chairs around and pulled one out for Giluent.

"My apologies. Hm? Wait."

As Arios was leaving for the second floor, Giluent called out to him.

"Could you show me your face."

Arios turned around. Giluent stared at his face.

"Are you perhaps, Maxir-dono's."

Arios put his hand on his chest and bowed.

"I'm a nephew of Maxir, Arios."

"Ooh. My goodness. So you are. How is Maxir-dono faring?"

"Yes, well. It's no longer possible for him to go out on an excursion, but he's doing very well."

"Most welcome news. Seeing you are his nephew, does that mean your father is Maxir-dono's older brother."


"If I'm not mistaken, Maxir-dono's older brother goes by the name Rigan-dono. And you are his."

"Eldest son."

"I see. Then you must be. So, are you here on a request? No, it is not my place to pry."

"I have been going into the dungeon."


"Yes. I'm learning how to fight from this Lecan-dono here in dungeon Tsubolt."

"What. Teaching the heir to the elder of Iris Clan? Is Lecan truly that accomplished of a swordsman?"

Arios lightly put his finger on his lips. Before replying back.

"Lecan-dono's fighting style is the very definition of free flowing. Many techniques I learned from Lecan-dono have led to a new height for our school of swordsmanship."

"Mu, mu."

Nark who got out of the kitchen froze in place when he realized the unusual guests that have come to visit his inn.

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Knight Baiad spoke to him.

"Excuse us, we would like to reserve this inn for the time being."

"Y-yes sir."

"Well then, could you prepare meals for four."

"Baiad. Not four. Six."


"Get Arios-dono's share as well. For you too."

"Sir. Then, owner. Please prepare meals for six."


"Arios-dono. I would like you to take a seat."

Arios nodded and took a seat next to Lecan.

"You guys too, have a seat."

Haydent and Eliza sat down too. Baiad is standing still.

"What do you think Haydent. What's your impression of <Rafin's Rock Terrace Inn>."

Haydent looked awfully nostalgic as he looked around the insides of the inn from his chair.

"So this is how the real thing like. It is exactly as what he described in his talk."

"Haha, is that right then. Haydent, be at ease. Speak as my younger brother, not a subordinate while we're in this inn. You too Eliza."

"Yes, Aniue."

"Understood, uncle."

"Let us have a toast. Lecan, do you have a recommendation?"

"Think Zoltan liked Kizolt fermented liquor."

"I shall have that then."

Baiad went to the back to make the order, Nark took the liquor from a shelf.

"Oh and Zoltan also preferred to drink from a wooden cup."

"Oho. Then I shall do the same."

Baiad also got his share.

"Let us offer this drink. To Zoltan. Cheers (Jo Jood)."

Everyone said Jo Jood in unison and drank their cups.

Giluent muttered while staring at his wooden cup.

"Zoltan never once relied on me until the very end."

"Aniue. That would be me. You promoted Zoltan-dono as a noble and your retainer and put him under your protection. Yet, Zoltan-dono never once attempted to go anywhere near this inn. He kept shaking his head when I offered protection to the innkeeper couple as well."





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