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Okami wa Nemuranai 39.14


"I see. Oh yeah, that guy knocked my <Flame Spear> away with his magic sword, can I do the same with <Comet Cutter>."

"You can. Go ahead and give it a try."

When Lecan thinks about it, he's never had a chance to slash at magic with <Comet Cutter> since he's always been relying on <Necklace of Intuador>.

"Also, <Comet Cutter> slipped past <Necklace of Intuador>'s magic barrier yet that guy's magic sword got stopped. How'd that work."

"What? <Comet Cutter> slipped past a magic barrier? It didn't cut the barrier? This <Necklace of Intuador> is an accessory you acquired at Dungeon Ninae, isn't it. Hmm. I haven't got a grasp on the mechanism behind that thing. Lend it to me, I'll have it checked out."

"Yeah, I'll pass. By the way, can you do something about this."

Lecan took out the split <Shield of Wolkan>.

"Uwaa. You've gone and done it. Can't believe this shield got cut clean like this."

"Can you stick them back together."

"Sure, if it's just sticking them back. But the Graces won't return."

<Shield of Wolkan> has three Graces, <Anti Magical Defense>, <Anti Physical Defense>, <Reduction Deploy>. Those Graces are what made <Shield of Wolkan>.

"Isn't there any way to get its Graces back too."

"Nope, impossible. Broken Grace Gear that have lost their Graces cannot get their Graces back even if they are repaired by human's hands. That is pretty much the law of this world."

Lecan was dejected. He was expecting Shira to have tricks up her sleeves on this. But it seems not even Shira is capable of the feat. Due to the sheer disappointment, he muttered without thinking.

"And I was gonna give you that Vurs magic stone if you could."

"Say what."

Shira's eyes glinted. Vurs was a dragon Lecan defeated in his original world. Lecan had lent its magic stone to Shira for a few days once before. According to shira, this otherworld dragon's magic stone is a highly valuable and useful object.

"Do you even realize the value that magic stone holds? That is truly one of a kind object without exaggeration. <Shield of Wolkan> is nice and all, but it's not really that unusual, ultimately nothing more than shield. Their values cannot be compared at all, you know."

"To me Vurs magic stone is nothing more than a huge mana storehouse. But <Shield of Wolkan> is really handy. In my eye, <Shield of Wolkan> has a much higher value than Vurs magic stone."


Shira got lost in thought for a while. Then she lifted her face.

"You really will give me the otherworld dragon magic stone if I repair your shield then."

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"No choice then. I'll do something about it."

Looks like she can.

"While you're at it, can you take care of these too."

Lecan took pieces of broken solid sacred silver swords. One is Lecan's, another is the one Zoltan had.

"Another unreasonable request. Hmmn."

Shira got lost in thought once again.

"Well, should be fine. However, these two pieces will likely get combined into one sword. Are you all right with that."

"That's fine."

"There'll be little leftover, which I'll take."


"Still, you're really. Here you showed up before your master after a long while, let alone bringing a souvenir, you said nothing about where you went, what you did. You ask what you want to hear, and demand what you need. Show some delicacy as a human, will you."


Lecan pondered what kind of stuff would be good as a present to Shira.

"Got any interest in Dungeon Capadoa's ores?"

"Ores from Dungeon Capadoa eh. Let me have a look."

Lecan took out several kinds of ores.

"These are niice. I was just running short of my ore stock and thinking of fetching some. This will save me the trouble."

"Can't you just go to Dungeon Capadoa yourself?"

"I won't go into a dungeon anymore. I've sworn on it."

Why would she do that. Lecan wondered but stopped short of asking. Shira would go tell him herself when the time is right.

"Knowing you Lecan, you must have conquered Dungeon Capadoa right."

"Yea. That place's chock-full of small fry. <Rush Flare> and <Lightning> came in handy."

"Take 'em all out."


"Take all the ores you acquired in Dungeon Capadoa out."

"Don't think this veranda will hold."

"It'll be fine. Out with 'em."

Lecan took out ores one after another. Shira casually sucked them all up.

"Thanks a lot. Now then, is that all you wanna ask?"

"No, one other thing. You conquered Dungeon Tsubolt, didn't you?"

"Sure did."

"The final floor was Grace Void, wasn't it?"

"Sure was."

"Then <Comet Cutter> should have been unusable. How'd you fight."

"What are you saying now. I'm a mage, you know. Of course I fought with magic."

"That magic beast could absorb magic. How could you beat that thing with magic."

"Geez. Haven't you learned anything. Do not measure others using yourself as the basis. If your foes can absorb magic, then simply fight in a way that does not allow them to absorb magic."

"How'd you do that?"

"Think about it yourself. I've got some errands to run now, I'm heading out."





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