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Okami wa Nemuranai 39.8


"I shall refrain to. I am not conceited enough to believe I could fight against such an opponent without Graces."


Arios's strength is tremendous. A strength that comes from well tempered swordsmanship, a martial artist's mind, and combative instincts. His foundation likely comes from the accumulated knowledge and techniques of his clan. Lecan got a feeling that Arios would be more than a match for that boss. But if the person himself isn't willing to, then that's that.

"Still, Lecan-dono, you're quite fortunate to have a go at and even prevailed against an opponent like that. It must have been a one-of-a-kind experience."

"But I can't get behind the loot being a Golden Potion. It's a magic beast on the final floor of Dungeon Tsubolt. It's supposed to be the boss of <Dungeon of Swords>."

"Haha. Lecan-dono."


"Wasn't Zoltan-san precisely the Dungeon Boss to Lecan-dono."

"What? No, but. Fumu."

That might be so, thought Lecan.

At least to Lecan, Zoltan was the very picture of Dungeon Boss.

That strength. That overpowering presence. And the rewards.

Think about it.

What has Zoltan bequeathed Lecan.

First of all, he gave him a kind of battle that could never be replicated again.

Then bolstered with Zoltan's strength, Lecan has climbed on a new height.

He was even passed on the <Ring of Undying King>.

A reward truly fits from the conquest of a grand dungeon.

Arios muttered.

"Bat Demon and Skeleton Overlord huh."

"Don't call me that."

A pleasant fatigue and sense of accomplishment enveloped Lecan.

The two have conquered Dungeon Tsubolt.

They would like to take it easy now, but that's not to be.

The door got flung open and Bruska rushed in.

"Lecan! T-the dungeon. Dungeon Tsubolt, it's"

Lecan waited for Bruska to continue in silence.

"You, it can't be, you've."

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"C-Conquered it?"


Bruska flapped his mouth open and shut while moving his arms around weirdly. He's probably unaware what he's doing himself.

"J-Just come with me."

"Where to."

"The dungeon square!"

It was honestly a bother to Lecan, but Bruska was persistent.

Dragged by Bruska, Lecan went to the dungeon square. An unbelievable amount of adventurers have gathered there. The spacious open space is completely filled to the brim with people.

Dungeon Tsubolt has never been conquered since the founding of Zaka Kingdom. Magic beasts disappeared from a conquered dungeon as it goes into dormant. All the adventurers here are perplexed and disorientated by something that has never occurred before and the reality that they're currently experiencing it in the flesh.

However, a portion of adventurers are aware that the Bat Demon has reached floor 121. They must have put the pieces together and believed that the dungeon has been conquered.

Bruska shouted out loud, 'Dungeon Tsubolt has been conquered'. Roars erupted. Lecan got caught up in the commotion while staggering from fatigue and despondency. Fortunately, Arios was around to handle the downpouring questions, while Lecan just stood there and let himself go with the flow.

Before anyone realized, the square became a venue for a massive feast.

Liquor and food got brought in, adventurers were drinking together everywhere you see.


As Lecan raised his head with a cup of booze on his hand while sitting on a stone paving, the townlord Giluent Notz was there. Along with townlord aide, Haydent Notz, and Chief Administrator Eliza Notz. Knight Baiad Rengra was there too. All were on foot. With the crowd of adventurers saturating the square, they couldn't bring their wagon and horses here.

"Did you conquer the dungeon?"


"How many floors were there."


"150! Does that mean you two managed to traverse from floor 121 to 150 in mere two months?"


"Just you two alone."


"Dear lord. I have never heard or encountered adventurers like you two."


"Arios-dono, what would it be."

"The last floor only consisted of the boss room, and it had a one person entry limit."

"Wh, what?"

"Lecan-dono defeated the dungeon boss by himself."

Even Giluent was speechless by this news.

Eliza knelt before Lecan and wrapped her hands around Lecan's liquor hand. They're unexpectedly soft. The fingers are thin and neat.

"Lecan-dono! Lecan-dono! You're really such a, such a."

Tears welled up on her eyes. Lecan thought she was angry for having been beaten to the punch at first, but no that can't be.

"Eliza. Step aside."

Haydent's voice sounded a bit stiff. He might be angry because the dungeon has been conquered, but that was neither here nor there to Lecan.

"Lecan... dono. We would like to ask you many things, but this noisy place is not optimal for that. We shall hold a dinner party at the townlord mansion to extol your honor. I am expecting your presence there."

"If I feel like it."





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