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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 18-24

 18-24. Shooting Stars (1)


※This story takes place around volume 10 in the main story

A meteorite fell down.

As it was noon, most people overlooked it, and since it fell in an undeveloped uninhabited land, not many people talked about before it got forgotten.

We were unfortunately deep underground when this event took place, thus we were ignorant.

If only we were around then, that disaster might have been preventable...

『Satou! We finally did it.』

I got a call through space magic [World Phone] just when we left the labyrinth after some time down.

『All those hundreds jellyfish going for the world tree got shot down by [Vulgtumm Eyes]!』

The other end of the call is High Elf Keze-san of Burainan Clan.

These [Vulgtumm Eyes] she mentioned are eye-shaped super long ranged laser space-type Artificial Spirits developed by Burainan Clan.
I had some part in the development, so she must have gone out of her way to give me a report.

"That's news worth congratulations."
『Umu. And it's all thanks to Scarecrows that detected those jellyfish way ahead of time. You have our gratitude, Satou!!』

Looks like autonomous golem Scarecrows are doing their job.

Still, Keze-san sure is in high spirit today.
It's like I'm talking to her rival, Saze-san of Beriunan Clan.

Afterward, I chatted with the high tension Keze-san about our next plan to deal with jellyfish before hanging up.

"You done? From your tone, that wasn't Aze-tan, was it?"
"Oh that was Keze-san of Burainan Clan."

I spoke to the curious Arisa and the girls about my chat with Keze-san as we made our way back to the mansion.

"--Shooting stars?"
"Yes! There were lots and lots of them falling down the northern sky yesterday!"
"It was over in a flash unlike the Star Fall half a year earlier though."

The little girl maids in the mansion told us about that.
Good thing too since it's pretty hard to keep up with news above ground while we're in the labyrinth.

"Forget about that, Arisa-chan! Nell-san's stalls are getting super popular!"
"You mean their flour-oriented stalls? Gotta say I'm proud of them as their advisor."
"Their newly launched swe~et honeyed okonomiyaki is really popular!"
"Hee, then I'll buy some for you girls on my way back from errands tomorrow."
"For real? Yay!"

The little girl maids gleefully jump up and down around Arisa.
I can't imagine how sweet okonomiyaki tastes like, maybe like pancakes or crepes?

Everything we heard today was just like the usual day, thus we were unaware of the dire situation Labyrinth City Selbira was facing.

It was not until later I recalled what happened this day.


"There's something wrong in the forest?"
"Yeppers. Animals that usually lurked in the forest even got out to the stream."
"A Green Boar came out today. We also hunted down a Spotted Deer, but we left it at the stream, no way to carry that back. Those who wanna eat meat gotta help."

An incident occurred at a remote village in Norooku Kingdom.
Calling it incident may be too dramatic, but in hindsight, it was a precursor to calamity.

"You got some game too today?"
"Yea, Big Horns and Six-legged Boars. Been getting lots of rare game lately."
"Big Horns fetch some good price, and the boar's pretty tasty. Round up the young uns' if you're short handed."
"Might be a good idea."

Leftover meat in the village got processed into jerky.

"Where's the Green Boar?"
"Got it here, Gofe. Spotted Deer too."
"Eeh, Spotted Deer doesn't taste good."
"Those who complain only get hard meat."

Meat that was usually an object of competition became so abundant, they could pick type and part.

"What's up with Gofe? He usually rushes over when we get back from hunt."
"Maybe guy's fed up with meat?"
"Naw, he's got a fever for once, he's sleeping now."
"Yeah? Thought being healthy Gofe's only redeeming point~. Here, take this fresh liver with ya."
"Thank you ever so much."
"Eh, don't worry 'bout it."

The villagers all thought the meat loving Gofe would get better overnight, yet his condition kept going, betraying their expectations.

"We've got a lot of jerky left."
"Go sell 'em at the town."
"Should be about time traveling peddlers come. We're gonna profit big this time."

The amount of jerky amassed was easily more than enough to last the whole winter, thus the surplus got bought up by the traveling peddlers to be sold all over the kingdom, profiting the villagers extraordinarily.
More and more villagers were hit by out of season sickness but due to this extra income, they managed to buy up medicine.

"Elder! Two young 'un got done in."
"Give them treatment right away! What hit them? Big Horns? Or monsters?"
"No, Spotted Deer did 'em in."
"Spotted Deer? Were those greenhorns standing in their escape route?"
"Naw. They got attacked by a herd of Spotted Deer."
"--Those timid Spotted Deer did what?"
"Yea, weird don'tcha think? My father and grandfather never saw anything like that. You know something, elder?"
"How would I when a family of hunter doesn't."
"Maybe we gotta take a break from hunting."
"Yes indeed. We have plenty of meat. We're even running out of salt for jerky."
"The issue is--."
"Yeah, some wild animals might come down the mountain. We should set up traps around the mountain foot."
"It's in your hands."

Thanks to the elder and the hunters, the village didn't suffer a raid from wild animals coming down the mountain, but it's said that those animals would rampage around as they got entrapped.

"Gofe died?"
"Yea, he was vomiting blood as he died."
"This ain't the usual epidemic?"
"No clue. We've got surplus money this year, let's ask priests-sama and apothecaries-sama from the city to come over."
"Yeppers. That'd do."

They were none the wiser.
To the fact that this disease has been spreading around neighboring villages little by little.

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On a certain day near the end of the year--.
Just when we were preparing to travel to the capital from Labyrinth City Selbira, Princess Mitia of Norooku Kingdom paid us a visit.

"--A consultation?"

A serious expression came up on the youthful face of princess Mitia.

"Umu, a disease of unknown nature is currently spreading in our kingdom noja."
"What kind of disease? Do you at least know the name?"
"We do not. We dispatched a high ranking priest specializing in healing art through the viceroy's referral, yet we cannot even discern if it is even a disease, let alone the cause."
"Did you get the same result from Appraisal skill users?"
"Umu, an assistant of that high ranking priest was a user of high level Appraisal skill."

Panaceas or Elixirs could have solved this issue if it only affected a small populace, out of question since it's affecting the whole kingdom.

"Right, right, what are the symptoms the patients exhibit?"

Mia and Arisa who were here as watchdogs asked Princess Mitia.

"There are all sorts, but the most common ones are high fever and vomiting blood. You can read the detail here."

Princess Mitia's elderly maid passed over a document.
This illness causes a long bout of high fever, and once the condition worsens and the patient starts vomiting blood, they will die on the same day with 100% certainties.
Symptoms include rashes, heightened destructive impulses or the opposite of that, drowsiness, some even complain about itchiness on abdomen before progressing to vomiting blood.

"Have they been eating something unusual?"
"We do not know. It is not described in the report, and considering we had an abundant harvest last year, none should have eaten anything foreign."

"Any incidents?"
"Our soldiers have received letters regarding how forest animals have been getting more ferocious than usual. Some giant monsters might be moving out of Monster Domains."

Princess Mitia replied to Arisa.

I didn't think she would answer all that so concisely.
Despite her youthful look, Princess Mitia is still a member of royalty it seems.

"I understand the situation."

I straightened my sitting posture once we're done with Q&A.
Princess Mitia looks straight at me with a serious expression.

"I am not an expert in disease study, nor can I expose my companions to contagion."
"...So you are."

Arisa and Mia were going to say something but I made an eye signal to stop them.

"However, I do know an expert on this field. I believe he can be dispatched to Norooku Kingdom in a few days."
"Is that true?!"

Well, this expert is me in disguise though.

With my Disease Resistance, getting infected shouldn't be a worry, and my Menu's AR indicator can show the type of disease.
Even if I couldn't determine the disease, I can ask for help from the knowledgeable elves and gnomes.

"Yes, I will get in touch with him right away. He goes by the name Hippocrates, please make sure the kingdom knows about it through a letter."
"I got it noja! We'll get them delivered with Birdman mail and carrier pigeons today!"

Princess Mitia left in a hurry without greeting after saying that. The elderly maid apologized and thanked in her place before running up to her 'Princess~.'

"Oh Mitia-tan, she looked so happy."

We heard another bout of hurried footsteps as Arisa and Mia said that, her face peeked out of the door.

"Satou-dono! My gratitude for your cooperation noja!"

She vanished once again after saying that with a smile.
Looks like she went back after remembering she hadn't said her thanks.

"We're going too, okay?"
"Nn, accompaniment request."
"No, you won't."

I'm not going to bring them along somewhere with an unknown disease spreading.

"Because we'd get sick? That goes for you too, master."
"No it doesn't. I have Disease Resistance."
"Then I too--"
"Hold it, Arisa."

I stopped Arisa with my hand as she was about to take the skill in the heat of the moment.

"I'll go and do a preliminary investigation on-site first."
"I'm telling you, no! Even master's resistance isn't absolute you know? I mean there's Disease Void on that skill tree."

I had no idea.

"Well, it's not like I don't have a plan. I'm going to maintain a sterilized space around me using (Canopy) and Survival skill, like I did in Void Space."
"She's right! Your fingers need to be sterilized too to prevent infection! There's no guarantee you're safe inside the sterilized space!"

Mia and Arisa are quite insistent.

"Then I'll wear the void space clothes the elves are using. I mean they're used in void space, surely there's no hole then?"

The pilot suit used for manning golem is thin enough as to not get in the way after all.

"Then maybe--."

Mia blurted something I didn't expect.

"Are you saying the disease might originate from a Curse?"
"Nn, Curses, Hex... many kinds."

Mia explained what she meant.
I see, modern knowledge would be powerless against that--.

"I'll add a Purification magic circle and rune made with Holy Stone on the back of the void space suit to deal with that. Should be okay no?"

Mia still looked worried, but I managed to convince her.

"No complain from you too right, Arisa?"
"Un, right. With that much measures--waitaminute."

Just as she was getting convinced, Arisa looked like she realized something.

"We can go too with that kind of equipment around!"

She's got a point.

"Awright! That's that then, Master! Looking forward to our equipment!"

Arisa outwitted me, but I guess they should be fine with all those measures.
I called Boruenan Forest with space magic [Telephone] and requested for the suits.
And since I unexpectedly had the mats available around, I managed to remodel the suits with anti-curse magic circles the same day.

Now then, it'd likely be earlier than princess Mitia's letter, but the faster the better, our next stop is Norooku Kingdom--.




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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 18-23

 18-23. Mage and Tower


【Note】 Peddler Akindo's real identity is Satou.

『Master is the world's best mage!』

I couldn't stop praising master the first time I witnessed the enormity of his magic.

But master looked back at me with a slightly troubled expression instead.

『You are mistaken, Talbec.』
『I am? But master is the only mage I know who could cast such an amazingly huge magic.』
『The size of magic does not mean much.』

Master patted my head as he said that.

『There is only so much the mana pool of an individual can achieve.』
『And that's why we use the assistance of magic tools and magic circles right?』
『Indeed. Such is the limit of common men.』

I couldn't agree master calling himself an common man, but I couldn't bring myself to say it out loud when I saw acceptance in his eyes.

『A True Mage erects a Tower and rules over Source.』

Afterward, master narrated me tales of [Witch of Illusory Forest]-sama and the master of [Tower of Sages].

Fairy tales-like stories of True Mages who deploy the enormous mana from Source to carry out miracles and--.

"Talbec-san! Are you sleeping in? You have a guest!"

The dozing me was roused up by the lively voice of Machi.
It appears I saw some nostalgic dream, a rarity these days.

I graduated from master's private school around 20 years ago.  

I had served many townlords and nobles since then, and I'm now currently exploring Monster Domains around a frontier village in Eluett Marquisette while also working as an apothecary.

"Who's the guest?"
"It's Akindo-san! He's with Pochi-chan and Tama-chan too! We're gonna play big pinwheels together~"

--Big pinwheels?

I don't get children toys these days.
I told Machi to take care not to get hurt as she ran off and tidied myself up before going to meet Akindo-san.
Someone who never loaf around aimlessly like him is surely waiting over teas at Village Elder's house.

As I opened the creaking door of my house, a sand-mixed breeze swayed my hair.

"Already this season huh."

This village is located at the southwestern end of Eluett Marquisette, thus sands from the Great Desert get blown over the mountain range before arriving here.

Village Elder's house came into view as I was thinking.
It's far bigger than other houses around, but that's because it's also intended as a gathering hall and a shelter, not due the elder's vanity.

"Hello there, Talbec-san, I've gathered all the Sharman Grass you requested last time."
"Much appreciated, Akindo-san."

In the parlor inside the house, Akindo-san quickly got down to business after greeting.
Around this season, Sharman Grass is in high demand due to its effectiveness against epidemic. You can gather them around these parts as well, but even if all the villagers went to pick them, the amount would have been far from enough.

"These are so fresh, I'd believe it if you told me you just picked them."
"Oh yes, it's a hidden technique of my clan."

I'm curious about this hidden technique that allows this level of freshness, but I'm not one to inquire Akindo-san's trade secret, not when he's gone the trouble to go all the way to this frontier lands.

"Talbec-sensei, will this be enough for the epidemic this year?"
"Ah, elder. Yes, we should be able to get over it without anyone dying this year."

I reassured the elder.

"Once I'm done with the initial processing of Sharman Grass, I'll go gather the rest of the materials and make the medicine."
"Are those mats found in Monster Domains?"
"Yes, those domains are like my backyard."

I replied to the interested Akindo-san.

"Do you mind if I tag along?"
"I don't mind, but Monster Domains are dangerous even with me around to protect you, just you know."

I don't intend to bring this harmless looking person to that den of monsters.

"Oh I'm actually well versed enough in it."

Akindo-san replied back confidently.

"Akindo-san did peddle to this frontier without escorts after all."
"Speaking of..."

Elder supported Akindo-san's assertion.

Goblins and flying monsters could come at you anywhere, even at well maintained highways.
Seeing as he's traveling through such places, he's surely knows a thing or two in combat.

"Got it. There's not much fun to be found there, but I'll be your lead."
"Thank you, Talbec-san."

Evening that day, the elder threw a feast to welcome Akindo-san, all the villagers were seemingly present seeing how loud it was as the feast continued till night.

Looks like our hunters did their best, there are all kinds of meat to go around today.

"Pochi worked really, reaaally hard nodesuyo!"
"Tama too~?"

I caught sight of Akindo-san patting some beastkin kids' heads.
They're the kids he brings along while peddling. Must be the ones playing with big pinwheels thing.

"Talbec-san, you gotta eat up more."
"Thanks, Machi. I'm full already, go on and have them with the other children."
"You sure? Yay! Guys, Talbec-san said we can eat it!"

Machi raised the tray full of meat dish up high and ran off toward other village children.
Children their ages have endless appetite.

"Care for a cup of wine?"
"I shall have one."

I sip the wine the elder brought.

"This is a good wine."
"Akindo-san brought it as a gift."

What a mysterious man. How would he profit when he brought something like this as a gift.

"Akindo-san, show the magic trick! Magic trick!"
"Which one again?"
"The one from last time!"
"Well then, feast your eyes on--"

Akindo-san showed a magic trick using cards.
A trick of hands as if he was using space magic--.

"--It's like magic!"

Machi is right, it's nothing more than a magic trick using skills and tricks.
I couldn't sense traces of mana so it was no magic, just how did he do it anyway. Truly a curious man.

"So so, can you do that too Talbec-san?"

Machi held out the card pack to me with a keen look.

"Oh I can't do much."

At most I could make the cards float around using Force Magic's [Magic String].
Which was enough to entertain the village children as it turned out.

"I see that Talbec-san is a user of Force Magic as well."
"Yes, I studied them under my master."

--The path to magehood may not open to those who are ignorant of the Natural Force of Magic.

Master would always say that.
I specialize in earth magic and alchemy myself, but under master's guidance, I can use up to intermediate level Force magic.

"Akindo-san, here's some snacks and drinks for you."
"I made this dried fish using the recipe you taught me last time, Akindo-san."

The village's young girls flock around Akindo-san.
Since he's apparently a bachelor, these young girls must be aiming for the legal wife status.

Wouldn't want to get in the way of these youngsters, so I'll just make myself scarce and enjoy the good drink with the village folk and discuss crops.

"Sensei, how's it going with the tower thing?"
"Hahaha, well, not too bad."

I scratched my head to reply hunter Gonza.
I have an inferiority complex so his words sting even though he's not aware himself.

"Talbec-san, are you planning to erect a Tower?"

Akindo-san who had escaped the village girls came asking that.
Looks like he's got someone in his hometown already, pretty hard to break down his wall.

"Yes, well--."
"You can rely on me to deliver construction materials if you wish."

Akindo-san said that when I was being indecisive.

"It's still a long away dream."
"Akindo-san, sensei's gonna clear out the Monster Domain and build a tower there, ya see."
"Gonza! You're being rude to Talbec-san!"
"Yeah yeah, my bad, elder."

The elder rebuked Gonza who got a bit out of line while trying to liven things up.

"You must be trying to erect a [Tower of Mage] to rule over Source if it's in a Monster Domain."


"...You know about it?"

Akindo-san nodded to my question.
Like it was obvious.

He must be an accomplished mage, not a peddler.

I talked about [Tower of Mage] with Akindo-san all the way until the feast was over.

"Are those girls going to come along too?"

The morning after, I took some medicine to deceive my hangover headache from drinking too much for once, and then, just when I was about to set out to gather herbs for epidemic cure, Akindo-san along with the beastkin kids showed up.

"Pochi is a pro at gathering nanodesuyo!"
"Tama's gonna help too~?"

The kids struck an unusual pose with grass sickles hanging on their waists.

"These kids are quite strong despite their looks, please don't worry, they won't get in the way."
"If you say so, Akindo-san..."

It's not like this needs to be done right away, and we can always go back when it looks like these kids are in danger.

We got in the mountain trails to Monster Domain before the village children could catch us.


The catkin kid's eyes sparkled before she sprung up to a tree branch and disappearing somewhere, then she came back with a nonchalant look.

"You can't trick Pochi's nose nodesuyo!"

The dogkin kid jumped and disappeared into a bush with a triumphant look on her face, then she came back looking satisfied.

The one commonality is that there were death cries of monsters, and smells of blood.

"Did they perhaps, those incoming monsters?"
"Yes, these girls are very skilled at it."

When I vaguely asked Akindo-san, a reply beyond my imagination came back.

The monsters around here may not be that strong, but they're still far beyond even ordinary soldiers. Beating them down unharmed and at speed like it was done in one blow is a feat only skilled knight commanders could achieve.

Looks like these kids are the secret behind Akindo-san's outings to frontier lands without escorts.

"Lotsa herbs~"
"Cluster plot nanodesu!"

The kids happily jumped up and down as we arrived at the herb cluster.
They're pretty good to recognize those herbs in one glance.

"Collect Haime Grass roots, and Rimon Mushrooms that lack small red flecks."
"Aye aye sir~?"
"Roger nanodesu."

Most herbs are usable wholly, but these two types need special attention lest you ruin them.

"All the herbs here are of high quality, it must be thanks to the abundance of mana here."
"...You can tell?"

I couldn't hide my surprise at Akindo-san's nonchalant speech.

"You mean about mana?"

Humans rarely can tell such.

"It's kind of like a special skill unique to our clan. I've come across places like this sometimes in my travel."

Akindo-san spoke, "These are called [Spirit Clusters] and [Monster Clusters] right?" like they're just everyday matters.
Calling small Sources with those names are something only a tiny portion of mages know.

No, I suppose someone who knows Source like Akindo-san would know that too.

Yes, this place is a Source.

There are multiple Sources like this one in this domain.

There is no point in erecting a Tower in this small weak Source, however.
It's only going to boost mana recovery at most.


Akindo-san called out to me as I got lost in thought.

"Shouldn't we stop the two now?"

Urged by Akindo-san's glance, the two kids have gathered more than enough herbs.

"Yes, that much should be sufficient."

Akindo-san called the two back afterward.

"Tama, helpful~?"
"Pochi worked really, reaaally hard too nodesu!"
"You two did great."
"You can pat Pochi's head more if you want to nodesuyo?"

The two kids squinted happily as Akindo-san patted their heads.

"Thank you, you two. And now we only need to collect Boroboro Grass."
"None here nodesu?"
"Boroboro Grass only grows somewhere where the miasma is thick."

They're Medicinal Plants--or rather Toxic Plants that only grow in Monster Clusters.
The cure for epidemic requires a very tiny dose of it.

"As we'll have to pass by somewhere a bit dangerous, Akindo-san and you two should go back ahead of me, will you?"
"It's in a danger zone?"
"Yes, you have to traverse through a zone where the Domain Lord wanders around."
"Are you going to be all right, Talbec-san?"
"I am, don't worry."

--Running away from it that is.

The dream is to defeat this Domain Lord and gains ownership of the Source it rules over, but it's a mighty monster far beyond the reach of my current power.
Heroes and Founder King would have made a quick work out of it, but even an elaborate plan would fail me against that.

"I should get back in around an hour. If you don't see me back even after that long, please tell elder that there's an incident in the forest."
"Understood. Do keep yourself safe."

Akindo-san and the kids saw me off heading toward my destination.

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"--Kuh, ■...■ Clay Wall."

A yellow ball destroyed the Clay Wall I created.
Looks like a quickly cast elementary class magic can't defend against this thing's attacks.

I threw a smoke ball from my pocket and ran past at full speed.


An ear-piercing shriek cleared away the smoke.

A spider monster showed up.

The one who rules over this domain <<Ruin King Spider>>.
I've got the worst luck to encounter this thing right after stepping inside the Monster Cluster.

I don't have Appraisal Skill, but according to legends, this thing should be around level 40-50.
Shiga Eight Swords and the rumored Mythril-class adventurers should be able to repulse this thing, but not me in my wildest dream.

The best I could hope for is throwing a smoke ball and run as fast as I could.

I put my hand in my pocket as I ridiculed myself.

--It's not here.

I dug deeper inside my pocket and found a hole.


Looks like my last ray of hope, the smoke ball was dropped out of the hole.

"...I'm done for."

There's no way to escape this thing without smoke balls.

I have two choice here, sink or swim cast my most powerful magic, or give up and let myself be eaten.


Betting on living on, I start chanting magic while running.

I'm losing my breath.

No, gotta concentrate on continuing my spell.

I desperately piece together the spell even while stumbling on a root.

Just a bit more--.


A roar sounding close by.

I made it.

And the activation spell--.

--I turned around to aim and was presented with the gigantic head of the monster occupying my entire vision.

The venom dripping down its fangs look like a drool for its prey.

Death is coming fast at me.

Then I'll at least carve this magic I poured my life in on this monster!

"--Toss Beryl."

I recited the activation spell while a flood of emotions washed over.

An emerald colored crystal pillar growing below the monster's jaw pushed up the monster's head.


After a brief scream, the monster raised up its clawed forelegs high while scattering fluid everywhere.

This is it huh--.

I gave up and closed my eyes, as I waited for the roaring sounds of the down swinging claws--it stopped?

"Magic Edge Twin Fang (Vanquish Fang)~?"

An out of place voice of a kid could be heard as the monster spun around like a top, then I found something running up to it.

--A catkin?

Isn't that that Tama kid?

"Finishing move--Magic Blade Charge (Vorpal Lance) nanodesu!"

A ray of red light pierced through the monster's head.

It pierced through that sturdy head my beryl pillar only managed to strike.

As the light subsided, a dogkin kid holding up a magic sword--that kid, Pochi was it.

"Talbec-san, are you hurt anywhere?"

I turned around and found Akindo-san.


What is he doing here?

"The forest was rustling a bit, so."
"I, see..."

I almost blurted out, 'you're being reckless', but I could only swallow that word after witnessing the two kids completely demolishing the Domain Lord before my very eyes.
He's no reckless at all.

"You have my gratitude. It's the only reason I'm alive."
"I'm just glad to be of use. Talbec-san is vital to that village after all."

Akindo-san watched over the fight without mentioning how I am in his debt now.

"Evil slaying slash zazan nanodesu!"

The kids took a victory pose atop the dead monster body.

"Pochi, magic core~?"
"That's right nanodesu, Arisa said a hunt isn't over until you're done carving nodesu!"
"Spider's magic core is in the hehead~"
"Yes nanodesu!"

The two vanished into the head, then they got out dripping in fluid while holding up a giant magic core.

"Magic core nanodesu."
"Thank you, both of you."

Akindo-san cleaned up the two and the core with Life Magic.
It's the first time I saw him using Life Magic, quite the skill. Someone this good is employable by townlords and big name nobles for good money.

"Talbec-san, please accept this."

As I stared at the cleaned up magic core, Akindo-san presented it to me.

Were I looking that wanting?

"I cannot. That belongs to those kids' master, which is you."

I'm lying if I said every fiber of my being don't want it though.

"It's a prior investment. With the defeat of Source Lord, Talbec-san should be able to seize the Source and erect a [Tower of Mage] right?"

I affirmed Akindo-san.

That spider isn't the type that forms a group.
The Source should be an unruled zone right now.

"This magic core is an absolute necessity for erecting a Tower. Or have you gotten one already?"
"No, I haven't--I got it. I shall indulge in Akindo-san's kindness."

I shall accept this investment of his.

"Once I'm done erecting the Tower, I'll make any magic potions you wish, Akindo-san."
"Oh I wasn't planning to demand something overt. I merely wished to lend a hand to you, Talbec-san."

I exchanged a solid handshake with Akindo-san and received the magic core.

Even with all the pieces falling together like this, erecting a Tower in a Monster Domain was no simple feat, it took three years to build a tower that attracts people.

Meanwhile, the world underwent a drastic upheaval, and I only found out about it long after it was all over.

I am Talbec, a lord who rules over a Source, one of True Mages.

Now that I've attained unlimited mana beyond human's capacity, I spend my days as a guardian of this frontier land, protecting humans from the threat of monsters and epidemics.

"Sensei! You've got a guest."
"Thank you, Machi."

From now on, I will accept disciples and train the next generation.

"Hello there, Talbec-san."
"Welcome, Akindo-san."

So I could boast about it to my dear friend.




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Okami wa Nemuranai Gaiden Dream Showdown (End) Zack vs Aterna

"Good morning. Father."

"Hm? Where am I. What did I."

"This is the Garden of Gods. You are no longer among the living."

"Are you, Aterna?"

"Yes, it's me Aterna."

"When was the last time I saw you with such a ladylike getup, was it in childhood? Will you call me father once again?"

"Yes. After all, you are my father."

"Haha, I see. Then I suppose, the land of the death isn't so bad at all. I feel like I've slept for quite a long time."

"Yes. A period of 20 years has passed since the time of your death in the world below."

"20 years. A lot of things must have changed then."

"Yes. We have all the time in the world, I shall narrate everything that took place in the last 20 years."

"That would be nice."

"What do you want to hear about first? Riol-sama? Zaikaz Company? Or Kogurus?"

"Right, well. What's the story with Lecan these days?"

"Lecan-san? Fufu. I'm sure you'll be surprised once you heard what Lecan-san had been up to in the last 20 years."

"Hahaha. Really now. Can't wait to hear it then. No doubt in my mind that man would have lived one intriguing life."

"It'll be a long story. Err, I'll tell you the outline first. Did you know that Lecan-san is a <Descender>?"

"Yeah. I noticed early on."

"After father's passing, Lecan-san was sent back to his original world, subjugated a continent thrust in constant wars, and became a king."


"And this year, with the help of Mage Erushira-sama and her friends, he found his way back to this world again. Two of Lecan-san's children had gone to his world following him, but they got married and had children in that world and chose to remain there as they wanted to have adventures in the other world. Presently Lecan-san is training his children here for the sake of challenging the Ocean Dungeon again."

"Mage Erushira. You mean Erushira the Witch? But that's just a fairy tale."

"It is in fact not a fairy tale. Mage Erushira-sama is a real person who's alive even now. Then, let's start from there. When Lecan-san first arrived in Town of Vouka, through Chaney-san's referral, he met a certain apothecary. And then..."

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Victory to all the livings.




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Okami wa Nemuranai Gaiden Dream Showdown (5) Lecan vs Horus

"Old man!"


"Horus? And is that you, Yuna."

"Heck yeah I am."

"We've come to pick you up."

"Old man. Hurry! The <Black Hole>... Tch, no good eh. The thing's gotten smaller already. Old man. Send mother a sign. Anything that proves we met you."

Lecan took the <Rainbow Pebbles of Happiness> from <Storage> and threw it into the <Black Hole> up high in the ceiling above.

The <Black Hole> which had become quite small swallowed the pebbles and vanished right after as if it was waiting for it.

Everybody kept staring at the ceiling without a word for a while.

Lecan was the one who broke the silence.

"Where's the meat?"


"You brought Petitfire Dragon's meat with you, yeah?"

"Oy, old man. How the heck that's your first word for our reunion."

"I have it with me here, dad. Marquis of Yufu-sama had prepared a lot for you."

"Ooh, so he did. Nice."

"I'm telling ya, you gotta have something else to say, don't you."

"Meat first."

Lecan's defeat. As human.

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Shira "Look at you looking all melancholic."

Lecan "Shira huh. What do you need."

Shira "Well that's a greeting alright. I'll just make myself comfortable on this chair here. And here we go. Phew. You see, I sometimes fancy taking a stroll in the morning from a hideout of mine through Thousand Day Alley all the way to Apricot Pakus."

Lecan "What are you going on all of a sudden. Rather, where are those something alley or something Pakus even located."

Shira "And there's this steak specialty restaurant at one of those. I've never gone inside since it was always closed during that hour though."

Lecan "Hou."

Shira "I've been curious about this one dish on the menu, the Seaweed Tied Cut."

Lecan "Tell me more."

Shira "Sure thing. By the way Lecan. When Horus and Yuna came to get you over there, what did you think about your son and daughter after ten years not seeing them?"

Lecan "Why'd you ask that now."

Shira "Just tell me."

Lecan "Well. I thought Yuna's hair and visage look like Norma's. This daughter of mine is fully equipped with wisdom and courage, I thought."

Shira "Hee? And then?"

Lecan "The light in Horus's eyes, his build, and aura were exactly like mine in my youth. And his bright red hair must come from Eda. He's grown up with a straightforward nature, I thought when I saw his eyes. He knows how to make decisions when things go south as well."

Shira "Guessing you were quite surprised to see their incredible growth, weren't you?"

Lecan "Yea, I was."

Shira "It's okay."

Lecan "What is."

Shira "Those kids are doing just fine over there. It's the paths they've chosen themselves. They're giving their very best everyday in high spirit."

Lecan "I wonder."

Shira "Oh there's nothing to wonder. And nothing to worry about."

Lecan "Really."

Shira "I'm telling you it is, so of course it's true."

Lecan "Would be nice if true."

Shira "Oh dear."




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Okami wa Nemuranai Gaiden Dream Showdown (4) Jiza vs Termin

This was their conversation during Lecan's wedding ceremony.

"So y'see, Termin-chan. We've got a few unappraisable Grace Swords in Palcimo."


"Some magic swords we can activate but don't know how to control, some we downright have no clue how to even activate, there's around 20 of them. All of which were dropped on floors below 130 in Dungeon Palcimo. Would you take a quick trip to Palcimo and appraise them."

"I was just done with my long term six year stay at Tsubolt recently. It is not easy to leave the capital right now. I'll appraise them for you if you just bring 'em to the capital."

"Can't, they're not allowed to be taken out. You've got to go to Palcimo."

"Hmph. Planning to take a closer analysis of my <Appraisal>, are you."

"Hyo, hyo, hyo. But of course. Who wouldn't want to bear witness to an appraisal session of the most difficult swords to appraise by the one and only topmost sword appraiser in the kingdom. In exchange, you're free to watch our best appraisers in Palcimo working their magic. How about it?"


"For your info, us Magic Research Institute has these research results on the latest appraisal spells and the effects. Aren't you itching to see it?"


"Palcimo's also got hot springs."


"Also, just between you and me, we've got a few <Purification> users at Palcimo."


"I'll talk it over with the townlord so you can have a <Purification> cast once a day while you're staying. What do you think, Termin-chan."

"I'm going to Palcimo."

Victory to both.


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Okami wa Nemuranai Gaiden Dream Showdown (3) Yacklubend vs Lecan

"Kukeke. Kukeke. Finally, I finally did it. It's complete at last. I name you <My Very Own Lecan-niichan>. It looks perfectly like human outwardly. But the insides are that of the world's strongest killing machine. Since it's making use of Lecan-niichan's bodily parts <Kettle-kun> collected little by little, this thing is in a way Lecan-niichan himself. Kukeke, kuke. And he will follow my every orders down to the last bits. I can tell him to do this or that all I want. Kukeke, kukeke. Anti magic barrier on par with royal palace's, Great Flame Dragon-class physical resistance. And a destruction beam ray exactly like <Flame Spear>. Kuke. I'll take my time playing around with it tonight and then I'm gonna set him loose to wreak havoc in the capital. So fun~. It's all oh so fun~."

That was when the eyes of Goddess Raikores's statue in Yufu glowed.

"Huh? Why's there a Longarm Ape here? Eh? It turned into a Greatarm Ogre. And what's up with that gigantic size? Eh? Poisons and curses won't work? Blades don't work? It shrugged off my bombs? Magic don't work? Ah, ah, ah. Stop that! Don't you break all my maid puppets-chan! Stoppp!! Stop destroying my research facilities~~~!!!"

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Jericho's Victory

Lecan "What's the deal with that Yacklubend thing?"

Shira "Un. She was originally an upstanding and talented engineer as well as researcher who would come up with genius level ideas. But apparently she received an awful treatment in a big name noble house for an extended period of time. That must be what twisted her a bit. She was freed when this big noble house and Wapud Kingdom fell into ruin, but she ended up developing a particular weird habit, see."

Lecan "A weird habit?"

Shira "She's normally stable you see. Excluding some harmless pranks, she's normally a very serious individual who spares nothing for the betterment of society. But she would occasionally harbor an unquenchable thirst to create destruction and chaos."

Lecan "Yeah that doesn't sound good. You sure it's fine to leave such a dangerous thing in the capital?"

Shira "It can't be anywhere else but the capital."

Lecan "But why."

Shira "Yacklubend is the one who designed the general blueprint of that capital and even built the royal palace. She's attached to the place. And through a covenant, she can't leave the capital and is obliged to defend the capital as well as offering her service for the sake of this kingdom. Yacklubend is able to preserve her sanity precisely because the capital exists."

Lecan "I'm amazed you could enforce that covenant."

Shira "There was actually no enforcing involved. Yacklubend entered the covenant on her own volition. I did lend my power, but such a stringent covenant is impossible to establish unless the person involved is willing."

Lecan "How come she agreed to it."

Shira "It's because she's aware of the danger she possesses. At least during her sane period."

Lecan "During her sane period huh. Is she sane normally?"

Shira "Yes well, she was previously. But she's been mostly not sane these days."

Lecan "Oy."




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Okami wa Nemuranai Gaiden Dream Showdown (2) Lecan vs Arios

"Still, wonder where it's at."

"Yes? And you are referring to?"

"Nah, wasn't asking you Arios. Just wondering out loud where this one Grace Gear's at."

"Is it something important to you, Lecan-dono?"

"Nah, nothing like that. There's this seven special Grace Gear, I know where and what kind of Graces six of those have, but the last one's a mystery. I'd like to have a look at the thing."

"Have you been looking for it all this time?"

"No, not really. Rather, I dunno where to even begin."

"It almost sounds like trying to catch clouds, isn't it. Do you know the name at least?"

"Yea. <Necklace of Wind Princess>."

"Eh? We do have an object with that name in our village."


"A long time ago, it was given to our clan by a family that governed Tsubolt as a token of gratitude for a certain matter. Our clan treated it as a treasure since. A tradition where the bride of the village elder gets to wear the necklace in the wedding ceremony was established at the time."

"So it's on Ui now."

"Oh, no. It's being kept in our village's treasure vault."

"Have you tried appraising the thing."

"The appraisers at our village are incapable of the feat, even a famous appraiser at the capital we commissioned failed to appraise it. The family who gave the necklace to us also had no idea what kind of Grace it had or how to activate it. They only knew the name from being passed down."

"Please. Let me see it."

After many begging attempts from Lecan, Arios finally relented and showed the necklace to him.

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<Name: Necklace of Wind Princess>

<Type: Necklace>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Tsubolt Floor 150>

<Depth: 150>

<Grace: Silence>

※Silence: Upon activation, those within a 100 step range besides the wearer lose their ability to speak for a period of ten inner heart beats. Activation Spell is <Futsura An Pado>. This Grace can only be used once a day.>

"You really went and did it. What a surprise. And here I have sworn on never getting surprised by you again, Lecan-dono."

Lecan told Arios the result and got him to agree on testing the Grace Gear right there.

Indeed, he couldn't speak a word with it active. This pretty much seals away your opponents' magic, and voice-activated Grace Gear. And since you can't recite a spell with this active, other <Genesiac Grace Gear> won't activate either. Having the Gear with you when you're fighting another user of <Genesiac Grace Gear> will be a huge advantage.

Lecan invited Arios for a session of dungeon diving, but Arios declined and promptly took the necklace with him back to his village.

Arios' victory.

Futsura An Pado (All Words Cease to Exist).



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Okami wa Nemuranai Gaiden Dream Showdown (1) Lecan vs Boudo

"Lecan. I heard you've learned a new magic."

"Yea. And I shouldn't have done so."


"It's a frightening magic. Ain't one to use on people."

"You would go that far huh. Intriguing. Shoot this magic of yours at me."

"Not a good idea. You're gonna regret it."

"Curios and curioser. Go on and take your best shot."

"Fine, if you insist, I'll let you have a taste. Tremble in fear. Here goes. <Depilation (Kaedo)>!"

"Uwoooo! T-the hair on my head. Ununu. Curses! Curse youuuu!"

"Dinner's ready you two, enough playing around now."

Eda's victory.



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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.17


"I'm telling you to decide on your consort before the coronation ceremony."

"No. What's the point of coronation ceremony anyway. After all this time."

"Do you listen to the words coming out of your mouth?! It's the birth of the unification king on this continent for the first time in recorded history. We must hold the grandest ceremony attended by lords from all nations on this continent. The preparations take some time, thus the date has to be set on the second half of next year, but this coronation ceremony will definitely happen."

"You take the crown."

"Are you still going on with that."

Ten years ago, Lecan and Boudo descended in an unfamiliar land in their original world.

The area was undergoing a rebellion due to the tyranny perpetrated by the lord here. The two fell in the rebels' base.

Entreated by the young leader of the rebels, Faz, the two tilted the tide of the combat to their side in exchange for little reward. They freed Faz's captive lover, killed the lord and brought victory to the rebels.

The two were about to go on their way afterward, but then a neighboring lord saw this chance to send an army to invade the territory. Having no choice, the two helped to repulse this army. Then another lord tried to do the same, and then another, over and over again.

Refugees who got their farmlands and property seized would flock to them seeking protection. Faz granted these refugees food and places to live, relying on Lecan and Boudo's might. More and more people flooded in as the rumor spread.

Their birth continent was undergoing a chaotic era of strife. Disputes that either end in destroying or getting destroyed, abided or abiding like slaves would spontaneously break out all over the continent. Lecan and Boudo had been thrust in the middle of this vortex. Even Narum Kingdom had been split after the death of the king, with the lords going against each other's throat.

Faz who was nothing more than a peasant farmer possessed a talent in politics. His visage is refined as well, Lecan believes that he's probably an abandoned son of some noble. With the support of Faz's talent, Lecan who got set up as a lord before he knew it spent all his time fighting together with Boudo.

Boudo fully demonstrated his ingenuity as a commander. Leading farmers and workmen who were amateur in battlefield, he would lead knights, soldiers and mercenaries by their noses, entrap them and destroying their armies. Their enemies were equipped with powerful weapons, with mighty warriors and mages under them but Lecan and Boudo had weapons and equipment amassed from another world on them.

At first, Lecan's group had no money, and only got people who needed supports flocking. While their adversaries were affluent and hired mighty adventurers.

But Lecan and Boudo would also go on to find reliable allies in adventurers as they kept crushing prominent adventurers coming their way. These adventurers' reasoning was that they could always expect payment later and most importantly, working too hard for their clients would only end with them getting crushed by Lecan or Boudo.

As months and years passed by, Lecan found himself as the king of the continent's unified nation. It was done out necessity as a formality, but the fact that he was an adopted son of Narum King being found out didn't help.

Boudo had passed away during a battle. However he managed to lure a huge portion of the enemy's army and dealt a hugely devastating blow that opened the path to victory for Lecan during an important cross point.

Boudo left behind a wife and two children. They're under Lecan's protection.

"The war is over. I'm going back to wandering life. You be the king."

Prime Minister Faz got seriously angry to hear Lecan's excuse.

"Get with it already! The continent may be unified now, but there are a lot of uninhabited lands still! Not an insignificant number of people ran there. Bandits who won't submit to people laws are also proliferating in mountain depths, deserts, and forests. Also, there have been many outbreaks of magic beasts all over the places while humans were busy fighting with one another, we've seen a huge increase of areas humans cannot enter all over the continent. The battle from here on is vital for the sake of keeping our peaceful life."

"Fine, I'll fight, so you rule."

"That won't do! The name <Lecan the Liberator> is the hope and support to many people today. Lords everywhere submit to your might and fame, not to kingdoms or royalties. And most importantly, the mystique of being a Returnee from beyond <Black Hole> is simply overwhelming. None can take your place."

"So you're telling me to become the king and a general?"

"That's the issue. Your presence is necessary in many front lines still. But you are still a human, so dying isn't outside the realm of possibility. Those who have gathered under your flag, including influential lords everywhere even said that it's all over if you died. That's the unstable factor. Thus, we need your heir by any means necessary. You must pick a consort before the coronation ceremony at least."

"You've got three sons, yeah? You be the king."

"Have you been listening at all?! Nothing can proceed unless you're the king! Just get married and make a son already!"

"The only wives I have are Eda and Norma. I've got Horus, Klas and Ryudo as my sons."

"Fine then, get Prince Horus here stat!"

"That's impossible. If it were, I'd have gone th... Get away, Faz!"


"The ceiling! Something's... What? A <Black Hole>? On the ceiling? Hold on! Something... Something's coming!"

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Once Horus and Yuna got into the <Black Hole>, the hole immediately turned smaller before swiftly vanishing. Even then, Eda and Norma kept staring at where the <Black Hole> was for quite some time. Same with other people. Nike and Jiza have put away their wands.

Eventually Klas walked to a corner of the room to pick up something on the ground there and gave it to Norma.

"Mother. This object was thrown in."

A small object plunged out of the <Black Hole> right before it vanished. Eda noticed it but her mind was fully occupied with expectations of the possibility Lecan coming out of the <Black Hole>, she just didn't have the leeway.

Norma took and gazed at it.

Since Lecan's disappearance, Norma and Eda would often talk to each other about Lecan. Thus Norma immediately realized what the object was.

Norma handed it over to Eda.

Eda opened her eyes wide in surprise.

It was a bunch of pebbles.

Small pebbles with nothing remarkable to them at all.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white colored, they have their charm but they're ultimately pebbles you can find plenty on roadsides. No one would even pay for them.

And yet, to Eda, these are special pebbles.

They were passed down to her from her parents as a good luck charm, which she then gave to Lecan, <Rainbow Pebbles of Happiness> filled with wishes.

Eda wrapped those pebbles in both her palms.

Then she pushed her palms on her lips, knelt down and lowered her head down.

Tears streamed down her shut eyes, falling to the floor.


Her pose is not unlike a prayer.

([Wolves Don't Sleep] Fin.)

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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.16


"A <Black Hole> has manifested."

Rustle stirred as Klas said that.

Eda knows that even the seemingly calm Klas is awfully excited about it.

They are in the yard in front of Goncourt Mansion's annex building.

As the annex didn't have enough space to accommodate everybody present, they were waiting for this moment in the yard, sitting on chairs set up on the bank of the pond while chatting aimlessly.

A little while after Lecan's and Boudo's disappearance into a <Black Hole>, Eda wrote a letter to Rubianafale in Yufu to explain the situation.

Anxious of Lecan's safety, Rubianafale performed a fasting praying dedicated to her goddess, receiving an oracle on the fifth day.

<The gate to another world shall open once again in the same place in ten years. Those who share Lecan's blood may get to Lecan by passing through this gate.>

Inquiring gods never guarantees an oracle, and even when an oracle is granted, oftentimes the words contained are abstracts. Even Yufu's Raikores Head Temple had never witnessed such a concrete oracle before.

Norma and Eda would discuss with one another time and time again after receiving this oracle.

The best option would be going through the <Black Hole> and take Lecan back.

However, the oracle only says [Get to Lecan], and nothing about [Taking Lecan back]. It's also hard to believe that the <Black Hole> would remain open until they can get to Lecan and back.

The next best option would be having Norma, Eda and the children all go to where Lecan is.

However, there is no telling how many people can pass through a <Black Hole> and how long it will last. Besides, Norma and Eda don't [share Lecan's blood]. In other word, the two could end up in someplace else, or perhaps entirely different worlds even.

The debate continued on for several years before Eda's eldest son, Horus offered the answer.

"I'm gonna get in that <Black Hole> and bring old man back. And if that ain't possible, I'm gonna fight and help old man there."

Norma's eldest daughter, Yuna thus also spoke.

"I'm going to. I'll help dad and niisan with my <Purification>."

Horus's little sister, Laine, and little brother, Ryudo as well as Yuna's little brother, Klas said that they would remain in this world to support their mothers.

The next several years afterward were dedicated to training Horus and Yuna.

Horus was taught swordsmanship by Nike, aka Shira. Arios would occasionally drop by to help him train as well.

Jiza Morfes taught Horus <Flame Spear> and <Concentration>. Jiza often came by Goncourt Annex after learning <Exchange> magic from Nike.

Yuna was drilled apothecary wisdom from Norma and <Purification> technique from Eda. The <Thousand Shooter> Eda also personally coached her in archery. Nike taught her <Petrifaction>, <Detection>, and <Appraisal>.

Horus and Yuna learned the language of Lecan's world by studying under Wazrof scholars, allowing them to speak the language to a point. They have no idea where Lecan is, but from the past conversations with him, they believe he must have gone back to his world.

Once the preparations were done, they would take turn watching over this place.

Exactly ten years after that day, on month nine of kingdom year 139, today many deeply related people had gathered here.

And a <Black Hole> really did get manifested.

Horus is wearing the Overking Bear Overcoat on top of Great Flame Dragon armor. The size had been adjusted with shorter hems to fit him. Horus has an exceedingly large stature for a 19 year old young man, but Lecan-fitted size was still a bit too big for him. Jiza had enhanced two <Free Boxes> in the overcoat's side pockets.

Hanging on his waist is the <Comet Cutter> he inherited from Nike. He also got a masterpiece sword forged by the mastersmith Bargan. Bargan is the son of Agost, he had come to Vouka to deliver his life's magnum opus. Other items from Shira, Jiza and Wazrof had been stuffed inside as well.

He's got a <Necklace of Intuador> on his neck.

Yuna is wearing a hat and a mantle acquired from the depths of Dungeon Palcimo. With her trusty short wand she inherited from Nike, and <Bow of Yelvitz> Eda gave her inside a <Free Box> sewn on her clothes.

Of course she's got a <Necklace of Intuador> on her as well.

At this point of time, Horus is 19.

Yuna is 18.

Laine is 17.

Klas is 16.

And Ryudo is 15.

All five children who have forged themselves to carry the mission each of them bears are letting out a dazzling light of life.

Lecan disappeared from this world before deciding their family name, so Norma and Eda came up with Lecantia after a long discussion. It means <Those linked to Lecan>. All Lecan's descendants, even brides married off to other families are to name themselves Lecantia.

Besides Norma and Eda, Nike and Jiza are also here.

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Jericho, Yurika, Lagos.

The young master of Goncourt, Gaipus and butler Findin.

Knights dispatched from Yufu.

Wazrof knights. Chubby.

Vouka's townlord, Viscount Agito Ulban.

Zaidmahl Household Chief Knight, Ezak Torongilt.

And naturally, Chaney too.

Goncourt's family and employees are watching over too.

"Well then, let us proceed."

With what Eda said, Horus and Yuna went in the house followed by Eda and Norma. Afterward, Laine, Klas, Ryudo. After a pause, Nike, Jiza, then Jericho, Yurika and Lagos.

There is a big <Black Hole> opened in the room. Nike and Jiza drew their thin wands and pointed them at the hole. They must be trying to probe it.

Horus and Yuna link their hands.

"Alrighty, we're off."


"What's up, mom."

"Once you've met up with Lecan, do whatever needs to be done to notify me."

"'Course I will. And that ain't all. If I can't get old man back, I'm gonna find and marry a good woman out there. Then we're gonna make lotsa children. I'll send one of my children to mom and you guys here. They're gonna have your blood mom. I'm sure they're gonna find their way here. So just you wait."


Eda opened her eyes wide.

It was as if she saw Lecan himself standing before her for a moment there.

That's how much Horus has grown into a bold young man with the heart and body equipped to seek out and face off against the unknown.

It has been passed down.

The hot burning soul of Lecan that seeks powerful adversaries has been passed down to his children. Lecan's descendants will never lose the drive for adventures.

Indeed. Wolves don't sleep for all eternity.

As Eda harbored that thought in her heart, Norma saw a glimpse of the future where their children, Lecantia children would embark on journeys to many worlds. She believed they were witnessing the birth of a new legend.

Horus and Yuna said their brief farewell to everybody and jumped into the <Black Hole> with their hands joined.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.15


Kingdom year 123.

They spent the whole year diving in dungeons along with Julius.

Boudo got back on month two, thus Lecan, Boudo and Julius resumed their expedition of Dungeon Finkel. They arrived at the last floor in 50 days.

Afterward the three hunted Petitfire Dragon at Dungeon Rotor. Boudo went off on his own for another trip. Julius went home with the meat in tow.

On month five, Lecan got raided by Shantora Temple assassin priests at Vantaroy. The fourth time.

On month six, Lecan, Boudo and Julius headed for Dungeon Egis, starting their expedition on the 12th and conquering the dungeon on the 15th of month eight.

Lecan believed Dungeon Tsubolt would be fitting as Julius's final adventure for his training, and started their expedition on the 3rd of month nine. Julius had been to floor 120. They took 30 days to get Boudo to floor 120 where the real expedition begun for real. On the fifth of month one the year after, Julius defeated the dungeon boss.

The marquis family was awfully delighted to witness Julius's heroic deed. The present head, Giluent had actually requested Iris Clan to instruct his grandson and heir, Kadient, in swordsmanship and Julius was chosen for this duty. However, Julius would barely be 20 by kingdom year 124, thus there were dissenting voices. However, the act of defeating Dungeon Tsubolt boss by oneself has only been achieved twice since the kingdom's founding, with Lecan being the first. None could raise their objection anymore.

Dungeon Tsubolt would be dormant for 20 days, and they could have waited but opted to dissolve the party instead.

Afterward, Lecan stopped by Mashajain where Manfrey scolded him severely. Norma had delivered her second child on month ten last year. It's a boy. The name hasn't been decided yet since Lecan isn't around. Lecan rushed back to Vouka at super high speed where Eda, Jericho and Goncourt people scolded him severely before he named his son, Klas. It means [Wisdom], the name of an ancient sage in his world.

Month two of kingdom year 124, Boudo crushed Dungeon Tsubolt's boss.

On month four, Lecan hunted Dungeon Rotor's dragon on his own. Afterward, he got ambushed by Shantora Temple's assassin priests. The fifth time.

On the 12th of month five, Lecan and Boudo started their expedition of Dungeon Wado, and conquered it on the fourth of month six.

On month seven, Lecan went to ask Shantora Temple Archbishop about the constant attacks he endured, he was told that now that Lecan had overcome the five trials, he is now designated as the temple's guardian angel. Apparently Lecan has obtained God Shantora's divine protection. From here on, Lecan would be shadowed by Shantora Temple's priests. The assassin priests ambushed him in all kinds of ways thus it made for some good practices, but them shadowing around him was just irritating, Lecan would rather them attack him instead.

To distract himself from all this, Lecan went to challenge Dungeon Tsubolt alone, trained for a while on floor 140 before he re-challenged the Dungeon Boss and snatched victory. He got his hands on a <Void Cutter> here.

On month nine, Eda gave birth to her third child. It's a boy. Lecan named him Ryudo. Meaning [Guardian], the name of a legendary hero in his world.

The following month, Prado Goncourt passed away. He was 78. Norma became the family head of Goncourt, Findin became the family butler.

On month one of kingdom year 125, Kanner passed away as if following Prado. He was 81.

On the same year 125, Lecan and Boudo departed for Ocean Dungeon. From Smarc to Gridge Island, it takes two days during a good season. They started their expedition on the 7th of month three and arrived at floor 100 in 12 days. As they couldn't proceed further without diving in the water from then on, Lecan suspended their expedition for the time being since he had an idea.

Lecan left Boudo at Smarc by himself and went to hunt dragon in Dungeon Rotor. Then he visited Marquis of Yufu and asked for a <Charm of Hippodora> in exchange for the dragon meat. The charm is a Grace Gear that allows its wearer to breathe underwater. He got one when he defeated the Three Giants of Dungeon Yufu back then and found out that the marquis also had several of the same items. Marquis of Yufu laughed as he gave Lecan a <Charm of Hippodora>. He took half of the dragon's meat and returned the rest to Lecan.

Lecan rejoined Boudo and resumed their expedition of Ocean Dungeon. They arrived on floor 180 in three months.

Lecan noticed how he could move around easier underwater. It must be god Shantora's protection thingy.

All items obtained from expeditions by <Willard> besides those they use for themselves have always been sold to Chaney, and items obtained from below floor 100 in Ocean Dungeon were all novel, unattainable anywhere else, thus Chaney Company grew even bigger. However, despite many invitations, Chaney refused to open a branch store in the capital. Instead, he would devote his power into assisting smaller business in Vouka and the vicinity. He invested on Vouka's public utilities without reserve. Chaney believes that if he helped Vouka prosper and build good relationship with other merchants, his company would stay firm forever even after his passing.

At this point of time, Lecan would leave the gathering of Stamina and Mana Restoratives' raw materials to Eda and Jericho.

Month four of this year, Zack Zaikaz passed away. He was 89.

On month seven, Norma finished writing the final volume of [Sasfrey's Medical Herb Study Set]. From then on, Norma would accept students who wish to study medical herbs.

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Month eight, a huge outbreak of magic beasts occurred to the north of Egis. Many villages got destroyed, Marquis of Egis dispatched his knights and adventurers to deal with the outbreak, but there was too many magic beasts including some large dragons like Fraughthowl Dragons, and Savagesphere Dragons, thus the vanquishing team found themselves in crisis.

Marquis of Egis begged Marquis of Tranche for help who then dispatched their knights as well as requested Marquis of Mashajain for adventurer Lecan's deployment.

Manfrey sent his messenger to Vouka, and then Lecan, Boudo, and Eda rushed to Egis.

<Willard>'s performance was overwhelming.

Lecan's scouting capability, mobility, breakthrough power as well as near limitless high powered magic attacks.

Boudo's relentlessness and pure destructive power.

Eda's remote <Purification> barrage and inexhaustible volleys of magic arrows.

And the unusual tactic of quickly mowing down the larger beasts, so the knights and adventurers could drive the scattered magic beasts to hillside where they were eliminated.

Through this achievement as well as the conquest of seven Grand Dungeons of Tsubolt, Palcimo, Yufu, Finkel, Egis, Wado, and Daina, also with the current expedition of Ocean Dungeon, the name <Willard> spread to the whole kingdom as a legendary magic beast slaying party.

Speaking of, after this matter, <Willard> was appointed as a magic beast slayer party of Special Class Adventurers in Vouka.

Also, a <Mirror of Nata> was set up in Vouka through a backdoor. They were instructed to give reports if there were any incidents in the north.

It was month ten.

Today, Eda had gone out to help with treatment at Ceres Temple, while Norma was lecturing her students. Boudo got a house built for him in Goncourt's yard, but he had gone out somewhere today.

Lecan was just done carrying his children to bed after playing with them to exhaustion, sipping on tea Nike prepared.

Ever since Lecan had children, Nike would often drop by Goncourt Mansion. Previously this Nike form was her true body, while the old woman form was a disguise, but it's the opposite now.

Eda's eldest son, Horus is five, Norma's eldest daughter Yuna is four, Eda's eldest daughter Laine is three, Norma's eldest son Klas is three while Eda's second son Ryudo is one. With all five together, it was unbelievably noisy. But Lecan found it fun now.

"Even someone who hates children like you changed when they changed eh."

"Sure am."

"Are you, happy right now?"

"Hm? Yeah. I am. I'm happy."

Sounds of firewood cracking echoed from the fireplace.

A quiet time swept by.


"What's it."

"You were partial to Eda from the beginning."

"What's this about all of a sudden."

"You're an awfully careful individual. Fearing humans, you live secluded from the world. You limit your associations with other people, and only interact at surface level even to the few you do. Your numerous hideouts are your emergency escape routes as well as your way to avoid connecting deeper with people, so I think. You're very caring to those you trust, but only very select few got to that point. You loathe to mingle with people to the point of cowardice. And yet, you treated Eda specially from the very beginning. Why is that."

Shira would accept everything about Eda. She would forgive her mistakes, and gently reprimand her toward correct directions. Lecan always thought that she was spoiling her too much.

Shira spoke up after a while.

"Lecan. Did you know. Your nature is that of kindness."

"That's not true."

"Nope it's the truth because I'm telling you so. And besides, you always believe in justice at the end of the day."

"There is no justice in this world."

"Those who seriously utter those words are the exact same people who wish for justice in this world. You're also extraordinarily strong, and negative."


"A personality that sees everything from the negative side. Then you'd go, 'see I told you it's not so bad'. Right, simply put, your nature is someone who keeps saying he hates dark places yet can't calm down when there's no shades."

He could somewhat get where she's coming from.

"Still seriously believing justice and righteousness at your age means that you are pure. A pessimist yet pure with extraordinary strength. These kinds of individuals, y'see, would often rush headlong into ruin."

"Ruin, huh."

"Yup. I would hate to see the last pupil I got to find himself in ruin, so I had been trying to come up with ways to avoid it. That's when Eda-chan came into the picture."


"Eda-chan is simply a bundle of positivity. So I thought, this is it."

"Hold it. It hadn't even been a month since I became your pupil when Eda came. Are you telling me you already saw me as this person rushing to ruin thing, and was already trying to find ways to help?"

"I sure did."

"No way. That's too quick."

"How many years have I been doing this human thing, d'you think?"

"300 plus years old ain't no human."

"Oh shush. At any rate, with Eda by your side, your ruin won't come. Thus I believed."

Lecan would have never expected this answer. To think it was for his sake.

"Strong negativity and strong positivity attract one another after all. I just knew things would go well if you two got together."

"Were you planning to get me and Eda married."

"No, I didn't think that far ahead. Even just being your partner would have been good. Though I wasn't exactly surprised when it ended up in marriage."

Afterward, Shira sighed out.

"Still, it's so peaceful."

"What's bad about peace."

"I'm not saying that it's bad. I don't get how Earth Dragon Toron got defeated by you."

"And I don't get what's you're going on about."

"Just me talking to myself. Forget about it."

Kingdom year 126 month two, Lecan and Boudo resumed their Ocean Dungeon expedition, and arrived at floor 285 in four month time.

On month nine the same year, apothecary Cawin came to Vouka and conveyed the password [By the name Kasa Sura]. Lecan taught Cawin the special ways to make Stamina and Mana Restoratives in two months.

Kingdom year 127, they resumed Ocean Dungeon expedition, and arrived at floor 367 in four months.

Kingdom year 128, they resumed Ocean Dungeon expedition, and arrived at floor 435 in four months.

Kingdom year 129, they resumed Ocean Dungeon expedition, and arrived at floor 496 in five months.

Month nine of the same year.

Lecan and Boudo were relaxing in the living room while the children were asleep.

When Eda and Norma entered the room with liquor and snacks on trays, Lecan and Boudo were nowhere to be found.

In fact, there was nothing at all in the middle of the room.

The sofa where they sat, and the table, were all gone.

There was a black mist-like thing on the floor, swirling like a vortex.

Looking closer showed that there was a hole opened in the middle of this black mist.

A terrifyingly deep hole enshrouded in darkness.

The black mist grew smaller as it swirled.

Then eventually it disappeared.

Leaving the original floor where it was.

No one could find the two no matter where they looked.

They had been sucked into a <Black Hole> that abruptly manifested.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.14


On the 18th of month seven kingdom year 120, Gaskoel Zaidmahl of Zaidmahl household tied the knot with Lady Shusana of Viscount Vouka in a wedding ceremony. Lecan offered a huge portion of his Petitfire Dragon's meat to commemorate the occasion.

He ran out of dragon meat as a result hence he went to Rotor afterward. He arrived on the 40th of month seven. The dungeon was dormant. He paid the townlord a visit and found out it was the handiwork of Yufu Dungeon Knights.

Lecan went back to Rotor on the 40th of month eight to hunt the Petitfire Dragon.

The following month, he visited Mashajain and inquired Manfrey how was the situation with Wazrof. Looks like they've gotten quite a lot more connections. As do trade partners. There were lords that necessitate careful considerations to deal with or lords that must be investigated first before they could proceed. Manfrey complained how they had been hiring more covert operatives as of late, but none was of an unusual talent, so Lecan introduced him to Chubby who shrewdly showed up out of nowhere. Chubby also told Lecan how he was actually the street performer who was throwing balls during Lecan's wedding. Lecan replied, 'Oh so you were'. He actually noticed and just ignored him.

In the same month nine of kingdom year 120, Yacklubend contacted Lecan through Shira, informing him of the completion of Overking Bear Overcoat, thus he went to fetch it. Yacklubend begged him for magic stones from his old world, so he gave two. He also handed over other items from his world as thanks for <Kettle-kun>. Eda put the Overking Bear Overcoat somewhere away out of nostalgia.

Month ten of kingdom year 120, Head of Zaidmahl, Zanjikael gave Chicory village territory to his chief knight Ezak, establishing House of Torongilt. Ezak was also appointed as the magistrate of Shoa town, Gaskol village and Boyd village.

It was kingdom year 121. From this year on, Palcimo-made <Free Boxes> became a commodity sold in the capital. They were hundredfold more expensive than ordinary <Boxes> yet capital nobles would scramble to buy them up. Overcoat and coat-type <Free Boxes> were especially popular.

Month ten of kingdom year 122, [Sasfrey Medical Herb Study Set] began publication. Book one to three were published for starter, donated to apothecaries in many regions under Skalabel's name.

Month two the same year, Lecan came under attack of assassin priests of Shantora Temple in Vantaroy town.

On the 23th of month three the same year, Norma delivered her first child. It's a girl. Lecan named her Yuna. It has the meaning, [Healing], the name of a legendary ancient apothecary.

Month four the same year, Ezak dismissed and banished the village head of Chicory. This village head assumed the position a few years ago after his father died, he was a greedy incompetent individual found guilty of many wrongdoings. Ezak heard from Lecan about how the man tried to mess with Eda, and thus he immediately performed an investigation when he became a lord.

Month five in the same year, Skalabel passed away after a short period of illness. <Purification> wouldn't work in the end, and even a <God Cure> given by the king only managed to prolong his life by a bit. He had book one to book three of [Sasfrey Medical Herb Study Set] on his bedside. He had the look of satisfaction on his face. No one knows his exact age, but later on Amamir mentioned to Lecan how he was likely 111 years old then.

Lecan was hunting Petitfire Dragon of Dungeon Rotor during this time.

He went to hunt once again the next month.

Afterward, 50 knights of Yufu Dungeon Knights arrived to find the dungeon dormant, thus they waited till it  awoken. Dungeon Rotor is dormant for 40 days.

On month seven, the moment the dungeon was awake, Lecan hunted the dragon before Yufu Dungeon Knights managed to.

Duo Bahn went to find Lecan and pressed for answers. Duo got mad during their talk and declared that he would permanently station some members of Yufu Dungeon Knights in rotor to keep hunting the dragon.

As declared, the knights went and hunted the dragon on month eight.

People began to call Dungeon Rotor as [Unwaking Dungeon].

Rotor townlord was at his wit's end when he came to Wazrof Household to beg for help in tears. Through Manfrey's mediation, Lecan and Yufu Dungeon Knights were allotted two chances each per year to hunt Petitfire Dragons, Lecan vowed not to hunt the dragon on month five and six.

This incident became known as [Dragon Meat War] without impetus among people.

Lecan dropped by Vantaroy to give Chaney some dragon meat. He heard about the trade situation with Toron swords and spears at this time. Objects made from Toron thorns brought from Zaidmahl can only be bought by the royal family or those with permits given by royal family, and now there have been an influx of nobles with this permits asking Chaney to create swords or spears from Toron thorns they brought themselves. Also Chaney is being watched by several spies as of late.

After this, Lecan came under attack by Shantora Temple's assassin priests in Vantaroy town. This was the second time.

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Lecan went back to Mashajain and asked Manfrey about Toron's thorns.

"After the successful subdue of Toron by Founder King, he conferred Toron's eyes, fangs, hearts, entrails, bones, leathers and such, essentially valuable parts, to lords with great achievements, our house included naturally. For all other subjects, Toron thorns were given. Thus, you would find many nobles who possess Toron thorns in this kingdom. However, as those were impossible to process despite its hardness, no one was aware of its magic erasure property hence they were thought as nothing more than mementos. Even the Prime Minister Office is surely eager to find out how Chaney managed to process those thorns. And as it's not something that can be kept secret forever, he should use this chance to earn as much as possible."

The one processing them is Shira. Lecan has no idea how they send and receive them back, no way the could easily find Shira out and even if they somehow did, mimicking the process is unlikely feasible.

"Those guys might resort to violence with Chaney if they failed to steal the secret."

"No that won't be happening. The promotions of Zaidmahl Household and Ulbaln Household were done to curry your favor. Your fast friendship with Chaney has been made clear during your wedding. They shan't dare harm Chaney and make an enemy out of you."

On month ten of this year, Yacklubend Tomato succeeded at enhancing <Self Repair> using magic stones from this world. However, it can't be granted to Grace Gear, and its repair effect gradually diminish, thus it's not really that practical. However, this was the new beginning of some thing.

Month ten of this year, the king abdicated his throne.

Month one of kingdom year 122, the crown prince took up the throne.

Month two of that year, a letter addressed to Lecan from individuals who named themselves Skalabel's pupils arrived at Vouka, summoning Lecan to the capital. There were three of them. They were priests of noble lineage, using the password, [By the name Kasa Sura], they demanded Lecan to teach them the secret art. Secret art here refers to the special methods of making mana and stamina restoratives. At one time, Lecan had promised Skalabel he would teach the secret art to the person who conveys him the password.

Lecan bought time by instructing them to prepare the required equipment and such. He thought teaching three instead of one was not what he promised to Skalabel. How they summoned Lecan instead of going to him themselves wasn't like Skalabel either.

He paid Skalabel mansion a visit and met Cawin whom he divulged about the matter. According to Cawin, he was the person Skalabel told the password to. But as he had not yet attained the simultaneous magic casting requirement per Skalabel's instruction, he was still in the middle of training and only planned to visit Lecan after he succeeded.

Lecan went to see Amamir, but he wasn't privy of the detail.

Lecan then borrowed Chubby from Manfrey to conduct a thorough investigation, collected evidence and denounced the three noble priests. Marlia savagely offered her cooperation. The three noble priests lost their priestly positions, got disinherited by their families and were banished from the capital. Apothecaries under Capital's Raikores Temple were also active behind the scene.

During this time, Lecan noticed unfamiliar magic stones among his possession while he was sorting them in the capital. It was a magic stone given by Dolos Shepter. Through this magic stone, Lecan met Dolos once again. At this time, Capital Magic Association and Royal Magic Association was having a clash, and by some twist of fate Lecan ended up being a representative of the Capital Magic Association to enter a tournament held in the royal palace. He broke down Yacklubend's prided barrier in the finale and became known as [Lecan the Destroyer].

Month four, Lecan went to Rotor and hunted the Petitfire Dragon. It took three days to process the meat. He stayed at Earl of Rotor mansion all while, for once. According to Earl of Rotor, the meat had become a hot topic among lords following <Dragon Meat War> and five lords even dispatched their knights to obtain this famously tasty meat, but none managed to arrive at floor 50. Some lords even hired adventurers for it, but none succeeded. Lecan hadn't been sharing dragon meat to Rotor townlord lately, he begged Lecan to let him buy a bit. Apparently there had been inquiries from many parties including the royal family. Lecan gave him a tiny bundle of meat.

Afterward, Lecan went to Vantaroy and generously shared the dragon meat to Chaney. He asked, 'You still haven't retired huh', Chaney replied, 'It's all thanks to you.'

He got attacked by Shantora Temple assassin priests at Vantaroy. The third time.

Lecan went back to Vouka, Boudo also arrived right after. He had just conquered a 23 floor long mid level dungeon.

Julius also came. With news about Arios and Ui who just had a baby girl.

Julius was to train under Lecan for the next full year. Afterward, he had to accomplish another mission.

The three went to Dungeon Finkel. They got to floor 140 in 70 days, after which Lecan and Julius went back to Vouka. Boudo casually went on his merry way.

Jericho and Yurika had a child on month eight this year. It's a boy. They asked Eda to give him a name, Lagos.

Month nine, Eda gave birth to her second child. It's a girl. Lecan named her Laine. Meaning [Winged Apostle], or [Bringer of Fortune], the name of a goddess envoy in his world.

As Goncourt yard became cramped, they erected a new building. Chaney Company was in charge of construction, but an elderly merchant called Pirariko would undertake supplying timber. Pirariko said that he is indebted to Lecan-sama, and would sell good wood for cheap. Norma asked Lecan who, and Lecan couldn't recall the name Pirariko.

Thus kingdom year 122 ended with joy abound.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.13


After the ceremony, Lecan, Norma and Eda went back to Vouka. Along with Jinga too of course. Apparently Rigan Notz entreated him in tears, 'The clean up is going to be hectic', and he shook it off.

Manfrey asked Norma to handle the gifts sorting, and Norma left it to Fujisur to deal with. Fujisur replied, 'Ma'am' with dead fish eyes. Norma told Fujisur that most gifts are to belong to Wazrof, while gifts that must be given to Lecan are to be delivered to Vouka. Fujisur's eyes deadened further. Then Norma said she'd leave Findin with him for an entire month. Fujisur got revived.

Lecan also invited Boudo along, but since he was about to grasp enough of the language to hold a daily conversation in a bit more, he opted to stay at Wazrof.

Yacklubend has sent a wedding gift to Wazrof.

The name's <Kettle-kun>.

It's a round magic tool the size of a child's head, putting it in a bathtub and reciting <Kettle, Start> will heat up the water inside.

<Kettle, Stop> turns the temperature back.

At first Lecan thought, 'What an annoying little trinket', but he soon found himself unable to get by without this trinket.

Whenever he's at Goncourt, the maids would bring in heated water if he's gonna take a bath. Lecan isn't allowed to do it himself. But since there's a well, he can freely take a bath even in the middle of the night thanks to <Kettle-kun>.

There's simply nothing handier.

Lecan, Norma and Eda paid a visit to Norma's parents' graves located in the garden of her clinic.

As a matter of fact, their graves are also put in Wazrof Mausoleum, but these graves erected by Jinga are the real ones to Norma.

On the 28th of month six, [Dialogue with Medicine God] was presented to the king. Another copy was also presented to Mashajain. The royal family would go on to lend this book to many lords, temples and prominent apothecaries.

Transcriber Rakrus who had gone back to the capital once has also come back to Vouka to resume his work on [Medical Herb Study Set].

Lecan went to Riplin.

He then gave Solid Sacred Silver ores to Agost's son. The remaining half of the ores he got in Dungeon Yufu. This was always the plan.

At first Agost's wife wouldn't accept the ores. Saying she's got no money. Thus Lecan explained.

"Sell the ores you don't use. Live, train, and buy everything you need with that money and then forge a sword even better than <Sword of Rusk> someday. My son will wield it."

Lecan has no son. Nor has he any plan to have one. It was just a means to get them accept the ores. But after those words came out of his mouth, Lecan began to wonder what would it be like if he had a son.

(Gonna teach him swords.)



(And bring him into dungeons.)

(Might be fun.)

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He dropped by Mashajain on his way back from Riplin. Boudo paused his language study for the time being, planning to continue it if the chance arose in the future.

Lecan and Boudo went to challenge Dungeon Daina. Even the previous beastmen attempt failed to reach the final floor.

The dungeon was an awfully peculiar one, but the two managed to brute force their way down. But then a giant physical-type Carrion King spawned on floor 90, it was quite tough, kept regenerating itself and just when they finally managed to defeat it after a long struggle, another one spawned right away. In reality, making someone with low combat ability fight and proceed ahead on this floor would spawn weak Carrion Kings, but since they had no clue about this trait, they decided to go back to Vouka and bring Eda here.

Then, since Julius was also there, they took him along in the dungeon conquest. Since Eda and Julius never set foot inside before they had to restart from floor 1, yet they succeeded conquering the last floor in 30 days and went back to Vouka. It was on the second of month nine. Julius went his separate way back to his village along the way.

On this year Kingdom Year 119 month eight, Zaidmahl Household was appointed as Townlord of Jio, and be given one new town and three villages. They were originally a small-time lord who only had four small villages under them without a territory name thus only know as Zaidmahl, but from now on they would be known as Jio territory. Jio is the village where Zaidmahl Household resides. Normally, they should have adopted the name of a city in the territory but since Shoa town is a far cry from being called a city, this arrangement was made instead. Shoa town as well as Gasko village, Chicory village and Boyd village were all included in the new territory.

The pretexts for this new addition is due to them being a [Patron of Adventurer Lecan who contributed in Beastmen War] and [Discovery of new resources that would help toward the kingdom's prosperity].

Up until now, there were several mountains that divide the new territory and other territories. Then more mountains in the area and villages. These places aren't included in Jio territory but as there are no other influential lords nearby, they are regarded as Zaidmahl's for all intents and purposes. It's the birth of a new great power in the northeastern frontier of the kingdom which was hitherto empty.

With this, the royal family then closed an exclusive contract with Chaney to sell swords and spears made from Toron thorns. Wazrof and Rainzats used many of them during Beastmen Wars, naturally the royal family figured out what they were.

By exclusive contract here, only royal family or a party the royal family approved can buy the weapons. Chaney still decides the selling prices, and the royal family would subsidize every weapon sold. Chaney agreed to this contract only after he informed Wazrof and consulted to Shira.

At the same time, Vouka was promoted into a viscount territory. Vouka already had the economic power of a viscountcy by this point, and also the fastest developing city in the northern half of the kingdom. The achievement of being a [Patron of adventurer Lecan who contributed to Beastmen War's victory] also helped the promotion.

Lecan's group was back at Vouka on the second of month nine, they took a break for a few days before going to leave for Dungeon Tsubolt to conquer it, with Eda and Boudo. But then they found out about Eda's pregnancy. Nevertheless Lecan was going to keep taking Eda along, so Norma and Jericho got indignant and scolded Lecan hard.

On the same month nine, Lady Rubianafale delivered her healthy first child. They named the child Gidoruglein.

Lecan and Boudo went together to Dungeon Rotor and hunted a Petitfire Dragon. Afterward they visited Mashajain. Boudo chose to stay at Wazrof for the time being, thus Lecan went back to Vouka alone.

On the 32nd of month ten this year, the prime minister Orbanus Rainzats resigned. His aide, Yeteria Wazbon assumed the vacant position.

On the 20th of month two Kingdom Year 120, Lecan and Boudo challenged the Dungeon of Carrion King. From floor 1 to 9, there were double the enemies spawned compared to when he first challenged the dungeon on his own, but Lecan brute forced his way with excess firepower. Boudo took on the last floor by himself. Sure enough, Carrion King could only resort to petty tricks, and since it couldn't absorb mana, it quickly run out of mana and could no longer warp around. Boudo destroyed the Carrion King in one blow. A God Cure got dropped.

As it turned out, this dungeon would go out of its dormant period in just a day. They conquered it again the day after and got another God Cure.

The two stayed here for 120 days, and split the hundred God Cures among themselves.

Boudo split up here. Being a trip lover, he often went off on his own during their time in their world whenever they had a no dungeon downtime.

On the sixth of month three, Yufu Dungeon Knights finished their expedition early this year and went back to Yufonia. They brought back Petitfire Dragon's meat as decreed by the marquis but it didn't taste good despite the cooking method. There were other nearby dungeons and locations where Petitfire Dragons live. Marquis of Yufu obtained a few sample of the dragon's meat. All of which was edible, but none could compare to Rotor's dragon meat. And thus the marquis realized that it's not Petitfire Dragon meat that's good, it's Rotor-born Petitfire Dragon meat.

On the 30th of month five, Lecan arrived at Mashajain. There was a letter from Norma for him. Eda is nearing the end of her pregnancy, and he is to come back now. Lecan ran back to Vouka.

Before this, on month four, Viscount Sariel Gossen succeeded his father as Viscount of Sopdemoa and took Heles as his wife.

On the 21st of month six, Eda delivered their first child. It's a boy. Lecan named him Horus. Which means [Hope] in his original world's language. It's the name of an ancient king who brought about lights into a world of darkness.

On the last day of month six, 100 Yufu Dungeon Knights visited Rotor, greeted and gave their present to Earl of Rotor before diving into the dungeon. They conquered the dungeon in 35 days and gave all loot besides Petitfire Dragon's meat to Earl of Rotor free of charge and set out back home.





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