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Okami wa Nemuranai Gaiden Dream Showdown (2) Lecan vs Arios

"Still, wonder where it's at."

"Yes? And you are referring to?"

"Nah, wasn't asking you Arios. Just wondering out loud where this one Grace Gear's at."

"Is it something important to you, Lecan-dono?"

"Nah, nothing like that. There's this seven special Grace Gear, I know where and what kind of Graces six of those have, but the last one's a mystery. I'd like to have a look at the thing."

"Have you been looking for it all this time?"

"No, not really. Rather, I dunno where to even begin."

"It almost sounds like trying to catch clouds, isn't it. Do you know the name at least?"

"Yea. <Necklace of Wind Princess>."

"Eh? We do have an object with that name in our village."


"A long time ago, it was given to our clan by a family that governed Tsubolt as a token of gratitude for a certain matter. Our clan treated it as a treasure since. A tradition where the bride of the village elder gets to wear the necklace in the wedding ceremony was established at the time."

"So it's on Ui now."

"Oh, no. It's being kept in our village's treasure vault."

"Have you tried appraising the thing."

"The appraisers at our village are incapable of the feat, even a famous appraiser at the capital we commissioned failed to appraise it. The family who gave the necklace to us also had no idea what kind of Grace it had or how to activate it. They only knew the name from being passed down."

"Please. Let me see it."

After many begging attempts from Lecan, Arios finally relented and showed the necklace to him.

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<Name: Necklace of Wind Princess>

<Type: Necklace>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Tsubolt Floor 150>

<Depth: 150>

<Grace: Silence>

※Silence: Upon activation, those within a 100 step range besides the wearer lose their ability to speak for a period of ten inner heart beats. Activation Spell is <Futsura An Pado>. This Grace can only be used once a day.>

"You really went and did it. What a surprise. And here I have sworn on never getting surprised by you again, Lecan-dono."

Lecan told Arios the result and got him to agree on testing the Grace Gear right there.

Indeed, he couldn't speak a word with it active. This pretty much seals away your opponents' magic, and voice-activated Grace Gear. And since you can't recite a spell with this active, other <Genesiac Grace Gear> won't activate either. Having the Gear with you when you're fighting another user of <Genesiac Grace Gear> will be a huge advantage.

Lecan invited Arios for a session of dungeon diving, but Arios declined and promptly took the necklace with him back to his village.

Arios' victory.

Futsura An Pado (All Words Cease to Exist).



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