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Okami wa Nemuranai Gaiden Dream Showdown (5) Lecan vs Horus

"Old man!"


"Horus? And is that you, Yuna."

"Heck yeah I am."

"We've come to pick you up."

"Old man. Hurry! The <Black Hole>... Tch, no good eh. The thing's gotten smaller already. Old man. Send mother a sign. Anything that proves we met you."

Lecan took the <Rainbow Pebbles of Happiness> from <Storage> and threw it into the <Black Hole> up high in the ceiling above.

The <Black Hole> which had become quite small swallowed the pebbles and vanished right after as if it was waiting for it.

Everybody kept staring at the ceiling without a word for a while.

Lecan was the one who broke the silence.

"Where's the meat?"


"You brought Petitfire Dragon's meat with you, yeah?"

"Oy, old man. How the heck that's your first word for our reunion."

"I have it with me here, dad. Marquis of Yufu-sama had prepared a lot for you."

"Ooh, so he did. Nice."

"I'm telling ya, you gotta have something else to say, don't you."

"Meat first."

Lecan's defeat. As human.

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Shira "Look at you looking all melancholic."

Lecan "Shira huh. What do you need."

Shira "Well that's a greeting alright. I'll just make myself comfortable on this chair here. And here we go. Phew. You see, I sometimes fancy taking a stroll in the morning from a hideout of mine through Thousand Day Alley all the way to Apricot Pakus."

Lecan "What are you going on all of a sudden. Rather, where are those something alley or something Pakus even located."

Shira "And there's this steak specialty restaurant at one of those. I've never gone inside since it was always closed during that hour though."

Lecan "Hou."

Shira "I've been curious about this one dish on the menu, the Seaweed Tied Cut."

Lecan "Tell me more."

Shira "Sure thing. By the way Lecan. When Horus and Yuna came to get you over there, what did you think about your son and daughter after ten years not seeing them?"

Lecan "Why'd you ask that now."

Shira "Just tell me."

Lecan "Well. I thought Yuna's hair and visage look like Norma's. This daughter of mine is fully equipped with wisdom and courage, I thought."

Shira "Hee? And then?"

Lecan "The light in Horus's eyes, his build, and aura were exactly like mine in my youth. And his bright red hair must come from Eda. He's grown up with a straightforward nature, I thought when I saw his eyes. He knows how to make decisions when things go south as well."

Shira "Guessing you were quite surprised to see their incredible growth, weren't you?"

Lecan "Yea, I was."

Shira "It's okay."

Lecan "What is."

Shira "Those kids are doing just fine over there. It's the paths they've chosen themselves. They're giving their very best everyday in high spirit."

Lecan "I wonder."

Shira "Oh there's nothing to wonder. And nothing to worry about."

Lecan "Really."

Shira "I'm telling you it is, so of course it's true."

Lecan "Would be nice if true."

Shira "Oh dear."




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