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Okami wa Nemuranai Gaiden Dream Showdown (3) Yacklubend vs Lecan

"Kukeke. Kukeke. Finally, I finally did it. It's complete at last. I name you <My Very Own Lecan-niichan>. It looks perfectly like human outwardly. But the insides are that of the world's strongest killing machine. Since it's making use of Lecan-niichan's bodily parts <Kettle-kun> collected little by little, this thing is in a way Lecan-niichan himself. Kukeke, kuke. And he will follow my every orders down to the last bits. I can tell him to do this or that all I want. Kukeke, kukeke. Anti magic barrier on par with royal palace's, Great Flame Dragon-class physical resistance. And a destruction beam ray exactly like <Flame Spear>. Kuke. I'll take my time playing around with it tonight and then I'm gonna set him loose to wreak havoc in the capital. So fun~. It's all oh so fun~."

That was when the eyes of Goddess Raikores's statue in Yufu glowed.

"Huh? Why's there a Longarm Ape here? Eh? It turned into a Greatarm Ogre. And what's up with that gigantic size? Eh? Poisons and curses won't work? Blades don't work? It shrugged off my bombs? Magic don't work? Ah, ah, ah. Stop that! Don't you break all my maid puppets-chan! Stoppp!! Stop destroying my research facilities~~~!!!"

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Jericho's Victory

Lecan "What's the deal with that Yacklubend thing?"

Shira "Un. She was originally an upstanding and talented engineer as well as researcher who would come up with genius level ideas. But apparently she received an awful treatment in a big name noble house for an extended period of time. That must be what twisted her a bit. She was freed when this big noble house and Wapud Kingdom fell into ruin, but she ended up developing a particular weird habit, see."

Lecan "A weird habit?"

Shira "She's normally stable you see. Excluding some harmless pranks, she's normally a very serious individual who spares nothing for the betterment of society. But she would occasionally harbor an unquenchable thirst to create destruction and chaos."

Lecan "Yeah that doesn't sound good. You sure it's fine to leave such a dangerous thing in the capital?"

Shira "It can't be anywhere else but the capital."

Lecan "But why."

Shira "Yacklubend is the one who designed the general blueprint of that capital and even built the royal palace. She's attached to the place. And through a covenant, she can't leave the capital and is obliged to defend the capital as well as offering her service for the sake of this kingdom. Yacklubend is able to preserve her sanity precisely because the capital exists."

Lecan "I'm amazed you could enforce that covenant."

Shira "There was actually no enforcing involved. Yacklubend entered the covenant on her own volition. I did lend my power, but such a stringent covenant is impossible to establish unless the person involved is willing."

Lecan "How come she agreed to it."

Shira "It's because she's aware of the danger she possesses. At least during her sane period."

Lecan "During her sane period huh. Is she sane normally?"

Shira "Yes well, she was previously. But she's been mostly not sane these days."

Lecan "Oy."




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