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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.16


"A <Black Hole> has manifested."

Rustle stirred as Klas said that.

Eda knows that even the seemingly calm Klas is awfully excited about it.

They are in the yard in front of Goncourt Mansion's annex building.

As the annex didn't have enough space to accommodate everybody present, they were waiting for this moment in the yard, sitting on chairs set up on the bank of the pond while chatting aimlessly.

A little while after Lecan's and Boudo's disappearance into a <Black Hole>, Eda wrote a letter to Rubianafale in Yufu to explain the situation.

Anxious of Lecan's safety, Rubianafale performed a fasting praying dedicated to her goddess, receiving an oracle on the fifth day.

<The gate to another world shall open once again in the same place in ten years. Those who share Lecan's blood may get to Lecan by passing through this gate.>

Inquiring gods never guarantees an oracle, and even when an oracle is granted, oftentimes the words contained are abstracts. Even Yufu's Raikores Head Temple had never witnessed such a concrete oracle before.

Norma and Eda would discuss with one another time and time again after receiving this oracle.

The best option would be going through the <Black Hole> and take Lecan back.

However, the oracle only says [Get to Lecan], and nothing about [Taking Lecan back]. It's also hard to believe that the <Black Hole> would remain open until they can get to Lecan and back.

The next best option would be having Norma, Eda and the children all go to where Lecan is.

However, there is no telling how many people can pass through a <Black Hole> and how long it will last. Besides, Norma and Eda don't [share Lecan's blood]. In other word, the two could end up in someplace else, or perhaps entirely different worlds even.

The debate continued on for several years before Eda's eldest son, Horus offered the answer.

"I'm gonna get in that <Black Hole> and bring old man back. And if that ain't possible, I'm gonna fight and help old man there."

Norma's eldest daughter, Yuna thus also spoke.

"I'm going to. I'll help dad and niisan with my <Purification>."

Horus's little sister, Laine, and little brother, Ryudo as well as Yuna's little brother, Klas said that they would remain in this world to support their mothers.

The next several years afterward were dedicated to training Horus and Yuna.

Horus was taught swordsmanship by Nike, aka Shira. Arios would occasionally drop by to help him train as well.

Jiza Morfes taught Horus <Flame Spear> and <Concentration>. Jiza often came by Goncourt Annex after learning <Exchange> magic from Nike.

Yuna was drilled apothecary wisdom from Norma and <Purification> technique from Eda. The <Thousand Shooter> Eda also personally coached her in archery. Nike taught her <Petrifaction>, <Detection>, and <Appraisal>.

Horus and Yuna learned the language of Lecan's world by studying under Wazrof scholars, allowing them to speak the language to a point. They have no idea where Lecan is, but from the past conversations with him, they believe he must have gone back to his world.

Once the preparations were done, they would take turn watching over this place.

Exactly ten years after that day, on month nine of kingdom year 139, today many deeply related people had gathered here.

And a <Black Hole> really did get manifested.

Horus is wearing the Overking Bear Overcoat on top of Great Flame Dragon armor. The size had been adjusted with shorter hems to fit him. Horus has an exceedingly large stature for a 19 year old young man, but Lecan-fitted size was still a bit too big for him. Jiza had enhanced two <Free Boxes> in the overcoat's side pockets.

Hanging on his waist is the <Comet Cutter> he inherited from Nike. He also got a masterpiece sword forged by the mastersmith Bargan. Bargan is the son of Agost, he had come to Vouka to deliver his life's magnum opus. Other items from Shira, Jiza and Wazrof had been stuffed inside as well.

He's got a <Necklace of Intuador> on his neck.

Yuna is wearing a hat and a mantle acquired from the depths of Dungeon Palcimo. With her trusty short wand she inherited from Nike, and <Bow of Yelvitz> Eda gave her inside a <Free Box> sewn on her clothes.

Of course she's got a <Necklace of Intuador> on her as well.

At this point of time, Horus is 19.

Yuna is 18.

Laine is 17.

Klas is 16.

And Ryudo is 15.

All five children who have forged themselves to carry the mission each of them bears are letting out a dazzling light of life.

Lecan disappeared from this world before deciding their family name, so Norma and Eda came up with Lecantia after a long discussion. It means <Those linked to Lecan>. All Lecan's descendants, even brides married off to other families are to name themselves Lecantia.

Besides Norma and Eda, Nike and Jiza are also here.

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Jericho, Yurika, Lagos.

The young master of Goncourt, Gaipus and butler Findin.

Knights dispatched from Yufu.

Wazrof knights. Chubby.

Vouka's townlord, Viscount Agito Ulban.

Zaidmahl Household Chief Knight, Ezak Torongilt.

And naturally, Chaney too.

Goncourt's family and employees are watching over too.

"Well then, let us proceed."

With what Eda said, Horus and Yuna went in the house followed by Eda and Norma. Afterward, Laine, Klas, Ryudo. After a pause, Nike, Jiza, then Jericho, Yurika and Lagos.

There is a big <Black Hole> opened in the room. Nike and Jiza drew their thin wands and pointed them at the hole. They must be trying to probe it.

Horus and Yuna link their hands.

"Alrighty, we're off."


"What's up, mom."

"Once you've met up with Lecan, do whatever needs to be done to notify me."

"'Course I will. And that ain't all. If I can't get old man back, I'm gonna find and marry a good woman out there. Then we're gonna make lotsa children. I'll send one of my children to mom and you guys here. They're gonna have your blood mom. I'm sure they're gonna find their way here. So just you wait."


Eda opened her eyes wide.

It was as if she saw Lecan himself standing before her for a moment there.

That's how much Horus has grown into a bold young man with the heart and body equipped to seek out and face off against the unknown.

It has been passed down.

The hot burning soul of Lecan that seeks powerful adversaries has been passed down to his children. Lecan's descendants will never lose the drive for adventures.

Indeed. Wolves don't sleep for all eternity.

As Eda harbored that thought in her heart, Norma saw a glimpse of the future where their children, Lecantia children would embark on journeys to many worlds. She believed they were witnessing the birth of a new legend.

Horus and Yuna said their brief farewell to everybody and jumped into the <Black Hole> with their hands joined.





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