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Okami wa Nemuranai Gaiden Dream Showdown (4) Jiza vs Termin

This was their conversation during Lecan's wedding ceremony.

"So y'see, Termin-chan. We've got a few unappraisable Grace Swords in Palcimo."


"Some magic swords we can activate but don't know how to control, some we downright have no clue how to even activate, there's around 20 of them. All of which were dropped on floors below 130 in Dungeon Palcimo. Would you take a quick trip to Palcimo and appraise them."

"I was just done with my long term six year stay at Tsubolt recently. It is not easy to leave the capital right now. I'll appraise them for you if you just bring 'em to the capital."

"Can't, they're not allowed to be taken out. You've got to go to Palcimo."

"Hmph. Planning to take a closer analysis of my <Appraisal>, are you."

"Hyo, hyo, hyo. But of course. Who wouldn't want to bear witness to an appraisal session of the most difficult swords to appraise by the one and only topmost sword appraiser in the kingdom. In exchange, you're free to watch our best appraisers in Palcimo working their magic. How about it?"


"For your info, us Magic Research Institute has these research results on the latest appraisal spells and the effects. Aren't you itching to see it?"


"Palcimo's also got hot springs."


"Also, just between you and me, we've got a few <Purification> users at Palcimo."


"I'll talk it over with the townlord so you can have a <Purification> cast once a day while you're staying. What do you think, Termin-chan."

"I'm going to Palcimo."

Victory to both.


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