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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.14


On the 18th of month seven kingdom year 120, Gaskoel Zaidmahl of Zaidmahl household tied the knot with Lady Shusana of Viscount Vouka in a wedding ceremony. Lecan offered a huge portion of his Petitfire Dragon's meat to commemorate the occasion.

He ran out of dragon meat as a result hence he went to Rotor afterward. He arrived on the 40th of month seven. The dungeon was dormant. He paid the townlord a visit and found out it was the handiwork of Yufu Dungeon Knights.

Lecan went back to Rotor on the 40th of month eight to hunt the Petitfire Dragon.

The following month, he visited Mashajain and inquired Manfrey how was the situation with Wazrof. Looks like they've gotten quite a lot more connections. As do trade partners. There were lords that necessitate careful considerations to deal with or lords that must be investigated first before they could proceed. Manfrey complained how they had been hiring more covert operatives as of late, but none was of an unusual talent, so Lecan introduced him to Chubby who shrewdly showed up out of nowhere. Chubby also told Lecan how he was actually the street performer who was throwing balls during Lecan's wedding. Lecan replied, 'Oh so you were'. He actually noticed and just ignored him.

In the same month nine of kingdom year 120, Yacklubend contacted Lecan through Shira, informing him of the completion of Overking Bear Overcoat, thus he went to fetch it. Yacklubend begged him for magic stones from his old world, so he gave two. He also handed over other items from his world as thanks for <Kettle-kun>. Eda put the Overking Bear Overcoat somewhere away out of nostalgia.

Month ten of kingdom year 120, Head of Zaidmahl, Zanjikael gave Chicory village territory to his chief knight Ezak, establishing House of Torongilt. Ezak was also appointed as the magistrate of Shoa town, Gaskol village and Boyd village.

It was kingdom year 121. From this year on, Palcimo-made <Free Boxes> became a commodity sold in the capital. They were hundredfold more expensive than ordinary <Boxes> yet capital nobles would scramble to buy them up. Overcoat and coat-type <Free Boxes> were especially popular.

Month ten of kingdom year 122, [Sasfrey Medical Herb Study Set] began publication. Book one to three were published for starter, donated to apothecaries in many regions under Skalabel's name.

Month two the same year, Lecan came under attack of assassin priests of Shantora Temple in Vantaroy town.

On the 23th of month three the same year, Norma delivered her first child. It's a girl. Lecan named her Yuna. It has the meaning, [Healing], the name of a legendary ancient apothecary.

Month four the same year, Ezak dismissed and banished the village head of Chicory. This village head assumed the position a few years ago after his father died, he was a greedy incompetent individual found guilty of many wrongdoings. Ezak heard from Lecan about how the man tried to mess with Eda, and thus he immediately performed an investigation when he became a lord.

Month five in the same year, Skalabel passed away after a short period of illness. <Purification> wouldn't work in the end, and even a <God Cure> given by the king only managed to prolong his life by a bit. He had book one to book three of [Sasfrey Medical Herb Study Set] on his bedside. He had the look of satisfaction on his face. No one knows his exact age, but later on Amamir mentioned to Lecan how he was likely 111 years old then.

Lecan was hunting Petitfire Dragon of Dungeon Rotor during this time.

He went to hunt once again the next month.

Afterward, 50 knights of Yufu Dungeon Knights arrived to find the dungeon dormant, thus they waited till it  awoken. Dungeon Rotor is dormant for 40 days.

On month seven, the moment the dungeon was awake, Lecan hunted the dragon before Yufu Dungeon Knights managed to.

Duo Bahn went to find Lecan and pressed for answers. Duo got mad during their talk and declared that he would permanently station some members of Yufu Dungeon Knights in rotor to keep hunting the dragon.

As declared, the knights went and hunted the dragon on month eight.

People began to call Dungeon Rotor as [Unwaking Dungeon].

Rotor townlord was at his wit's end when he came to Wazrof Household to beg for help in tears. Through Manfrey's mediation, Lecan and Yufu Dungeon Knights were allotted two chances each per year to hunt Petitfire Dragons, Lecan vowed not to hunt the dragon on month five and six.

This incident became known as [Dragon Meat War] without impetus among people.

Lecan dropped by Vantaroy to give Chaney some dragon meat. He heard about the trade situation with Toron swords and spears at this time. Objects made from Toron thorns brought from Zaidmahl can only be bought by the royal family or those with permits given by royal family, and now there have been an influx of nobles with this permits asking Chaney to create swords or spears from Toron thorns they brought themselves. Also Chaney is being watched by several spies as of late.

After this, Lecan came under attack by Shantora Temple's assassin priests in Vantaroy town. This was the second time.

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Lecan went back to Mashajain and asked Manfrey about Toron's thorns.

"After the successful subdue of Toron by Founder King, he conferred Toron's eyes, fangs, hearts, entrails, bones, leathers and such, essentially valuable parts, to lords with great achievements, our house included naturally. For all other subjects, Toron thorns were given. Thus, you would find many nobles who possess Toron thorns in this kingdom. However, as those were impossible to process despite its hardness, no one was aware of its magic erasure property hence they were thought as nothing more than mementos. Even the Prime Minister Office is surely eager to find out how Chaney managed to process those thorns. And as it's not something that can be kept secret forever, he should use this chance to earn as much as possible."

The one processing them is Shira. Lecan has no idea how they send and receive them back, no way the could easily find Shira out and even if they somehow did, mimicking the process is unlikely feasible.

"Those guys might resort to violence with Chaney if they failed to steal the secret."

"No that won't be happening. The promotions of Zaidmahl Household and Ulbaln Household were done to curry your favor. Your fast friendship with Chaney has been made clear during your wedding. They shan't dare harm Chaney and make an enemy out of you."

On month ten of this year, Yacklubend Tomato succeeded at enhancing <Self Repair> using magic stones from this world. However, it can't be granted to Grace Gear, and its repair effect gradually diminish, thus it's not really that practical. However, this was the new beginning of some thing.

Month ten of this year, the king abdicated his throne.

Month one of kingdom year 122, the crown prince took up the throne.

Month two of that year, a letter addressed to Lecan from individuals who named themselves Skalabel's pupils arrived at Vouka, summoning Lecan to the capital. There were three of them. They were priests of noble lineage, using the password, [By the name Kasa Sura], they demanded Lecan to teach them the secret art. Secret art here refers to the special methods of making mana and stamina restoratives. At one time, Lecan had promised Skalabel he would teach the secret art to the person who conveys him the password.

Lecan bought time by instructing them to prepare the required equipment and such. He thought teaching three instead of one was not what he promised to Skalabel. How they summoned Lecan instead of going to him themselves wasn't like Skalabel either.

He paid Skalabel mansion a visit and met Cawin whom he divulged about the matter. According to Cawin, he was the person Skalabel told the password to. But as he had not yet attained the simultaneous magic casting requirement per Skalabel's instruction, he was still in the middle of training and only planned to visit Lecan after he succeeded.

Lecan went to see Amamir, but he wasn't privy of the detail.

Lecan then borrowed Chubby from Manfrey to conduct a thorough investigation, collected evidence and denounced the three noble priests. Marlia savagely offered her cooperation. The three noble priests lost their priestly positions, got disinherited by their families and were banished from the capital. Apothecaries under Capital's Raikores Temple were also active behind the scene.

During this time, Lecan noticed unfamiliar magic stones among his possession while he was sorting them in the capital. It was a magic stone given by Dolos Shepter. Through this magic stone, Lecan met Dolos once again. At this time, Capital Magic Association and Royal Magic Association was having a clash, and by some twist of fate Lecan ended up being a representative of the Capital Magic Association to enter a tournament held in the royal palace. He broke down Yacklubend's prided barrier in the finale and became known as [Lecan the Destroyer].

Month four, Lecan went to Rotor and hunted the Petitfire Dragon. It took three days to process the meat. He stayed at Earl of Rotor mansion all while, for once. According to Earl of Rotor, the meat had become a hot topic among lords following <Dragon Meat War> and five lords even dispatched their knights to obtain this famously tasty meat, but none managed to arrive at floor 50. Some lords even hired adventurers for it, but none succeeded. Lecan hadn't been sharing dragon meat to Rotor townlord lately, he begged Lecan to let him buy a bit. Apparently there had been inquiries from many parties including the royal family. Lecan gave him a tiny bundle of meat.

Afterward, Lecan went to Vantaroy and generously shared the dragon meat to Chaney. He asked, 'You still haven't retired huh', Chaney replied, 'It's all thanks to you.'

He got attacked by Shantora Temple assassin priests at Vantaroy. The third time.

Lecan went back to Vouka, Boudo also arrived right after. He had just conquered a 23 floor long mid level dungeon.

Julius also came. With news about Arios and Ui who just had a baby girl.

Julius was to train under Lecan for the next full year. Afterward, he had to accomplish another mission.

The three went to Dungeon Finkel. They got to floor 140 in 70 days, after which Lecan and Julius went back to Vouka. Boudo casually went on his merry way.

Jericho and Yurika had a child on month eight this year. It's a boy. They asked Eda to give him a name, Lagos.

Month nine, Eda gave birth to her second child. It's a girl. Lecan named her Laine. Meaning [Winged Apostle], or [Bringer of Fortune], the name of a goddess envoy in his world.

As Goncourt yard became cramped, they erected a new building. Chaney Company was in charge of construction, but an elderly merchant called Pirariko would undertake supplying timber. Pirariko said that he is indebted to Lecan-sama, and would sell good wood for cheap. Norma asked Lecan who, and Lecan couldn't recall the name Pirariko.

Thus kingdom year 122 ended with joy abound.





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