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Okami wa Nemuranai 56.15


Kingdom year 123.

They spent the whole year diving in dungeons along with Julius.

Boudo got back on month two, thus Lecan, Boudo and Julius resumed their expedition of Dungeon Finkel. They arrived at the last floor in 50 days.

Afterward the three hunted Petitfire Dragon at Dungeon Rotor. Boudo went off on his own for another trip. Julius went home with the meat in tow.

On month five, Lecan got raided by Shantora Temple assassin priests at Vantaroy. The fourth time.

On month six, Lecan, Boudo and Julius headed for Dungeon Egis, starting their expedition on the 12th and conquering the dungeon on the 15th of month eight.

Lecan believed Dungeon Tsubolt would be fitting as Julius's final adventure for his training, and started their expedition on the 3rd of month nine. Julius had been to floor 120. They took 30 days to get Boudo to floor 120 where the real expedition begun for real. On the fifth of month one the year after, Julius defeated the dungeon boss.

The marquis family was awfully delighted to witness Julius's heroic deed. The present head, Giluent had actually requested Iris Clan to instruct his grandson and heir, Kadient, in swordsmanship and Julius was chosen for this duty. However, Julius would barely be 20 by kingdom year 124, thus there were dissenting voices. However, the act of defeating Dungeon Tsubolt boss by oneself has only been achieved twice since the kingdom's founding, with Lecan being the first. None could raise their objection anymore.

Dungeon Tsubolt would be dormant for 20 days, and they could have waited but opted to dissolve the party instead.

Afterward, Lecan stopped by Mashajain where Manfrey scolded him severely. Norma had delivered her second child on month ten last year. It's a boy. The name hasn't been decided yet since Lecan isn't around. Lecan rushed back to Vouka at super high speed where Eda, Jericho and Goncourt people scolded him severely before he named his son, Klas. It means [Wisdom], the name of an ancient sage in his world.

Month two of kingdom year 124, Boudo crushed Dungeon Tsubolt's boss.

On month four, Lecan hunted Dungeon Rotor's dragon on his own. Afterward, he got ambushed by Shantora Temple's assassin priests. The fifth time.

On the 12th of month five, Lecan and Boudo started their expedition of Dungeon Wado, and conquered it on the fourth of month six.

On month seven, Lecan went to ask Shantora Temple Archbishop about the constant attacks he endured, he was told that now that Lecan had overcome the five trials, he is now designated as the temple's guardian angel. Apparently Lecan has obtained God Shantora's divine protection. From here on, Lecan would be shadowed by Shantora Temple's priests. The assassin priests ambushed him in all kinds of ways thus it made for some good practices, but them shadowing around him was just irritating, Lecan would rather them attack him instead.

To distract himself from all this, Lecan went to challenge Dungeon Tsubolt alone, trained for a while on floor 140 before he re-challenged the Dungeon Boss and snatched victory. He got his hands on a <Void Cutter> here.

On month nine, Eda gave birth to her third child. It's a boy. Lecan named him Ryudo. Meaning [Guardian], the name of a legendary hero in his world.

The following month, Prado Goncourt passed away. He was 78. Norma became the family head of Goncourt, Findin became the family butler.

On month one of kingdom year 125, Kanner passed away as if following Prado. He was 81.

On the same year 125, Lecan and Boudo departed for Ocean Dungeon. From Smarc to Gridge Island, it takes two days during a good season. They started their expedition on the 7th of month three and arrived at floor 100 in 12 days. As they couldn't proceed further without diving in the water from then on, Lecan suspended their expedition for the time being since he had an idea.

Lecan left Boudo at Smarc by himself and went to hunt dragon in Dungeon Rotor. Then he visited Marquis of Yufu and asked for a <Charm of Hippodora> in exchange for the dragon meat. The charm is a Grace Gear that allows its wearer to breathe underwater. He got one when he defeated the Three Giants of Dungeon Yufu back then and found out that the marquis also had several of the same items. Marquis of Yufu laughed as he gave Lecan a <Charm of Hippodora>. He took half of the dragon's meat and returned the rest to Lecan.

Lecan rejoined Boudo and resumed their expedition of Ocean Dungeon. They arrived on floor 180 in three months.

Lecan noticed how he could move around easier underwater. It must be god Shantora's protection thingy.

All items obtained from expeditions by <Willard> besides those they use for themselves have always been sold to Chaney, and items obtained from below floor 100 in Ocean Dungeon were all novel, unattainable anywhere else, thus Chaney Company grew even bigger. However, despite many invitations, Chaney refused to open a branch store in the capital. Instead, he would devote his power into assisting smaller business in Vouka and the vicinity. He invested on Vouka's public utilities without reserve. Chaney believes that if he helped Vouka prosper and build good relationship with other merchants, his company would stay firm forever even after his passing.

At this point of time, Lecan would leave the gathering of Stamina and Mana Restoratives' raw materials to Eda and Jericho.

Month four of this year, Zack Zaikaz passed away. He was 89.

On month seven, Norma finished writing the final volume of [Sasfrey's Medical Herb Study Set]. From then on, Norma would accept students who wish to study medical herbs.

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Month eight, a huge outbreak of magic beasts occurred to the north of Egis. Many villages got destroyed, Marquis of Egis dispatched his knights and adventurers to deal with the outbreak, but there was too many magic beasts including some large dragons like Fraughthowl Dragons, and Savagesphere Dragons, thus the vanquishing team found themselves in crisis.

Marquis of Egis begged Marquis of Tranche for help who then dispatched their knights as well as requested Marquis of Mashajain for adventurer Lecan's deployment.

Manfrey sent his messenger to Vouka, and then Lecan, Boudo, and Eda rushed to Egis.

<Willard>'s performance was overwhelming.

Lecan's scouting capability, mobility, breakthrough power as well as near limitless high powered magic attacks.

Boudo's relentlessness and pure destructive power.

Eda's remote <Purification> barrage and inexhaustible volleys of magic arrows.

And the unusual tactic of quickly mowing down the larger beasts, so the knights and adventurers could drive the scattered magic beasts to hillside where they were eliminated.

Through this achievement as well as the conquest of seven Grand Dungeons of Tsubolt, Palcimo, Yufu, Finkel, Egis, Wado, and Daina, also with the current expedition of Ocean Dungeon, the name <Willard> spread to the whole kingdom as a legendary magic beast slaying party.

Speaking of, after this matter, <Willard> was appointed as a magic beast slayer party of Special Class Adventurers in Vouka.

Also, a <Mirror of Nata> was set up in Vouka through a backdoor. They were instructed to give reports if there were any incidents in the north.

It was month ten.

Today, Eda had gone out to help with treatment at Ceres Temple, while Norma was lecturing her students. Boudo got a house built for him in Goncourt's yard, but he had gone out somewhere today.

Lecan was just done carrying his children to bed after playing with them to exhaustion, sipping on tea Nike prepared.

Ever since Lecan had children, Nike would often drop by Goncourt Mansion. Previously this Nike form was her true body, while the old woman form was a disguise, but it's the opposite now.

Eda's eldest son, Horus is five, Norma's eldest daughter Yuna is four, Eda's eldest daughter Laine is three, Norma's eldest son Klas is three while Eda's second son Ryudo is one. With all five together, it was unbelievably noisy. But Lecan found it fun now.

"Even someone who hates children like you changed when they changed eh."

"Sure am."

"Are you, happy right now?"

"Hm? Yeah. I am. I'm happy."

Sounds of firewood cracking echoed from the fireplace.

A quiet time swept by.


"What's it."

"You were partial to Eda from the beginning."

"What's this about all of a sudden."

"You're an awfully careful individual. Fearing humans, you live secluded from the world. You limit your associations with other people, and only interact at surface level even to the few you do. Your numerous hideouts are your emergency escape routes as well as your way to avoid connecting deeper with people, so I think. You're very caring to those you trust, but only very select few got to that point. You loathe to mingle with people to the point of cowardice. And yet, you treated Eda specially from the very beginning. Why is that."

Shira would accept everything about Eda. She would forgive her mistakes, and gently reprimand her toward correct directions. Lecan always thought that she was spoiling her too much.

Shira spoke up after a while.

"Lecan. Did you know. Your nature is that of kindness."

"That's not true."

"Nope it's the truth because I'm telling you so. And besides, you always believe in justice at the end of the day."

"There is no justice in this world."

"Those who seriously utter those words are the exact same people who wish for justice in this world. You're also extraordinarily strong, and negative."


"A personality that sees everything from the negative side. Then you'd go, 'see I told you it's not so bad'. Right, simply put, your nature is someone who keeps saying he hates dark places yet can't calm down when there's no shades."

He could somewhat get where she's coming from.

"Still seriously believing justice and righteousness at your age means that you are pure. A pessimist yet pure with extraordinary strength. These kinds of individuals, y'see, would often rush headlong into ruin."

"Ruin, huh."

"Yup. I would hate to see the last pupil I got to find himself in ruin, so I had been trying to come up with ways to avoid it. That's when Eda-chan came into the picture."


"Eda-chan is simply a bundle of positivity. So I thought, this is it."

"Hold it. It hadn't even been a month since I became your pupil when Eda came. Are you telling me you already saw me as this person rushing to ruin thing, and was already trying to find ways to help?"

"I sure did."

"No way. That's too quick."

"How many years have I been doing this human thing, d'you think?"

"300 plus years old ain't no human."

"Oh shush. At any rate, with Eda by your side, your ruin won't come. Thus I believed."

Lecan would have never expected this answer. To think it was for his sake.

"Strong negativity and strong positivity attract one another after all. I just knew things would go well if you two got together."

"Were you planning to get me and Eda married."

"No, I didn't think that far ahead. Even just being your partner would have been good. Though I wasn't exactly surprised when it ended up in marriage."

Afterward, Shira sighed out.

"Still, it's so peaceful."

"What's bad about peace."

"I'm not saying that it's bad. I don't get how Earth Dragon Toron got defeated by you."

"And I don't get what's you're going on about."

"Just me talking to myself. Forget about it."

Kingdom year 126 month two, Lecan and Boudo resumed their Ocean Dungeon expedition, and arrived at floor 285 in four month time.

On month nine the same year, apothecary Cawin came to Vouka and conveyed the password [By the name Kasa Sura]. Lecan taught Cawin the special ways to make Stamina and Mana Restoratives in two months.

Kingdom year 127, they resumed Ocean Dungeon expedition, and arrived at floor 367 in four months.

Kingdom year 128, they resumed Ocean Dungeon expedition, and arrived at floor 435 in four months.

Kingdom year 129, they resumed Ocean Dungeon expedition, and arrived at floor 496 in five months.

Month nine of the same year.

Lecan and Boudo were relaxing in the living room while the children were asleep.

When Eda and Norma entered the room with liquor and snacks on trays, Lecan and Boudo were nowhere to be found.

In fact, there was nothing at all in the middle of the room.

The sofa where they sat, and the table, were all gone.

There was a black mist-like thing on the floor, swirling like a vortex.

Looking closer showed that there was a hole opened in the middle of this black mist.

A terrifyingly deep hole enshrouded in darkness.

The black mist grew smaller as it swirled.

Then eventually it disappeared.

Leaving the original floor where it was.

No one could find the two no matter where they looked.

They had been sucked into a <Black Hole> that abruptly manifested.





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