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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 41

Work Towards Red Boar Fall


A full day has passed since I got badly beaten by Jet Boar.
We've been making plans and arrangements with the villagers in order to deal with it, currently we're allocating manpower.
No magic beast has raided ever since, but this lull will probably only last until Jet Boar has recovered.
Once it's done recovering, they will definitely come for the crops again.
We gotta come up with a way to beat that thing until then.

First, I went to ask for help from the guild.
Relying on others now might be weird, but it's undeniably a bit too much with just us two.
In fact, asking for someone stronger is the natural course of action if we want to kill the Jet Boar for sure. That red boar is so obviously above our level.
It didn't take long for me to get back to Daijel by flying through the scenic route.
But the answer from the guild was:

We won't send help, the request does not specify the existence of Jet Boar. The rank clearly doesn't match up.
The two adventurers that have accepted this commission may cancel their contract but the request will need to be reapplied with correct info. (Summarized).

Thus was the reply. Ruthless.
Well, Daijel has been seeing fewer adventurers lately post Stampede, so the lack of manpower is their other reason to refuse us.
It's gonna take two, three months before the magic beast forest gets back to normal, and until then a lot of people go to other towns to make money.
Even the innlady was grumbling how she was getting less than usual. That's still around one million en a month though...  Whoops, let's get back to topic.

So yeah, we can't expect reinforcement from the guild. We've gotta take care of this problem with our current manpower.
...What do.
I do have an item on hands that would work super well on those boars, but I'd rather not use it if I could help it...
But then, I won't get that item anymore if this incident isn't settled, not like I have other option dammit.

Our first and foremost goal is to kill the herd boss, Jet Boar. To that end, we need appropriate measures to overcome that thing's powerful status.
All the villagers, both combat and non combat job are diligently working toward this magic beast countermeasure plan.
There are even children doing their best to help their parents. I'll make sure to give them rewards once this is over.
Once we've taken care of Jet Boar, the rest should be a cinch. We can cull out Rush Boars to their normal number easily, it's just gonna take time.
But man, the people in this village have such a nice communal spirit. All of them is working hard without a hint of reluctance. Even though the job is quite strenuous.

"Oy, Kajikawa-san, should we keep digging in deeper?"

One of the villagers called out to me as I supervised the work.
It's a hard labor so they're all drenched in sweat.

"Ah, be there. Let me see, please dig in one more meter deep."

"Uhya, ain't that fierce. But well, just a lil' bit more. Folk, watch your hips~."

They all put their trust on me in this. I'll definitely put an end to that Red Boar.
...Oh yeah, wonder if that thing's meat tastes good. Gotta think up the menu... Wait no, no putting cart before horse. Thinking that now's gonna raise a flag, settle down my appetite.
Speaking of appetite, those boars are only raiding the village for the crops, there doesn't seem to be malice behind their actions. Looking from this viewpoint, these magic beasts don't differ much from animals on earth. Guess magic beasts don't always mean evil.
But the goals differ depending on positions. The boars eat crops to live on, the villagers raise crops to earn income, while Alma and I are looking to get rewarded.
There is no way to reconcile these two sides. Only ruin awaits the one that concedes.

...No point in thinking this complicated stuff. I'll just work on what's served to me. Don't wanna get served to magic beasts after all.
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We're finally done with the preparations after two days. And now we, just gotta wait for the raid.
By preparations here, I mean making a trap in the village square aimed for that Red Boar. It's a simple yet very manpower and time hungry labor.
Near the trap, we set up a basic stove and a fry pan.
No no, these aren't for cooking entrapped boars, okay? It's part of the trap.
No denying how surreal it looks despite not being a gag though.
...I came up with the plan and all but I wonder if this is even gonna go well? I mean I can't complain if they gang up on me if it doesn't.

"Kajikawa-san, so the trap's ready and all, but uh ya sure those boars gonna fall for it? Ain't they just gonna steer clear out of suspicion?"

"I plan to lure them here with something I have on hand. I cannot guarantee its efficacy, but I believe it has a much better chance than doing nothing."

The villagers sounded anxious. Can't blame them with this surreal trap.
But this is the limit of my brainpower. Not like anybody else came up with a better plan, so we just gotta take it as they come.
If this doesn't work, I'm gonna drag guildmaster to this village and have him order the men here. Guy might get a stomach ulcer from overworking though.

As I was inspecting the trap, some villagers came running this way.

"Kajikawa-san! The boars have come raiding in!!"

"There's about 20 of 'em, including that red one!"

...Here they come.
Now then, time to activate the trap.

I turned on the stove while formulating the flow of combat that should take place.
Hope it goes well this time.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 40

Not Alone


I woke up.
I don't know this ceil--No I know this ceiling. It's our lodging house's.
...Huh? What about the Jet Boar? Why was I sleeping?

"Uuh... Ouch!?"

A jolt of pain ran on my abdomen as I tried to stretch up while yawning.
Ah right, I got hit by the Jet Boar's ramming attack and knocked out cold.

"H-Hikaru! You're awake...!?"

"Ow ow... Ah, yup. Good morning."

"...Thank goodness, you seem fine..."

Alma spoke to me with a teary face.
Come to think of it, I had never taken a real damage until this point. Uh, putting aside falling down on my rear along with that kobold and getting hit by the goblin on my side.

"At first I saw a red magic beast making its way out of the village while staggering, then just as I was about to go after it, I saw you lying on the ground. It came as such a shock to me..."

"Ah, I got done in by that red thing. Took a ramming attack head on and passed out from that."

"It's been about half a day since then. I don't see any wound outside, but are you sure you're not hurting anywhere?"

Now that she mentioned it, wonder if this throbbing pain on my abdomen is from internal damage or broken bone.
Status check.

Kajikawa Hikaru

State: Normal (Minor Injury: Abdominal Bruise)

HP: 0/200

...Oh good, doesn't look like it's anything serious. Wait what, my HP is at 0.

<<Life force restoration via sleeping cannot take place unless HP is at 1 at least.>>

So I gotta drink HP potion to heal the bruise. My tummy hurts.

"My stomach hurts a bit, but looks like it's just a bruise. I'll be just fine with a potion."

"Thank goodness..."

I took a HP potion from Item Screen and sipped it.
Hmm, it's not bad, not great. Well it uses raw medicinal herb as base after all.

Hmm? I feel something diffusing throughout my body... Is this HP, life force?
This feels different from MP. It's kinda like how oil and water don't mix yet you can tell they're both flowing in your body.
Being able to sense life force only after having your HP down to zero, it's like some kind of hardcore training. Even though it's not that big a deal.

Kajikawa Hikaru

State: Normal (Minor Injury: Abdominal Bruise)

HP: 100/200

...Huh? My HP's restored by 100 but my stomach's still hurting.
Doesn't this stuff heal itself by drinking a potion so long as it's not a bone fracture?

<<In Kajikawa Hikaru's case, his HP works as another system separate from his original body, as such restoring HP does not heals his body by itself.>>

Are you kidding me? Who could have thought the minus points of having two systems came to light now. And everything always worked out for the best until now.
Does that mean I can do nothing but to wait for natural recovery if I get hurt? Uwaaa.

No wait, hold the phone. The people in this world have their HP linked to their body, so restoring HP heals their body as well, am I correct?


Hmm, then can I heal myself by linking my HP to my body too?
I can sense life force now thanks to earlier. Maybe I can control it the same way I did mana... Ah, I can do it just fine. Simple.
Then let's focus this life force on my bruise... Doesn't look like that's quite enough.
Then what if I image healing wound using this life force. How do you do that again... Oh crap, don't think I can image that. Might as well just do it vaguely, like gene or blueprint or something.
Whoa, oooh? My pain's going away. Alright, dunno how and why, it works! That sure was random!

Kajikawa Hikaru

State: Normal

HP: 70/200

My life force decreased from tending the wound but my state has gone back to normal normal. Reducing HP to heal your wound is kinda counterproductive though.

"Fu, fufufu..."

"H-Hikaru, you should stay in bed if you're still not feeling well..."

As I unconsciously smiled from learning a new trick thanks to my wound, Alma spoke to me with a worried look.
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"Ah, no I'm fine. Please don't look at me like I'm some weirdo, I'm begging you."

"Why did you laugh out of the blue...?"

"Eh it's nothing much. My HP went to zero from the damage this time, and drinking a potion let me sense life force."


"So I controlled my life force to heal my wound. Can't wait to test this out with other stuff."
"Hikaru, hang on."

She suddenly got a bit pushy.
Her face looks stern yet tearful.

"What do you mean by your HP went to zero."

"E-err, like I told you, I got hit by that red beast's ramming attack. That took my entire HP and knocked me out for good."

"...Normally you die if your HP is all gone."

"Ah, it's fine. Didn't you hear that appraisal guy? I have another world system working on me. I won't die from getting my HP in this world to zero."

"...It's, not fine. It's absolutely, not fine...!"

Alma is looking straight at me while shedding tears.

"Hikaru, please, don't act recklessly, on your own. I don't, want you hurt, and if you were to die, I'd...! U, fu, eee...!"

She started weeping for real.
...My chest hurts from the overwhelming sense of guilt. It makes my bruise trifling in comparison

"...I'm sorry, Alma. I made you worry."

"...Hic... uu..."

"I should have asked for help before trying to take care of it on my own. That thing was likely the strongest magic beast we had ever faced. It's probably not an opponent we should fight yet."


"But this village will keep suffering so long as that thing is around. I'm sure it's gonna come back with the whole herd. The villagers here have been so good with us these past few days, leaving them to their fate is a bit, y'know."


During the past five days, the villagers in this village have been generously sharing their food despite the damage they're suffering from magic beasts. They even readily agreed and openly welcomed us planting our own crops in excess fields when it's all over. I want to help these warm people solve this issue once and for all.
I'm not going to turn tail and run away just because a powerful adversary showed up.

"I won't head off alone next time... Alma, will you lend me your strength?"

"...Of course... sniffle... I'll lend you as much as I can."

She gave a firm reply despite her reddened teary eyes.
...Yup, I mean we're a party after all, it's important to cooperate together.
It's been a bad habit of mine to try to solve everything by myself. I should rely on others whenever I need them. In turn, I'll give it back tenfold.

So that's good and all but what do we do.
That thing's got some stupid high status, especially its AGI. It's so fast there's no way to avoid its charging attack over a short distance.
Its ATK is enough to reduce our HP to zero in one hit. I shudder the thought of Alma taking that hit. She's probably gonna die... I absolutely can't let it hit her.
On top of that, its DEF affords it to ignore half-baked ranged attacks, and even close range Pile Bunker stands no chance. I know it can power up its stats through skill, but that's just way crazy. Though it seems that attack is still effective to a degree.
We're only gonna lose facing it head on. We must ambush it if we hope to win.

Wonder if there's anything we have on hands that could help against that thing?





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 316

316 Scars


Now then, what was the the miscalculation here?
To marquis Alestain, was it sending Barido our way?
To these hired hands encroaching us, was it 'White Fang' rejecting marquis Alestein?

(One thing for certain is how they don't think of me being here as anything of note.)

Every single one of these guys, marquis included, did recognize my existence.
However, they only snorted 'Hmph' after sending me a glance, seemingly judged that I'm no threat.

(Even I know how suspicious I look in this attire. And yet they seem unconcerned? What are they thinking?)

Face not visible deep within a hood with my whole body hidden under a mantle.
You'd normally be wary of someone like that, I would.
And yet, they seem to believe that they can bulldoze their way through sheer superiority in number.

"Fuhihihi. The men can die for all I care. We're gonna fully enjoy the women first before we kill 'em. Don't you worry your pretty little heads, just obey us and it won't hurt. Hihihihi."

The lowest of life. Is there a rule that states they must always say that line in situations like this?
I'm just done with these template lines.

(Now then, let's get this done and over with. Man, this 'Power' really won't let me hold myself back. And this world just has got way too many scumbags.)

Atrocious acts are unforgivable. The screw in my head has considerably loosened up ever since I come to this world. No, one has come off already I think. Heck, my personality has completely changed.
What got me thinking as I entered Acceleration was not 'White Fang', the marquis or the genocide that was about to take place.

(Gotta be careful not to overdo it, let's start with a polite slash.)

But myself. To control my heightened tension whenever I am under Acceleration.

Nobody else but me moves. It's like a bonus time where you can cut down all scarecrows you want.

(Still, looking from a different perspective, isn't this power more like something that intervenes with the 'world' itself?)
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I don't think I'd ever gain full control of this power.
It might be my power, but it's absurd beyond all reasons and especially me.
It's why I can't adjust the power right and always end up going overboard.

(I mean if it were a true Acceleration, there should have been an enormous amount of energy that left scars in the world whenever I moved, and yet there's none?)

Stepping on the ground under Accelerated state should have produced craters.
Running under Accelerated state should have broken through the sound barrier and created shock waves.
The objects I'm in contact with under Acceleration don't follow the laws of physics.

There's way too many weird points.
I started wondering about this after what happened at the lake.

(Undoing Acceleration after I ran on the lake back then produced water pillars. Which signified just how enormous the energy that got transferred on the water surface I ran on, right? Then why doesn't the same thing happen to the ground I walked on?)

As I'd get no answer thinking that, I proceeded to another point.

(Ah! Wasn't the entire forest on floor three made up of mana or something? Then the lake too? Meaning the water was reproduced by mana? So what happens when you drink it? Will it turn into mana restorative potion? I wonder?)

Recalling how it drenched us and how we dried ourselves afterward points that mana works in a mysterious way.

(Hmm? My mind is starting to wander off. I should undo this state for now. I might start making a mince meat out of these guys again if I don't.)

I checked my composure after cutting down about 20 people so far.
Then I undid Acceleration before I lost myself.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 39



We're presently staying in the village so we can deal with the boars anytime they come.
The villagers are letting us stay at a vacant house for free and even provide daily necessities. Makes for good saving on lodging expense.
It's the fifth day now. We've exterminated around 20 boars so far.
They're raiding the village from all directions day and night so it's been mentally and physically exhausting.
Well we're pretty much on rest mode besides those moments so it's not that bad, but they sometimes come out when we're sleeping or eating, it's seriously annoying.
Still better than having to work overtime on my days off back on earth though. Wonder if somebody else has taken my place at the factory. Eh, who cares about that I guess.

"We've taken care so many already yet it's not even half of them. Wonder how long till we can complete this commission."

"Those boars make for good test subjects for my arranged magic, so I'm not bored."

That remark is a bit scary. Are you a mad scientist?
Well, I'm not one to talk seeing as I've been giving Alma advice like making the stone the shape of a bullet and spinning it, or speeding it up instead of sizing it up.
And the result of my advice was a much higher penetrating power, the stones shot through those boars. That still eats up around 20MP per shoot though.
I had a hard time explaining how to image a bullet. Or more like I'm bad at explaining this stuff.
I'd have liked to show by example but I can't even create a stone.
Materializing mana seems possible for stuff like combustible gas or water through the mana doing this or that with the air around or something, but I can't make it create rocks somehow.
Yeah, it's obvious that I've been using this mana thing haphazardly. Can't believe I managed to learn magic on my own.
Even just creating a pebble from mana seems to require a considerable control. I don't even know if it's done by directly turning mana into material or making it convert the atom in the air or something. Heck, I haven't the slightest clue how either of that work, none at all.

"O-oy! It's terrible! A herd of magic beasts got in the village!"

A villager rushed in our lodging in panic.
Here we go again. How many time would this be.

"Understood. How many of them are there?"

"At least 20 of 'em from what we can tell! It ain't nothin' like anything before!"

Ooh, 20 huh.
They usually only come in a wave of 5-10 at most, now this is inflation.
Or rather, why didn't they do this from the start. Were they groping for traps?

"That's quite a lot. We gotta go cull them right away."

"Also, there's one with a different colored fur, it's red and big. The other boars seem to follow that thing's lead."

"Perhaps it's the herd boss?"

"I bet it is. That thing looked way stronger than the other boars. You two better be careful if you run into it!"

"Got it. Let's go, Alma."


Boss huh. Wonder if this outbreak will settle down if we defeat that thing.
Wonder how strong it is. Even a Lv10 Rush Boar has similar stats as a Hobgoblin, a developed specimen should be pretty strong.
Let's keep our guard up and go all out from the get go.

It's been around 30 minutes since we got the message about the raiding boars.
Dealing with these boars is quite troublesome since they're trespassing all over the village, but we've found out from the past few days that they usually go straight for crops so we can usually find two to three of them in bigger fields.
I've already culled seven of those boars. Alma who's gone separate way should have defeated about as many, and the Combat Job villagers should be able to deal with two, three boars on their own.
...Now then, things are going smoothly, so how should I go about that thing I'm seeing right now.
A red boar is gorging on crops in a veggie field.

Magic Beast: Jet Boar

Level: 26

Status: Normal


HP (Health Points): 557/557
MP (Magic Points): 170/170
SP (Stamina Points): 329/342

STR (Strength): 357
ATK (Attack): 357
DEF (Defense): 294
AGI (Agility): 320
INT (Intelligence): 78
DEX (Dexterity): 38
PER (Perception): 271
RES (Resistance): 39
LUK (Luck): 58


Magic Beast Level 3
Quadruped Level 4
Martial Art Level 4

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Strong. What the heck is this thing, it's way too strong.
It makes Werewolf seem cute in comparison.
ATK, DEF and AGI are all way high. Its only weaknesses are probably its low DEX and RES, which means it likely can't turn around in tight corners and is highly susceptible to abnormal status.
But I've got no more Spark Wolf Horn, and even if I had a Roaring Mushroom, I shouldn't use it in the middle of this village anyway.
It's bright outside, blinding it with light energy-converted mana is no go too. Doesn't look like my current mana conversion would do any good here.
Carpet bombing from the sky is gonna cause collateral damage to the village and I'd like to prevent information about me being Soarer leaking.
In conclusion: frontal assault is my only option.
...Eh, you can't be serious.

For now let's try ambushing it from outside its vision... Hold it, isn't that only true from behind? I mean its eyes are on the sides of its face.
Meaning I gotta attack its butt huh... Oh man, I'm losing motivation already.
I don't want to get too close, let's go with ranged attacks.

I wrapped a wooden stake of around 10 centimeter in diameter in mana armor and sharpened its tip.
Mana armor starts to disperse once it gets too far from me but it should be okay if only for a moment until impact.
Also, guess calling hardened mana, mana armor is too simplistic.
Aim for the butt, and shoot!


Eh, wait, that got flicked off!? But that was a direct hit to the butt!
It should have enough firepower to shoot through an entire Rush Boar from its butt.
Just how hard is its butt anyway. Steel butt? What the heck.


Uwaa, it got mad and started charging at me while roaring loudly.
Well I mean anybody's gonna get mad having their butt shot by a stake in the middle of a meal. I would.
Wait it's way fast! Nothing like Rush Boars at all! This ain't no time to space out!
If butt's no good, then how about its head!
I'm gonna hit the head of this charging Jet Boar with Mana Pile Bunker head on!



As it got within 5 meter away from me, the Jet Boar accelerated.
Its body is letting out a pale light, a Skill huh!

<<Quadruped Skill Lv4 [Roaring Rush]: An ability to momentarily raise attributes to 1.5x original values during a charging attack.>>

Ain't no time to gawk!
Eat this Pile!

Crack crack...! SHATTER!

A-are you for real. The mana Pile Bunker stake hit its head and broke into pieces.
It got so easily smashed even though it should be as hard as iron! Heck, had no idea hardened mana could even break.


Looks like the attack had an effect. The Jet Boar roared loudly as it bled from its head.
It then resumed charging at me, refusing to let me go. Pile, won't make it.
I immediately enveloped myself in Mana Armor to avoid a direct hit.



A strong impact assaulted my whole body.
It hurts. Yes, it hurts.
This means I'm taking damage. Looks like the HP on my Status's completely gone. How strong was that ramming attack dammit.
Ah, crap, I'm fading, out...

I passed out.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 315

315 The Worst


"Well well well, look who finally decided to show up. Quite a tardy bunch aren't you?"

The one saying that with an exaggerated full arm spread pose was an all back blond man with sharp treacherous eyes and a sumptuous beard wearing a luxurious attire. Marquis Alestain.
Kidd replied, feigning ignorance.

"If it isn't the good marquis-sama. To what do we owe this pleasure here of all place?"

"Ah, I suppose this will be our second time meeting face to face? Is it not? Kidd-kun."

"Yes, it is. The last time was when marquis-sama came to us offering a 'good prospect'."

"Truly quite a shame of you to decline my offer, but that's all in the past now."

The battle of 'discussion' between Kidd and the marquis continued.
It's a surreal sight though. There's about 50 heavily armed men standing behind the marquis.
And those men are looking at us while glaring, smirking and with fixated gazes as if trying to pressure us.

"So you do. We're very sorry for declining your offer back then but unfortunately we deemed marquis-sama's policy runs counter to ours. We have been wondering if marquis-sama has come to hold a bad impression on us now."

"Oh it's quite all right. I simply hired the next handy adventurers I found. They were exceedingly 'usable'. Ah, did you see the fate of a used up peon?"

He asked in a roundabout way, 'Did you see Barido?' with his sharp and treacherous eyes turned here.

"Yes, we had a good look. It was a cruel end."

Mary whispered lowly, 'He's the worst'.
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"Then allow me to continue under the assumption you have got the message. I ask you 'White Fang' once again. Will you be mine? You do know what happens if you refuse, no?"

"No no, I'm completely lost here. We decline just like last time. Us 'White Fang' does not possess the strength marquis-sama seeks."

"So you won't change your mind even in this situation. Truly regrettable. You leave me with no choice but to have you lot disposed of right this instance. As a retaliation for 'Ring of Light' that is."

"We would have accepted your offer back then had we been the type of people who'd change our mind now. Did you say a retaliation, for a group of 30 people who were done in by a mere party of six? Marquis-sama is quite a bad judge of characters, aren't you. I question the extent of your caliber."

The thugs behind the marquis started taking out their weapons one by one.

"I shall let your insolence go by this time. After all, there is no next time."

"Are you sure about this? The moment you step inside a dungeon, nothing matters anymore, not your position, not your status nor prestige. Not even authority. Nobody can guarantee your life besides yourself down here. Not even our good marquis is an exception to that rule. Have you made your resolve?"

"Hahahahaha! I heard from Barido. An ambush was it? What do you White Fang hope to achieve against this many people in a head-on clash? Come now, let's end this charade already. It's such a shame, I shall extol your virtue to the association. Rest easy."

"Then we shall put up a fight until the very end. We'll show you how adventurers conduct themselves in this situation. You will be treated as a member of bandits attacking us and dealt with accordingly."

"Hmph! Dare you call me a bandit. Loathsome man to the end. Nevertheless this is where you meet your demise. Men, do it."

The thugs made their move with that order from the marquis. Attempting to encircle us using their numerical superiority.
These people seemed to have been hastily gathered here by the marquis yet their movements have no openings.
Our side is getting gradually cornered.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 38

Women Scary. Men Painful.


First, I moved in between the villagers and the Rush Boars using Pseudo Ground Shrink.
Then I took some baseball-sized stones from Item Screen, wrapped them in mana and hurled them at the boars.
It's a simple combination of raw throwing strength and acceleration through mana control, wonder how's the power like?

The stones hit the boar beasts right in the heads and kept sinking in.
It was instant death for those who got their brains smashed in, Status Menu and their heads were bathed in red as they slumped down.

Hm, power and mana efficiency isn't too bad, but honestly, it's a bit meh compared to Pile Bunker.
This being a ranged attack is a plus but getting in close range with Pseudo Ground Shrink and hitting them hard with Pile Bunker would eat less MP while being more powerful.
Though well, it has potential to become deadlier if I work on how it's shot and the stone shape. Need to research more.

"O-oy, who's that?"

"Lad showed up out of nowhere, where'd he come from?"

"Ah, excuse me! We're adventurers dispatched by the guild! Are those the magic beasts in question?"

I spoke a bit loud due to our distance.

"Ooh, you're from the guild! Yeah, they are! Those shitty boars are the vermin wrecking our crops! There's way too many of 'em for us to handle!"

"We coulda done it against two or three, but not that many! Glad ta' see yer' here and all but we gotta run back to the village, you peeps included! It's dangerous here!"

They were worried about us instead of asking for help.
This exchange alone left me with a good impression on these people.

As we were talking, five of the boars charged at me.
Those things are only looking at me and the villagers ahead of them.

That's probably why they didn't seem to notice huge rocks flying at them.

BASH, the rocks hit those boars, crushing them.
...That was Alma's magic wasn't it? Those rocks were as big as the boars and flew so fast.

<<It appears to be an arranged version of elementary spell 'Stone Bullet' through way of Mana Control, enabling big rocks to be shot out. It has been strengthened to Intermediate class spell.>>

No no no, that's a whole different thing already.
That spell should originally only send rocks the size of stones I hurled earlier, just how much Mana did she poured into them.
Checking her stats, her MP has been reduced by 50. Figured, what's with the size of those rocks. The efficacy leaves a lot to be desired.
Rather than increasing the size, raising the velocity and changing the shape should eat less MP. I'll discuss with her later.

...The remaining magic beasts ran away huh.
Either they don't have the camaraderie of goblins or they deem that they're at a disadvantage.
Though even in Japan it's apparently common for boar parents to leave their kids behind, guessing it's no different here.
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"...The heck was, that...?"

"Somebody's standing over there. Did that lil lady...?"

"And she looks like a cute girl too, scary..."

The villagers were whispering while looking dumbfounded. Yeah anybody's gonna have that reaction when something like that flew out of nowhere.
Had one missed its target and flew in their direction, it would be an instant death.
...I better try to keep away from her wrath. She's not as terrifying as Alma Mama though. Women scary. Physically speaking.

Once things settled down, we were led back to the village and toward the client, Mr. Jein'weik to hear more detail.
The village has sprawling fields of vegetables and wheat everywhere, it's as if I've been transported back to the rural village where my parent family lived.
Oh? Is that a green house? No, probably not, but didn't think there'd be something like that here.

<<By drying the body of 'Vinyluna', a giant Jellyfish type magic beast, you can create a transparent sheet with similar property as vinyl. By covering a steel frame with that sheet and then adjusting the temperature inside with Wind and Fire Magic Stone-infused magic tools, it is possible to cultivate vegetables all year round.>>

Looks like they've got some pretty modern farming techniques here.
They might really be willing to let us borrow a field and cultivate vanilla.
To that end, we gotta take care of the magic beasts first. Can't let 'em eat vanilla beans.

<<Vanisoi Beans are Rush Boars' favorite, thus it will be extremely difficult to cultivate them until this incident has been resolved.>>

Alright that settles it. I'mma expel them all. Not gonna let any escape! I'll turn those boars into stew!
Now then, we should be close to the client's house. We've walked quite a bit and all.

The man showing the way stopped and pointed at a house.

"That house with a green roof and white walls are Jein'weik's. He just got badly injured the other day. Go easy on him if he cannae' greet you by the front door, will you."

"Thanks for your trouble. Did he get hurt in a Rush Boar's attack?"

"Err, well, uh. Guess Rush Boars are the source... of the issue?"

Hm? What's with that vague remark.
Well whatever, we can just ask the guy himself.

Umu, quite a splendid house. About twice as big as my parent family's. Maybe guy's the biggest of wig in this village.
We rang the bell and waited.

"Coming, who might it be?"

A man's voice could be heard inside.
Sounds pretty energetic for someone who's been badly injured.

"Pardon, we're here from the guild to take on your commission, is this Jein'weik's house?"

"Oh, I have been waiting for your arrival. Come now, do come in. I can't move due to my injury right now, feel free to make yourself at home."

"Yes, pardon us."

We opened the door and went to the source of the voice, to my surprise.
There's a man wrapped in bandage from head to toe lying on the bed.
I almost averted my eyes due to how miserable he looked.
O-oof. Didn't think it would be this grave. Just how'd it get to this point?

"E-err, are you all right?"

"Ah, pay me no mind. The doctor said I should get back on my feet in three months, it's not as bad as it looks."

"Is that right... Were those Rush Boars the cause of your injury?"

"Ah, well in a way. To make long story short, so I went to tend the field five days ago. As I did, I kept talking to my missus with my eyes locked at the crops."


"She never replied even when I poked her back, so I turned to look at her only to find a Rush Boar there, not my missus."


"Well in short, what I thought was my missus was a Rush Boar all along. What a riot, hahaha."

No no, you should've noticed. That's pretty rude to your wife.

"...So that's when the boar attacked you, I take it."

"No, the Rush Boar was too engrossed in eating the crops, it didn't care about me. I managed to get away. Thing ate up lotsa our crops though."

"Eh? Then how are you?"

"Afterward I told my missus about that and got myself a good scolding, ending with me like this. Was sure she broke my neck for good when she kneed my temple at the end of that beating. Ow ow..."

...What the hell, the wife did it?! This got nothing to do with Rush Boar!
Is this wife-san an angry Shining Wizard, pretty aggressive. No, violent.
Wife-san, Alma Mama, are all women in this world like this? Women scary. Physically speaking.
So dumb. Shouldn't have listened to this in earnest...

"Well, enough about me. Our village has suffered a great deal of damage, not only the crops but also facilities and people due to the Rush Boar outbreak. We might face a complete destruction at this rate. We've pooled our resources together to offer your reward somehow, please exterminate them. I beg of you."

"Ah, please don't get up! You can stay in the bed! ...Understood. We're still learning ourselves, but we'll do our best to meet your expectations."

"Thank you very much... Our Combat Job folks have started to suffer injuries while the rest of us could do nothing to help. Although nobody is as seriously injured as me. Hahaha."

This ain't no laughing matter. Just go back to bed you.
...I took this job lightly thinking of nostalgia or borrowing a field, and yet it's a matter of life and death to the people of this village. Gotta go at this seriously.
I've some interest in this village's crops as well. Saw some veggies that looked like tomato which would increase my repertoire. I'd like to buy some after harvest.
...It's still all about appetite at the end of the day huh. I'm really no different than those magic beasts.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 314

314 Those Blocking the Way


We arrived at the stairway to floor two without any problem.
But an appalling object lay in front of the stairway.
Kidd carefully approached this object to check on it.

"Barido... He's dead... And it's..."

Yep, Barido who fled back then had managed to reach this spot.
Yet something doesn't look right. His back. Barido is dead lying face down. With a huge gaping wound on his back. It must have been fatal seeing how deep the injury is.

"I don't sense any presence around here. Also, the blood trails lead to the stairway. This is most likely..."

Melgis checked surrounding traces. Firuna added her hypothesis.

"Barido was cut down by someone on floor two and escaped back to floor three. I see, he chose to get rid of Barido."

"Discarding him like garbage after outliving his usefulness or something? Ugh, these people are just the worst."

"Marquis Alestain did this huh. I suppose they're lying in wait on floor two then."

Mary and Danku were sure the marquis is behind this. I added.

"I guess this marquis guy had double, triple fold plans ready huh?"

Regardless if Barido succeeded or not, the marquis would nab it all in the end.
He only ever saw 'Ring of Light' adventurer party as a foil, or more correctly a disposable pawn.
I'm sure there's other terms that fit more, but that should be about right. Though, had Barido proved himself usable, the end result would probably look different.

"They're definitely blocking the path ahead. It'd be a pain I'm sure~. Is there another path?"
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I asked if there were another passages leading outside. But the reply didn't sound promising.

"There might be one. Or might be none. This floor three is incredibly vast. There's always a possibility of another undiscovered stairway that connects to the surface existing."

"But that ain't an option we could take. We've only got so much food and water. Nowhere near enough to find this passage. Neither time nor manpower's on our side. Heck, who knows how long finding one in this huge forest even gonna take with just us."

"Even if there were one, I do not believe we would be able to quickly find it by luck."

Kidd, Melgis and Danku replied while smiling wryly. Meaning this stairway is our only ticket outside.

"What should we do? There's absolutely no way he's willing to listen with Barido like this. I might as well blow them all up from the get go, shouldn't I."

"Mary, that will be our last resort. It is important to always be prepared. However, we must make sure to 'conduct ourselves'. Remember that we are not 'mob'."

Resorting to killing only after it's clear it must be done. Otherwise we're no better than criminals.
Firuna calmed Mary down with that reasoning.
But that approach could end up with us getting led around by the nose, missing the best chance to strike. You need a very careful judgment.

What's more troubling is how the marquis could claim that Barido created this mess on his own and the marquis took care of him.
Even if that was a lie, simply bringing it up would be enough to stop us from making a move.

"Now then, where does this lead to I wonder? We've got the core. And we're bringing that to the association yeah? So if someone tries to take that by force or stand in our way, how should we deal with them?"

My question is extremely basic. I'm not familiar with adventurers.
Weirdly enough, that fact also allows me to see what's truly important.




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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 37

Taking On First Commission


The guild's door made the usual swinging sound as we entered.
We usually went straight to the receptionist counter, but not today, we checked the request board first.
As I scanned the neatly sorted commissions by rank and genre, I recalled my days at the factory, which got me a bit depressed and slightly nostalgic.
...To be frank, I don't really have regret on that factory nor my old world.

I saw some promising high earning commissions under those columns.

Ruins Investigation
Guild-assigned Rank: E
Client: Daijel Archaeologist Mr. Hevymeta

There are relatively big ruins two walking days away to the northeast of Daijel.
It can be inferred from its location and history that the ruins belonged to the ancient kingdom of Mirka, but as there are structures that appear to belong to another country as well, we cannot say for sure just looking at its exteriors.
I would have liked to go and investigate on my own, but it's just impossible with all undead magic beasts such as Skeleton infesting the interior.
I shall provide the Mapping Tool, please bring me back all the information you can take up until the deepest part.
I'll tell you more detail at the meeting spot.

Exploring ruins huh.
Two days away from this town. That's quite far.
What's a Mapping Tool? Kinda sounds like a camera.

<<Mapping Tool: A magic tool with a Light Magic Stone contained within. It's a camera-like tool with a built-in inkless full color printer that can print out taken pictures into the paper set inside.>>

What the heck, that's amazing.
How'd they print stuff without ink. I want one.
But two days just to travel huh... We'd get there right away if I just flew, but they'd suspect us. I could just come up with some excuses though.
Let's see other commissions first and go see it if I don't see urgent ones. Next.

Magic Stone Mining
Guild-assigned Rank: F
Client: Maldania Magic Tool Store

We're looking for 20 earth elemental magic stones the size of a fist each!
We've run out of stock, even the places we usually stock up from don't have one ready. It's an emergency!
You can mine them from a mining spot near the town but none of our workers are fit for laborious jobs. We hope those confident with their strength accept this commission!

It's super pushy compared to other commissions.
Makes you question why don't they go themselves, but I guess Production type Job people that deal with precise crafts don't have the stamina or strength.
Unless it's the gramps at equipment store, his STR is pretty high. Must be cause he's a Blacksmith despite having a Production-type Job.
Well, they may say that it's an emergency, but they can probably do it themselves when push comes to shove, not a priority commission. Next.

Magic Beast Culling
Guild-assigned Rank: D
Client: Jeinweik from Kelna Village

We are having trouble with magic beasts laying waste to our fields as of late.
They're boar type magic beasts known as Rush Boars, they're not strong but fast.
Villagers with Combat Job usually deal with them, however there has been an unusual number of these boars this year.
Normally there are only five of them at most coming out, yet this year we have already confirmed around 50 sightings.
Our crops will not last until harvest time at this rate. We are hoping for a prompt action.

Magic beast outbreak. Umu, that's bad.
Rush Boars huh, wonder if they're like Rush Pig people here use as food? Or maybe Rush Pigs are cattle-turned Rush Boars.
I had some experience on fieldwork during my childhood at my parent family's house. I sorta remember the devastation of having your crops get devoured by boars near harvest time.
That sorrow and frustration turned into sort of trauma. And this village is facing the same situation huh.
It's a Rank D commission, taking on a commission a rank higher makes for a good experience I think. Should be a good opportunity to test my current strength as well.
...That's settled. I feel bad to Alma for prioritizing my personal feelings though.
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"Alma, how about we take on this magic beast culling request?"

"Nn, let's... You have this serious look than when you're reading other commissions."

"Yeah this one's caught my eyes. Besides, since it's an agriculture village, they might let us borrow a field to cultivate that."


"Vanilla seeds I use for Ice Cream. I only have a limited amount, so if we can cultivate them, we can regularly make more tasty vanilla-infused snacks."

"Un, let's go. Now."

Prompt answer huh. You really like that ice cream, don't you? Well I mean it was super yummy.
I almost laughed to see such a honest reaction from her.

We handed the request tag to receptionist Neia-san, confirmed the condition to finish the commission and stuff as well as fetched a simple map to the village before departing.
You only need to follow the highway and signs so the map is probably unnecessary, but well, just to be safe.

We're currently walking on the highway, there's been zero encounter of magic beasts so far.
Guess it's normal to not find one outside magic beast territories?

<<Magic beasts inhabit areas outside their territories. However, as places such as villages and towns as well as highways were originally reclaimed in locations where magic beasts are sparse, encountering one there is extremely rare.>>

Fumu, I see.
The village's fields make for good feeding grounds to those outbreak-ing Rush Boars, but they don't usually target the village huh.
Wonder if the outbreak is caused by that Demon King thing. Summon the hero or something please.

As the village came into sight, I noticed a commotion outside.
Villagers carrying spears and axes are chasing around a boar magic beast.
...So that's a Rush Boar? Ashen fur, big fangs, and short-ish legs yet it's quick on its feet.
The thing is only a bit bigger than an ordinary boar. Looks gluttonous.

"Don't let that thing escape! After 'eeeeem!"

"Why you little! Ruining our crops just before harvest!"

"I'mma throw you into a hotpot!!"

...The villagers are super mad. I get them, but they're acting kinda scary.
Wait, that's bad. Look where you're chasing them guys, there's a herd ahead.
Think there's about ten of those boars in total? On the other hand, there's only six villagers. They all have Combat Jobs, but their stats are pretty low relative to adventurers.
This could get ugly even though those Rush Boars don't seem that tough.

"O-oh crap! It's running into a herd! Men, fall back to the village!"

"T-those boars are rushing here! We gotta run!"

"They're catching up to us! The heck, were they baiting us here!?"

Those boars seem smarter than expected.
So they sent one boar to lure the villagers and then rush them all at once with a herd.
Those people are in danger. We gotta save them.

"Alma, can you shoot those beast with magic?"

"Un. I won't miss magic beasts that big from here."

"Cool, then Alma, snipe them from this position. I'll take on the ones coming for the villagers."

The average stats of those boar thingies are around upper 100s.
Their agility reaches 150 but that's still manageable.
Ten of them to start with. Now then, which move should I test out.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 313

313 Mundane, or, Commonplace


Their village was destroyed in a monster rampage when they were little.
80% of the villagers were safe thanks to the guidance of adventurers dispatched to the site.
The parents of all White Fang members were among the remaining 20%.
Frustrated by their lack of power, their child minds turned to adventurers. To get stronger and destroy dungeons so nobody has to go through the same tragedy.
It's mundane, something you hear often. Or so Kidd told me.

(Oof... that's a common pattern for sure. Template huh.)

It's a common backstory of characters who seek strength.
There are other types like longing for their idols, driven by necessity, wanting to surpass their master, or for revenge, and this time it's 'chagrin borne out of a tragedy' into 'so other people won't experience the same fate', a bit too heavy.

(But they still have senses of preservation.)

Characters like these often disregard their own lives. Like rushing headlong not turning their back against stronger opponents, or exchanging their life to subdue their foe.
And yet, every single member of 'White Fang' values their life proper.
If nothing else, that's the biggest proof of their first rate-ness.

If it were a manga or an anime, you'd see characters not opting to retreat against powerful foes beyond their capability even if it's an option, which they then overcome after many hardships.
But that absolutely does not happen in real life. Even if it were, the chance must be one in a million.
Also, there's going to be casualties for sure. It won't be a happy end nor will everything work out nicely.
Reality is impermanent, cold and merciless. There's no place for dreams or wagers. The only thing waiting at the end is a grief-stricken despair you can't turn back to.
I'm sure 'White Fang' is fully aware of that. They also know that the act of retreating is neither cowardly nor unfair.

Kidd looked at me seriously.

"There is no dungeon we can't easily smash with you by our side. Won't you join us 'White Fang'? I wish to have your strength."

(There it is! The whole set from the classic pattern is here! I just knew he'd try to recruit me with the way this was going!)

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I turned him down with the most concise and clearest answer possible.
I mean I have no plan to work as an adventurer. There's also our agreement of them not concerning themselves with me after this is over.
I'm not particularly happy nor bothered by Kidd's invitation.

If he succeeded, their party just got a super powerful force.
But look at this from another viewpoint. My fighting power is such that I don't even need help from anybody else.
White Fang would enjoy incredible boon from my presence, yet I got nothing.

There is no way my answer would be anything else.

"Haa~. Figured, yeah. I shot that up cuz I got nothing to lose but 'course you ain't gonna say yes. Then, do you mind lending us a hand if we ask you in the future at least? I know how shameless I sound after relying so much on you. But just this one, please."

Kidd hounded me with serious eyes. This should be a good enough answer.

"I'll consider it."

Blurting yes without thinking is only gonna get me in trouble later, yet I can't bring myself to outright say no.
I believe this should be where I draw the line.

"You have my gratitude. That's more than enough."

Kidd laughed. That was when the other members started getting up.

"Faa~. I slept like a baby. Ah, what's for breakfast? My tummy's feeling great today, cook me up a heavy one will you?"

For better or worse, Mary seems to have gotten completely accustomed to luxury camping and let it get to her head.
Kidd smiled wryly at that and changed his expression before outlining the plan today.

"Today we're gonna get to the exit! We're likely going to run into the marquis and his soldiers along the way. Hit him with your worst if he ain't gonna listen!"





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 36

Status Report One Month Later


Around a month has passed since our first dungeon delving.
We got in a few more times afterward, to a rather paltry result.
No I mean, we did get some decent equipment and mats from the magic beasts every once in a while, but the lack of reward from killing those beasts is hitting hard.
We only barely managed to not get in the red by selling all those mats and equipment we worked hard for.
But you know. Would be nice if it were a tiny bit more profitable.
We gotta get stronger in order to reach the top of adventuring business, go around the world, eat good food and live for fun. Also apparently there exists high level dungeons and highly dangerous magic beast zones that house undiscovered items and ingredients out there.
To that end, we need money.
We could sustain our everyday life and inn fee from gathering herbs yeah, but that's nowhere near enough when the goals are those dangerous zones and dungeons.
For examples, there's expenses for maintaining equipment, buying potions for health and abnormal status, as well as tools and stuff required to delve in some dungeons.
Selling Efi fruit we have on hand is an option but they're not always on demand and it's not really a good long term solution.
We might obtain better items if we delve in deeper into the dungeon, but getting greedy and rushing headlong into something we're unprepared for is just dumb. I've got a hunch it's not gonna end well somehow so that's a no go.
I've been having this 'somehow', or more like hunch of mine lately and following that hunch is usually for the best. Like how I got that bad feeling during the Stampede even though I had no talent in tactical stuff. Wonder if it's thanks to my attributes? Like Luck or something.
Anyway, we're financially stable presently, we face no immediate danger yet neither are we progressing. Is this really alright. No, it's not. You can't stay in lukewarm water forever, my ghost is whispering to me. I mean my hunch.
Now then, what do.

So that's our financial situation, as for our Status, they're actually growing nicely.
We haven't come across a lot of magic beasts over Lv20 since then, but thanks to aggressively searching for over Lv10 beasts like Hobgoblins and co. we managed to gain around 300-400 exp on every delving.
Alma looked both happy and sad as she muttered how she couldn't even gain a tenth of that before. Well, no wonder since she was flying solo, hunting only weak beasts.
My Status is as such
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Kajikawa Hikaru

Level 15

Age: 25

Race: Human

Job: ERROR (Undetermined)

Status: Normal


HP (Health Points): 200/200
MP (Magic Points): 152/152
SP (Stamina Points): 0/60

STR (Strength): 122
ATK (Attack): 122 (+30) (+2)
DEF (Defense): 122 (+15) (+5)
AGI (Agility): 120
INT (Intelligence): 124
DEX (Dexterity): 127
PER (Perception): 130
RES (Resistance): 119
LUK (Luck): 119



EXP (Total Experience): 6245
NEXT (Experience Needed for Next Level): 6900

Iron Sword
ATK +30

Bear Leather Breastplate
DEF +15

Safety Shoes
ATK +2, DEF +5

My stats finally broke triple digits.
...I mean I had it figured out earlier, but seeing first hand of having your level added directly to your stats is pretty disgusting. Even this alone is pretty much a cheat.
It's a bit weaker than those around my level except for the unusually high Luck stat. It must look unusual.
Well considering my status was lower than the weakest mob just a while ago, I'd take being unusual.
It's gonna get unusually high before long though.

And here's Alma's


Level 16

Age: 16

Race: Human

Job: Paladin

Status: Normal


HP (Health Points): 305/305
MP (Magic Points): 207/207
SP (Stamina Points): 135/135

STR (Strength): 155
ATK (Attack): 155 (+80)
DEF (Defense): 144 (+50) (+15)
AGI (Agility): 154 (+30)
INT (Intelligence): 171 (+10)
DEX (Dexterity): 107
PER (Perception): 156
RES (Resistance): 121
LUK (Luck): 70

Swordsmanship Lv. 4
Offensive Magic Lv. 5
Martial Art Lv. 4
Throwing Lv. 1
Magic Sword Lv. 2

EXP (Total Experience): 7314
NEXT (Experience Needed for Next Level): 8000


Steel Sword (Mithril Blade)
ATK +80, INT +10

Werewolf Leather Breastplate
DEF +50

Gale Boots
DEF +15, AGI +30

Hers' pretty incredible too.
Her growth rate is apparently about 3-4x times her apprentice days, each stats increases by 6-10 per level.
The reason her stats are not distributed evenly is due to her usual training regime. The gaps between each stats are pretty wide compared to mine.
Even then, hers are actually more balanced relative to people whose Jobs aren't a good mix of swords and magic.
Her Offensive Magic reached Lv5 likely thanks to her frequently casting arranged spells.
She's learned a new element too, 'Earth'. You're still getting more? Don't you have enough?
Her Martial Art Skill also leveled up. Must be due to all the opportunities of using it in real combat.
...Or perhaps, it's because she's been going for vitals nonstop. Please stop.

My and Alma's MP are higher than normal as it's become a habit for her to consume all her MP before bedtime and let me refill it.
Her MP gets raised by 1 the next morning if she lets it go down to 0 before going to sleep, just like me.
But man, that means exposing her defenseless state to me every single night, this girl is really lacking a sense of preservation. I'm happy to see her trust me so much, but I'm still a man you know? Wonder if she forgot?

So that's how it's going presently.
Status aside, our economic situation is at a stalemate.
And yet, it'd be too rash to delve deeper into the dungeon. Which leaves taking on commissions outside.
Wonder if there's one that doesn't involve magic beast zones.
If there's none, well, guess I'm just gonna grab a hundred herbs or something. Yep, let's do that. Fight, Neia-san.
Now that's been decided, let's get to the guild.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 312

312 Wiping Out


Kidd checked time on a pocket watch-like thing he took from his pocket and told us to stop.

"Let's set up camp around here. Pushing through's just gonna eat our stamina and put us in danger when it comes down to it."

As expected of a first rate. A firm decision to maintain our pace. Looks like he's been keeping tabs on the party's stamina.

(I'm perfectly fine though. Well, other than getting a bit hungry?)

The other members took a deep breath to ease up.

I started preparing our camp and food like usual. As in setting up stuff from my magic bag and then lightly cooking up pre-seasoned food.
You can't help but be in awe of magic's greatness.

"Still can't believe we get to eat good food inside a dungeon. Don't you guys think it's a good idea to keep doing this from now on?"
"Having these hearty meals in a dungeon does perk you up, I agree."
"I've really taken a new shine on the wonderfulness of magic bags~."
"We'd likely have long been dead if not for you. I'm glad to have you around."
"Still, are you truly sure you don't want any reward? None at all? I cannot even begin to imagine how much we would need to pay for your service..."

"I've said what I said. Just keep what you know about me to yourselves. That's all I ask."

I didn't delve in this dungeon for money.
'Wouldn't it turn into a shit show later if I ignored this event brought by that 'something' on me?' I simply did all this to curb that anxiety.
Priceless, you can't put price tags on regret.
Thus, I don't plan to accept any reward. Doing so would mean forming a connection. I'd likely end up accompanying White Fang until the very end of this matter. Taking my time.
Once this is all over, I'm gonna part ways with them and never get in another touch. That's surely the most effective way to sever a connection.

"Only thing left is to see how's the marquis gonna deal with us."

I said that out loud. As a warning. These 'White Fang' folks are getting too lax.
But they dodged that. With Kidd's words.

"Don't matter what they're plotting, we just hafta face it head on when the time comes. No point in worrying over that now. I say emptying your mind woulda been more productive even."

"Indeed. Let us have a well rested night for now."

After Firuna said that, they went on to decide the night watch shift.
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"And me?" I asked, which they denied.

"Do you even understand how much you've done? Geez, just what's up with you..."

I have no idea why Mary looked furious. Incomprehensible.

"You defeated that Wraith King, a being that emitted such unbelievably dense mana. You snagged the most significant feat, get it? Let us worry over night shift here, it's only fair."

"Not like that's quite enough. We'll take care of everything from here on. Even that's nowhere near enough to repay you."

Well since Melgis and Danku said so, I went back to my tent and slept tight.

Morning after. I woke up and left my tent early. Kidd was outside watching the fire.

"Yo, slept well? ...Hey? You mind a little chat?

The air around Kidd changed. As I wasn't planning to go to bed again, I decided to have a listen.




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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 35

Ice Cream!


We left the dungeon and went back to town along with the girl trio.
I warned them to keep my fighting style to themselves when we parted ways at town.
It was nothing more than a verbal promise, but I'd like to believe they wouldn't let it slip, not after we saved their lives.
I dropped my rough speech I used in the battle and asked with a smile and a calm tone, the blue hair and silver-chan nodded so furiously I thought their heads would fly off. Umu, I see they got the message. It bugs me how pale faced they were though.
The red haired girl looked bewildered at those two acting like that. She didn't seem to get it even after the other two's attempt at explanation. May be weird for me to say, but uh it's probably impossible to explain.

Afterward, we hurriedly went to a store selling dairy products and bought milk and fresh cream substitutes.

<<'Body Fluid of Cream Slime': Fluid of slimes whose body is made of fresh cream. The result of a mutation from feeding slimes with milk over a long period of time. They are bred and raised in wide open areas.>>

Oh man another incredible ingredient.
Do slimes change property depending on what you feed them?
Like say, will they turn fruit jelly-like if you keep feeding them fruits?

<<One such variant does exist in reality.>>

They do?! Well damn!
Fantasy creatures sure are full of wonder. I kinda want to keep one now.

Afterward, I went to buy salt on the spice store.
I've still got lots stocked up, but just in case, since I plan to use a lot shortly.

And now I've got all the ingredients ready. Next up, the tools.
I'm gonna need an airtight container to store these, wonder if there's any.

I found one in a store selling flasks.
It's a super airtight soft flask made from processed magic beast's stomach.
It's easily affected by external influence yet preserves the temperature inside, ideal for what I'm planning to make.
I also bought some big leather bags. And now it's all set.

I went back to the inn and straight to the kitchen in good mood.
It's not yet evening, just right for snacking.

Time to make some ice cream! Yay!

Um, yeah, I don't know what's gotten into me.
I got so excited from getting my hands on vanilla bean substitutes, I bought so many stuff and blew through our earning today. We didn't get rewards from killing dungeon monsters, nor did we get lots of mats.
But can you blame me. I really really wanted to make it. I've been making sweets ever since I come to this world but due to the lack of ingredients, the taste was never quite there...
Alma did tell me to do as I like, but I gotta pay more attention to these expenditures in the future...
Alright, enough repenting. Let's shift gear and get to cooking.

First of all, I crushed three vanilla bean substitute.
<TLN: The pouch did not contain only one bean. Erratum fixed.>

<<'Vanisoi Bean Seed': A type of bean that releases fragrance resembling earth vanilla. Tastes bitter when eaten, people do not see it as food.>>

Guessing it's not used to add aroma to snacks either.
Never saw any store selling one, not even traveling merchants after all.

<<Some hostesses used it as a fragrance but not for sweets making.>>

W-what a waste! No wait, I seem to recall vanilla perfume in earth too I guess.
And so many snacks taste better simply by adding vanilla aroma too.
Hmm, wonder if there's anyone out there who could spread the wonder of vanilla. I don't need to get it patented, I just want to eat vanilla snacks made by some famous chefs or something. I'll make it happen someday.

I dried the beans off, crushed them wafting sweet scent around, ground them with a mortar, wrapped them in a cloth and put them in a warmed milk like a t-pack tea.
Adding sugar here would make for vanilla latte but not today. I wouldn't have enough for ice cream....

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"It smells good... Like it's sweet."

"Ah, that's the vanilla aroma. Apparently it's mainly used as perfume in this world, but in my world, it's generally added to sweets for its aroma."

"Can't wait to see the finished product."

"Ah, right. Would you like to give it a try Alma?"

"Eh? I-I don't have Cooking Skill, it wouldn't taste good..."

"It'll be fine. There's no knife involved in the making of this snack, and I'll be in charge of measuring. It's simple to make and comes out tasty."

"...I'll do it."

Alright, success.
I was thinking cooking together would be nice once in a while and she didn't seem against it.
More importantly, making this alone is a bit tough.

I floated water created from Livelihood magic and froze it with inverted vector Thermal Energy conversion.
I had to do this showy stuff since freezing water inside the container would make it stick. Nobody else around anyway, no worries.
I sprinkled salt on the ice and rubbed it. Apparently doing this would reduce its temperature to around -10C, an ideal temp for making ice cream.

Then I put the pre-mixed milk, sugar and Cream Slime fluid into the airtight flask.
I sprinkled its outside with salt, wrapped it in the ice and then a leather bag.

And now, time to shake it, shake it, shake it!

Shake shake, this is surprisingly tiresome.
I peeked inside every once in a while and continued shaking. ..My arms can't take it anymore.

"C-change with me please. My arms about to fall off."

"Do I just have to shake that bag? I've never seen that method of cooking..."

"Yep, simple right? It's a bit taxing but I guarantee the taste will match the effort."

Alma is shaking the bag now.
She's pretty into it. Ah to be young again.
...O-oh no. Something else are shaking and my eyes are drawn to them. Get it together me. Dispel thy wicked thought!

"A-am I doing it right?"

"A-ah. Yup. Please keep at it. Thank you."

"? Why the thanks?"

"Uh, just cause."

I felt a tinge of guilt for having that thought.
But I don't think you can blame me here. Any man would do the same.

After a bit more shaking, the cream inside finally solidified nicely.
Hm? It's sticking more like soft serve ice cream, maybe because I used the Slime Cream.
That's just right for eating. Nice.

I twirled the ice cream down the plate.
And made it pointy at the top as a finishing touch of course.

"And done! Ice Cream complete!

"What a peculiar sweets. It looks so soft, and yummy."

Umu, splendid workmanship. Time to dig in.

The moment I put it in my mouth, at first I was hit by the dense taste of milk and the sweetness of sugar, then pulling them together was the strong flavor of vanilla spreading in my mouth.
It's so soft in your mouth, and the little bit of frozen milk specks make for a nice accent.
Yummm. What's up with this, it's so good. You can't find an ice cream this good even on earth. Otherworld vanilla is awesome.

"Didn't expect it came out this good. Heck you could open a store serving this."

"D-did I really have a hand in making this? I've never had a sweet, this tasty..."

"Sure did. My arms wouldn't last if I did it alone. All this goodness is thanks to you, Alma."


Uh, what, 'fuoo'. It's just that moving huh.
Yup, glad we made this together. She looks really content.
Making food together like this is pretty satisfying. Or rather, it's super fun.

Ah, this is probably what my feeling is.
It's so much more simple than just repaying her kindness or the likes.

It's fun just doing stuff together with Alma.
Training, shopping, cooking together like this, even just eating together sate my heart.
Well, it must feel fresh to me cause I've been living alone for what felt like forever on earth.

I've decided on my short term goal.
I want to do something that makes today fun before thinking up what to do in the future.
It might sound like I'm just living in the moment, but I think that mindset is just about right if you want to live in this world.

I'll think up what's fun for Alma and then work toward it.
Umu. It's rough and straightforward if I do so say myself! My dum dum is oozing out! Hahaha.

Gotta raise fund for that though. Even today's expense already took a lot out of it, gotta start saving up.
This is the reality of trying to live in the moment. What a harsh world.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 311

311 Better Not Think Deeper


Our way back is indescribable. As we keep going without stopping. Why you ask?

"Hey guys? Why's there nothing ahead of us? Where'd all the trees gone to?"

I'm the only one who can answer's Kidd here and I choose not to.
Well, the answer is that I had simply gone on ahead and removed all the obstacles in the way.
We may have conquered this dungeon, but that doesn't mean I can just leave on my own.
As a temp member of 'White Fang', I gotta stay with them until we're out.
Otherwise, there's no point of me joining this adventurer party in the first place.

The trees I cut down were made of mana thus they just vanished while leaving particles of blue light.
It happened all at once when I undid Acceleration and made for an incredibly fantastical spectacle.
By the way the stumps that should be in the way also disappeared along with the cut trees thus I didn't need to level the road.
We ran through the endlessly straight road.
Now that we have no more reason to stay in this dungeon, we're picking up the pace.

"Let us take a break once we arrive at the lakeside. We should be ahead of schedule at this pace. However, we must not rush things."

Nobody went against Firuna's suggestion. I'm a bit dissatisfied but remain silent.
I'm a man who can read the mood.

(I'm not particularly tired though, but well guess Mary and Firuna are women? There's the issue of stamina and stuff.)

We arrived by the lakeside and each did our thing to relax.
I took a sip of water and started ruminating.
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(Why was I even here anyway? Did I get dragged? Caught? Was this whole thing an unavoidable event?)

What if I didn't blissfully walk around with my katana out?
What if I just ignored Kidd and ran off?
What if I told him off and just left them then?

No matter how hard I think about it, my feeling or circumstance don't matter one bit and if I have to keep suffering through this in the future, will my 'secluded life' plan hold up?

But then I recalled some things. Minya and her gramps. Also, the Wraith King.

If I didn't go along with this dungeon expedition, this kingdom might have met its end.
The reason why I unwillingly did was because I was worried about Minya and gramps's safety. That it could end up with the worst case scenario, monsters pouring out of this dungeon and invading the kingdom.

Even a first rate adventurer party, 'White Fang' was absolutely no match to the Wraith King, they opted to immediately flee.
It shows how dangerous it was. A being not even a first rate adventurer party could hope to match.
How big of a force would be required to exterminate this being? And is the kingdom even in a state to afford that?
Say they managed to, how much time would they need? Could they guarantee no victim would fall in the meantime?
And would they even manage to defeat Wraith King in the first place?

There is no answer to all those questions. It's empty. Since the problem is no more.

(...Hm? Hold it? Didn't I cut that being down in one swing of my katana? I mean it was a surprise attack and all but still?)

I am once again confirming how abnormal my existence is.
As I was regretting thinking deeply about it, Kidd spoke up to signal the end of our break.

"Alright. I take you all well rested now, yeah? Let's make a dash for the opposite shore."

Thus we finished half of our journey back without any trouble.




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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 34

Sought After Item


"Un, nnn..."

"Ah, F-Fifra-chan, you're awake...!?"

"Sheesh about time. You really had us worried there."

"Ah, m-morning... Huh? Where am I?"

About ten minutes after we exterminated all the magic beasts, the red haired girl of the trio finally woke up.
Apparently she got knocked out from a blow to her head with a club of some sort but there doesn't seem to be any lasting damage.

"Fifra-chan, you kept going on ahead of us and then you got caught in a warp trap."

"You were out cold when we finally found you. Some magic beasts were using you to lure us."

"N-now that you mentioned it, I remember seeing a dazzling light below and then I suddenly found myself facing off a group of magic beasts, then I felt a jolt of pain on my head as I was getting ready to fight..."

"One of them must have hit you from behind. At least they didn't seem to do anything to you cause they needed you as a bait, silver lining and all."

"I'm, so glad you're okay.... Fuee...!"

"D-don't cry. Sorry, I shouldn't have gone on ahead, forgive me okay?"

What a beautiful display of girlship. Truly precious.

"Ah you mentioned bait. You mean those beasts used me to lure you two here?"

"Yeah. Thought that was the end for us when those beasts got us surrounded just as we rushed in. Could have died, or worst turned into seedbeds, if not for Alma or the old man."

"U-ueee, don't make me imagine that..."

"Wait, Alma!? Is she here!?"

Old man's here too~. Ignoring me huh, okay. Please don't mind me. Yep.
Alma spoke to the red haired girl who noticed us.

"Glad to see you're so lively so quick after waking up."

"Oh, so you are here. Aah! I must have looked so uncool there! Geez!"

"Everybody makes blunders. You simply drew a bad lot this time."

"No, it was all due to me getting irate and letting up on the trap search. I really should've known better... Thank you for coming to my rescue."

"You're welcome... Irate? Something happened?"

"...It's something very personal. Don't worry about it."

Hm, and here I thought she was frustrated from Alma declining her invitation, guess not?
No wait, even if that were the case, would she tell Alma now.
...Well I mean, she's a girl, I'm sure there are days like that. Yup.

"You over there, are you the man Alma formed a party with? Wait aren't you the old man who's been carrying Alma to her inn on his back. You haven't done anything weird to Alma--"

"Whaa! Whaa! O-Oy, Fifra! Don't make this old man mad! He's super scary!"

"Fifra-chan! You can't throw away the life you just got back!"

The red haired girl was going to say something rude only to be drowned by even ruder remarks by the other two girls.
...I saved you all remember, what's up with that attitude.
I get that I could've toned down my tone a bit though.

"This old man killed a Hobgoblin in one hit bare handed and easily threw goblins around like rags. He's a monster! He's waay risky to pick a fight with!"

"He also stopped an Orc with brute strength and even let out some sort of stinging shock! Fifra-chan, you'd die!"

"E-eeeh...? What happened while I passed out...?  Or more like, what the heck...?"

Of course it's only gonna add to the confusion with that nonsensical gibberish of an explanation.
Eh? I did all that nonsense? Right.
Might want to plan out a different way when I go on a rampage in public next time...

"...I don't really get what's going on, but I understand you've saved me, so thank you... You have my gratitude."

"No worries."

"...I know this isn't the time and all, but can I ask you something?"

"Sure thing, but yeah, not really the best of time."

"You don't have to answer if you don't want to. It's just... It's just, I want to hear what do you have in mind forming a party with Alma. I'm dying to know the reason Alma chose you when she kept refusing our invitation all this time..."

Eh? Is she seriously asking that? Telling that to other is pretty embarrassing though.
I was gonna refuse to answer, but then I saw Alma staring at me seemingly curious as well. You wanna know too?
Looks like things gonna get awkward if I don't answer now. Ugugu, there's no escape.
...Guess I gotta.

"...Ah, un, where to begin. First of all, the first time I met Alma, she saved from magic beasts. I sounded so pitiful yelling for help so loud, haha."

"...No waaay."

"...E-even though you're so strong?"

"Honestly, I'm still doubting if he even needed help back then..."
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You the blue, silver and black hair over there. Quit making things messier.
But man they sure look colorful all lined up like this. They'd form a Ranger if they just got another one. Or some sorta Cure... I detest my easily distracted train of thoughts.

"After finding out I had nowhere to go, she helped me out with so many things like showing me around the area and introducing me to the guild."

"Nowhere to go, where did you come from anyway?"

"I have no clue. I can't even tell you how I got here in the first place. I fell asleep and found myself in an unfamiliar place when I came to."

"I see you have your own fair share of problems too."

It's the truth that the process, how I got here was completely omitted though.
My god, at least lead me through a tutorial please. My treatment is way too rough just cause I'm not the hero.

"So I started making food for Alma and helping in her training to give back, and then before I knew it, she learned Magic Sword Skill and Job Changed to Paladin."

"I can't tell you the detail, but it's thanks to Hikaru helping me train I managed to become Paladin. He also helped me a lot in many ways, so in order to pay him back, I requested him to form a party with me."

"...So it was you who saved Alma from her failed Job. I get Alma's circumstances, but what about you, how do you feel about it?"

How I feel huh, hmm.

"Uh, dunno how to say this, but up until this point, nobody had ever relied on me. So having someone tell me she needed me... made me so happy I could've cried. Responding to that feeling the best I could, that's what I'd describe what I feel now."

That's nothing but a sophistry.

No, not all of it is a lie. I do want to respond to Alma for needing me.
But I don't think that's the real reason why.

What's my feeling anyway?

"...Haa, how can I deny you after hearing all that. May you two have a happy life together."

Ah hey, quit saying like you're attending a wedding.

"Now then, think it's a good time as any to head back. I'm so beat after all that stuff."

"I think we've progressed enough to reach the portal soon. Just a little bit more, let's keep it up."

Once we were done talking, the blue and silver haired girls spoke and we resumed our march.
Think they're smirking. What's up with that.

"...We should go too."


Urged by Alma, we stood up and walked off as well.
...Is it just me or is Alma sticking closer than usual. It's kinda embarrassing.

After a bit we found a room with some sort of shining magic circle drawn on the ground.

"Ah, found the portal!"

"Aah~, finally back home. I just wanna get in the shower and go to bed."

"Yup, I'm all sweaty too, would love a refreshment... Speaking of which, I wonder where my hairpin went. Uuu, that was my favorite too."

"Are you talking about this?"

"T-that's it! Did you pick it up?"

"We noticed something was amiss with you thanks to this hairpin."

"Hauu...! Thank you!"

Hairpin returned. I completely forgot about it.
Ah, but man, our first dungeon expedition didn't really bear fruit.
The axe that orc had is usable at least but the helmet was way to stinky nobody would wear that thing.
The Hobgoblin's club is only good as a bombardment shell, goblins' stuff is out of question.
If only we got at least one treasure chest... Oh?

"Ah, there's a treasure chest in the room next to the portal's."

"It's all yours. We're plenty fine with our lives intact."

The red haired girl offered.
Well, don't mind if I do.
Now then, what's inside?

There's a lone pouch inside, just sitting pretty.
So shabby. N-no, who knows, there might be a jewel or something inside.

Small bean-like seeds were inside the pouch.
...Why'd you put small bean inside a treasure chest dangit! Think about how disappointing that is.

"O-old man, cheer up. These days happen."

"I-It's better than an empty chest, I think."

The blue and silver haired girls tried to perk me up. You girls as so kind~.
What kinda bean is this even? Checking with Menu.


I couldn't find this anywhere even tried asking traveling merchants and here it is of all place!?
Are you for real. I'd even take this over some jewel.

"T-the old man's grinning now...!?"

"Maybe he's past getting angry and circled back to laughing...!?"

Worry not, I'm feeling the best ever right now.

Who could have thought I would find vanilla substitute here. So glad I dived in this dungeon.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 310

310 Conquered


(Hm? There's some sort of lever attached behind. How very user-friendly.)

Despite knowing that it might be a trap I still pulled it down, only one way to find out.
Yep, I found a lever behind the throne. Can't blame me for thinking it's way too simple.
Why made it this explicit anyway? The person who could give that answer is no longer of this world.
By my hands.


The wall behind the throne opened up. At this point, I can't decide whether to get excited or appalled.
The direction is so old fashioned. Yet there's no point punch-lining every single thing.

"Ah hey!? What did you do!?"

And of course Mary yelled.

"Hey? How were you able to immediately figure that out even...?"

Melgis asked, looking down. I guess he should have been the first to figure out where the lever would be normally.

"Eh? Isn't that just normal? Huh? It's not?"

I think the people in this world are too straightforward. No it's probably due to all the miscellaneous knowledge I brought from my previous world.

"Normal... huh? What's normal anyway?"
"Don't ask me."
"Let us not argue about this topic any further. It would only muddle things up."

Kidd and Danku got stuck in a non-answerable question.
Firuna told them it was unproductive to.
Only Mary kept glaring at me looking unconvinced.

"How could I fail to notice that..."

Melgis looked frustrated.
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I thinks he's got it the hardest in this dungeon expedition?

I kept that to myself as I peered into the hidden stairway along with the rest of the group.
It seems to be a short stairway that connects to a room, you can see a blue light shining from within.

"I'll wait over here at the top, somebody get in and grab the core."

Kidd proposed that, Mary and Melgis would go in.
Danku is also standing by the entrance. Same with Firuna, doesn't look like she's going down.

"There's probably no more traps, but keep your guard up nonetheless ya hear?"
"I know, I know. You guys do your job too okay? It wouldn't be funny if things turned south after we got all the way here."

The two went down the stairway and breathed a sigh of relief to see how short it was.

After a bit they came back carrying a baseball-sized core shining blue in their gloves.

"Do you have the bag out? Okay, go cover it now."

The two carefully put the core inside a big bag made of blue cloth.
Apparently the room was unexpectedly small so they brought the core outside first to do this.

(But still, you're saying the core is only as big as a baseball despite that stupidly vast third floor? Then the one at Elven Forest was an even bigger deal huh...)

The bag seemed to be a special tool as it allowed the core to be stored inside a magic bag.

"Oh! What's that? A specific tool to handle dungeon cores? They got something like that out there huh~. Pretty impressive stuff."

Mary snorted and puffed her chest out when she saw me looking impressed.

"This bag is a special tool that shuts out mana of anything inside. It's super pricey just you know! Having this is proof of us being super first class adventurers. You get it?"

Dunno what's she so smug about, I brushed her off with a 'Hmph'.
'Why you', Mary stomped on the ground which I ignored as Kidd got all fired up.

"Alright! Guys, I'm sure you know already but our adventure is not finished until we got back to the association. Keep it together on our way back!"

"Ou! I got ya!"
"But of course! We hit it super big this time too!"
"Gotta make sure we don't mess up in our return trip."
"The biggest hurdle we must be cautious of would be Barido, or more likely the marquis and his soldiers."

The other members looked fed up after Firuna lined that up.

"Ah, forgot 'bout them. Oh man."
"Fumu? I suppose we should presume they have already sent out assassins our way?"
"I'm not gonna hold back anymore if that marquis schmuck comes for us again."
"Mary, calm down. The plan is to report this matter to the association so they can stop the marquis, remember."

Looks like Mary wasn't lying about them being first rate adventurers, Firuna sounded full of confidence.
Guess that association thingy's gonna turn their hands around if this group really has that kinda standing.
It seems this organization holds quite the sway if they can shut down a marquis.

"Well seeing as we all want to go home quickly, it's time for a super express route. I'm done holding back as well."

Melgis had the palest of face when he heard me saying this which I missed.
We went back to the stairway connecting to the third floor, eager to leave this dungeon behind asap.




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