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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 316

316 Scars


Now then, what was the the miscalculation here?
To marquis Alestain, was it sending Barido our way?
To these hired hands encroaching us, was it 'White Fang' rejecting marquis Alestein?

(One thing for certain is how they don't think of me being here as anything of note.)

Every single one of these guys, marquis included, did recognize my existence.
However, they only snorted 'Hmph' after sending me a glance, seemingly judged that I'm no threat.

(Even I know how suspicious I look in this attire. And yet they seem unconcerned? What are they thinking?)

Face not visible deep within a hood with my whole body hidden under a mantle.
You'd normally be wary of someone like that, I would.
And yet, they seem to believe that they can bulldoze their way through sheer superiority in number.

"Fuhihihi. The men can die for all I care. We're gonna fully enjoy the women first before we kill 'em. Don't you worry your pretty little heads, just obey us and it won't hurt. Hihihihi."

The lowest of life. Is there a rule that states they must always say that line in situations like this?
I'm just done with these template lines.

(Now then, let's get this done and over with. Man, this 'Power' really won't let me hold myself back. And this world just has got way too many scumbags.)

Atrocious acts are unforgivable. The screw in my head has considerably loosened up ever since I come to this world. No, one has come off already I think. Heck, my personality has completely changed.
What got me thinking as I entered Acceleration was not 'White Fang', the marquis or the genocide that was about to take place.

(Gotta be careful not to overdo it, let's start with a polite slash.)

But myself. To control my heightened tension whenever I am under Acceleration.

Nobody else but me moves. It's like a bonus time where you can cut down all scarecrows you want.

(Still, looking from a different perspective, isn't this power more like something that intervenes with the 'world' itself?)
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I don't think I'd ever gain full control of this power.
It might be my power, but it's absurd beyond all reasons and especially me.
It's why I can't adjust the power right and always end up going overboard.

(I mean if it were a true Acceleration, there should have been an enormous amount of energy that left scars in the world whenever I moved, and yet there's none?)

Stepping on the ground under Accelerated state should have produced craters.
Running under Accelerated state should have broken through the sound barrier and created shock waves.
The objects I'm in contact with under Acceleration don't follow the laws of physics.

There's way too many weird points.
I started wondering about this after what happened at the lake.

(Undoing Acceleration after I ran on the lake back then produced water pillars. Which signified just how enormous the energy that got transferred on the water surface I ran on, right? Then why doesn't the same thing happen to the ground I walked on?)

As I'd get no answer thinking that, I proceeded to another point.

(Ah! Wasn't the entire forest on floor three made up of mana or something? Then the lake too? Meaning the water was reproduced by mana? So what happens when you drink it? Will it turn into mana restorative potion? I wonder?)

Recalling how it drenched us and how we dried ourselves afterward points that mana works in a mysterious way.

(Hmm? My mind is starting to wander off. I should undo this state for now. I might start making a mince meat out of these guys again if I don't.)

I checked my composure after cutting down about 20 people so far.
Then I undid Acceleration before I lost myself.





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