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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 307

307 Treasure, Get Rich Quick


This floor is apparently a treasury as we found a couple more chests in the cells. Not too many though.

"Whoa what, isn't this thing... a 'Scapegoat' magic gear? Limited to one time use though. This thing can take on any 'fatal injury' its contractor receives..."

"Well dang, that's one thing royalty folks would part with an enormous sum to get their hands on... not to mention... this thing's got a stupid amount of mana contained within. Even I could tell. You ain't gonna find anything like this today."

Kidd timidly took and observed the Scapegoat magic gear. Most of the treasures we found so far were magic gears with special powers like this.

Mana reflector. It can reflect curses coming for its contractor.
Mana accumulation disc. You can store mana inside it. Stored mana can be used anytime. A mana battery so to speak.
Teleport stone. Although it's only usable once, the thing can warp you anywhere you've been to once before no matter how far.

"Selling these to a country would afford us to live worry free for the rest of our life. What would you like to do?"

Firuna asked 'White Fang' about their future plan.
Yeah, this isn't something I can butt in. I've already declared that I don't need any treasure found in this dungeon.
I don't know the reason why they become 'Adventurers'.
The first thing that came to my mind is to get rich quick however, to get enough money for a lifetime.

"Hmmm~? Well you're probably right. It's really tempting, but you know? We ain't about that."

"Yeah, all of us hold a vow in our heart. We cannot let ourselves lose sight of it."

"Haa~, really tell me about it. I'd be lying if I'm not tempted, but even now I can never forget the frustration I felt that time."

"I got no issue with selling though? I'm not saying I've forgotten about that time, but I believe changing our objective from using our own power to power of money is a valid approach as well. The stuff we got this time should be enough to achieve that."

Only Melgis agreed with selling the magic gears.
Firuna concluded.

"We have our decision then. We shall make use of these in our future adventures. Back then we vowed that we would accomplish our goal using our own strength after all."

Choosing to sell here would have given them position, fame and money. And yet 'White Fang' have decided those gears are to be used in their adventuring activity. That decision alone is a sign of a strong resolve they all have.
Even Melgis who proposed to sell has a refreshing smile on his face, no trace of bitterness. That's proof enough.
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"Now then, let us keep going ahead. Don't let your guard down yet."

You could feel anxiety in Firuna's voice.
Naturally. We're finally closing in the depth of this straight passageway after walking for quite a bit.
A giant steel door emitting a faint mana light stood there.

(It's a boss room, no matter the angle. Thank you. Kinda relieving how super obvious it's been made.)

I'm getting kinda excited to see what kind of being lies beyond this door.
Yet, 'White Fang' folk put on serious expressions and started inspecting their luggage.
Kidd then spoke while chewing on a piece of jerky.

"What awaits ahead must be the dungeon boss. We can never be prepared enough."

This was a bit of a letdown for me. I was ready to jump inside straight away.
However, even adventurers can't be reckless. Realizing that, I proposed to them.

"How about going back to one of the rooms earlier and getting some rest and meal first."

They agreed with me and we all went back to the room where we found Scapegoat magic gear.
The room is spacious enough for all of us to sprawl down.
I went with my usual pattern here. Preparing meal, sleeping bags, tables and stuff from my magic bag.
'White Fang' folk seemed to have finally gotten used to this out of place sight as they all started making themselves comfortable.





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