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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 312

312 Wiping Out


Kidd checked time on a pocket watch-like thing he took from his pocket and told us to stop.

"Let's set up camp around here. Pushing through's just gonna eat our stamina and put us in danger when it comes down to it."

As expected of a first rate. A firm decision to maintain our pace. Looks like he's been keeping tabs on the party's stamina.

(I'm perfectly fine though. Well, other than getting a bit hungry?)

The other members took a deep breath to ease up.

I started preparing our camp and food like usual. As in setting up stuff from my magic bag and then lightly cooking up pre-seasoned food.
You can't help but be in awe of magic's greatness.

"Still can't believe we get to eat good food inside a dungeon. Don't you guys think it's a good idea to keep doing this from now on?"
"Having these hearty meals in a dungeon does perk you up, I agree."
"I've really taken a new shine on the wonderfulness of magic bags~."
"We'd likely have long been dead if not for you. I'm glad to have you around."
"Still, are you truly sure you don't want any reward? None at all? I cannot even begin to imagine how much we would need to pay for your service..."

"I've said what I said. Just keep what you know about me to yourselves. That's all I ask."

I didn't delve in this dungeon for money.
'Wouldn't it turn into a shit show later if I ignored this event brought by that 'something' on me?' I simply did all this to curb that anxiety.
Priceless, you can't put price tags on regret.
Thus, I don't plan to accept any reward. Doing so would mean forming a connection. I'd likely end up accompanying White Fang until the very end of this matter. Taking my time.
Once this is all over, I'm gonna part ways with them and never get in another touch. That's surely the most effective way to sever a connection.

"Only thing left is to see how's the marquis gonna deal with us."

I said that out loud. As a warning. These 'White Fang' folks are getting too lax.
But they dodged that. With Kidd's words.

"Don't matter what they're plotting, we just hafta face it head on when the time comes. No point in worrying over that now. I say emptying your mind woulda been more productive even."

"Indeed. Let us have a well rested night for now."

After Firuna said that, they went on to decide the night watch shift.
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"And me?" I asked, which they denied.

"Do you even understand how much you've done? Geez, just what's up with you..."

I have no idea why Mary looked furious. Incomprehensible.

"You defeated that Wraith King, a being that emitted such unbelievably dense mana. You snagged the most significant feat, get it? Let us worry over night shift here, it's only fair."

"Not like that's quite enough. We'll take care of everything from here on. Even that's nowhere near enough to repay you."

Well since Melgis and Danku said so, I went back to my tent and slept tight.

Morning after. I woke up and left my tent early. Kidd was outside watching the fire.

"Yo, slept well? ...Hey? You mind a little chat?

The air around Kidd changed. As I wasn't planning to go to bed again, I decided to have a listen.




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