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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 313

313 Mundane, or, Commonplace


Their village was destroyed in a monster rampage when they were little.
80% of the villagers were safe thanks to the guidance of adventurers dispatched to the site.
The parents of all White Fang members were among the remaining 20%.
Frustrated by their lack of power, their child minds turned to adventurers. To get stronger and destroy dungeons so nobody has to go through the same tragedy.
It's mundane, something you hear often. Or so Kidd told me.

(Oof... that's a common pattern for sure. Template huh.)

It's a common backstory of characters who seek strength.
There are other types like longing for their idols, driven by necessity, wanting to surpass their master, or for revenge, and this time it's 'chagrin borne out of a tragedy' into 'so other people won't experience the same fate', a bit too heavy.

(But they still have senses of preservation.)

Characters like these often disregard their own lives. Like rushing headlong not turning their back against stronger opponents, or exchanging their life to subdue their foe.
And yet, every single member of 'White Fang' values their life proper.
If nothing else, that's the biggest proof of their first rate-ness.

If it were a manga or an anime, you'd see characters not opting to retreat against powerful foes beyond their capability even if it's an option, which they then overcome after many hardships.
But that absolutely does not happen in real life. Even if it were, the chance must be one in a million.
Also, there's going to be casualties for sure. It won't be a happy end nor will everything work out nicely.
Reality is impermanent, cold and merciless. There's no place for dreams or wagers. The only thing waiting at the end is a grief-stricken despair you can't turn back to.
I'm sure 'White Fang' is fully aware of that. They also know that the act of retreating is neither cowardly nor unfair.

Kidd looked at me seriously.

"There is no dungeon we can't easily smash with you by our side. Won't you join us 'White Fang'? I wish to have your strength."

(There it is! The whole set from the classic pattern is here! I just knew he'd try to recruit me with the way this was going!)

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I turned him down with the most concise and clearest answer possible.
I mean I have no plan to work as an adventurer. There's also our agreement of them not concerning themselves with me after this is over.
I'm not particularly happy nor bothered by Kidd's invitation.

If he succeeded, their party just got a super powerful force.
But look at this from another viewpoint. My fighting power is such that I don't even need help from anybody else.
White Fang would enjoy incredible boon from my presence, yet I got nothing.

There is no way my answer would be anything else.

"Haa~. Figured, yeah. I shot that up cuz I got nothing to lose but 'course you ain't gonna say yes. Then, do you mind lending us a hand if we ask you in the future at least? I know how shameless I sound after relying so much on you. But just this one, please."

Kidd hounded me with serious eyes. This should be a good enough answer.

"I'll consider it."

Blurting yes without thinking is only gonna get me in trouble later, yet I can't bring myself to outright say no.
I believe this should be where I draw the line.

"You have my gratitude. That's more than enough."

Kidd laughed. That was when the other members started getting up.

"Faa~. I slept like a baby. Ah, what's for breakfast? My tummy's feeling great today, cook me up a heavy one will you?"

For better or worse, Mary seems to have gotten completely accustomed to luxury camping and let it get to her head.
Kidd smiled wryly at that and changed his expression before outlining the plan today.

"Today we're gonna get to the exit! We're likely going to run into the marquis and his soldiers along the way. Hit him with your worst if he ain't gonna listen!"





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