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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 310

310 Conquered


(Hm? There's some sort of lever attached behind. How very user-friendly.)

Despite knowing that it might be a trap I still pulled it down, only one way to find out.
Yep, I found a lever behind the throne. Can't blame me for thinking it's way too simple.
Why made it this explicit anyway? The person who could give that answer is no longer of this world.
By my hands.


The wall behind the throne opened up. At this point, I can't decide whether to get excited or appalled.
The direction is so old fashioned. Yet there's no point punch-lining every single thing.

"Ah hey!? What did you do!?"

And of course Mary yelled.

"Hey? How were you able to immediately figure that out even...?"

Melgis asked, looking down. I guess he should have been the first to figure out where the lever would be normally.

"Eh? Isn't that just normal? Huh? It's not?"

I think the people in this world are too straightforward. No it's probably due to all the miscellaneous knowledge I brought from my previous world.

"Normal... huh? What's normal anyway?"
"Don't ask me."
"Let us not argue about this topic any further. It would only muddle things up."

Kidd and Danku got stuck in a non-answerable question.
Firuna told them it was unproductive to.
Only Mary kept glaring at me looking unconvinced.

"How could I fail to notice that..."

Melgis looked frustrated.
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I thinks he's got it the hardest in this dungeon expedition?

I kept that to myself as I peered into the hidden stairway along with the rest of the group.
It seems to be a short stairway that connects to a room, you can see a blue light shining from within.

"I'll wait over here at the top, somebody get in and grab the core."

Kidd proposed that, Mary and Melgis would go in.
Danku is also standing by the entrance. Same with Firuna, doesn't look like she's going down.

"There's probably no more traps, but keep your guard up nonetheless ya hear?"
"I know, I know. You guys do your job too okay? It wouldn't be funny if things turned south after we got all the way here."

The two went down the stairway and breathed a sigh of relief to see how short it was.

After a bit they came back carrying a baseball-sized core shining blue in their gloves.

"Do you have the bag out? Okay, go cover it now."

The two carefully put the core inside a big bag made of blue cloth.
Apparently the room was unexpectedly small so they brought the core outside first to do this.

(But still, you're saying the core is only as big as a baseball despite that stupidly vast third floor? Then the one at Elven Forest was an even bigger deal huh...)

The bag seemed to be a special tool as it allowed the core to be stored inside a magic bag.

"Oh! What's that? A specific tool to handle dungeon cores? They got something like that out there huh~. Pretty impressive stuff."

Mary snorted and puffed her chest out when she saw me looking impressed.

"This bag is a special tool that shuts out mana of anything inside. It's super pricey just you know! Having this is proof of us being super first class adventurers. You get it?"

Dunno what's she so smug about, I brushed her off with a 'Hmph'.
'Why you', Mary stomped on the ground which I ignored as Kidd got all fired up.

"Alright! Guys, I'm sure you know already but our adventure is not finished until we got back to the association. Keep it together on our way back!"

"Ou! I got ya!"
"But of course! We hit it super big this time too!"
"Gotta make sure we don't mess up in our return trip."
"The biggest hurdle we must be cautious of would be Barido, or more likely the marquis and his soldiers."

The other members looked fed up after Firuna lined that up.

"Ah, forgot 'bout them. Oh man."
"Fumu? I suppose we should presume they have already sent out assassins our way?"
"I'm not gonna hold back anymore if that marquis schmuck comes for us again."
"Mary, calm down. The plan is to report this matter to the association so they can stop the marquis, remember."

Looks like Mary wasn't lying about them being first rate adventurers, Firuna sounded full of confidence.
Guess that association thingy's gonna turn their hands around if this group really has that kinda standing.
It seems this organization holds quite the sway if they can shut down a marquis.

"Well seeing as we all want to go home quickly, it's time for a super express route. I'm done holding back as well."

Melgis had the palest of face when he heard me saying this which I missed.
We went back to the stairway connecting to the third floor, eager to leave this dungeon behind asap.




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