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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 38

Women Scary. Men Painful.


First, I moved in between the villagers and the Rush Boars using Pseudo Ground Shrink.
Then I took some baseball-sized stones from Item Screen, wrapped them in mana and hurled them at the boars.
It's a simple combination of raw throwing strength and acceleration through mana control, wonder how's the power like?

The stones hit the boar beasts right in the heads and kept sinking in.
It was instant death for those who got their brains smashed in, Status Menu and their heads were bathed in red as they slumped down.

Hm, power and mana efficiency isn't too bad, but honestly, it's a bit meh compared to Pile Bunker.
This being a ranged attack is a plus but getting in close range with Pseudo Ground Shrink and hitting them hard with Pile Bunker would eat less MP while being more powerful.
Though well, it has potential to become deadlier if I work on how it's shot and the stone shape. Need to research more.

"O-oy, who's that?"

"Lad showed up out of nowhere, where'd he come from?"

"Ah, excuse me! We're adventurers dispatched by the guild! Are those the magic beasts in question?"

I spoke a bit loud due to our distance.

"Ooh, you're from the guild! Yeah, they are! Those shitty boars are the vermin wrecking our crops! There's way too many of 'em for us to handle!"

"We coulda done it against two or three, but not that many! Glad ta' see yer' here and all but we gotta run back to the village, you peeps included! It's dangerous here!"

They were worried about us instead of asking for help.
This exchange alone left me with a good impression on these people.

As we were talking, five of the boars charged at me.
Those things are only looking at me and the villagers ahead of them.

That's probably why they didn't seem to notice huge rocks flying at them.

BASH, the rocks hit those boars, crushing them.
...That was Alma's magic wasn't it? Those rocks were as big as the boars and flew so fast.

<<It appears to be an arranged version of elementary spell 'Stone Bullet' through way of Mana Control, enabling big rocks to be shot out. It has been strengthened to Intermediate class spell.>>

No no no, that's a whole different thing already.
That spell should originally only send rocks the size of stones I hurled earlier, just how much Mana did she poured into them.
Checking her stats, her MP has been reduced by 50. Figured, what's with the size of those rocks. The efficacy leaves a lot to be desired.
Rather than increasing the size, raising the velocity and changing the shape should eat less MP. I'll discuss with her later.

...The remaining magic beasts ran away huh.
Either they don't have the camaraderie of goblins or they deem that they're at a disadvantage.
Though even in Japan it's apparently common for boar parents to leave their kids behind, guessing it's no different here.
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"...The heck was, that...?"

"Somebody's standing over there. Did that lil lady...?"

"And she looks like a cute girl too, scary..."

The villagers were whispering while looking dumbfounded. Yeah anybody's gonna have that reaction when something like that flew out of nowhere.
Had one missed its target and flew in their direction, it would be an instant death.
...I better try to keep away from her wrath. She's not as terrifying as Alma Mama though. Women scary. Physically speaking.

Once things settled down, we were led back to the village and toward the client, Mr. Jein'weik to hear more detail.
The village has sprawling fields of vegetables and wheat everywhere, it's as if I've been transported back to the rural village where my parent family lived.
Oh? Is that a green house? No, probably not, but didn't think there'd be something like that here.

<<By drying the body of 'Vinyluna', a giant Jellyfish type magic beast, you can create a transparent sheet with similar property as vinyl. By covering a steel frame with that sheet and then adjusting the temperature inside with Wind and Fire Magic Stone-infused magic tools, it is possible to cultivate vegetables all year round.>>

Looks like they've got some pretty modern farming techniques here.
They might really be willing to let us borrow a field and cultivate vanilla.
To that end, we gotta take care of the magic beasts first. Can't let 'em eat vanilla beans.

<<Vanisoi Beans are Rush Boars' favorite, thus it will be extremely difficult to cultivate them until this incident has been resolved.>>

Alright that settles it. I'mma expel them all. Not gonna let any escape! I'll turn those boars into stew!
Now then, we should be close to the client's house. We've walked quite a bit and all.

The man showing the way stopped and pointed at a house.

"That house with a green roof and white walls are Jein'weik's. He just got badly injured the other day. Go easy on him if he cannae' greet you by the front door, will you."

"Thanks for your trouble. Did he get hurt in a Rush Boar's attack?"

"Err, well, uh. Guess Rush Boars are the source... of the issue?"

Hm? What's with that vague remark.
Well whatever, we can just ask the guy himself.

Umu, quite a splendid house. About twice as big as my parent family's. Maybe guy's the biggest of wig in this village.
We rang the bell and waited.

"Coming, who might it be?"

A man's voice could be heard inside.
Sounds pretty energetic for someone who's been badly injured.

"Pardon, we're here from the guild to take on your commission, is this Jein'weik's house?"

"Oh, I have been waiting for your arrival. Come now, do come in. I can't move due to my injury right now, feel free to make yourself at home."

"Yes, pardon us."

We opened the door and went to the source of the voice, to my surprise.
There's a man wrapped in bandage from head to toe lying on the bed.
I almost averted my eyes due to how miserable he looked.
O-oof. Didn't think it would be this grave. Just how'd it get to this point?

"E-err, are you all right?"

"Ah, pay me no mind. The doctor said I should get back on my feet in three months, it's not as bad as it looks."

"Is that right... Were those Rush Boars the cause of your injury?"

"Ah, well in a way. To make long story short, so I went to tend the field five days ago. As I did, I kept talking to my missus with my eyes locked at the crops."


"She never replied even when I poked her back, so I turned to look at her only to find a Rush Boar there, not my missus."


"Well in short, what I thought was my missus was a Rush Boar all along. What a riot, hahaha."

No no, you should've noticed. That's pretty rude to your wife.

"...So that's when the boar attacked you, I take it."

"No, the Rush Boar was too engrossed in eating the crops, it didn't care about me. I managed to get away. Thing ate up lotsa our crops though."

"Eh? Then how are you?"

"Afterward I told my missus about that and got myself a good scolding, ending with me like this. Was sure she broke my neck for good when she kneed my temple at the end of that beating. Ow ow..."

...What the hell, the wife did it?! This got nothing to do with Rush Boar!
Is this wife-san an angry Shining Wizard, pretty aggressive. No, violent.
Wife-san, Alma Mama, are all women in this world like this? Women scary. Physically speaking.
So dumb. Shouldn't have listened to this in earnest...

"Well, enough about me. Our village has suffered a great deal of damage, not only the crops but also facilities and people due to the Rush Boar outbreak. We might face a complete destruction at this rate. We've pooled our resources together to offer your reward somehow, please exterminate them. I beg of you."

"Ah, please don't get up! You can stay in the bed! ...Understood. We're still learning ourselves, but we'll do our best to meet your expectations."

"Thank you very much... Our Combat Job folks have started to suffer injuries while the rest of us could do nothing to help. Although nobody is as seriously injured as me. Hahaha."

This ain't no laughing matter. Just go back to bed you.
...I took this job lightly thinking of nostalgia or borrowing a field, and yet it's a matter of life and death to the people of this village. Gotta go at this seriously.
I've some interest in this village's crops as well. Saw some veggies that looked like tomato which would increase my repertoire. I'd like to buy some after harvest.
...It's still all about appetite at the end of the day huh. I'm really no different than those magic beasts.





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